Nudes For Art’s Sake, Final part.

The gallery marque proclaimed Nudes for Art’s Sake as the show for the next five nights. Gabriel and the students had made posters of some of the artwork and posted them all over the campus. The show itself was free, but Kelly put a beautiful Art Deco glass bowl by the door for donations. She seeded it with coins and a few $5 and $10 bills. The doors opened at 7pm.

George posed the first night. He sprawled across the couch like a sleeping giant. Across his lap covering up his speedo was a scrap of plaid more akin to a band-aid than a kilt. A sword rested against his shoulder. He looked like some rugged clansman had collapsed in the gallery fresh from battle.

Kelly and Gabriel watched the gallery from opposite ends. The reaction of the crowd as they came across George was interesting. Some were startled. Others didn’t pay any attention. The best were the three little girls trying to look up his kilt. He waited until they almost touched the couch and then whispered “boo!”. They shot down the hall never to return.

Kelly walked over to George to see how he was doing.

“That was hilarious,” she said.

“It was. I would have let them look if they’d been a bit older,” said George.

“You brat!” laughed Kelly.

“At your service ma’am,” he said. “Better get back to work, here comes the Dean.” George shut up and froze back into position.

Kelly played graceful host to the Dean and showed him around the exhibit.

“Why, that looks like you Kelly,” the Dean said.

“It is. There were four models, and we are all working the art show,” she said.

“Oh, and are you all posing like him?” he asked pointing at George.

“Yes, I’m fourth on the roster,” she said.

“Oh, okay,” replied the Dean.

“Well, I must attend to some other guests. Enjoy the show,” said Kelly and extracted herself from the Dean’s presence.

Eve was on the couch the second night. She copied the painting by Goya, La Maja Desnuda. Kelly and Betsy used spirit glue to stick strings of pearls in place to cover her nipples. A spray of flowers hid Eve’s crotch. She was beautiful.

Once again, the other models as well as Gabriel and Kelly kept an eye on Eve and the crowd. She had lots of admirers. The Dean was there with several department heads. Kelly smiled as they tried to stand unobtrusively next to Eve and pretend not to stare.

Betsy was the model on the third night. She chose to drape herself on the couch wearing a huge straw hat, a shawl draped in all the right places and was knitting. Her needles clicked down the gallery. It was comical and intriguing all at once. People were drawn by the noise, and then were confronted with the sight of an 1800’s woman knitting in the nearly nude.

As if on a schedule, the Dean turned up yet again. This time his wife was in tow. They admired Betsy and then moved on to the other artwork, spending five minutes here, ten there until they were out the door.

“He’ll have those paintings memorized by the end of the week,” said Gabriel with a smirk.

“Yeah, and I hear that the rental of Sirens is up ten percent from the library. Ms. Frank is having kittens,” said Kelly in one of their brief moments together.

“Kittens?” Gabriel asked.

“Yes, Sirens is one of ‘those films’, and should only leave the building in a plain brown wrapper,” said Kelly.

Gabriel laughed. He kissed Kelly and then headed back to check on Betsy.

Kelly kept changing her mind on how she was going to pose. Part of her wanted to shock the hell out of the Dean, and the other wanted to wear a burka. Granted, she knew that Gabriel was having a worse time of it. Finally, she called her friend Vashti and arranged to borrow a sari. Vashti promised to meet her at the gallery.

Gabriel was already at the gallery when the two women came in. He saw them disappear off to the changing area. Ten minutes later, Kelly and Vashti came out. Kelly had on a beautiful green and gold sari.

“What on earth are you doing?” asked Gabriel.

“Just wait,” said Kelly. Vashti nodded in agreement.

He followed them to the couch. Kelly arranged herself up against the backrest. When she was comfortable, Vashti began to move various bits of the sari silk to reveal Kelly’s skin in a peak-a-boo fashion. When she was done, it was more provocative than if she’d been nude. A hint of breast, or a glimpse of thigh. Vashti used double sided tape to make sure the drapes didn’t move. Then, the last thing she did was put a book under Kelly’s extended arm, as if she had dropped it.

“There,” she said.

Gabriel moved in to read the title of the book. A Thousand and One Tales... “Ah, now I understand. You make a beautiful Scheherazade, Kelly,” he said.

“Thank you. Now just keep the Dean from peeking,” she asked.

Gabriel laughed. They had talked about the Dean’s curiosity the night before. When the Dean’s wife had gone to the bathroom, the Dean had tried to move Betsy’s shawl. Betsy had slapped him with a knitting needle.

Like clockwork, the Dean appeared at 7:30pm. Tonight he was there with some businessmen. Lots of expensive suits Gabriel noticed. He’d stationed George down by Kelly, with Betsy as a back up mid-gallery.

“Oh, and they’ve been changing models every night,” said the Dean as they came close to Kelly.

“Hmmm, very provocative,” said one gentleman.

“Makes you want to have her read you a story,” said another.

“Yeah, but the kind of bedtime story you want is a bit more erotic,” said a third.

All the men laughed. Kelly was glad that most of her face was hidden by the translucent silk. They must have stood there for a good fifteen minutes before moving on.

“You’re safe now Kelly,” whispered George as they headed down the gallery.

“About time! I could smell the booze on them from here,” she said.

“Yeah, well pickled on scotch from the fumes,” he said.

“Well, only another hour,” said Kelly.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to see what Gabriel does for tomorrow night,” said George.

“I’m not telling,” said Kelly.

“Not even a hint?” asked George.

“Nope, because he hasn’t told me,” said Kelly.

“Damn,” said George as he walked off.

The last night of the show was guaranteed to be packed. Everyone wanted to see who was posing. Not a single student had said anything. All four models and Gabriel arrived early. Kelly accompanied Gabriel to the changing area. The rest checked doors and windows for peeping Tom’s.

“Are you ready for this?” she asked.

“No, but none of you are going to let me out of it are you,” he said.

“Nope. Plus, I can’t wait to see the Dean’s face,” said Kelly.

“Oh god. I can’t be lucky enough for him to not show am I?” he asked.

“Not a chance in hell. He’ll be here about thirty minutes after we open. I could set a clock by the man,” said Kelly.

“Okay, then let’s do this,” said Gabriel as he stripped.

Kelly stood guard about fifteen feet away from the couch. The people were slowly filling the gallery, and heading almost straight for the area where the models had been posing on the couch. When they rounded the corner, they found Gabriel.

Gabriel was sitting on the edge of the couch. His suit was strewn across the back of the couch. The jacket draped across the back, trousers crumpled on the floor. Shoes and socks shoved under the edge next to his feet. Betsy’s hat and shawl were on the corner of the couch. Eve’s pearls puddled at his feet. Kelly’s sari draped across his ass, hiding the speedo. George’s ‘kilt’ was over one shoulder and across his lap, and the sword was across the seat. It gave the impression that the model had morphed from one person to the next, ending with the artist.

George was holding a sketch pad and was working on a drawing. It was a drawing of the gallery and the art show. Various people were drawn into the picture. The Dean and his cronies were in one corner while the little girls were shown giggling from a corner. He kept drawing as people came to view him.

“Look at that, he’s drawing people,” said one visitor.

“Amazing that he can concentrate,” said one woman.

George watched from the front door. He saw the Dean and several department heads including Ms. Nickels, who had come back for the show. He’d heard she’d planned to critique the show for one of the local papers and had seeded the crowd with more reporters for tonight. Gabriel had done well when the first flashes had gone off.

George waved at Eve, who motioned to Betsy. Betsy walked over to Kelly and let her know that the Dean was on his way. Kelly walked over to Gabriel.

“Gabe, the Dean is on his way,” she said.

“I’m ready,” said Gabriel, who flipped a page of the sketch book. On that page was a drawing where all the visitors in the gallery were nude and the model was fully clothed. People were not totally recognizable, but if you looked at both drawings, you knew who Gabriel was drawing.

The Dean and his group sauntered down the gallery expecting to see one of the women. They were definitely startled to see Gabriel on the couch.

“Professor Devlin, what are you doing?” asked the Dean.

“I’m drawing,” said Gabriel without looking up.

“But, aren’t your models suppose to be posing?” asked the Dean who still hadn’t looked at the drawing.

“Four models, five nights, someone had to do it, and it just seemed the logical solution,” said Gabriel. There was no way he was letting the Dean know he’d lost a bet.

“I think he looks very good,” said Ms. Nickels. She’d been looking Gabriel over like a side of beefcake. Then she noticed the drawing. She started to snicker.

“What are you laughing at Doris?” asked the Dean.

“Have you looked at his sketchpad?” she asked.

“No, why on earth should I?” he asked.

“Well, I’d look if I were you,” said one of the men who’d looked and started to smile.

The dean looked. He blushed. “Um,… Professor Devlin, this has been a marvelous art show. Umm… I look forward to the next one,” he stammered and then headed off to look at some of the artwork he’d looked at for the four previous nights.

“Marvelous Devlin,” said Nickels to Gabriel as she walked away.

Gabriel smiled. It had been worth it after all.

It was well past midnight by the time Gabriel and Kelly stole away from the after show party. The show had been a real hit, especially Gabriel. He still couldn’t believe he’d pulled it off. Kelly had been the more sober of the two, and had driven home.

“I shocked the Dean,” Gabriel said as they got undressed.

“Yeah, I just wish I’d had a camera,” said Kelly. “It was beautiful.

“Well, there were enough cameras there. Where did all those reporters come from?” Gabriel asked as he flopped naked on the bed.

“George. He’d heard from a friend that Nickels was coming especially to slam the show. So he loaded the deck,” said Kelly.

“He certainly did.” Gabriel pointed to the pile of newspapers they had picked up on the way home. Most of them had pictures of the show with Gabriel in his suit greeting the Dean, and then later on posing on the couch with sketch pad in hand. “Nudes for Art’s Sake Exhibit a Real Hit!” summed up most of the headlines.

“We also made a ton of money in donations,” said Kelly.

“Did Eve and Betsy ever get it counted?” he asked.

“Yes. $2300 dollars,” said Kelly.

“Gods! And half of that goes to the department?” he asked.

“Yes, for model fees. The rest goes to a charity of your choice,” Kelly told him.

“Hmmm, I’ll decide tomorrow. For now, I want to relieve that ache I’ve had most of the night,” said Gabriel. Much to his chagrin, he’d had an erection most of the evening once he relaxed.

“Oh yes, that ummm.. extra sketch pad stand,” said Kelly, as she rolled over and stroked his erection.

“Ohhhh,” Gabriel moaned. He grabbed her head and directed her towards his crotch. Kelly took the hint and wrapped her lips around his erection. It felt so good, he almost lost control. Kelly didn’t slack off, which made him reach over and start caressing her pussy. She was wet and it only took a few strokes to have his fingers moving in and out easily. He moved to her clit, and she gasped.

“Gwaaab,” she moaned around his cock.

He smiled and kept it up, holding her head down so that she couldn’t totally disengage from the blowjob. Kelly responded by sucking harder. Gabriel fingered her as deep as he could, and then stroked her clit. Kelly about exploded off of his cock.

“Oh!” she squeaked.

Gabriel rolled her over onto her side and straddling one leg and holding the other up, slid his cock deep into Kelly. She gasped. This position was deep, and they both enjoyed it. Kelly arched back in pleasure while Gabriel held her tight as he pounded her faster and faster.

“Ggggabbbbb…rrrr….lllll,” she gasped, trying not to scream in pleasure as her orgasm ripped through her.

Gabriel lasted a few more strokes and then came deep and hard. His back arched with one last stroke at the last of the cum pumped from his balls. He crumpled to the bed, cradling Kelly in a sticky, sweaty embrace.

After a moment, Kelly turned slightly to face Gabriel. She had a relaxed smile on her face.

“You know, if I knew that posing nude turned you on this much, I’d have had you model a lot sooner,” she said.

They both giggled.

4 thoughts on “Nudes For Art’s Sake, Final part.

  1. Ah, NFAS has ended on a high! I really like the descriptions of the models, I can picture them all. And the ending is great – brings it all together beautifully 🙂

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