Lightning Lit Clouds

The housemate checked the web. No new story. Sad… Then again, it has been a busy day. Lots of yard work. Lots of housework. The front yard formerly known as The Jungle has nearly been tamed after a merciless application of the electric torture device, the mower. Lots of sweat, blisters and bug bites, but it is done.

Then there was the marathon floor treatment. Sweep, mop, mop again and then oil. The housemate had never oiled a floor before. He’d mopped and waxed, but never oiled. It gave a warmth to the room that he hadn’t expected. He and the housemate moved furniture and did some of the mopping. She oiled most of the floor and directed where she wanted the furniture placed.

When she wasn’t directing furniture placement or oiling the floor, she indulged in sewing. She kept mumbling about a “LBD”, not that either of the men knew what she was talking about. At least not at first.

“What are you making?” he asked.

“Dresses,” she said.

“Why?” he asked.

“I’m trying to get a pattern to fit, and I want some summer dresses because jeans are too hot,” she stated.

“Well, why don’t you just buy something?” asked the housemate.

“Couple of reasons… I have all this fabric and no money. Plus, I don’t think that my normal hippy-dippy look works well for business. So, I’m working on a “LBD,” she said.

“I thought you were working on a dress,” said the housemate.

“I am. I’m working towards a “LBD,” she said.

The housemate was still confused and turned to him for help.

“LBD?” he asked in a whisper.

“Sweetie, what’s a “LBD?” he asked.

“Little Black Dress. That quintessential garment that all women want, and few find that actually fits,” she said.

“You mean like a cocktail dress?” he asked.

“Sorta, it is one of those dresses that is usually black and can be made to fit any situation with just a change of accessories. One that you can go from business to dinner in and still feel well dressed,” she said.

“Oh, okay so that’s why the sewing machine is out and you’ve been washing fabric and all that kind of thing,” he said as the light began to flicker. “But why now?”

“We have that conference to go to and I don’t have anything to wear,” she said.

“You’ve got a ton of clothes,” said the housemate.

“Not business like enough. Unless I intend to go as a Retro 60’s hippy,” she said.

“Oh,” the housemate said. “She does dress like a hippy most days,” he thought to himself.

“Plus, most of my business style clothes are winter wear. Sweaters, leather skirts and boots just don’t cut it in 90 degree weather,” she added.

“No, I guess they wouldn’t,” the housemate said. “So, once you have this “LBD”, you’ll write more stories?” he asked. “You’ve got two or three that are waiting for the next installment.”

“Yes, I’ll write more stories when the sewing is done. Think of the sewing as my way of getting ready for the conference, just like he’s getting ready by sitting at the computer for 18 hours at a stretch,” she said pointing to him.

“Hey, I’m working on a white paper and I have stuff I need you to help me with too,” he said.

“I said I’d help you,” she said. “You just have to send me the information and I’ll get to work. You two men just need to understand that I will get this “LBD” made before we head to the conference,” she said.

“Okay, But remember that the deadline is Wednesday,” he said.

“I know. I have my list. Crossword list, LBD, summer dresses, White paper on why businesses succeed, and oh yeah. Pick up the son and grandbaby on Monday. Did I miss anything?” she asked.

“No,” the men said in chorus.

“Okay then. Bedtime because tomorrow is a busy day!” she said heading for the bedroom.

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