More that Just a Fairy Tale part 3

Luc and Meg got back to camp late in the afternoon. Storm clouds were rolling in and the typical afternoon showers weren’t far off. Luc tidied up camp while Meg fixed up the sleeping bags in the tent.

“Where did all this fur come from?” she thought. “Oh duh! He sheds like a frickin’ dog!” She finished just as the first rain drops fell. “Luc! Hurry up!” she called.

“Almost done!” he called as he hauled the food bags up high in the tree. He’d covered the bag with plastic to keep the rain out. Tying it off, he ran for the tent. Just before he entered, he shook from head to ass, just like a dog. Raindrops went everywhere. Then he dived into the tent.

“You’re soaked!” said Meg.

“Well, it happens when it rains,” said Luc. He took off his boots and then stripped down to just his underwear. Piling his clothes on top of his boots, he sat watching Meg. His skin began to gently steam, as the water evaporated.

Meg took off her boots, and after sitting up, took a deep breath. “Uggghhh!!! It smells like wet dog in here!” she said.

Luc cracked up and started laughing. “What did you expect? I smell this way in the shower or swimming pool too.”

Meg blinked and then thought about it. “Then why on earth have you guys been able to hide so well all these centuries?” she asked.

Luc stretched out on the sleeping bags and started running his hand up and down Meg’s side. “Easy, most of us own dogs. Big dogs, and so no one notices. Only pain is paying a pet deposit on a hotel room.”

“You take the dogs?” she asked.

“Not usually, but more than once I’ve been accused of having a dog up in my room. I shed,” he said.

“Oh yeah! When I straightened up the sleeping bags, there was fur everywhere,” Meg said. It was her turn to giggle.

“There is a whole shitload of stuff that should give us away, but it never does. You wouldn’t believe the things people ignore or pretend they don’t see. Better yet, once you do know, you don’t stop seeing it,” he said.

Meg looked him up and down, lingering on his cock. “Like this?” she asked as she reached down and touched him.

“Oh yeah. You can pet me all day,” Luc said. He rolled onto his back to let Meg touch him.

“Geeze! You’re just like my friend Nikki’s pit bull. He’ll do anything if you rub his belly,” she giggled. Then she ran her fingers up and down his ribs on the side.

“Nooooo!!!” Luc squeaked, as she rubbed his ribs harder.

Meg watched as his foot started to twitch, just like a dog. Her giggle built up to a belly laugh and she was laughing so hard she couldn’t rub his ribs any longer.

“Thank god!” Luc gasped. Trying to catch his breath, he looked over at Meg. Her nipples were hard under her teeshirt. He reached out and grabbed her shirt and pulled her to him.

“Wha..” she started to say.

“If you can scritch my ribs, I can kiss and suck on your nipples,” he said as he pulled her shirt up and started to run his tongue across her nipple. It was her turn to gasp. Luc smiled and concentrated on one nipple and then moved to the other. With his other hand, he pulled her jeans off along with her undies.

Meg didn’t notice Luc shift ever so slightly. She did notice how easily he stripped her clothes off. She also realized that he was holding her down without any effort. Nor did she notice him get rid of his own underwear. Luc moved from her nipples and started working his way to her pubic bone. He nipped and licked and sucked her skin. He was leaving little marks across her skin. She smelled of sex and hot honey. Edible.

Meg tried to move, and Luc growled under his breath. It sent shivers up her spine. That’s when she realized that he had begun to shift and didn’t know what to do. She ran her hands through his hair and scratched around his ears. That brought a moan from Luc. He moved her legs farther apart and then ran his tongue down between them. With a few flicks, he had her moaning as his tongue played over her clit and down to the opening of her pussy. He used his tongue like a cock, and dove in and out of her pussy.

“Oh god! Ohgodohgod!” Meg cried as orgasms washed over her. His tongue… oh his tongue! Then when she thought she couldn’t take another thrust of his tongue, he moved up and thrust his cock into her. She swore it was bigger than it had been this afternoon. Maybe she was just sore from all the sex.

Luc was enjoying moving Meg to make her feel every stroke. Slowly he moved one leg over hers and turned her on her side. Drawing the other leg up he slid in and buried his cock deep into her. “Ahhhh,” he moaned as her wet pussy started to clamp around his cock with each thrust. She was close to a huge orgasm, and he wasn’t far behind.

“Lllluuc! Oh… ohshhhhhh…i….T!” she groaned as he pounded harder and harder.

Luc gripped her hips hard and pumped in and out as rapidly as he could. The burn of orgasm traveled up his spine and exploded. He felt himself explode deep inside of Meg, filling her with cum. Meg gasped and her orgasm rolled her in response to his.

“OH!” she squeaked. Meg arched as the orgasm seemed to go on and on.

Luc moaned and then collapsed to the sleeping bags next to Meg.

Meg blinked and tried to get her brain back between her ears. “That was the… the… oh shit that blew my mind,” she gasped.

Luc smiled. He was still partially shifted, and his face had a wolfish cast. His tongue shot out and licked the end of her nose.

“Ugggh!” Meg said as she wiped her nose. “That was wet!”

Luc just smiled. “Hhhyeah,” he said, the shape of his jaw making speech difficult.

Meg giggled. They laid there in post orgasmic bliss listening to the rain.

Some time later, Luc woke up. It wasn’t totally dark, but his stomach was rumbling. He had to eat. Meg was still asleep, so he covered her up with the sleeping bag and crawled out of the tent. Ten minutes later, he had water boiling for coffee and was busy dicing up onions, mushrooms and the elk jerky he had brought. After pouring the coffee water, he put more on for noodles. Once it started to boil, he dropped the ramen noodles into the water and set it aside. Then he poured water over the jerky and set it to boil. When the meat had soaked up the water, he added the onions and mushrooms. After it had simmered a bit, he set it aside and put the noodles on to boil. Once they were done, he drained them and added the spice and then the meat and veg to the mix. A little salt and pepper and the food was ready.

Luc walked over to the tent and called Meg’s name. “Meg, wake up, dinner’s ready. Come on and eat,” he said.

Meg rubbed her eyes, grabbed her jeans and stuffed her feet in her boots. Whatever Luc had cooked smelled heavenly. She walked slowly over to where he stood. Meg still felt relaxed from the great sex.

“Here you go Meg,” said Luc handing her a bowl of noodles. He sat her coffee down next to her. Picking up his own bowl, he began to eat.

“Mmmm, this is good,” she said.

“I do my best.”

“Much better than the peanut butter sandwiches I usually end up eating,” said Meg.

“Huh?” asked Luc.

“After the first day, I tend to just eat pbj’s. Easier as I’m not the best cook,” she said.

Luc nodded. He knew lots of women who didn’t cook well. Not many admitted it as readily as Meg did. “Mom made sure all of us could cook. Doesn’t do well to have hungry werewolves around,” he said.

Meg nodded. It made sense. Then other questions ran through her mind. “Are you sure this isn’t contagious?” she asked.

“Nope! Although you can get pregnant and have a shifter,” he said. “Shit! We never did discuss birth control,” he thought.

“Guess it’s a good thing I’m on the pill!” she said.

“Yeah, that helps, but sometimes it doesn’t. We are really fertile, so here’s hoping. I should have used condoms.”

“They make condoms big enough?” she asked.

“Just. Magnum extra large just about works if we shift,” he said.

“Damn! You change size during sex?” she asked.

“Yeah. My cock, my tongue, me,” he said with a smile.

“Have to admit, it is a really nice change,” Meg said.

“Oh?” he asked.

“Do you have any idea of how many dinky dicks are out there? Or, men who don’t know what to do with their cocks, fingers or tongues?” she asked.

Luc thought about it for a moment. Women had always liked sex with him, and while he knew some of it was due to the whole shifter thing, the rest he wasn’t sure of. He’d never asked. “Meg, no, I don’t know.”

“Far too many!!! You said you were average sized on the dating site. Let me tell you, hon, you are hung. Not the biggest I’ve ever seen… Not counting that size change thing you do, but you are nice. Real nice. And, you know how to use your tongue and your fingers. Luc, you are a dream. Most men I know last five minutes if I’m lucky.”

“Damn. I… I didn’t know,” he said. He stood up and took her bowl and set it next to the water heating up to wash dishes. He added his own plus the cup to the pile.

“You may be weird by being a werewolf, but otherwise, you are wonderful,” she said.

“Gee, thanks!” he said in a joking tone.

“No, really! Even if you weren’t a shifter, you are so much better than a lot of guys,” she said.

Luc thought about that as he washed up the dishes. He wondered if it was just him or the way his mom had growled manners into him. In all honesty, he didn’t know what to think, as he’d never had a woman honest enough to say anything to him.

“So, does this mean you’d consider dating me once we got back to the city?” he asked.

“Oh yeah,” she said as they packed up the last of the stuff and hung it back in the tree. “You ready for round four?” she asked.

“Why, I thought you’d never ask!” said Luc as he picked her up and walked back to the tent.

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