More than just a fairy tale…

Camping had been a great idea. After all, they’d met on a dating site because of their mutual interests in hiking, camping and mythology of all things. Meg had turned out to be a lovely surprise. Long legs, nice curves and long auburn hair. Her hazel eyes lit up when she smiled. Luc had to admit that he’d been nervous when he first contacted her. Hell, it had been way too long since he’d had a date let alone a relationship.

Hiking up the valley, he caught himself watching her ass instead of the trail or the scenery around them. Three hours in, they came to the site he’d camped at on numerous occasions.

“Hey Meg. Stop here, this is the campsite I was telling you about,” he said.

“Okay. I was getting tired, and this is a beautiful spot,” she said as she dropped her pack next to some rocks.

They spent the next thirty minutes setting up the tent and gathering some firewood. Luc got the fire going and Meg started water for coffee. “You know, I don’t enjoy coffee half as much at my apartment as I do in the mountains,” she said.

“Have to agree with you there. I think it smells so much better,” Luc said. “No pollution to screw up your nose.”

“Nope! No exhaust fumes, no garbage. Just lots of clean air.”

Luc nodded. He grabbed the frying pan and melted some butter in the pan. “Hope you like steak,” he said.

“Love steak! I like all the bad stuff. You know, sugar, coffee, meat, bacon and doughnuts!” Meg said with a smile. She crouched next to Luc while he cooked. The smell of the meat cooking was heavenly.

Luc flipped the steaks, and then stuck some bread on a stick to toast it. Ten minutes later, he handed Meg a plate with steak, toast, and tomato slices. Both dug in to the food.

“I didn’t realize I was so hungry,” said Meg.

“I knew I was hungry. Could go for a second hunk of steak, but will settle for some cookies and another cup of coffee,” Luc said. He grabbed a bag with cookies, grabbed four and handed the bag to Meg.

“Thanks.” She looked in the bag and then up at Luc. “Peanut butter? Wow. I’d have expected chocolate chip out of you,” she said.

“Nah, never been a fan of chocolate chip cookies. Peanut butter or oatmeal raisin are my favorites,” he said as he sat down next to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

“This is comfy,” she said. Meg snuggled closer, and soon cookies and coffee were forgotten amidst kisses and exploratory caresses. She hadn’t had a date in months, and wondered how this would go. Too many creeps of late. Way too many.

Luc kissed her as his hands moved to turn her towards him. Her lips were sweet and yet salty from the steak. His kisses moved from her lips to her jaw and down her neck. She reciprocated, and her hands moved to his chest. “This is nice,” she thought.

Luc was getting aroused and so was Meg. “Shall we move to the tent?” he asked.

She nodded and stood. Taking him by the hand, she lead him to the tent. Snuggling in on the sleeping bags, hiking boots and jeans were soon wadded together at the foot of the tent. Luc ran his hands down her side and enjoyed the feel of her skin under his hands. She was so soft. He stuck his nose behind her ear and smelled the mix of her skin and the lotion she used. Meg smelled like honey.

“That tickles!” she said and then kissed him on the lips.

Luc kissed back, and let his hands trail down to her ass. She giggled, and he brought his hands up to her breasts, to find her nipples erect under her shirt. She didn’t wear a bra. He gently pinched her nipples and then ran his hand back down to her hip.

Meg moaned as he touched her. Her own hands explored his chest, and moved across his stomach which was muscular and defined, even with him laying down. She traced her fingers down the cleft left by the well developed muscles that angled from his hips to his crotch. Her fingers followed the line of his sports briefs and ended up on his back, just above his ass. Running her nails up and down his back and across his ass brought moans to Luc’s lips.

“God that feels good,” he said horsely.

Meg felt bold and moved down his chest until her lips were just above his belly button. She kissed around it and moved lower. His erection was bumping her chin. She smiled and put her hands to the elastic band and pulled. His cock popped free. While not huge, Luc had a lovely shaped cock, that she could barely get her hand around. Luc groaned as she took it in her hands and kissed the head of his cock.

“Not fair!” moaned Luc. Doing the best he could, he moved to grab her panties and pull them down towards her ankles. Meg helped him and soon they joined the jeans and boots. Luc curled around Meg so that he could touch her while she wrapped her lips around his cock. She was so wet. He could smell her scent mixed with the lotion. Luc rubbed his fingers across her lips until they were wet and slid between her lips. He found himself with his fingers rubbing her lips and clit while Meg sucked his cock harder and harder.

“Meg, ssslow down,” he said, not wanting to loose control.

Meg slowed down to a bare movement of her head, teasing him with the slow motion of her lips. She smiled as best she could with her mouth full.

“Really Meg. Slllow down,” his words almost unintelligible.

Meg took her mouth off of his cock and turned her head. She hadn’t wanted him to come too soon, but had been enjoying herself so much. When she turned, she screamed. Hitting at him in a panic, she bolted out of the tent.

Luc shook his head to try and clear it. Scrambling out of the tent, he looked around and found her heading into a forested section across from their tent. He followed her and watched her climb a tree. “As if that would do any good,” he thought to himself. Meg was about ten feet off the ground and sitting on a limb. It was almost a comical sight. She had on socks, a teeshirt and a flannel shirt. Nothing else. She was trying to tuck the tails of her shirt under her ass. Granted, he had on even less. Just his socks and his flannel shirt. He loped over to the tree and after a minute looked up at her.

“Meg, we need to talk,” he said stretching his neck and shoulders.

“Damn right we do! What the hell are you?” she asked.

“I’m a shifter. You’d call me a werewolf,” he said, trying to get his jaw back to more human proportions.

“I thought that was just fairy tale junk,” she said.

“No, we are more than just a fairy tale. We really do exist. However, it’s genetic, not a disease or a curse like the movies would have you think,” Luc said, moving a bit closer to the tree.

“Stop right there! No closer,” she said.

“Meg, I’m not going to hurt you, I’m sorry I scared you. I lost control,” he said.

“You lost control? You mean that you normally have sex and no one ever notices that you’re… you’re a werewolf?” she asked.

“Well, some don’t exactly. I usually have the presence of mind to talk to my date and explain myself. You just short circuited me and I didn’t say anything,” he said. “Boy did I blow this one! Damn.”

“You had the whole bloody hike up here to explain yourself!” she yelled. “Or, you could have mentioned it before we ever set out!”

“Meg, Please settle down. I admit that I should have spoken to you about things sooner. I apologize,” Luc said as he moved closer to the tree.

“Fine, so when did you plan to tell me, or did you think I wouldn’t notice?” she asked.

“Meg, I knew you would notice. I should have said something, and I’ve apologized. Can we at least go back to the tent? It’s cold out here.

Meg looked at him, thought about it and how hard the branch was against her ass. “You sure this isn’t contagious?” she asked.

“No! I was born this way,” he said, just a bit exasperated. “I won’t hurt you. Hell, I even keep my nails trimmed.”

“Nails trimmed?”

“Yeah, if I shift all the way, I don’t want to scratch anyone,” he said.

“You mean some women actually like it when you shift all the way? Do you look like a dog or something then?” she asked.

“I look like a wolf, a big one. As for women, yes… some of them do like it ‘doggy style’. After one woman asked me to wear booties, I started to keep my nails trimmed.”

“Booties? she asked. “She actually asked you to wear booties?”

“Yeah. Said the sex was great except for the fact that I scratched her back with my paws. It isn’t so unusual. My cousin wears them all the time,” Luc said rather nonchalantly.

Meg thought about this. The bark was cutting into her ass and it was getting colder. He really was a nice guy, but it startled the hell out of her when he changed. “Well,… maybe” she thought to herself. Meg moved a bit on the branch and realized that her ass and more sensitive bits were hurting. “Okay, I’m coming down,” she said. Meg moved closer to the trunk so she could climb down. Her sock caught on a twig stub and she started to fall.

Luc ,who was watching Meg, saw her start to fall and moved under the tree. He caught her before she could get hurt. His arms wrapped around her and he found himself cuddling her ass.

“Gotcha!” he said and moved to set her down slowly.

“Th…thank you,” she gasped, realizing how close she came to being really hurt. “I slipped,” she said.

“Yeah, you did.” Luc was about to set her down, and changed his mind. Instead, he scooped her up in his arms and carried her back to the tent. Once they got there, he sat her down at the entrance of the tent. “There you go. If you hand me my jeans, and bag, I’ll sleep outside.”

Meg swallowed hard. Luc had been decent. Plus, he was a great kisser. Just that turn furry thing to get over. “Luc, You did freak me out, but I was enjoying myself. Can we give it another try?” she asked.

Luc looked at her, and sniffed the air. She wasn’t lying. Go for it!!!” said that voice in his head. “Are you sure?” he asked stepping forward. Meg didn’t flinch when he moved. That was a good sign.

“Yes. I’m sure,” Meg said and held her hand out to him.

Luc moved towards her and they crawled back into the tent and straightened the sleeping bags. He laid back and held out his hand to her. Meg moved towards him and slowly ran her hands up his body. By the time her hand reached his thigh, his cock was standing at attention. She let her hand graze the tip as she moved up to kiss Luc on the face.

“Do… do you shift all the way? Or, do you go sorta half way and stay there?” she asked.

“Both. I try to stay as human as possible, but some days my control just blows.”

Meg nodded and then bent down to kiss him on the lips. They kissed and kissed until she was gasping. His lips felt so good. Then his hand ran down her side towards her ass. She was still a bit cold, and he tried to warm her up by massaging her skin. Meg moaned under his touch. Luc moved her closer to him until she was snuggled close on his chest. Her hand moved down to his erection and she wrapped her fingers around him.

Luc moaned at her touch. Trying to stay human was difficult, but not impossible. Same with partially shifting. Meg moved her hand up and down his cock and then adjusted herself to take him in her mouth. Luc moaned again. Gods she had a lovely set of lips. Her tongue lapped up to the head and then seemed to tap the head before sliding down once more.

“Meg, much more of this and I’ll explode,” he said, his voice growing gruff.

Meg kept right on doing what she was. Her lips and tongue teased and caressed him. Then she felt his fingers move up the back of her thigh and then inbetween her legs. She was cold, but her pussy was hot and soaking wet. Luc’s fingers slid in and began stroking her g-spot and then her clit. She moaned and wiggled her hips against his hand, driving her fingers deeper.

Luc couldn’t take any more. He grabbed her by the waist and turned her to face him. Holding her over his hips, he placed his cock at her opening and pushed. Luc slid id beautifully.

Meg couldn’t believe how full of cock she felt. Oh god it felt good, and she bounced and rocked back and forth, slamming his cock deeper into her pussy. His hands held tight to her waist and he began to really pound her.

“Oh! Ohohohoh!” she said as the rhythm increased. She grabbed his shoulders and held on while Luc pumped his cock faster and faster. Meg felt a heat build in her pelvis. She could feel the orgasm growing and nearly ready to tip her over.

Luc loved the friction. She was tight, but not so shallow that he couldn’t manage to stroke deep each time. He felt her cervix bump the head of his cock, and each time he did it, Meg shuddered in pleasure.

Luck to felt the heat of orgasm building in his balls. It seemed like it came up from his toes. One second, he was fine. The next one, he felt the heat surge up from his balls and Meg’s muscles clenched in orgasm at about the same moment.

“Arrrrrgh…….” he growled as he shot deep into her.

“Aaahhhhhhhhh!” Meg moaned as orgasm washed over her too. They moved together for a few moments as the orgasms ebbed and little aftershocks of pleasure washed over the two of them.

Meg moved off and grabbed his teeshirt to clean up with. Looking over, she could see that he was partially shifted. Looking down, she saw that his nails were trimmed. She smiled.

Luc reached down and grabbed the top sleeping bag to cover them with. After wrapping it around them, he snuggled her close to his chest. “Shee, I dinn’t eat youh,” he hoarsely whispered in her ear.

“No, you didn’t. No snacking in the middle of the night either!” she said, gently rapping him on the end of his nose in a playful manner.

“No, no schnakking,” he said with sort of a giggle escaping his lips. “Hmmm,… maybe this will work,” he thought as they drifted off to sleep.

6 thoughts on “More than just a fairy tale…

    1. Hello Tip,

      Yes, this is my longest running series and a very popular one. I originally wrote just the first one and had such a response that I kept writing. This story is also on Literotia, and has had over 28,000 reads. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it. Wolf says I need to publish it.

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