Clouds Burning Off

She sat down gently. Last night had been a bit more physical than it had of late. Lovely, intense, and oh gods did she feel good this morning. He was still in bed with a silly grin across his sleeping face. She started up her computer and waited for it to boot.

Clicking on her email, she saw that she had 127 emails from various groups. Last night before she’d gone to bed, she had posted to the one list about having a quiet house at last. She had also asked if anyone had been reading her stories. The ones she posted on her erotic blog. There were a few replies.

The first couple were ‘Yes, good stories!’ answers. The last one was from Jesse.

Er, um <shuffles feet> yeah. I'm waiting patiently for more entries. Er,
wait, that didn't come out right. ARGH, I mean it didn't sound right... O_o

I like the blog.

She giggled. Then the idea struck. She'd write him into her next story. Thinking about the whole thing, she went to go make a cup of tea. Caffeine was good. It helped drive the ideas. While the kettle boiled, she got out her Tink cup, a tea bag and spooned in agave syrup. Staring out the window, she didn't hear him walk up behind her. She jumped when he wrapped his arms around her.

“Still twitchy from last night?” he asked with a smile that seeped into his voice.

“No, you startled me,” she said and turned in his arms to face him.

“Darn. I was hoping you were still all twitchy from 'over coming' yourself,” he said and grinned.

“You are a brat! Love you, but such a brat.”

“Hmmm, that isn't what you said last night,” he teased.

She laughed. “I couldn't even talk last night!”

“Well, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Any tea for me?” he asked.

She nodded and grabbed his cup. It was one of those lined like a piece of paper and you could write lists on it with a dry write marker. She plopped a teabag in and added sugar then hot water.

“You are a thousand miles away. What are you thinking about?” he asked, knowing that her mind could go the strangest places.

“Well, a friend of mine on an email list made this wonderful gaffe and I'm trying to figure out how to capitalize on it in a story.”

“Hm.... What did he say?” he asked.

“Something about how he'd read the stories and was waiting for more entries. He meant more stories, but it played right into the sexual side too,” she said.

He smiled. Then he giggled. “You know, you might as well just stuff it in a story like you do all of my goofs. You certainly nail me often enough. Time someone shared the wealth,” he said hoping that she would. Her last few stories had hit home plate. He kept meaning to watch his tongue, but there were days that she just grabbed the most obscure phrase and turned the whole thing 180 degrees.

“Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I have the Picture of the day fiction to write too, but don't want to combine them. This week's picture is... um.... painful!” she said.

“Ah,” he said. “Last week's was very good.” “Give you blue balls good,” he thought.

“Glad you liked it. Funny though, I can write stuff harder or smuttier than I can actually 'do', if you know what I mean,” she said.

“Yes, I do. You're vanilla between the sheets and rocky road with heavy metal music on the keyboard,” he said smiling.

“Uhuh, Sort of like my friend who writes the really heavy bondage stuff, and D/s stuff, but is a lesbian homeschooling mom,” she said walking out of the kitchen with her cup of tea.

She sat down at her computer, opened up Writer and sat down with her thoughts on a story.

“Jesse wrote an email that didn't have the impact he expected. It was meant to be a simple affirmation on how he appreciated his friend's writings. Instead, he managed a pretty good double entendre that had everyone smiling...” she wrote.

2 thoughts on “Clouds Burning Off

    1. ROFLOL!!! Glad you took it well. 🙂 I had a momentary thought of panic about 11:30pm. Then Dan said, Nah, he can cope just like I do! LOL…

      Glad you like the moody clouds too. I think there are about 10 of them.

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