Flash Fiction Friday Regret


The rain soaked them before they’d even left the park. They ran to his apartment. They shivered as he worked the keys out of his pocket.

“Ddamn I’m cold!”

“Strip off,” he said as he pulled off his teeshirt.

“Just get me a towel.”

“Oh come on. My roommate is gone for the weekend. Please, Jasmine?”

She shivered as she nodded and kicked off her shoes. Then she worked her teeshirt over her head. She watched as Greg dropped his shirt to the floor with a wet plop. Heading for the bathroom, he turned on the water to let it warm up.

Jasmine stood against the sink, her nipples peeking through her wet hair as it clung to her breasts. This is a bad idea, she thought. “Greg, just get me a towel. I want to go home.”

He put his arms on either side of the sink, and pushed her until she was perched on the sink. “What’s the matter? Don’t you want to have some fun?” He pressed himself closer. Jasmine turned her head to avoid his kiss.

“I was having fun, but this isn’t anymore. I… I don’t want to have sex. Not today.”

“What’s the matter? Why the regrets all of a sudden? You were all kisses and cuddles before.”

“Yeah, but I don’t know you well enough. I really don’t want to go any farther.”

Greg tried to kiss her again, and once more, she turned away. He was starting to get angry. She’d been a cock tease all day with that sassy little tank top and those swaying hips. His cock was hard. Aching. He reached down and tugged at her jeans, pulling the button free.


“Oh quit teasing me. You know you want it.” He nuzzled closer as she tried to move off of the sink.

“No, I don’t! Let me go.” She tried to move away, and as she glanced towards the door, she saw Dave standing there, his finger to his lips.

Greg was oblivious right up until Dave punched him. he fell to the floor, moaning.

Dave stepped over Greg and handed Jasmine her shirt. “Let me take you home.”

“Thank you,” she said, pulling on her shirt.

“Greg, that was a bad idea.” Dave kicked him for emphasis as they walked out.


13 minutes, plus edits. Advizor tried a new and interesting limit. So glad that my office program tells me characters. :) Our challenge this week was:

Key Phrase:  Bad Idea
Word Limit:  2000 Characters, including Spaces
Forbidden Words: Naked, Shower
Bonus Words:  Tell us about a bad idea of your own.
Extra Credit:  Come up with a new bad idea…..

I didn’t take any bonus words, but… a bad idea of my own… marriage #1. Hope you enjoy my slice of Flash Fiction Friday. Now I’m off to watch more Outlander!(ah kilts!)

Birthday Antics

Lynne curled up behind Quin, her arm wrapping around his waist. She stroked his skin in a sleepy soft way, and fell asleep.

She awoke later, as something nudged her wrist. Swimming up towards a more conscious point, she realized that it was Quin’s cock. Her hand trailed over the soft head and it responded with a twitch. Lynne wrapped her hand around and gently stroked. “One, two, three…” she counted silently. Quin rolled on his back, his hips arching up as she continued to stroke. “Twenty-seven, twenty-eight…”

Quin dreamed that he was stroking in and out of Lynne, only he couldn’t feel her weight on him. He woke from the dream to find Lynne’s hand on his cock and her head on his chest. “Wwhat are you up to sweetie?”

Lynne turned to face him, her hand halting for a moment. “I’m um… giving you an alternative to spanking.”

“What?” Quin’s voice caught as she began to stroke again.

“Well, you know what day it is.”

Quin blinked. Her attentions to his cock was making it difficult to think. “Um… Tuesday?”

“Yes. What else?”


Lynne laughed. “Forty-one, forty-two, forty-three…”

Then it dawned on Quin. “It’s my birthday.”

“Yes. And that makes fifty-one strokes.” Lynne kissed the throbbing cock and let go.

“But.. I haven’t cum yet.”

“Granted.” She smiled an impish smile.

“Um… Sweetie, can we finish what you started?” Quin reached for Lynne and pulled her to him.

“Well, I’m not sure. Such an old man… You think you’re up to it?” She giggled.

“Old man? Oh you!” He pulled her close, and kissed her. Their limbs tangled up and he rolled on top of her, his fingers tickling her as his cock nudged it’s way inside. When he was almost seated, he thrust hard, grabbing her hips. It was her turn to gasp.

Quin had planned to thrust fifty-one times and stop, but with all of her teasing, he couldn’t hold back at the crucial moment. Lynne’s moans and clenching muscles as she orgasmed tipped him over the edge. Holding tight, he thrust deep and let his orgasm shudder through his body. He felt as if he poured every last drop of liquid deep into Lynne. As he felt himself turn into a pile of loosely connected sinews, he rolled to one side and collapsed on the pillow.

When he’d caught his breath, he rolled towards Lynne, and began to tease her clit. He counted the strokes and stopped right where she had a little bit earlier. He knew that she was right there, ready to explode.

“Qqqquin, please…”

“Oh, I’m not sure you’re up to it, old woman.” He smiled.

“Please? I’m… I’m sorry. Ppplease?”

Quin smiled and fingered her until she exploded.

Some time later, one of them pulled up the covers. Spooned up, they fell asleep.


Just in case you hadn’t guessed. It’s Wolf’s birthday. We had a lovely day and dinner out. 


Flash Fiction Friday Camp Frustrations


The playa dust was everywhere. People covered up as they walked the Black Rock desert. Camps, artworks and various structures appeared serendipitously when the fog lifted. Genna lounged on a black tarp, frustrated that she couldn’t find the Artemis of Ephesus pavilion. She wriggled around, trying to get comfortable.

Kief and Dira had been fucking when their tent collapsed in the wind. Mindless to the noise around them, they continued. Kief was about to reach climax, when suddenly there was a weight pressing the tarp down on top of him. Thrusting rapidly, he came and collapsed on top of Dira. The weight moved and settled heavy against his shoulder. His erection pinned him in place. Dira tried to wriggle, but couldn’t. Each movement brushed against her clit, sending her pussy into spasms and the grip kept Kief’s cock stiff. She tried to muffler her gasps.

Genna, finally realized what she sat on and smiled.


This was a fast easy write. I’ve had a lover that frequented Burning Man, and told me many a tale of crazy sex, life and playa dust. So, I let my imagination run. 9 minutes for this one. :)

Advizor’s challenge this week was:

Key Phrase – When the fog lifted/settled (choose one)
Word Limit – 204
Forbidden Words – apocolypse, Max, Burning, stench
Bonus Words – Tell us what’s under the tarp
Extra Credit – 50 words extra if you strangest outfit you have ever worn, or wanted to wear during an orgasm

As for the extra credit… nope. That’s between me and Wolf.

Twisted Delights (4)

The steaks and vegetables had been excellent. The beer, local and decent, and the whiskey, prewar. As they ate peach cobbler drizzled with peach brandy, Zelda and the other girl began to whisk the velvet covers off of the mystery furniture. A bench with rings at one end as well as a large cross in the shape of an X appeared. There was also a two shelf trolley covered in whips, paddles and other odd instruments.

“What are they going to do?” asked Declan.

“Just watch.” Gregory smiled and pointed towards the stage.

After a few moments, Zelda and the girl finished the preparations and then knelt facing the men at the table. Jeeves entered and stood next to the women.

“Gentleman, tonight we will demonstrate a number of entertainments. If you would care to participate, you are welcome. If you care to just watch, that is fine. If you have questions, please ask.” He then turned to Zelda and gestured for her to straddle the short bench. When she had done so, he quickly snapped a set of cuffs on her wrists and then attached them to the bench. “If you would care to inspect?”

Gregory walked up and cupped her sex in his hand. “She’s slightly damp.”

Jeeves nodded and then gestured for Gregory to sit down. Then he turned and proceeded to spank Zelda with his hand. The loud retorts muffled her cries. Then Jeeves turned and picked up a riding crop. He striped Zelda’s ass until she had a lovely checkerboard of welts. “Would you care to inspect?”

This time James walked up and inspected Zelda. “She’s soaked. Absolutely dripping.”

“Indeed. A well trained slut will always react this way,” said Jeeves. He then took the other girl and attached her to the large X, which he explained was called a St. Andrew’s Cross. As before, he spanked, whipped and then rewarded the girl. Her juices literally dripped on the floor. Each of the men took turns spanking or whipping one of the girls.

Declan stood with whip in one hand and his cock straining against his trousers. “Can… can Zelda suck me off?”

Jeeves nodded. He watched the reactions of the four men and noted that James after the initial blow job was well under control. He was also watching everyone in the room. As the evening drew to a close, Jeeves handed James a card. “In case you have questions,” was all he said.

Three weeks later, James entered the club. It had been a difficult assignment, and he felt the need for release. More than just the fast fuck he’d had with his secretary. When Jeeves approached, he solicited a menu and asked for a very specific selection. Jeeves nodded and escorted him to a well padded room towards the back.

James stood and looked at the St. Andrew’s cross with some apprehension. He sat and waited for the dominatrix to enter the room. He never heard her, but felt the kiss of the whip on his cheek. He undressed as requested,and stood to be cuffed to the cross. Spread on the cross face down, his back was exposed, and his cock rested just under the center. He was secure and exposed. He tested the cuffs.

“Don’t worry. They are tight,” the Dominatrix said with an eastern European accent.

“Good. I wouldn’t want to pull free.”

“You won’t.” That was the last she said as she began to apply the whip across his back and thighs. At first, he clenched his jaw and refused to cry out. She laughed and continued to apply strokes of the whip mixed with caresses. He gasped when the tip of the whip bit his inner thigh, and struck across his balls.

Before he could say anything, she changed to a riding crop and intensified the strokes nearer and nearer his balls. It stung and yet… he could feel his cock swell and his balls tighten. His body arched in anticipation of the pleasure and pain. His orgasm was seconds away when she stopped.

“Not yet. Not until I say you can come.” She stroked his body, lighting up all of his pained nerves. When they’d calmed, and his erection had begun to soften, she began again. Three times she repeated this until at last he thought he could not hold back a moment longer. The tension arched him backwards. Then she walked up behind him and whispered in his ear.

James came hard. So hard that his body shuddered and went limp. He felt the tears trace down his face, and the surfeit of emotions drained through him. When she released him from the cross, he fell limp to the floor. It was a blissful, painful moment. So empty and yet so complete.

James later learned that the Dominatrix’s name was Marta. He found sweet release on the cross and later became her student. Within a few months, he moved from ‘virgin’ to Dom. There had been a lot of laughter in the club the night he became a lord. He joked that he was one twice over, and no one was certain whether it was the truth or not. Even Jeeves didn’t know everything about this small man with the military manner.

There are days…

Days when I think I should just stop. Stop writing. Stop worrying that I haven’t finished a story. I get frustrated by the lack of time to write or even think about writing. It isn’t writer’s block in that I can’t think of what to write, but more of a time constraint. There are all these little stories in my head just waiting to get out. Yearning to be read!

I’ve even thought of giving up posting on Literotica. Yes, I have a lot of readers there as well, and as here… not enough commenters. However…

The other day i got an email saying that I’d won a prize for Third Place for November’s Reader’s Choice! (Buster’s Story Ch. 9-Finale—they get chaptered differently on my blog) And… the prize was $75. I was flabberghasted. Amazed. It made my day.

It’s also made me determined to find that time to write. I’ll be adjusting my schedules over the next few weeks. I hope to get more stories written. Vortex to finish, Twisted Delights to explore, and Bad Kink…. ( a story about kink done badly…) to write.

So, think good thoughts. Smile! Comment! (yes, I love comments) And, look forward to seeing posts here a little more frequently than of late.



Vortex (13)

Yes, I finally got back to this story. :)

As the days grew shorter and harvest neared, Sadie’s pile of baby clothes began to grow. She’d rebelled as long as possible, and when she realized that all of the women sewed, she gave in. Her efforts were poor at first and she unpicked as many stitches as she sewed until one of the old aunties took pity on her. Excused from everything except garden work, Sadie and Auntie sewed.

“I never appreciated how much work it took to keep me in clothes.”

“Sadie, no one ever does, and as far as I can tell, most men never do,” wheezed Auntie.

They both laughed. Sadie thought of all the clothes her mother had mended or altered. Granted, they had a larger reserve of clothes from before the weather changed. Then there were Ken’s clothing. She’d tried to mend them, and Ken had just taken them away and found someone else to do it. Now with her belly swelling, she found a reason to concentrate. The baskets were filling with clothes, diapers and baby quilts. Nanny had even promised to show her embroidery once she was good enough. Her knitting was decent, so there were no shortages of small socks, hats or warm afghans.

Auntie stood up to get some tea and bread. Sadie stretched and realized that her back ached. It ached much more than it had even a week ago. She blamed it on Ken’s lustful ways that had her on her knees in the horse stalls earlier that day. She was just as horny, but it was getting more and more difficult to have sex. She was gathering the courage to tell him no more. Rubbing her back, she walked over to the window.

Outside, the men were walking the horses through the hayfields, cutting the long stems. Women and children were gathering the latest ripe vegetables from the truck gardens. For once she was glad to be inside rather than pulling weeds or hauling baskets of vegetables.

“Come on. I’ve got the tea,” said Auntie from the door.

Sadie sat down with a weary smile. They ate as they planned the last few pieces of clothing that the baby would need for the first year. When the tea was gone, they went back to sewing.

“Care for a little bit of fun before dinner?” Ken had wrapped his arms around Sadie, cupping her breasts as he whispered in her ear.

“Don’t faint, but no. I hurt today. I was hopin’ you’d rub my back.”

“I can do that.” He turned her around and gently began to rub her back. As she relaxed, he moved his hands farther down, working on her hips, ass and down her thighs. She moaned with a mix of pleasure and relief. It wasn’t long before she was asleep in his arms.

Sadie woke up alone in bed. Looking around, she realized that she’d missed dinner. Throwing off the quilt, she was heading for the bathroom when Ken came back down the hall.

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

“You were so sound asleep, that you didn’t notice me leave. I’ve brought you dinner.” He pointed to the tray in his hand.

“Okay,” she said a little sheepishly. “I’ll be right back.” She waddled towards the bathroom and Ken headed for their room. He’d just set everything down on the table when she returned. There was chicken pot pie, salad and apple crumble.

“Oh damn that looks good.” She sat down and began to eat. Between bites, they discussed plans for the next few days. Ken was going to be out in the wheat fields and Nanny wanted her to sort the herbs as the children brought them in. At harvest season, everyone was in a hurry. The first snows were never predictable, and the nights had gotten very cool.

While Ken returned the tray downstairs, Sadie crawled into bed. Despite the nap, she still felt exhausted. When she wasn’t sewing, she’d been cleaning their room, rearranging things and trying to make sure that everything was ready.

Sadie tossed and turned. She couldn’t get comfortable. Her legs ached as well as her back. On top of that, she must have visited the bathroom half a dozen times. When she came back after the last trip, she found Ken talking to Nanny in the hall.

“Sadie, you hurting?”

“Yes, Nanny. I can’t get comfy.”

“That baby kicking much?” Nanny put her hand on Sadie’s belly.

“You know, it has been quiet today.”

“Uhuh. Girl, I think you’re starting. Any blood?” Nanny kept her hand on Sadie.

“No, but I seem to need to pee every ten minutes.”

Nanny nodded. “Ken you go find Kirsty. Tell her to get the birth kit ready. Sadie may not birth this baby tonight, but it’s gonna be soon.”

Ken nodded and left the room quickly.

“Now let’s check you out.” Nanny gestured for Sadie to lay down. Reaching up between Sadie’s legs, and up inside. She withdrew her hand and wiped it on her apron. “You’re about two fingers dilated. When you hit five, we’re going to have a baby.” Nanny had been an OB nurse once long, long ago, and had delivered most people around her.

Around 3am, Sadie fell asleep. She’d finally found a comfortable position and exhaustion over road everything else. Near dawn, she woke with a start.

“Oh shit! I’ve wet the bed!” she cried as she scrambled out. As she stood, her belly cramped hard, and more fluid ran down her legs.

Ken woke up at her cry and had scrambled up too. “Sadie, I think your water broke.”

She nodded and looked around for something to soak up the mess. “Get Nanny or Kirsty.”

Ken nodded and headed down the hall as fast as he could.

Sadie stripped the bed between contractions. She’d put the waterproof cover on the mattress as Kirsty and Nanny with two of the aunts came into the room. They took over while Nanny helped Sadie clean up.

“You want to walk? Or crawl in bed?”

“Nanny, I’d rather walk.”

“Fine. When the pain gets bad, we’ll get you comfy. Ken! Walk with Sadie while we get some things ready!”

“Yes Nanny!”

Three hours later, Sadie was on her knees trying to find a comfortable spot. In the end, she gave up and tried to lay down. “Ken, hold me.”

Ken crawled up on the bed, and held her. She put her legs over his, and as the contractions hit, she looked to Nanny who gave her the nod to push. Sadie pushed, gasped and then tried to catch her breath.

“You’re nearly there,” said Nanny. “Pull your knees up and push hard this time.

Sadie nodded. Ken helped hold her legs and she pushed hard. It burned, and she cried out. “Yyyou get tto have the next one!”

“You’ll be okay Sadie, just push,” he said softly.

“Okay? You’re not the one being split in two!” Before he could react, she swung her arm back up over her head and her fist connected with his left eye twice. Ken couldn’t even duck, as both of his hands were holding her legs. She had to stop when the next contraction hit. She strained and pushed hard, her face going red and blotchy.

“Keep pushing!” Nanny said. “Nearly there. Nearly… keep going! I see the head.”

Sadie took a deep breath, and pushed hard. There was a fierce burning and then relief. She felt the baby leave her body. A thin wail could be heard through the babble of voices.

“We have a baby girl,” Nanny said softly. She moved and brought the baby up and placed her on Sadie’s stomach. While the new parents looked at their baby, Nanny cut and tied the cord. Kirsty put a towel around the baby and across Sadie.

An hour later, Sadie and the baby were cleaned up and back in a clean warm bed. The baby was nursing noisily while Sadie cooed at her. Ken was curled up around his two ladies, sporting a big shiny black eye. Nanny smiled as she closed the door, leaving the new family to get acquainted.

Flash Fiction Friday Complications


“You’re mad at me.”

“No, just frustrated.”

“Wasn’t it good? You kept flirting with me at the office. Pinching my nipples, cupping my ass at the printer, and kisses in the break room. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?”

Dora thought about the passionate sex. The hot sweaty lesbian sex. It had been good. Some of the best she’d had in ages. Her cunt still tingled. Her breasts ached as she buttoned her blouse. “Yeah, it was good. I got carried away. I… we should never have done this.”

“Well, it’s a little late to have regrets.”

Dora nodded. In the aftermath of the great sex, she realized that she did care about Jenny. “I was unprofessional.”

“What’s so bad about an office romance? Really.”

“What’s bad is that I’ll be thinking about you instead of business.”

“So. You’d be thinking about me or us even if we didn’t work together.”

“Yeah, but in a different way. You wouldn’t be right there. Distracting me. Smelling so good I want to craw right back into bed with you.”

Jenny had to agree. “So, how are we going to handle this? I don’t want to go back to being alone. I really like you.”

Dora nodded. “Your choice. Sexual harassment charge from you or I can just say you weren’t doing your job. Either way.”

Jenny got out of bed, wrapped her arms around Dora. “I quit.”


Ah, vacation was good, yet over too soon. I’m hoping to get caught up with all the mundane stuff and get writing. :) Our dear Muse, Advizor set a devious puzzle for us this time. I took the extra credit. :) His requirements were:

Key Words – Aftermath, Regrets

Word Limit – 250

Forbidden Words – BFF, Girlfriend

Bonus Words -Earn 25 for making them co-workers, 25 more if one reports to the other.

Extra Credit – Tell us about your work-place indiscretions.

As for workplace indiscretions… um… Yeah right. Being self employed makes that rather difficult. Mugging Wolf by crawling under his desk and teasing him with a blow job while he’s having an online meeting doesn’t count. :)