Stats and Stories

I know I haven’t written a lot lately. Life has been chaotic, busy, frustrating and just overwhelming. I look at my statistics when I have time, and I find interesting bits. You’d think you could tell when I haven’t written, by the lack of readers. Not true. Granted they do fall, but the stats also fall during weekends, holidays and sometimes mid week.

Then there are stories. I can tell when someone new finds the blog, as the series stories get nailed. Or, when someone finds a later chapter and goes back to read previous chapters. It’s interesting to see what people read. I do wish that more people would comment though!

Last of all, the one statistic I don’t understand. There is one story that has 2528 views. Tickle Fest.  I’m not sure what it is about this story, but it is popular. If you have any ideas, let me know.

Meanwhile, I’m getting ready for my vacation from the 21st century. Yes, I’m off to an SCA event next week. If I get a chance, I will post some stories. If not, you’ll all have to go back and read from the archives!


Flash Fiction Friday Mudbaby


“Look what I found!” Jeff hollered.

George and David looked up to see Jeff holding the hand of a naked, mud covered woman. Her hair was tangled in dreads and her brown eyes were wild with fear.

“Sure is pretty, even covered in mud.” said George.

“She hasn’t said a word I can understand,” Jeff offered.

“Parle Vous?” Sprechen Sie Deutche? Abla Espanol?” David asked.

The woman blinked. “Da, šupak, ali ja neću razgovarati s tobom! “

David blinked. “I didn’t understand a word you said.”

“Čudim se čak može govoriti, vas dvoje nogu magarac!”

“She sounds mighty upset.”

“Yeah George. She hit me when I tried to feel her breasts.” Jeff pointed to a muddy handprint on his face. The guys laughed. The woman moved back towards the rock and away from the men.

“Oh come on now honey, give us a little sugar and we’ll take good care of you.” David motioned towards the woman.

“Pao sam s splav na rijeci. Uzmi me natrag!” She gestured towards the way she and the one man had come and stomped her foot.

“You think she’s trying to tell us something?” asked George.

“I don’t know. Sure is upset for someone I saved.” said Jeff.

“Maybe she don’t think she’s been saved. Maybe she thinks she’s been kidnapped.”
The three men thought about that. They looked at each other a little sheepishly, and nodded.

“Jeff, maybe we should take her back to where you found her,” said David.
Jeff nodded. The four of them headed back to the river. When they got there, there was a group of muddy river rafters. She ran towards them.

“Jeste li dobro?”

“Da. Crvenokosa tamo mislio da bih našao ljubavnika divlja životinja.”

“Moja supruga, šupčino!” the man said as he punched Jeff and walked away.


Somewhere, there is a much longer story. :) So, I gave this one a twist. Translation of what she is saying is down below. Ah, how I love Google Translate. And that addiction is all your fault Advizor! The language is Croatian.
Where did she come from? Advizor asked. Our challenge this week is:
Key Words: Wild, Found, Saved (use all three)
Word Limit: 300
Forbidden Words: Dirty
Bonus Words: Let her speak, but it’s not going to be understood
Extra Credit: When was the last time you played outside?
As for the last time I played outside? Way too long ago!

Da, šupak, ali ja neću razgovarati s tobom! (Yes, asshole, but I’m not going to talk to you!”)
Čudim se čak može govoriti, vas dvoje nogu magarac! (I’m amazed you can even speak, you two legged donkey!)
Pao sam s splav na rijeci. Uzmi me natrag! (I fell off a raft on the river. Take me back!)
Jeste li dobro? (Are you alright?)
“Da. Crvenokosa tamo mislio da bih našao ljubavnika divlja životinja.” (“Yes. The redhead there thought he’d found himself a wild animal lover.”)
Moja supruga, šupčino! (My wife, asshole.)

Twisted Delights (3)

Don’t Faint! I actually had time to write! (bounce! bounce! bounce!)

A few weeks earlier…

The club was nondescript from the outside. The ‘pub sign’ showed a stately oak with a mass of acorns piled around the base of the tree. James and his mates walked in to find a classic décor that filled the room. A gentleman in a butler styled maitre d livery stepped up to greet them.

“How may I assist you gentleman? My name is Jeeves.”

Gregory, who had invited the others stepped forward. “We are interested in a night of evocative entertainment.”

“Would you gentlemen be interested in a menu? Or just ala carte?”

“Ala carte and a private dining room.”

“This way sirs.” Jeeves bowed slightly and gathered up a smaller menu than he’d originally grabbed and headed down the length of the dining room and through a heavy oak door. James, Gregory, Declan and Mark followed. They were escorted to another room, which held comfortable seats, a decent table and what looked to be a small stage with velvet draped items.

“Here are your menus. Zelda will be in to take your orders in a few minutes. If you have need of my services at any time, pleas use the bell pull.” He pointed to the damask pull on the wall near the door. Jeeves then departed.

“Gregory, what’s with all the menu business? Why do we have these if we are going ala carte?” asked Mark.

“You’ll see. Decide what you want to eat, and trust me about the rest.” Gregory smiled, as the only one he’d explained anything to had been James. A few minutes later, the door opened and in walked a woman with a frilly apron held to her body by clips attached to her nipples and a ribbon around her waist. There were no panties or bra. The rest of her outfit consisted of a small frilly cap and high heels. She walked over to the table where the men sat and looked down at the floor.

“How may I help you Sirs?”

“Are you Zelda?” asked Gregory.

“Yes Sir. Would you like to order food and drinks?”

The men gave their orders and she whisked the menus away. They admired her ass as she departed.

“What kind of place did you bring us?” asked Declan.

Gregory smiled. “This is a um.. very old club. While other clubs specialize in exploring or horses, this one is all about pleasure. Kinky pleasure. Bondage, Dominants and submissives, and anything you can imagine.”

“You.. you mean if we wanted to have Zelda for a good time, she’d do it?”

“Yes. Or, they would find someone who fit your needs.”

“So, if I wanted to spank her or tickle her and then shag her senseless, it would be alright?”

“Yes, Declan. Or, if you wanted to be spanked like a naughty school boy, I’m sure they could find a Naughty Nanny or Stern Headmistress to do it.” Gregory smiled.

“I’ve heard about places like this, but never thought they’d be so swank,” said Mark.

James smiled. He’d shared some of the diary stories with Gregory on long night watches and had been looking forward to visiting the club. He’d been working on some of his own ‘fancies’ ever since he’d discovered that room and it’s treasures.

Zelda returned with their drinks. “Is there anything else I can get for you Sirs?”

Mark blushed. Declan started to speak, and closed his mouth. Gregory and James exchanged looks and then James spoke.

“Yes. I’d like a playtoy. Someone to suck my cock while we relax before dinner.”

“Yes Sir. I will send someone in right away.” She turned and left the room.

“Do you really think she will?” asked Declan.

“Yes. She’s what is called a submissive. It is her duty and pleasure to see to our needs,” said Gregory.

A moment later, a slim blonde dressed in the same fashion as Zelda minus the heels, came and knelt in front of James. “Sir, may I suck your cock?”

“Yes.” James arched his hips forward a little which allowed her to unzip his trousers and free his semi erect cock. She leaned forward and wrapped her lips around him. Slowly and gently, she moved up and down on his cock. James groaned and placed a hand on the back of her head, holding her closer as his hips began to arch upwards. It didn’t take much longer for him to gasp and then pump his cum deep into her throat. As he melted back into the chair, she cleaned him up with her tongue and then a napkin.

“Much better. Any of you care for a go?” James smiled and sipped his whiskey.

Flash Fiction Friday Cum-pulsion


“Blah, blah,Training, blah…”

Oh just shut up! Six months of this and all I want to do is suck your cock! I can smell it though your Saville Row suit, and those silk boxers you wear. I want to run my tongue over that soft silky head, and insert the tip into your slit. I want to feel it fill my mouth and choke me with your cum!”

“Blah, blah, reached the point, blah…”

She sat patiently. It had been hard work. Reinventing her body and attitudes. She was tired of waiting. Being a sex slave had sounded sort of kinky and fun. She actually enjoyed some of it and the spankings were a real turn-on.

“Blah, graduated to blah, blah…”

She should be listening. He might give her some instruction that if missed might mean some sort of punishment. Yet, every inch of her being was beginning to vibrate.

“That’s it! I can’t take it one more second!” She launched herself at him, ripping his trousers off, and knocked them to the floor. She had his cock in her mouth before he could gasp. Sucking hard, burying herself in his lap, she missed what he said.

“Oh my Mistress!”


Yeah, I’m late. So spank me! LOL! Life has been very busy. Concerts, computer work, sound and light, meetings, tree cutting, firewood stacking, and oh yeah, a bit of sleep. It has been BUSY! So, I’m a little late. Love the pic Advizor! Our challenge this week was:

Key Phrase: Training

Word Limit: 200

Forbidden Words: Dom, Sub, D/s, pain

Bonus Words: Who’s your daddy?

Extra Credit: What have you been trained to do?

And what have I been “trained” to do? Teeheehee… Well, I could list a few things. :) However, my favourite has to be being a teddy for Wolf. Crawl in bed, lay on my side and be curled up on like a wee teddy while Wolf half lays on top of me and wraps an arm around my waist. Sigh… heaven.

Flash Fiction Friday Blackmail


“Bbbbut we just met!”

“Drop your jeans. Pull that cock out! Now!”

He undid his belt and dropped his jeans to the ground. He’d gone commando, and his cock twitched and then began to rise as she gripped it at the base and began to pump.

“But… won’t someone see?” He looked around. The little walkway between the houses wasn’t very private. It smelled of piss and other things.

“Don’t worry about that. Worry about what happens if you don’t come in my mouth.” She slid her moist lips over his cock and began to power suck it. Fast thrusts of her mouth, followed by flicks of her tongue. Hands on either side of his legs allowed her to ‘bounce’ up and down on his cock.

“Ohhh.” In spite of the heat of the bricks on his ass and the feeling of being on display, he began to moan and thrust against her mouth. He moved to touch her head, and she growled. He jerked his hands away. She concentrated on the blow job.

“I’m.. I’m gonna blow!”

She worked harder, until he blew his load. Holding it in her mouth, she waited until he’d finished quivering. Then she rocked back on her heels and spat the mouthful of cum into his jeans. Standing, she wiped her mouth on his shirt and walked away.

He stood there stunned.

She walked into the room just across the walkway. She turned to the man with the camera standing by the window. “I told you I could do it.”

He smiled. “Yes, you are such a good cunt. Bullying that young man. Sucking him into submission.”

“Just as you asked me to Master.” She knelt at his feet.

“Yes, and I have beautiful pictures. His father’s company will never dare attack mine again.”


It’s been a long busy week, and I almost didn’t write a FFF. Then I looked at the pic and I had it. 17 minutes. :) Hope you like my take on Advizor’s prompt. Our challenge this week was:

Key Phrase: “But we just met”

Word Limit: 300

Forbidden Words: Alley, Knees, Whore

Bonus Words: Make it in the daytime

Extra Credit: Tell us the dirtiest place you’ve ever had sex

As for the dirtiest place I’ve ever had sex… hmm… I could say in the meadow at 11,000ft, but I don’t think that’s what Advizor had in mind. Guess that would have to be the train out of Atocha Station in Madrid. :)

Vortex (12)

I almost left this story with the last chapter. It seemed a good place to stop. However, I kept seeing this scene. So, I decided to write a few more chapters. 

I know that the stories have been a little thin on the ground. Okay, A LOT thin. Life has been crazy, and I’m lucky I hit the pillow before the alarm goes off. I hope this lightens up towards the end of August.


He looked around and saw that the kitchen was empty except for Sadie. Moving quickly behind Sadie, he pulled her skirts up and fingered her until she was dripping despite her protests. Her hands were deep in the bread dough, and she couldn’t do anything to ward off his advances.

Smiling, he moved in behind her and thrust quickly. Her gasps were punctuated by his thrusts.

“Oh, oh Damn! Ken!”

“No one will see. Hold on.”

She giggled and laughed trying her hardest not to end up face down in the bread dough. The crescendo of orgasm was building. Ken’s breath came faster and faster until he slammed hard against her ass as he came. As he sagged against her body, he reached around, fingered her to a quick lovely orgasm and then pulled out. He tucked himself in and pulled her skirts down. Giving her a quick kiss on the neck, he left the kitchen with a smile on his face.

Sadie went back to kneading the dough, trying not to think about the cum slowly moving down her thighs. She’d have to get the bread done before she could clean up. Ten minutes later, the loaves were shaped and she headed off to the bathroom. Her one sock was wet, and her panties were soaked. She cleaned up, changed panties and headed out to the herb garden.

It wasn’t the first time he’d done something like this. After they’d come back from the south, things had worked out better between them. Ken was more relaxed and playful. Kirsty had laughed and joked about how nice a guy could be when his balls weren’t ‘congested’. Nanny called it testosterone poisoning.

Sadie was getting bigger, and to be honest, sex while fun, was getting a little more difficult to manage. On her knees or standing were about the only comfortable positions, and Ken took every advantage of that. Last week it had been while she was ironing. She’d only slightly scorched the apron she’d been ironing.

She looked around before she began to weed the herb bed. Last thing she needed was to be on her hands and knees in the mint with Ken in a randy mood.

Ken was smiling. He hummed as he worked the sawmill.

“You’re happy.”

“Yeah, George, I am. I think I finally figured this whole relationship thing out.”


Ken nodded. “It isn’t all about me. It’s about sharing and making sure both of us are happy.”

George laughed. “Amazing how nice you can be when you’re getting’ laid.”

Ken punched him in the arm. “No, I mean it. I was a selfish bastard. Nanny was right. So was Sadie. It took almost losing her in that tornado to ‘wake me up’.”

George laughed and walked off shaking his head.

“Kirsty, do all babies move this much?” Sadie was taking a break from weeding and the baby was doing gymnastics. Her shift moved.

“Yes. They get real quiet the day or so before birth. They they’re noisy until they move out of the house.” Kirsty smiled. Some of the other women in the shade of the big oak nodded in agreement.

“Nanny say how much longer?” asked one of the women.

“We figure just around the first snow of the season. I didn’t keep a good calendar, so it’s a lot of guessing.” Sadie put a hand over her bump.

“You got all the clothes ready?”

“No. I’m not much good at sewing,” Sadie admitted.

“Well, we can fix that.” Nanny’s voice startled them all. “We can all do some sewing and teach Sadie what she lacks.”

There were plenty of nods as Nanny walked off. Sadie was just a bit upset.


“Yes Sadie.” He rolled towards her in the feather bed. The windows were open for the breeze, and they laid on top of the sheets cooling off after sex.

“I need some stuff for the baby.”

“You have a cradle. What else do you need?”

“Blankets, clothes, diapers.”

“Do you need them, or the stuff to make them?” He knew she’d be asking. Nanny had pulled him aside before dinner. Nanny wanted Ken to encourage Sadie to learn some new things.

“I… I don’t know if I sew well enough. I can knit a bit, but Mama did most of that.”

Ken raised up on one elbow and looked at Sadie. “You are gonna have to learn. We’ll get you the stuff, but this is something you can’t just buy.”

Sadie slumped against the pillow.

“Don’t go pouting.”

“It’s not fair!”

Ken rolled Sadie towards him, and as her ass rolled upwards, he smacked her hard.


Ken landed ten swats on her ass. “Better learn.”

Flash Fiction Friday Call Girl?

call girl

Shelly sat on the bed, and pulled him closer to her. “Tell me your fantasies.”

“I… I want to make love to a woman with big tits. Rub my dick between them and spray my cum all over her chin.”

She smiled. “Well, would my breasts do?”

“Oh yeah. Oh yeah.” He dropped his pants and grabbed his cock. It was growing harder by the second.

She leaned forward, cupping her breasts together to form a valley for his cock to plow. “Stroke the head. Rub that cock up and down. Yes, just like that. Oh baby,” she moaned softly.

He leaned forward towards her breasts. He stroked his cock faster and faster. His breath came in panting gasps. The pleasure flowed over his body.

“You can do it. My skin is so hot for your cock. Feel the sweat greasing the path? Making it slick? Oh baby, come on. Fuck my breasts.” She moved in concert to his rhythmic strokes. She could feel the tension build and knew that he’d come very soon. The thrusts of his cock blurred until he shuddered and white cum spurted up in a fountain. Dropping back on the bed, he groaned out his pleasure.

A silly smile showed on his face. “Thank you.”

She clicked off the screen just as Jessica walked into the room.

“Are you still doing that stuff?”

“Yeah! Now I can charge for it.”

“You did it? You set up a Paypal account?”

“Sure did! It was easy. My birthday was yesterday. I keep telling you it’s profitable.”

“I don’t know.” Jessica sat down next to Shelly. “I don’t think I could keep a straight face while people jerk off in front of their webcams.”

Shelly laughed. “It’s easy. If you’re afraid to show your face, wear a pretty mask. Or, do like Grandma did.”

“Grandma?” Jessica looked at her cousin in horror.

“Uhuh! Grandma did phone sex. You know what a lovely smoky voice she has. How do you think she use to pay for those vacations she took?”

“Oh!Oh damn! I never knew! How did you find out?”

“I spent the night one time and overheard her. So, I asked.”

“Is that why you started?”

“Of course! It’s a family tradition!”


“I do Internet sex. Grandma did phone sex. Her mom was a whorehouse Madame, and her mom was a whore!”

Jessica laughed. “Whore’s R Us!”


Yeah, I’m a bit late. Been under the weather with some sort of stomach bug. Oh, and the rain. I feel like I live in the Pacific Northwest, not in the high desert of the Rocky Mountains.

Our challenge this week was:

Word Limit: 350

From Kdokers

Forbidden Words: Money, Regret

Extra Credit: Tell us if you’ve ever paid for sex, on-line or off

Bonus Words: 50 if you make her barely legal, barely

I took the bonus words. :) As for extra credit, I’ve never paid for it, but was once asked if I’d consider doing phone sex. The guy liked my voice. Really liked my voice. Didn’t bother. I took another bet and started writing Erotica instead.