The clouds part

The clouds part…

“What’cha doin’ Sweetie,” he asked.

“Writing,” she said.

“What’cha writin’?” he asked.

“A story,” she said as she concentrated on the screen ahead of her.

He walked over and looked over her shoulder. “What kinda story are you writing?” he asked.

“Erotica,” she answered.

“Erotica as in hugs, kisses and sex?”

“Yes. You can read it later after I’ve posted,” she said. “Go on! No fair reading over my shoulder. And no kibitzing either. If you have an idea, talk to me later okay?” she asked quietly, trying not to break her concentration.

“Okay, Do you want a cup of tea?” he asked.

“I’d love one,” she replied.

He made her a cup of tea and brought it to her with a few cookies. She mumbled thanks as he set the cup down. Absentmindedly, she ate the cookies and drank the tea.

He sat across from their housemate and worked on his computer.

“Do you think she’ll finish soon?” asked the housemate.

“Don’t know. Not sure where she’s posting this either. It could be on Literotica, or her blog,” he said.

“Oh, okay,” said the housemate.

The two men returned to their computers. After a while, they headed off to play video games. She got up to make dinner, and while she was in the kitchen, the housemate went to peek at the story. No luck. Her screen saver had already kicked in. He made a no-go sign to the other man.

After dinner, she went back to the story. It was nearly 10pm, before she finally took a deep breath and sighed.

“I’m done. It’s posted on the blog if you want to read it,” she said and headed off to make more tea.

The two men dropped the game controls and headed for their computers. They found the new story on her blog and started reading.

“Hey Sweetie, you could have at least given me a name that didn’t start with the same letter,” he said teasing.

“Do you have any idea how hard it is to come up with a new name or names for every story?” she asked. “Be glad I didn’t use your middle name!” she teased.

The housemate looked up, a blush creeping across his face.

“What’s the matter dear?” she asked.

“Is…is that what those noises mean when you’re in the bedroom?” he asked with a bit of chagrin tinging his voice.

She walked over and looked at what part he was reading. “Yup,” she replied.

“What noises?” he asked, reading away as fast as he could. “Oh… OH! Oh gods, you wrote about that?” he asked.

She smiled. “Yup. You know nothing is sacred in this house,” she said smiling.

“But…. but, I… um…” he stammered. “Oh well. Good thing there is no real name on this blog.”

“Yeah, It might be embarrassing for people coming over to the house to know that the rubber duck in the bathroom is more than just a squeaky toy, or why you giggle when Ernie sings the Rubber Ducky song,” she said.

They all laughed. Then the two men went back to reading. The housemate finished first. He’d been reading while the other two talked.

“That was a great story,” he said.

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“Do you really do that with your tongue?” he asked.

“Yeah. She does,” the other man said. He had just finished the story. It was good. So good in fact, that he had some ideas of his own.

“Sweetie, let’s go to bed,” he said with a smile.

“Ohhhhh, I thought you’d never ask,” she said.

“Third story?” he asked.

“Second chapter?” she asked.

“Fine by me!” he said.

“G’night,” they both said to the housemate, and disappeared into the bedroom.

The housemate sat there for a moment. He looked up the third story and then the second chapter. Oh. He’d forgotten all about that bit. Hmmm… He turned to his music player on his computer, pulled up some of the louder rock selections, made a playlist and then turned it up loud after he’d put his headphones on. The music blasted into his brain. Ah yes, just right. Bass guitar, and fast drums were far more calming than squeaking bedsprings and moans of passion.

The clouds move….

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