Their lovemaking was slow and gentle. Rose sank slowly to the bed as the orgasms played over her. Rafe held her as she curled up next to him. As she started to relax, he reached over, touched her and brought her to orgasm again until a smile played over her face. Then they curled up and went to sleep.

Rose woke up the next morning to find that Rafe had turned off the alarm, tucked the covers around her to let her sleep. She appreciated the extra sleep and quiet time. This week had been rough emotionally. She’d spent more time crying than she had in years. Four years to be exact.

After all this time, she thought that her defenses were strong enough. That she could cope with walking into the library. Wrong. Her ex was an ass, and could push her buttons faster than she could blink. He’d pulled one of his old tricks. Waited for her to walk past and then hollered at her because she had forgotten to say goodbye. He had corrected her like she was a three year old who’d broken a rule. Didn’t matter that she’d already said her goodbyes. He had to pull a trick that he knew would upset her.

Rose had done fine the rest of the evening. As they were heading to bed, Rafe got a phone call. Instead of falling asleep, Rose lay there thinking. Then she started worrying. Money was a big one as she was out of work at the moment. Depending on others for the roof over her head or the food on the table brought up bad memories of life with the ex. He’d made her feel guilty for asking for anything. Heaven help her if she made noises about getting a job. On top of that, he yelled and bitched at her for not spending money wisely. It was his expenditures that blew the budget, not her shopping. Not that it mattered. No matter what she did, it was always her fault.

By the time that Rafe came to bed, Rose was awake, but way too quiet. He crawled in and snuggled in close. She was ice cold. “Rose, what’s wrong?” he asked.

“I just can’t get warm,” she said quietly.

“I can tell that. Why?”

“I… I just can’t.”

Rafe moved so that he had more of his body in contact with Rose and held her close. “Okay, so you’re cold. What else is bothering you?”

“Noth…” she started to say, when Rafe hugged her tighter to let her know he didn’t believe her. “I’m worried about money, and,” she trailed off again.

“Rose, money isn’t the big problem is it?” he asked softly.

“No, it’s just… dammit, I’m so tired of him being able to push my buttons even after all this time.”

“Sweetie, he had lots of years of practice. You’ve only had four years away from him. It will take awhile,” he said softly. Rose moved in his arms. He thought for a moment that she had nodded in agreement. A moment later, she was sobbing quietly in his arms. “Rose, it’s okay. Sweetie, relax,” he said hoping that she could stop. Otherwise, she’d cry herself out and right into a headache. All Rafe could do is hold her. He took a deep breath and tried to relax. This would take a little time.

Chapter 2

Two years earlier…

Rose’s ex was a piece of work. He had a good public face, and was the kind of person everyone liked. However, at home he was a mentally abusive controlling ass with a temper. He’d never hit Rose, but the kind of bruises he left didn’t show. Rose was a strong, intelligent woman. Great cook, intellectual, and one hell of an organizer. However, she did her best when Rafe had first met her, to disappear into the background. Curvy, flirty and those eyes. Yet she wore clothes that hid her shape. She might as well have been wearing a table cloth.

Moving had been necessary. Rafe’s ex-wife, another piece of work, literally drove him out of the state. He’d moved out to this area on the recommendation of a co-worker. Rafe went looking for a house to rent.

He had been looking at a house two doors down and was walking back to the hotel when he saw a woman trying to haul water up a staircase. He’d offered to help and the first two times she’d said no. He took a look at the stairs and the water and just took the five gallon jug from her. After he set it down in the kitchen, they started to talk. Well, started to talk once she stopped apologizing for the state of the place, why she was hauling water and about ten other things. Her family had owned the house and previous renters had torn it up. Rafe waited and when she finally stopped for a moment, he introduced himself.

“Hi, Let’s start over. My name is Rafe,” he said holding out his hand.

She wiped her muddy hands on her baggy jeans and took his hand. “Hi, I’m Rose Davis,” she said and looked up to his face for the first time.

Rafe looked into her eyes and felt like someone had just taken his breath away. Deep blue rings around pale blue irises. He’d meant to just introduce himself and leave, but then his mouth opened up. “I’m looking for a place to live, and if we could cut a deal with construction work for part of the rent, I’d be glad to help you,” he said.

Rose was floored. She never expected to rent the place, let alone get someone to help her with the work. “I,… um… there isn’t any internal plumbing and I,… um… I live in the guest house out back,” she finally said.

Twenty minutes later, Rafe understood that she had just left her husband and was doing her best to survive on part time work and whatever money her family could send her way. Living in the guest house was the best she could do while trying to fix up the main house. They made a deal and Rafe grabbed his stuff out of the hotel and was clearing out a corner of a bedroom to live in that night. The house itself wasn’t in bad shape, it just had no heating or plumbing. Rose’s guest house had a potbellied stove which kept her warm and she cooked soup and noodles on it. The rest of the house would need more work.

Rafe had found a part time job which left him free to work on computers and the house. The front of the house turned into his office and a computer repair shop. Rose continued to live in the guest house and worked wherever she could.

One afternoon, Rafe was up to his eyeballs in computers, drying paint and phone calls. Rose walked in and he could tell from the look on her face that something had happened. She walked straight through the office, didn’t say a word and started to make a cup of tea.

Rafe came up behind her to ask if there was anything he could do. He never got a word said, because she turned at the sound of his steps and tried to exit the kitchen. There were tears silently streaming down her face. He wrapped his arms around her and she curled into his arms. Her head fit right under his chin. She stopped crying a few moments later and Rafe tilted her face up towards his.

“Okay, what happened?” he asked.

“My job finished, and when I went to cash my paycheck, I ran into my ex.”

“Okay, it was a temp job, so…”

“So he had to rub it in my face that maybe I should stop playing house and come back where I belong. All with that tone that said I was some kind of slut and irresponsible child all at the same time,” she said as she pulled herself out of his arms and turned back to making tea.

Rafe thought about what she said for a moment because something didn’t add up. “Rose, what is this about playing house and you being a slut?” he asked as it had finally dawned on him what didn’t sound right.

“According to my ex, I am ‘playing house’ with you. So, therefore I am a slut or some sort of sexual deviant who can’t keep her hands to herself,” she said with disgust. She stirred the creamer into the tea and handed him a cup. She then sat down at the kitchen table.

Rafe sat down with his cup. “Um, Rose, you and I don’t have a relationship.”

“I KNOW that!” she said and put her cup down hard enough to slosh tea over the side.

“So, why should he care what you do with your life?”

“Because there isn’t any final paperwork between us yet, he figures that he can make me come back to him. So, he plays stupid games and dumb tricks to upset me. Hopes that it will make me want to come back. It took me long enough to understand just what an ass he was and there is no way I’m going back,” she finished.

Rafe just nodded. They’d talked one night about why she had left her marriage. It hadn’t made Rafe like the guy one bit. This latest bit of information hadn’t made his decision to stay out of a relationship for a while easy. Rafe found Rose attractive. Those eyes. Plus, she had a sharp wit and intellect that enticed him. He liked women with ‘spark’. That little voice inside his head was chattering ninety miles an hour, and he was beginning to listen.

“Rose, Would he act any different if you were having a relationship with someone?” he asked quietly.

Rose blinked. He swore he could hear the gears grind as she thought about what he’d asked. She took a sip of tea and then set the cup back down. “Rafe, I don’t know. I haven’t been with anyone since I left him.”

Rafe nodded, and thought for a moment. “Do you care how he’d react?”

Rose thought for a moment and then replied. “You know, I don’t. I’ve already been damned, I might as well enjoy myself.”

Rafe smiled. “Rose, would you like to go to dinner with me?”


Chapter 3

Rafe took it slow. As much for Rose as for himself. They went to dinner at the local diner. Nothing fancy, but it was not ramen noodles cooked on a potbellied stove. They talked and ate and got to know each other a bit more. He’d learned that she actually owned an old laptop that she used for classes and writing. Rafe mentally kicked himself for thinking she was a Luddite. Rose learned he’d been in the military and that they liked the same kind of music.

They walked home after dinner and he escorted her to the door of the guest house. “Good night Rose.”

“Good night. Thanks for dinner. That and the talk really helped,” she said as she looked up at him.

Rafe looked at her face and then bent to kiss her. She held still for a second and then slowly returned the kiss. His arms went around her and he held her close while they kissed. After a moment, she broke off the kiss.

“I need to…” and then turned into the guest house leaving Rafe on the step.

Rafe went back to the main house. He realized that she was more nervous about this than he was. The kiss had made him want to carry her inside and… No, he had to slow down. If this was going to work at all, he had to take his time. As much for him as for her. It took a long time for him to fall asleep.

The next morning, she was up early doing laundry with the machine out on the back porch. The noise of the washer had woken him up. She ran the water into the garden which he thought was odd at first, but it made sense. Rafe got up and dressed. He just had repair work today, but yesterdays phone calls had delayed him. He wasn’t sure how he was going to juggle all the work he was getting. Rafe sat down with his cup of tea and had just started reading the comics on his computer when Rose came in the room.

“Rafe, would you mind if I went though your books?” she asked.

“No, why?”

“Well, to be honest, I’m bored. I have cleaned the guest house, done my laundry, worked in the yard and I have nothing to do on the house until we have a bit more income.”

Rafe nodded. They were about to start the plumbing and were shy the tiles for the shower. Neither one of them wanted to get half finished, so they had agreed to wait. Right now there was water in the bathroom if you didn’t mind an on/off valve and a bucket. At least there was no more stair climbing with a five gallon jug. “Have at the shelves. I got some new books from the used bookstore last week.”

“Okay, thanks,” she said and with that started looking through the shelves. After a minute, she pulled one down and then curled up in the chair her sister had given her a few weeks earlier.

Rafe got started with the repairs and then the phone rang. He took care of the call, went back to the computer he’d been working on and just got the transfer going when the phone rang. He growled as he went to answer it. That call took thirty minutes. Returning to the computer, he was working on the transfer that had failed when the phone rang again. He turned to answer it when it stopped ringing.

“Rafael’s Computers, how can I help you? No, Rafe is occupied at the moment, can I take a message? Oh. No problem. Have you checked out your temporary Internet files? Ah. Empty those, your trash and then reboot. If that doesn’t work, give us a call back and I’ll set up an appointment. Oh, no problem. Thanks for calling, Mrs. Meyers,” she said and hung up. Turning to find a notepad to write on, she saw Rafe’s face. He sat there with his mouth open.

“What? Did I do something wrong?” she asked.

“No. No you didn’t. That was wonderful.”

“Well, I couldn’t let it go on ringing and interrupting you. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh with all the cussing just prior to you being so polite on the phone or be irritated that I couldn’t concentrate on my book.”

Rafe laughed. “Rose, would you like a job? It doesn’t pay much, but it would really help me out. I think I need a receptionist, first level tech and someone to keep me in line.”

It was Rose’s turn to laugh. “I don’t know a damn thing about computers!”

“Wrong! You just did tech support at the drop of a hat on the phone. What you don’t know, I can teach you,” he said. Just what else did this woman know he wondered. Then he saw the book she had in her hand. The Prince, by Machiavelli. Oh god, what was he getting himself into?

“I just told her to do what I always got yelled at for when she said the computer was slow. That wasn’t anything special.”

“Who yelled at you when you asked computer questions?” Rafe asked even though he had an idea of who it was.

“My ex. Remember, I’m just a housewife with no clue even though I think my IQ tested out at 180 or 190 when I was twelve,” she said with a bite to her voice.

“Ouch. Point taken. Rose, you are hired. What you don’t know, ask. You can use that desk there, just put the stuff in a box. Oh, and bring your computer in here. I want to see this ancient chunk of plastic,” he said as he pointed to the spare desk he’d bought last week.

“Okay.” Rose put the book down and started clearing a space. She answered the phone eight times before she got it all set up the way she wanted and then went to get the laptop. It was nearly dinner time, so she grabbed her ramen noodles and brought them inside. She couldn’t afford to take them out, but she could cook. Hopefully the ancient electric stove would play nice. Putting the water on to boil, she brought her laptop out and put it on her new desk and then walked back to the kitchen.

Rafe looked over as he heard the thump of plastic against wood. He tried not to cringe, thinking about how the rough handling could damage a computer. Looking over to Rose’s desk, he blinked. There on the desk was a CF 50 Panasonic Tough Book. She’d done it again. Where had she found that treasure he wondered.

Chapter 4

Over dinner which consisted of ramen noodles with home made pad Thai peanut sauce and veggies, Rafe learned that a friend of hers had given her the laptop when her ex had broken her desktop computer. Worse yet, the idiot had felt no need to do any repairs, because apparently Rose was just goofing around on the computer and not really doing anything important.

“I was furious. As far as he was concerned it didn’t matter if all my stuff was lost. Lucky for me, one of my sons salvaged my data and put it on the computer,” she said.

“You know, I’m surprised you let him live. I wouldn’t have.”

“Well,…” she started.

“I’m amazed that he didn’t think he needed to teach you anything either when it came to the computer.”

“Oh no, if he did that, it meant that I’d be able to do things by myself. To teach me would mean a lost of control. He is all about control.”

“On everything?” Rafe asked.

“Oh yeah. Household spending, the kids, computers, sex, groceries, laundry, taxes, the whole damn thing,” she said as she cleared the table.

“But I thought you said you did all the work around the house and dealt with the bills and the kids,” Rafe said rather confused.

“I did. When things went wrong though, it was all my fault for not following his plan or idea or directions.” Her voice took on a bitter tone as she started doing the dishes.

“Oh. Rose, what made you decide that you couldn’t stay with him any longer?” Rafe asked hoping that it wasn’t too raw of a subject. He still didn’t know her well.

“I had five friends within the space of about a month all try to tell me what a mentally abusive asshole my ex was. I didn’t want to believe them. I knew he wasn’t perfect, but I’d lived with him all those years, and in some ways I was use to life like that. Then I decided to talk to him about his temper. He’s always been a bit over the top that way. So, I asked him if he’d work on curbing his temper. He yelled and screamed at me so loudly the windows shook. I’d had enough and walked out of the room. He slammed the door so hard he broke the frame and dislocated his shoulder. That was when I knew I had to leave.”

Rafe realized he was clenching his fists. “How long ago did this happen?”

“About two years ago. I had to wait until my youngest was eighteen.”

“Oh. Okay,” Rafe nodded. He was still trying to get over the idea that Rose had children, let alone old enough to be a grandma. She didn’t look like it.

“He still thinks I’ll come back. Don’t know why, as I’ve lived over here for nearly a year, but he lives on that river in Egypt, you know it, the DeNial?” she said with a smile on her face.

Rafe laughed. “Yeah. I know that one. Just fished in it once or twice.”

Rose laughed and grabbed her book and started to head out the back door.

“Rose, thanks for dinner,” Rafe said as he walked towards Rose.

“You’re welcome. It wasn’t anything special.”

“Thanks for all your help today too. You saved my sanity,” he said and gave her a hug, then a kiss.

Rose was a bit startled by the affection. She’d been nervous about the kiss the other night, even though it had been wonderful. She had just shut herself down so tight in order not to feel, that she wasn’t sure what to think. She hugged him back. It felt so good to touch someone. Plus, Rafe smelled good.

She’s hugging back! Rafe thought to himself. Rafe was surprised by Rose’s response to his hug and kiss. Then again, he was surprised at his own behavior. He knew he was getting defensive earlier. No one should have to put up with the stuff she had.

They both realized that they had been standing there in each others arms for more than a friendly hug about the same time. Rose moved first.

“Sorry about that,” she started to apologize.


Rose blinked.

“Stop apologizing. You didn’t do anything wrong,” Rafe said with a little more force than he meant to.

“But… “ she started.

“Rose, how long has it been since you’ve had more than a hug from a friend or a kiss from one of your kids?”

“Way too long,” she said looking at the floor.

Rafe took her head in his hand and raised it to look her in the face. “You’re starving aren’t you?” he asked. “Emotionally starved that is,” he corrected when he realized what he said was awkward.

“I’m fine.”

“Rose, you are a terrible liar,” Rafe said and took the book out of her hand and set it on the table. Then he took her in his arms and just held her. She stood stiffly at first as if trying to resist the hug. Then, she simply went limp against him, and her arms wrapped around his waist.

“Oh gods it has been a long time. I…” she mumbled against his shirt.

“It’s okay Rose, We all need to be held. Especially when we’ve been through an emotional wringer like you have,” he said. Rafe realized that they ought to sit down. “Rose, let’s go sit down on the couch,” he suggested.

“Okay,” she said and followed him out to the living room.

“How about a movie?” he asked. She nodded and he grabbed Quigley Down Under off of the shelf. He put it in the DVD player and turned on the TV. They sat on the couch and Rafe put his arms around her. Slowly she relaxed. They watched the movie without too many comments. Rafe ran his hand down her arms and across her shoulders as they watched the movie. Timidly, Rose finally put her hand on his knee.

“Where do we go from here ?” Rafe thought.

Chapter 5

They settled into a routine. Rafe worked his part time job and Rose worked when she could find it. Meanwhile, she worked on the house and kept the computer business running when Rafe was gone or busy. In the evenings, they ate together and then watched a movie. Snuggling on the couch was fine, but once the movie was over, Rose went back out to the guest house.

Rafe wanted to be more intimate, but was afraid to spook Rose. They had fallen asleep one night on the couch, and she had panicked around 1am when she woke up. It had taken him a good thirty minutes to get her to calm down. He still didn’t know why she was so skittish. He’d even run into the ex at the library one afternoon. Rafe had a client who promised to meet him at the library, and so he went early to scout out the place. It was a nice enough building. While he was examining the online card catalog, a man had come up behind him asking if he needed help. Rafe shook his head and went off to look for the client. Watching from the stacks, he watched the man and realized just who it was. Rose was right. Very nice in public, but with a sheen of nasty that peeked out. On the way out of the library, Rafe heard someone ask the ex about Rose and the moment the woman’s back was turned, the ex’s whole demeanor changed. It was almost frightening.

Rose was off at a meeting. She’d gotten a job writing for the local paper. It didn’t pay much, but it helped with the bills and made her feel better. It was 9 pm, and he realized that he was checking the clock. She was due home soon. “You’re falling for her,” that voice in his head was saying. “Duh!” he answered. He put water in the kettle for tea. That was something else Rose had started him on. English tea. The kettle had just clicked off when he heard the door open.

“How was the meeting Rose?” he asked from the kitchen.

“Great! Right up until the moment the damned ex walked in the door,” she growled.

Rafe stopped what he was doing and walked into the office area where Rose had sat down at her computer. She was pounding out the meeting on the keys and into an Open Office document. He wasn’t sure if she was angry or ready to burst into tears. He went to put his hand on her shoulder when she turned.

“Stop. Don’t touch me until I have this written. Don’t talk anymore until I have this written, and I’d love a cup of tea,” she said and then turned back to the computer screen.

Rafe nodded and then went out to the kitchen and finished making tea. He put her cup on the pot holder she used as a trivet and walked away.

Thirty minutes later, she shut down her computer and came over to the couch where he sat reading.

“Care to tell me what happened?” he asked.

“The meeting was going well. No new surprises with this bunch. All the arguments were last month and now everyone is playing kiss and make up. Then, ten minutes before the meeting was over, he walked in and sat down next to me. Whispered that he wanted to talk to me. I was stuck. So, after the meeting, he walked me to the car and talked.”

“What did you talk about?” he asked. He had an idea of where this was going, but hoped he was wrong.

“He wanted to let me know that he still loved me and would take me back even now. That he understood that there weren’t too many people my age who’d be interested in dating me, so he’d take me back so I wouldn’t be too lonely,” she said almost spitting she was so mad.


“From what I gathered, someone told him I looked happy, and asked if we were back together. Of course he said yes. Therefore, he had to hunt me down and try to get me to come back to him.”

“Good grief. Why didn’t he just tell the truth?”

“I don’t know. I’m also pissed that he insinuated that I couldn’t get a date if I tried, because I’m too damn old! Not that I have one, but dammit, I’m not that desperate,” she growled.

Rafe thought for a moment. “Rose, you aren’t that old.”

“Rafe, I’m 50.”

“So, it doesn’t mean you’re sexually dead.”

“No, but I don’t exactly have men beating down the front door.”

“That’s because you are too busy trying to fix the world to see anyone,” he said softly. “Now you’re in for it buddy boy!” said that voice in his head.


“Rose, in case you missed it, we have been dating, of a sort, for the last few months. Or, did you miss that was what the kisses and hugs good night were about?”

“Umm… I um…. I. Oh hell. I’m sorry Rafe. You’re right, I get so wrapped up in things I forget everything around me. And I’m so use to being ignored by the ex, that I forget that others might pay attention to me if I just slow down for five minutes.”

“Yes, and it is time to stop running away. I enjoy your company and want to know you better,” he said as he took her teacup out of her hand and put it on the table. Then he pulled her to her feet and wrapped Rose in his arms.

“Rafe, I’m scared. Afraid to let my guard down,” she admitted quietly.

“I know. Your panic the night we fell asleep on the couch told me that. The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But, you have to step over your own shadow.” He raised her face for a kiss.

Rose nodded and accepted the kiss. Rafe’s hands moved down her back in a more suggestive manner than he had dared to before. She was soft and warm in his arms. Before she could protest, he took her hand and led her to the bedroom.

Chapter 6

Rafe’s bed was on the floor. He didn’t have a frame for the mattress and box spring he’d gotten at the yard sale. There were pillows and a heavy quilt across the top. He took off his shoes and laid down on the bed.

“Rose, lay down,” he asked softly.

Rose stood there for a moment and then kicked off her shoes. She sat down on the edge of the bed. Rafe reached for her hand and pulled her closer to him. She finally relented and put her head on the pillow next to him.

“Where I come from, no means no, maybe means no and yes means maybe. From here on in, those rules apply. Do you understand?”

“Yes. It’s just been almost three years and… gods, what on earth do you see in me?”

“Don’t let her run, fool!” said the voice in his head. Rafe put his hand to her face so that she had to look at him. “I see a lovely woman who has been lonely for far too long. I see an intellect to cut steel with and eyes that stop my brain. I see someone I’d like to be intimate with if she wants.”

“Eyes? Is that why you won’t look at me sometimes?”

“Yes. Can’t think if I do.”

“I wondered.”

Rafe nodded and decided that they’d talked enough. He started kissing her. As she responded to the kisses, he let his hand roam across her arms and hips. Rose began to respond to his kisses and his touching. His hand moved to her breast and there was a gasp from Rose.

“Rose, are you okay?”

“Yes, It just feels so good. I had forgotten how nice it was to be touched.”

Rafe reached for the buttons on her shirt. “May I?” he asked as he touched a button. Rose nodded. Rafe unbuttoned her shirt to reveal a bra slightly worse for wear. He leaned forward and kissed the skin above the bra cup. Meeting no resistance, he continued kissing her as he opened her shirt more. Rose responded more and more, with her hands running up and down his chest and back in concert with his caresses.


“Yes Rose,” he answered her wondering what was on her mind.

“Do you really want to go further?”

“Yes. Do you?”

Rose nodded and stood up to undress. Rafe followed her lead. Before she could do more than unbutton the last of the shirt buttons, he moved to help her undress. Rose looked up a little startled, but didn’t stop him. He slipped the shirt off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Then he stood and waited for her. It took her a second, but then she started to unbutton his shirt. When it was on the floor, he moved to unbutton her jeans. He slid them past her hips and down to her ankles. Once there, she stepped out of them. Standing there in her bra and panties, she started to unbuckle his belt. The leather was stiff, but finally gave way. The jeans were a bit more problematic. His erection pulled the material tight, and once the button was undone, the zip practically undid itself. Rose gingerly pulled the jeans down his legs. Standing there in their undies, Rafe smiled and then turned Rose around. He undid her bra and moved the straps off her shoulders. As it began to fall, he wrapped his arms around her and cupped her breasts with his hands as he cradled her in his arms. Her breasts were warm and soft, and heavy.

Rose turned around in his arms and the bra fell to the floor. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. His erection was pressed between them as they hugged.

“Want to lay down?”

“Yes,” she said and crawled under the covers.

Rafe joined her and they went back to touching, kissing and exploring each others body. Rafe couldn’t wait any longer and moved his hand to her crotch. Reaching between her legs, he discovered that her panties were soaked. Touching her made her moan. Rafe moved away for a moment and took off his underwear. His erection bobbed softly against her leg as his hand went back to her ass and down her leg.

Rafe felt Rose’s hand move down his hip and then across his pelvis touching his cock. Her hand was warm and gentle. It was his turn to moan.

“Rafe,” she said sounding uncertain.

“Yes, Rose,”

“Um.. You’re… um… bigger than I’m use to,” she finally said in almost a whisper.

“It will be okay. I’ll go slow and you let me know if it is too much, okay?”

“Okay,” she replied and tried to hook her fingers in her undies.

“Let me help you with that.”

She nodded and moved her hands away. Rafe removed her panties and brought his fingers up her legs in a long caress. Rose moaned and opened her legs. He moved his hands in and touched her lips which were wet. His fingers moved up and down and then into her. She was so wet, that his fingers went in easily, finding that inner g-spot. Rose groaned with pleasure and bucked against his fingers. A few more strokes and she started to orgasm. She came with a gasp.

“Are you ready for more?”

Rose nodded and moved onto her back with legs open and knees up. Rafe moved between her knees and placed the head of his cock between her lips and slowly moved into her wet opening. Rose moaned and brought her hips up to meet him. Rafe moved slowly, not knowing how she was built. Each stroke pulled him in deeper. It felt so good. He moved his hips slightly and then slid in as far as he dared. Rose kept moving in rhythm with him and didn’t cry for him to stop. “Go for it!” said the voice in his head. Rafe slid all the way in, something he hadn’t been able to do with his ex. Pulling out, and then sliding back in brought no complaints from Rose.

“Rafe,…. don’t stop. Feels soo gggood,” she managed to gasp as she orgasmed.

“Okay, I won’t last much longer, been too long since the last time,” he gasped. Rose was starting to orgasm again, and the muscles clamping around him were almost too much. Her legs wrapped around his waist and pulled him in tight. Their rhythm increased until Rafe didn’t think he could go much faster. Rose hit orgasm, and wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her and seemingly over Rafe. It was more than he could take, and he felt his own orgasm surge up from the tips of his toes and rocket out of his body.

They frozen in time for a split second, orgasms washing over the two of them. Only the groans from their lips gave any sign of life to the pair. Then, Rafe felt Rose collapse under him. He disengaged and moved off of her and laid down next to her on the bed. Pulling her close, he touched her clit and gave her another orgasm. As she came, he swore he was sharing it. She squeaked as she came, giggled over the noise and then cuddled up tight to his chest. Both were asleep in moments.

Chapter 7

Rafe woke, and realized that Rose was gone. The bed was still warm and he knew she hadn’t been gone long. Looking around, he saw that the bathroom light was on. He got up and knocked on the door.


“Out in a minute,” she said.

He waited. Looking around, he could see that her clothes were still on the floor. At least she wasn’t trying to leave. Or, maybe she was. He stood there naked, and waited for her.

The door opened and Rose walked out. “Oh! Sorry, I’ll get out of your way,” she said as she tried to move around him.

“Rose, it’s okay. Just come back to bed.” He took her hand in his.

“I,… I really, um…” she stuttered.

“Rose, come back to bed. Mrs. Grundy doesn’t get a vote in your sex life, and neither does your ex. Besides, I have this proposition for you,” he said and pointed down to his cock which had sprung to life again.

Rose looked down and giggled. “Oh my. I really shouldn’t…” she started.

“Shouldn’t make excuses about having fun? Enjoying yourself?” he asked as he led her back to bed.

They crawled back under the covers and Rafe cuddled her next to him. “Now, was sex that bad that you want to run off and sleep alone?”

“Oh, it was wonderful. I was afraid you’d be too big, but oh it felt good.”

“Have to admit that I was a bit worried, but you are a delight to bed. Do you always orgasm like that?” he asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Share every emotion and orgasm so hard without any extra stimulation?”

“Maybe once in a blue moon. Otherwise, I usually only came when the ex would use his fingers. I’ve never had an orgasm like what we did a bit ago. Sort of blew my mind to be honest.”

“What? Good grief. Didn’t he know any techniques to help you out?”

“No, I guess you could say it didn’t matter to him.”

Rafe just held her close. If he let go of her at this point, he’d probably hit something, or someone. “What an idiot her ex is!” that little voice in his head murmured. Kissing her on the lips, he began to caress her. Rose responded to his kisses with little moans and her hand worked down to his cock. Her touch made him moan. Then Rose surprised him. She kissed down his neck to his chest, and from there worked down his stomach until she reached his cock.

“I hope you like my kisses,” she said and then started kissing around the base of his cock. Working up the underside, she sucked on that tender bit of flesh just under the head. Rafe moaned. Then she took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. He felt her tongue move up and around his cock as her mouth moved. It was almost too much sensation, and felt heavenly all at once. She opened her mouth and sucked air in so that it felt cool along his flesh. Then she closed her mouth again, bringing heat back in a way that sent shivers up his spine.

“Rrrrose,…” he groaned.

She stopped what she was doing with a long tight kiss as she pulled his cock out of her mouth. “Yes?”

“Come here, I don’t think I’ll last much longer if you keep that up,” he said softly.

Rose moved up and straddled Rafe, guiding his cock into her and slowly settling down until their hips met. They rocked slowly back and forth until Rose started orgasming. They sped up. One second, they were moving, and the next Rose froze in orgasm, followed quickly by Rafe. Once again, that feeling of shared emotion washed over him. “How on earth didn’t that idiot notice this with her?” he wondered. Rose collapsed on his chest, and he rolled her over so that they were still face to face, but on the pillows.

“Oh gods that was good,” she panted.

“Oh yeah. I thought the blow job was good, but that was better,” he said rolling over to touch her again. He liked the way she wiggled against his fingers. That and the way she tried so hard to be quiet.

“Oh! OH-oh-oh-oh-Oooooooohhh!” she moaned much louder than she intended as she orgasmed.

Rafe smiled and did it again. This time, she squeaked and then passed out.

“Rose? Are you okay?” he asked gently.

Rose fluttered her eyelids, blinked and then smiled. “Oh my,” she said with a giggle in her voice. “That was… was… oh my,” was all she managed. Kissing Rafe on the lips, she curled up tight to his chest. She was asleep in seconds.

Rafe held her and fell asleep soon after Rose.

Chapter 8

Rose finally got all of her stuff out of the guest house and into the regular house at Rafe’s insistence. They had played musical beds for a few months until Rafe got tired of freezing in the winter going from the house to the guest house.

Rose closed the drawer and stood up to find Rafe standing right behind her. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close. Rafe had come to understand when she was feeling touch hungry and needed extra caresses, hugs or sex. In fact, there were days she wore him out. However, she gave back emotionally too. Sex with Rose was neither ordinary or boring.

Rafe had also learned just how vanilla her sex life was with the ex. Not that he was overtly kinky or anything, but he knew more than three positions and had introduced Rose to sensory play. Plus, sex wasn’t all about pleasure for him at the expense of his partner’s pleasure.

“Feeling a bit rough today?”

“Yeah, I know we’ve been lovers for a while, but actually moving in seems…”

“A little more real?”

“Yes. A lot more real. Plus, the divorce papers go in next week. I’ve lived apart from him, but this is real change. I don’t know how he’ll react,” she said and turned in his arms so that she could wrap her arms around him. “Sorry to be so touch hungry. I just can’t seem to cope some days, and I’m having a lot of those days lately.”

“Rose, it’s okay. I have my days too,”

“Not as often, and most of yours are fueled by nightmares. Mine are fueled by the stress of dealing with the ex.”

“Not much difference really. I’m just remembering my stress, and you are living it. Which reminds me, are we going for a drive later this afternoon?”

“Umm… Let me get done with this and I think I can postpone the rest of the stuff I need to do until this evening.” She hurried to put the last of her things in the dresser.

Rose was done in fifteen minutes and they were out the door five minutes after that. They got in the car and were just heading out of town when Rose realized she didn’t know where they were going.

“Rafe, where are we headed?”

I figured that we’d kill two birds with one stone. We’d drive the back way into town, so that we could enjoy the scenery, and then when we get to town, I’m taking you to our favorite Chinese buffet, and shopping.”

“Shopping? We’ve got groceries. Did you need something that I forgot?” she asked, with a tinge of worry in her voice. Even after all this time, there were moments when she felt she had screwed up and would go all apologetic.

“No. The shopping is for you.”

“Okay, now I’m confused. I don’t need anything.”

“Yes you do. Watching you put your clothes in the drawers confirmed something I had thought but had no firm proof of until today.”

“Huh?” she asked totally confused by this point.

“You need clothes. You have a small stash of professional clothes. You have a huge pile of things that don’t fit well or are fine for hiking and gardening. However, you have nothing for you. You have the same undies and bras that you did when I first undressed you, and they were worse for wear then. So, we are going undies shopping.” Rafe had been aghast to see that she wore stuff that was more appropriate to his grandma or some maiden aunt.

“Rafe, I don’t have the money,” she started to protest.

“No, but I do. Plus, I seem to remember that I owe you some back wages. I got my tax money, and so I decided that we were gong shopping.” “And the granny panties get to die!” said the voice in the back of his head.

“Rafe! I really don’t need new undies,” she protested.

“Fine, then I’ll buy you a bunch of things that I think will fit without any input from you. Sound good?” he asked with a little edge to his voice. He was frustrated that Rose wouldn’t do things for herself or let others do them for her.

Rose gulped. She’d heard that tone in his voice before, and realized that there was no changing his mind. “Um, Rafe, please… it’s just that… oh hell. I’m no good at this.” She sort of curled up in her seat.

Rafe realized that he had surprised and upset her at the same time. He pulled the car over at a gas station, and after he parked, he turned to her. “Rose, its okay. I just wanted to give you a present. I knew if I gave you the money, you’d use it on something practical and still be wearing those same worn out things. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Rose looked over at him, and nodded. She knew deep down that she’d love new clothes, but was so use to denying herself that she just did it automatically. “Okay Rafe, we’ll go shopping. It’s just…”

“Yes, I know. And I’m sorry if I accidentally pushed some buttons. I get frustrated that you are so shy about letting people help you. I love you and want to see you in pretty things. Okay?”

Rose smiled this time. “Okay. Just no pink lace. I hate pink.”

“Fine, lots of pink lace with extra froth on the side,” he said with a smile.

Rose giggled and swatted at him with her fingers. He grabbed her fingers and kissed them. Then he pulled her into a hug. After a kiss, Rafe pulled forward, filled the tank and they headed off to town.

Chapter 9

Rafe was very good at spotting things that would work for Rose. By the time they’d left the mall, she had new bras, panties and a nightgown that didn’t look like it belonged on a nun. Rafe had two new shirts as well. They were passing the Scents shop when Rose slowed down. She was looking in the windows, but passed by the door.

“Honey, why don’t you go in?”

“No, I don’t need anything, I’ve got lotions at home. It just smells so nice as we walk past.”

“Rose, this isn’t about need. This is about want. Let’s go in and see what smells good to you.” He took her by the hand and started leading her into the store. “Oh my, lacy bits and nice scents, she’ll pass out on you!” said the voice in the back of his head.

“Rafe, I feel like a five year old in a candy store. ” Rose was looking at all the lotions.

Rafe smiled. Body lotions, shower gels, candles and massage oils filled the shelves. She walked past the vanilla’s and coconut flavors and headed for the aromatherapy scents. Rafe watched her and then headed for the aisle marked ‘New Scents’. He smelled a few and found one he liked. Rafe watched Rose out of the corner of his eyes to see if she actually focused on any one scent.

After about ten minutes of walking around, she kept returning to one area. He went over to where she was standing. “Find anything?”

“Um… well, this one is nice, but I can probably find a cheaper one at the Market.”

“You really like this one?” he asked as he turned it over and checked the price. It was $8, which was why she was making noises about not buying it. Most of the lotions she bought cost $1 or $2 and smelled okay, but were nothing compared to this stuff.

“It does smell nice, but I…” was as far as she got. Rafe had picked up two, since he read the sign which knocked $4 off the price if you bought two.

“Good. Now you can smell as beautiful as you look.”

Rose blushed. After all this time, she still wasn’t use to thinking of herself as beautiful. Self esteem was not her strong point when it came to appearance.

“Aren’t you going to get anything? You don’t have any cologne or aftershave either.”

“Gottcha there! She’s right!” said that voice.


“Rafe, Fair is fair. Let’s go look at the men’s stuff.”

“You’re right. Let’s see if we can find something that we both like.”

“Okay,” she said slowly like something she’d tried hadn’t worked exactly as she expected. They walked over to the men’s scents. After about five minutes they had found one he liked and that Rose did too. Rafe paid for them and they headed out for dinner.

Dinner at the Chinese buffet was great. The owner was a thin energetic woman who chatted with them every time they came in. Stuffed on smoked eel sushi and dumplings, they headed home forty minutes later. Rafe took the Interstate home. Rose headed for the bathroom as soon as he got the door unlocked.

A few minutes later, Rafe heard Rose call his name and he went into the bedroom to see what she wanted. Rose was standing there in one of the new bra and undies sets they’d bought and smelled of the new lotion as well. She was nervous. She looked great.

“Ohmy ohmy ooooommmmyyyy” said that voice.

“Rose, you look beautiful.”

She blushed. Then she didn’t know what to do. “I… I tried on the bits, and think this one looks the best,” she said.

“Well, let’s see the others,” he said softly and sat on the bed.

Rose went back into the bathroom and came out in a minute with another set on. He smiled, and then she went and changed again. This time, she came out wearing the nightie. It was soft blue knit and swirled around her thighs.

“That’s much prettier on than in the store.”

“I thought so too. Plus,” she said and lifted the hem of the nightie and showed him one of the other pair of panties they’d bought. Rose had agreed to two bras and six pairs of panties.

“Very nice, now come here,” Rafe said.

Rose walked over to him, and snuggled into his arms. He put his nose in close to her neck and smelled how the lotion melded with her own scent. The air moving past her skin tickled, and she giggled.

Rafe sat down on the bed and pulled Rose with him. As they snuggled on the bed, he moved the hair away from her face and kissed her.

“So, was it worth the stress of shopping?”

Rose hesitated for a moment. “Yeah,” she said quietly.

“Good,” he said. “Now how do I unwrap you?” he finished with a smile.

Chapter 10

Rafe opened the door quietly. It was 1am. He’d tried to get home sooner, but it seemed like there was a conspiracy to delay him. First the job was over 275 miles away. Then complications with parts and software. At least the per diam was good. He’d made more in four days than he normally did in four weeks.

Bad part was that he was gone the final week of Rose’s divorce proceedings. He knew from their nightly chats that she was exhausted. These had been the hardest weeks of her life. Her ex had been yelling and screaming for the better part of three weeks. Today had been the final day and the gavel hit the desk at 9am. He had wanted to be there with her, but the client insisted on paying him today instead of the night before.

He’d talked to her on the phone earlier that evening. She was so tired, that she was headed to bed as soon as they hung up the phone. That had been at 7pm. Rafe had said he’d be there as soon as he could and had gotten on the road while they were still talking.

Rafe placed his bags on the floor, took off his shoes and tiptoed into the bedroom. He still had the bag from the Oddities Shop in his hand. He’d been walking past the window and seen this iridescent fairy made of fabric, beads and ceramics. It was only about eight inches tall. It reminded him of Rose, the way she told him ‘Don’t piss off the Fairies’ when he was doing something new or delicate. Her way of saying be careful. So, he did something serendipitous for once and bought an impractical gift. “See, engineers CAN be spontaneous!” said the voice in his head.

Rafe opened the bedroom door to find Rose curled up in the sheets, wearing what looked like just her bra and panties. He set the bag on the floor and undressed quietly. She stirred as he started to crawl under the covers.

“Rafe?” she asked sleepily.

“Yes Rose, I’m home,” he answered.

Rose wrapped her arms around him and snuggled close. Rafe cuddled her close. She smelled good. He moved down to kiss her lips and then across her neck. She responded with kisses and mumbled greetings.

Rafe broke off the kiss. “I brought you a present,” he said and reached down for the bag. He handed it to her.

Rose took the bag and gave him an odd look. She knew Rafe was the practical sort, so she was curious and cautious all at the same time. The bag didn’t weigh much. Rose tried to think of anything she might have asked for on the grocery list or jobs list that would weigh about the same.

“Go on. Open it,” he urged.

Rose peeked in and then a smile spread across her face as she pulled the fairy out of the bag.

“Oh! Rafe, she’s beautiful! Thank you!” She hugged and kissed Rafe. She got out of bed and put the fairy in a place of honor on the dresser. Then she came back to bed and continued kissing Rafe.

“Glad you like the fairy. I saw her and knew she needed to come home with me,” he said between kisses.

“Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you!”

“I had to do something to brighten your day. I’m sorry I wasn’t here.”

“It wasn’t too bad. He didn’t show up. I was glad after all the yelling he’s been doing. I’m just glad it is over.”

“Me too,” he answered. Then he started to kiss her neck and down her chest. She had on one of the bra and pantie sets they’d bought. He liked the way she looked in the navy blue lace and satin. His hands ran up her back, and across her shoulders. She wast still tense from the day, but was relaxing under his touch. Rose ran her hands through his hair and onto his shoulders. Leaning in to him brought her breasts up against his lips.

Rafe kissed her breasts through her bra. Her nipples started to get hard. He let his hands drift down her back to the clasp of the bra and he undid it slowly, one hook at a time. Rose shrugged the bra off of her shoulders and let her breasts fall into Rafe’s hands. He tossed the bra aside and started kissing her breasts.

Rafe rolled them over until he was on top. He kissed his way down her stomach and when he reached her panties, he slowly pulled them off. Then he kissed up her legs until he was at the top of her pubic bone. His kisses went deeper and Rose arched up as his tongue flicked over her clit.

“Ohhhhhh,” she moaned. She arched as he brought her to orgasm again before moving back up her stomach.

Rose moved her hands down and stroked his erection. The tip was damp, and she rubbed the moisture across the top of his head. This brought a shudder up Rafe’s spine. It distracted him for a moment and Rose moved so she could wrap her lips around his cock and pulled him as far in as she could.

It was Rafe’s turn to groan. “Ohgodsohgodsohgods!!! Been too long!” the voice moaned. He knew he wouldn’t last long. Rose made him feel so good, and a week away was a long time. “Rose,… hhold on a mmomment,” he gasped.

Rose let go of his cock with a smile. Rafe rolled her on her side and straddled her lower leg. Moving his cock into her wet pussy, while she moved her upper leg towards her chest. Rafe began to move in a slow rhythm. It felts so good, that he began to move faster and faster. Rose moaned with pleasure and her muscles began to tighten around his cock. He could feel her orgasm start and he moved faster. Rose orgasmed again and again which brought Rafe to the brink and pushed him over. He orgasmed hard. Rose orgasmed one last time, and that lovely shared warmth rolled over them. He sank to the bed and laid there gasping.
“I love you,” she said.

“Love you too,” he answered.

Chapter 11

Rafe had been grouchy all day. He wasn’t sure what had set him on edge, but it was seeping into everything he did. Rafe was even snapping at Rose. She had gone quieter and quieter as the evening went on. After dinner, Rose worked on her computer. Rafe asked question after question in rapid succession when Rose closed down her computer and stood up.

“I’m going to bed Rafe,” she said quietly.

“Rose, I still have stuff for you to proof,” he said sharply.

“Rafe, I’m tired. I’m not in a good head space for making decisions. I’m going to bed.” Rose turned and left the room.

“Fine. Goodnight,” he said gruffly and turned back to his computer. Rafe realized some time later that Rose hadn’t kissed him goodnight. She never forgot to do that. He looked up at the clock and realized that it was after midnight. He closed down his computer and stepped outside for a few minutes.

“What the hell is going on?” he thought to himself. I’ve been short with people all day.” Standing there watching the sky, he realized he had been really short with Rose. “Better go apologize,” he said out loud as he headed back into the house.

Rafe got undressed in the bathroom and then quietly went to the bedroom. Rose was curled up in a ball with her arms wrapped around a pillow. He reached over and touched her shoulder.

“Rose, can you scoot over a little?” he asked softly.

Rose blinked and then moved over to let Rafe in bed.

“Rose, I was really crabby today and I’m sorry. I don’t know what set me off.”

Rose straightened out and faced Rafe. “You were crabby, but I accept your apology. I was getting upset and rather than having more buttons pushed, I just went to bed.”

Rafe thought about what she’d said. He hadn’t considered that he was ‘pushing buttons’, but looking back he realized that she had become quieter and quieter all day. Rafe moved to wrap his arms around her. “I really am sorry Rose.”

“So am I. We were both mis-communicating tonight,” she said as she put her head on his chest. “I’m sorry I let my buttons get pushed.”

“That’s my fault for being insensitive.”

Rose didn’t say anything. She just held him.

“Love you Rose.”

“Love you too Rafe. It was just a bad day.”

“I agree.”

Rose snuggled closer.

“I think this is the closest we’ve ever come to a fight,” said Rafe.


“Let’s not do this again.”

“”I agree. Let’s never fight.” She raised up to kiss him. Rafe rolled and met her lips with a kiss.

“Would you rub my back?”


Rose rolled onto her stomach and got comfortable. Rafe sat up and rubbed her back. Her shoulders were so tense, he didn’t think that he’d make a dent in them in an hour.

“Just a second,” he said as he stood up. Rafe walked over to the box on the dresser and got the massage thing Rose called the four legged monster. It was a vibrating massage tool they’d bought at Bed & Bath. He sat back down and turned it on. It thrummed away as he ran it over her shoulders.

“I never know which one of us gets more of a massage when we use the four legged monster,” Rafe said.

“Neither am I, but it feels really good. I didn’t realize how much I hurt.” Rose moved to let Rafe get to her neck better.

Rafe ran it down her back almost to her tailbone.

“Stop! That tickles!” she giggled.

“Why?” he asked teasing her with it.

“This was suppose to be a backrub!”

“Well, I’m still on your back.”

“I know, but I’m tired and not in the mood to play around.”

“Okay, I figured that you were, but I wanted to make you laugh,.

“Thanks for trying to make me feel better.”

Rafe smiled and put the four legged monster away. He got back into bed and snuggled Rose close to his chest. Rose sighed and rested her head on his arm.

“Night Rose.”

“Night Rafe.”

Soon the only sound in the room were Rafe’s snores.

Chapter 12

Rose was humming under her breath. It was some tune off the radio, and while she wasn’t on key, she was happy. Rafe walked into the office to see the new furniture was in place and the paint seemed to gleam under the florescent bulbs they’d installed after they had added the new fixtures. She’d done a lot of work while he was off with a client.

“You sound happy,” he said.

“I am,” Rose said smiling.

“And why are you so happy?”

“Well,… All the construction is done. No more paint fumes, wall patching or drywall needing attention and the furniture is all in place. Oh, and no more plans taped to walls.”

“Ah, is that all it takes to make you happy?” he asked as he wrapped her in his arms.

“That and someone else cooking tonight. I’m exhausted.”

“Oh, and what did you do that exhausted you?” Rafe asked with an impish grin.

“Just stuffed a gazillion books back onto shelves along with parts in parts bins, files in cabinets and cleaned all the whiteboards,” she said as she pointed out areas she’d worked on during the day. “Oh, and almost forgot. I cleaned up my desk!” she laughed.

Rafe smiled and laughed at that. Over the last few days, he had threatened to declare her desk a disaster zone. There had been papers piled deep as well as coffee cups, press passes and books stacked hazardously nearly burying her laptop. Looking over, he saw that it had indeed been cleaned within an inch of it’s life. Even the glass top was clean.

“Wow. Now, I have just one question,” he said turning to Rose.


“Where is the real Rose, and what have you done with her?”

Rose batted at him. “That’s two questions! Urrrkkkk! You loose. Now you must take me to dinner,”

Rafe laughed again. “Well, I guess I’ve been told. Chinese, Mexican or steak?”

Rose thought for a second. “Mexican.”

Rafe nodded, grabbed his keys and out the door they went. Fifteen minutes later, they were at the Cantina, the local Mexican food cafe. The waitress waved them to a booth and they stared at menus for a minute. When the waitress came back, she took their order and disappeared.

“You really got a lot accomplished while I was gone,” Rafe said.

“I was tired of the mess. After you left this morning, I looked around and realized I just couldn’t deal with it. Nor did I want to wait for you to get home. So, I wiggled and shifted bookcases into place, filled them up and then attacked other bits. First my desk, then the laundry and while that was going on, I hit the floors.”

“Honey, you should have waited a bit. I’d have helped.”

“I know, but when you weren’t home after 11am, I figured that you wouldn’t get home till dinner time and I was right.”.

“What else besides the mess set you off?” It dawned on him that she had done all that work in less than six hours. Not her normal pace. In fact, he’d only seen her hit that when something had upset or angered her.

Rose looked off in the middle distance for a moment. She had been trying not to mention this, but Rafe had noticed. She looked back at him. “The ex came by. Doing the whole ‘oh sweetie-baby-darling, look at what you’ve done, and I could have done it better’ bullshit about 9:30am. What he wanted was for me to do his taxes. After all these years, he still can’t do them.”


“Yeah. About the time he started slandering you, I had had enough. So, I told him that H&R Block only charged $100 for his kind of return, and that I wouldn’t do them and said goodbye. I showed him the door and locked it once he left.”

Rafe reached over and took her hand. He’d been right. Didn’t like being right, but her ex was like a plague. He kept turning up at all the wrong moments and always with disastrous results. He was about to say something when the waitress brought their drinks along with chips and salsa.

“Thanks,” he said. They ate chips and salsa for a few minutes. Rafe broke the silence. “So, he pissed you off and rather than crying, you got to work?”

“Yes and no. I cried, but then I put Nickelback, Eurythmics and some of that other stuff with lots of drumbeat to it and turned it up loud. Sort of catharsis via sound if you know what I mean.”

“Yes, I do. So you did in 5-6 hours what would have taken us two days?”


“Good, so next time I need things done fast all I have to do is piss you off?” he teased.

“No! You brat! Eat your salsa and chips!”

The waitress brought their dinners and they began to eat their food. The conversations died a bit.

“Rose, I’m proud of you.”


“Because you stepped over your own shadow. Yes, the ex upset you, but this time you turned it positive.”

Rose nodded as she swallowed a bite of burrito. “Yeah, but I can’t clean the office and be super woman every time.”

“Nor do I expect you to. There will still be days when he pushes your buttons and you collapse in tears. There will be days that you fight back and he leaves in tears. It just takes time and patience.”

“Yeah. It will,” Rose said as she pushed her plate back. “I’m finished.”

Rafe ate the last bite of his enchiladas and nodded. He got up, paid for their dinners and the two of them walked to the car.

When they got home, Rafe had a second look at all the work Rose had done. He was amazed. Turning to her, he took Rose in his arms and held her close. She hugged him back and kissed him.

“Are you too tired for a bit of playtime?”

“No,” Rose said after thinking for all of about three seconds.

“Good.” Rafe turned off the office lights and headed for the bedroom.

Once they were in the bedroom, Rafe turned down the bed.

“I’m going to undress you and then give you a massage.”

“I like that idea.” Rose held still for him to start undoing her buttons. She’d worn a silk shirt over a teeshirt that day with jeans and running shoes. She kicked the shoes off for Rafe.

Rafe in turn finished unbuttoning her shirt and removed it. Dropping it to the floor, he lifted her teeshirt up and off. Rose had on the champagne colored bra today. Then he unzipped her jeans and saw that she had on the matching panties. He smiled. Rose stepped out of her jeans and then turned for him to unhook her bra. The bra and then panties joined the clothes on the floor.

Rose lay down on the bed and stretched. She didn’t realize how sore she had gotten from all the work. Rafe went to the bathroom and grabbed the four legged monster out of the drawer. He returned with it and some lotion. The monster hummed in his hand.

Rose giggled as the vibrations moved across her back. She felt her muscles react and relax to Rafe’s massage. He moved down her back to her legs. Rose flinched a bit when he came to her calves, but he just held her foot so she didn’t kick him.

“Hold still.”

“I’m trying, but that tickles!” she giggled.

“No, this tickles.” He held the four legged monster to her foot.

“Nooooo!” she squealed and twisted to get away.

“Okay, okay! I’ll stop.” He went back to working on her legs. Once he felt she was fairly relaxed, he took the lotion and massaged it into her skin. Starting with her feet, he worked his way up. Rose moaned a few times, but didn’t say much. By the time he got to her shoulders, she was almost asleep.

“Rose, let’s get under the covers,” he said softly.

“Oh… okay,” she said. “I’m so sleepy, and we didn’t…”

“It’s okay honey. We can have fun in the morning. You needed to relax after everything today. So, let’s just go to sleep,” he said as they crawled under the covers.

Rose kissed him on the lips and then curled up against his chest. She never knew which snuggle she enjoyed the most. Being held like this or spooning up together. “I love you,” she said softly.

“I love you too” He held her tight. He knew that their lovemaking in the morning would be enjoyable. She would have been too wound up if they’d made love tonight. Now she was relaxed and would sleep well, as would he. Patience has it’s payoffs.


A year had gone by since Rose’s divorce had become final. Rafe had been trying to decide whether to celebrate the anniversary, or just let the date pass. Life had gotten hectic again, which meant that things didn’t always go as planned. He walked into the office and had just sat down when Rose came in.

“Damn it’s cold!” she said as she took off her coat.

“Yes, and I swear I’m going to buy myself a heated mouse pad.”

Rose laughed. She came over and gave Rafe a kiss. He wrapped his arms around her for a quick hug. In the kitchen, the kettle clicked off.

“Tea?” he asked as he got up to make a cup for himself.

“Yes, please. I need all the caffeine I can get today.” She followed him into the kitchen. “I’m not sure what was more stressful, the essay, the math test or doing the whole interview thing at the bed and breakfast.”

“Essay and math test?”

“Yeah. The whole touchy feely thing about favorite books, what kind of person you look for in a friend, what kind of a job do you want as well as ‘please add up the following’,” said Rose. “Oh, they even asked if I was an on time kinda person.”

“Oh, that’s good. Miss ten minutes early is on time and on time is late!” Rafe teased. They were both punctual and teased each other about it.

“Yep, they went there. Of course, the manager of the B&B was in the foyer when I got there. He just sort of looked at me and blinked.

“Rose, if they haven’t called you in to work in nearly three weeks, what do they expect?” The people that ran the B&B irritated him no end. He knew that Rose needed the satisfaction of earning money, and he was working hard to make the computer business profitable enough that she could just work for him.

“I expect they’ll call on Sunday night. And yes, in spite of everything that has gone on, until I get another job, I will probably keep working there. I just don’t cope well being out of work.”

“So, you think the interview went well?” he asked in an attempt to change the subject.

“Yes. However, the city is holding the store up so they won’t open up for another month. And that is why I’ll keep slogging away at the B&B for the moment.” Rose knew he wasn’t happy about the situation. They’d talked about it enough over the last couple of weeks. She’d gotten upset more than once and instead of sex, they’d spent hours talking about the budget, work and the computer business. She knew intellectually that she could tell the B&B to stuff it, but… There was that shadow.

“Well, you could always work for me,” he said softly. “In for a penny, in for a pound,” said that little voice in the back of his head.

“Yes, I could. And I know it frustrates you that I keep working there even though they are about as responsible as a duck fart. However, right now it wouldn’t hurt to have a little cushion when it comes to the household accounts and my pocketbook,” she said. “It’s nearly Christmas, we’re going to my parents and I’d like to have a little money to spend,” she thought.

“Yes, but that’s your decision, and not mine to make,” he said which was as close to an ‘I think this is a poor choice’ as he dared voice. They each had their thick headed moments and both had learned to deal with them. “So, are we going up to visit your friends and do some shopping?”

“I think so. Can we leave in about twenty minutes?”

He nodded.

The visit to the Saunder’s little farm had gone well. It was way up in the hills and Rose’s friends had geese, ducks, chickens, goats, dogs, cats and pigs. It had been a riot watching the son feed all the animals. He ended up with this little parade of ducks and chickens following him through the pens hoping for extra scraps. Rafe fine tuned the computers while Rose and Jenny Saunders visited. After dinner, they headed home.

“Do we need anything from the store?” asked Rafe as they stopped at the intersection next to the Market.

“Yes, we need a lot of things, but there are some that can’t wait,” she said.

“Then lets get them while we are here.” He pulled across the intersection and parked the car.

Rose tried to think of what she needed as they entered the Market. She hadn’t been in the store in ages. In fact, they had remodeled it. She looked around feeling lost.

“Um, oh gods, when did they do this?” she wondered out loud.

“Don’t know. You pretty much stopped shopping here after the divorce.” “Probably a good decision,” he thought.

“Uhuh, Didn’t want to run into the ex to be honest.”

They grabbed a cart and started wandering up and down the aisles. Rose headed for the back of the store where she hoped the eggs and milk were still stored. Counting purchase prices and picking up only what she needed, they worked down to the meat aisle. Rose was looking into an open freezer when Rafe bumped her arm.

“Look who’s here,” he said softly.

Rose looked up and saw her ex with a rather frumpy woman that reminded her a lot of herself ten years ago. The woman saw Rafe and Rose and dropped her eyes quickly. Rose decided to take the ex by the horns and leaned over the freezer a bit and waved at the couple.

“Boo!” she said and waved again.

“Oh, hi,” said her ex quietly.

“Surprised to see you here,” Rose said. “We’ve just come back from visiting the Saunder’s.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” the ex said with little interest in his voice.

“Well, wouldn’t want to keep you from your shopping. Nice to see you,” Rose said with a smile in her voice that didn’t go past her lips.

“Bye” The ex and the woman he was with moved quickly down the aisle.

“Wow, they scuttled out of here faster than cockroaches in a kitchen after the lights have been turned on,” said Rafe.

“They sure did.” They continued shopping for a bit and then headed for the check out lanes. There was the ex at the check out. Rafe headed for the same line.

“You did see them didn’t you?”

“Yes, and now look at the expressions on their faces”

Rose looked. Her ex and the woman looked as if someone had given them an alum and lemon soda. She had to turn around in order to avoid giggling.

“My, my, my… What sour attitudes,” said Rafe.

Rose turned around and watched as they literally stormed out of the store. She shook her head and smiled. She felt pretty good considering that she had just had a run in with her ex.

Rafe and Rose got home late. They unpacked the car and then put the groceries away. It had been a long day. Rose slipped on a nightie and climbed into bed. Rafe moved his arm to let her snuggle close. Rose moved her head up and kissed Rafe on the lips. He turned on his side and ran his hand up and under her nightie. Her skin was warm and soft. He moved his lips down her throat, nibbling and licking as he went.

Rose moaned and she snuggled closer to Rafe. Rafe smiled and ran his hand between her legs. She was wet. As his mouth wrapped around her nightie covered nipple, his fingers slipped deep inside her. Rose moaned louder. Rafe moved down until his mouth met the top of her pubic bone. His tongue slipped between her lips and flicked her clit.

“Oh godohgodohgod!!” Rose gasped as he worked both tongue and fingers at a slow steady pace. She arched off the bed as her orgasm rippled through her. Rafe smiled at Rose as she melted to the bed. Before she could move, he moved up and between her legs. Straddling her one leg and moving the other up, he slid into her. She was wet and tight from the orgasm, and the heat of her pussy felt so good. Rafe stroked slowly.

“You… are… such… a…a…a,” she gasped, trying to finish the thought.

“Such a what?” he asked smiling at her. He reached up and pinched her nipple that had escaped the top of her nightie. His other hand cradled her ass as he stroked in and out.

“Bbbbrat!” she gasped at last.

Rafe laughed. He knew that she liked to have a turn at exciting him, but that wasn’t happening tonight. He was being a brat. Rafe increased his pace. His hand moved to her hip and held her tight while he moved faster and faster. Rose started to shudder as an orgasm built momentum. He lowered his other hand to her crotch and started rubbing her clit with his thumb. The orgasm ripped through her and she arched and bucked against him.

“Oh, ohmyohmyohmyyyy…” she moaned as orgasms rolled her senses and spread pleasure to both of them.

“Oh gods…ohggoodds,” Rafe hissed as his own orgasm boiled up from his toes and washed over him. He felt the doubled effect as Rose shared her orgasms again and again. “Oh…My…God..” he thought. The two of them shuddered with pleasure and then melted to the bed.

A few minutes later when they’d caught their breaths, Rose rolled to face Rafe.

“I could have sworn you were too tired to have sex,” she said softly as she stroked his face.

“I was, but then I thought how well you handled the whole thing in the grocery store and I thought you deserved a treat.” His hand rested on her hip.

“You know, I feel pretty good. I really do. Doesn’t mean I won’t have a melt down somewhere along the line, but I’m not upset like I would have been a year ago,” Rose said.

“And that is why I figured that you needed a treat.” His fingertips danced over her clit bringing her to another orgasm. He smiled as she squeaked.

“I,” he said flicking her clit.

“Oh!” she squeaked.

“Love,” he said doing it again.

“Ohgogogdddd,” she moaned.

“You,” he finished and brought Rose to an orgasm that arched her off the bed.

“Guhhhhh,” she gasped and passed out.

“Amazing what a little patience can do when it comes to relationships,” he thought.

4 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Wow…sad, and cathartic and loving and leaving behind the drek.
    Too bad it’ so hard to clean drek off the spirit….then again, it does depend on who’s scrubbing, where they are scrubbing, and how often (can you say mulitple orgasms?!)

    I ❤ You!

  2. Beautiful. I like Rafe’s behavior. Umm… Since I’m reading this story late, I have to ask: Is there more to this story. If so, link, please. 😀

    1. One of the easiest ways to find the rest of the stories is to hit the search block, just under the warning label on the right. Otherwise, here is the link to the search with all the story bits. 🙂 Glad you like the story.

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