More than Just a Fairy Tale, part 2

As requested by a reader, I’ve revisited Luc and Meg’s camping trip.

Meg was so warm. Partially awake, she didn’t remember her sleeping bag being this comfortable. Maybe it was Luc’s. She didn’t remember which bag they’d ended up under. She reached her hand out to touch the top of the bag. Her hand touched fur instead. “Fur?” she thought for a second. “Oh!…” Meg opened her eyes to find herself with a wolf fur comforter named Luc cuddled around her. He had totally shifted in the night and now took up nearly all of the tent. She was in a little pocket in the middle. Not that she really wanted to move, but she had to pee.

“Luc, gotta move,” she said softly. No response. “Luc!” she said a bit louder. The huge wolf just snuffled a bit and moved around a bit tighter. “Now what in the hell do I do?” she wondered. Grabbing an ear, she tugged and said his name again.

The wolf dreamed. He was warm and comfy in a shelter. As he woke, it came to him that the soft one he was curled around protecting was awake. She was saying something. He didn’t understand her, but she was acing like a puppy that needed out. He sniffed her as she yapped. She needed out. He understood. He needed out too.

The wolf startled Meg when he raised his head up and sniffed her. His head was bigger than hers. He was bigger all over than any wolf she’d seen on TV. After he sniffed her, he uncurled and belly crawled out of the tent. Meg shot out of the tent and headed for the bushes.

When she came back, the wolf was down by the trail, carefully marking his territory. She laughed. Then she turned to the camp stuff and tried to figure out what to make for breakfast. Meg wondered just how long the wolf would be here and when Luc would show back up. The sex last night had been really nice once she got over the idea that he went furry.

She started the small stove and was heating water when she realized that the wolf was gone. Looking around, she saw Luc stand up out of the tent pulling his jeans on. He hadn’t put his shirt on, so his muscles teased her with lewd thoughts. “Oh yumm” she thought.

“Moooorning,” Luc yawned. “Sleep well?”

“Yes. How was your morning stroll?” she asked and pointed to the areas he’d visited earlier.

“I guess it was okay. There isn’t always a lot of information exchanged when we shift. We aren’t the best at communicating at times,” he explained.

“So, if you were human and knew that Timmy was lost in the woods, you couldn’t shift and turn into a super K9 search and rescue wolf to find him?”

“Well, probably. Especially if someone I trusted was there to give me the scent. However, it is the stuff as a wolf to human that isn’t always so good.”

“So, you don’t remember going out of the tent this morning and peeing all over about fifty trees?” she asked.

“Not really. I remember great sex, beginning to shift and mumbling something and then the next thing I really remember is standing next to the tent naked,” Luc said.

“Geeze, it is like that for all shifters?” she asked.

“No, some remember everything, others even less than I do. It all depends on how integrated you are with your other side. Just like with people, there are all kinds of memories. If you’ve had a bad time at a key point, you might not remember things, or nothing but the bad bits. It is really random,” he said. Luc knew it sounded sort of lame, but it was the truth.

“Oh,” said Meg. She poured hot water into the cups for coffee and then put the sausages she’d found in the frying pan to cook. “So, is it just werewolves that are true, or are there other things that go bump in the night out there?”

Luc looked at her. He just sort of shook his head. This was not a can of worms he wanted to open, but… “Yes, there are. All sorts. Any fairy tale you’ve heard of probably has a core of truth to it. Most aren’t as bad as you read about, or they are a thousand times worse,” he said.

“Worse? Like what?” she asked.

“As far as I’m concerned, the worst of the lot are the fairies. Disney has them to be these sweet little things on wings. In real life, they can be real sadistic bastards. Tink with PMS and an attitude is a good way to think of them. Nice as long as you are, but if you piss them off, just forget it. Their little swords are sharp!” he said, thinking of the time he’d teased them as a child.

“Swords? Attitude?” she asked.

“Yup. Just because they are small, don’t think that they are cute either. That artist Froud did one of the best jobs at drawing them. Surprised they let him live really. Or, he is some sort of other world creature and they won’t touch him,” he said.

Meg thought on that a moment. She stirred the sausages. “By the way, you caught me last night like I was nothing.”


“So, climbing up the tree wouldn’t have protected me much if you really wanted to get at me right?” she asked.

“No, it was no protection. I could have shifted a bit more and smacked you on the ass instead of just waiting for you to come down. As it was, I did catch you.”

Meg nodded as she processed this information. The sausages went on a bit of paper towel as she cracked eggs into the grease. A few minutes later, she put the eggs onto plates while Luc divided the sausages. They dug into their breakfast and drank coffee while the rest of the mountain woke around them.

After breakfast and cleanup, Meg and Luc headed up a trail to climb the mountain that faced camp. It wasn’t a difficult hike, but it certainly wore Meg out by the time they stopped for lunch. They’d hit the top and come back down the mountain to a nice lunch spot they’d seen on the way up. After lunch, Luc cradled Meg in his arms.

“Are you still mad at me for not telling you?” he asked as he nibbled down her neck.

“You are making it very difficult to think let alone talk,” she said as his hand went down the front of her shirt undoing the buttons.

“Well?” Luc asked again as he undid a button that let him touch her breasts.

“Ah…ah…,” she gasped as he caressed her nipple. “A little pissed, but I… um… I think I’m getting over it,” she said at last.

“Good,” he said as he cupped her breast and kissed the nipple that peeked out of the unbuttoned shirt. With one nipple between his lips, he moved his hand down and under her jeans waistband.

“Oh!” gasped Meg. “Hand is a bit cold,” she gasped.

“Let me warm it up then,” Luc said as he let go of her nipple and reached down with his fingers until they dipped into her pussy which was getting wetter by the second.

“Nnot fair!” she said trying to bring a hand around to touch him. She didn’t make it before his fingers traced over her clit which was sensitive from the night before. “Oh!” she shouted and then heard echo across the valley.

Luc laughed and started to wiggle her jeans down her legs, freeing her pussy to his attentions. Meg helped and soon his jeans were open too. Her hands weren’t as cold on his erection, but they felt good. Luc rolled them on their sides so that each could put their mouth to work. His tongue licking her pussy made her squirm and gasp. Meg’s flicking tongue on his cock and balls was driving him crazy.

“Oh Meg,” he gasped. “Not going to… to last…” he gasped.

“Oh?” she said muffled by his cock.

“No. Come here,” he said and moved them so that they were on their knees. He rubbed his cock against her lips and then slid in deep. Meg arched her back and then drove against his cock. They built a rhythm and he grasped her hips as he drove in.

“Oh!” squeaked Meg.

A guttural noise came from Luc as orgasm began to sweep over the two of them. He drove in hard and nearly flattened Meg. He felt as if every drop of semen was pumping into her. Meg in turn had orgasm rip through her over and over. Things had just began to settle down when Luc leaned over her while still inside and bit her shoulder. It felt good, and her body reacted with another orgasm. A moment later, Luc let go of her and they fell back against the meadow grasses.

“That was intense,” Meg said when she could finally talk. She started pulling her clothes back on as the breeze picked up.

“Yes, it was. Hope I didn’t hurt you when I bit,” Luc said. His voice was a bit gruff as he was still partially shifted.

“Oh no. Surprised me, but it felt good. Good enough that I came again,” Meg said.

Luc nodded. “This is going so much better,” he thought. Looking around, he realized that they had better get back to camp before it was too late in the afternoon.

“Shall we head back to camp?” he asked.

“Yeah, I think round two aught to be at least on the sleeping bags. That grass was a little rough on the knees,” she said.

Luc laughed and they moved down the trail to camp.

2 thoughts on “More than Just a Fairy Tale, part 2

    1. You need to go back about three or so stories. Glad you liked it. I think there is a part 3 to be had as well.

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