Creamy Clouds

For ‘Nella’, you know who you are!

“Oh my god!” she said in a half whisper. Sitting at her desk reading email, her face went bright red.

“What’s the matter Sweetie?” he asked.

“Um… I… Oh god I’m embarrassed!’ she said, covering her mouth with her hand.

“Why are you embarrassed? You’re a lovely shade of red by the way,” he said teasing her as he walked over.

“Umm… You know I have this friend that writes really intense D/s erotica right?” she asked.

“Nella right?” he asked digging for the name.

“Yeah. Well she was asking for ideas. I mentioned that ideas are difficult to dream up. Even worse when there is no feedback. Especially if it was a post that you thought was just hotter than um…” she said.

He laughed. “Yeah, I know. Heard you complain a time or two,” he said.

“Well, I told Nella that I had an idea for her. One that I doubt I’d ever write about. So, I posted it to her,” she said.

“And what was the idea?” he asked.

“I wrote ‘She couldn’t believe he’d tied her up and walked away. Walked away after smearing peanut butter across her crotch. Worse yet, she could hear his dog,… the big slobbering sweet German Shepard coming up the stairs…’ and then I posted it to her blog. She replied too,” she said. Pulling up a blog, she pointed to the post. It read:

oh Dear, you are a woman after my deepest dark desires…giggles…okay, this for sure will be utilized…


After reading it, he started to snicker. Tears rolled down his checks. Looking at her, he realized she was turning red again.

“And then this morning, I open up my email, and there was her blog post.” she said and pointed to the new post for the day. It read”

The Predicament”

By Nella

“a story teaser from Wordwytch…..her lines are in bold…a few altered to fit the story, Dear…”

“She couldn’t believe he’d tied her up and walked away. She was in one hell of a predicament, left here, uncomfortable, needy, punished by his absence. She tried to think back to where it all went wrong.”

He took a few minutes to read the whole story about how a Dom had tied up his slave, smeared peanut butter on her and then let his German Shepard into the room.

“Um,… She writes well,” he said.

“Yes, she does, and this is one of the milder posts. There are some that squick me enough that I can’t finish them,” she said.

He smiled, and kissed her on the head. “Interesting to find out just how ‘vanilla’ you are isn’t it?” he asked.

“Oh yeah. I know I’m ‘vanilla’. I can write about stuff that I can’t do, but there are some things that are just not my kink,” she said.

“I know, but you didn’t mind the blindfold and nearly two hours of sensory play the other night with the vibrators,” he said teasing her.

“No, I didn’t! That was heavenly. Lovely. And when are we doing that again?” she asked.

“Oh, I think I’ll let it be a surprise. To be honest, I’m amazed you haven’t written about it in your blog stories yet,” he said.

“Oh! Oh!” she said bouncing up out of her chair. “Thank you for the great idea!” she said and gave him a kiss. Then she sat back at her computer and started typing on a story.

“What idea?” he asked.

“I’ve been wracking my brain on the werewolf story… Trying to figure out what to do next. Now I know. Need to write Nella a thank you too,” she said.

Curious, he peered over her shoulder as the words began to appear on the laptop screen.

“Luc picked Sara up off of the bed. She hadn’t wanted a bath, just a story. Unfortunately, she had brought her peanut butter and jelly sandwich to bed. It was smashed between Sara and Meg, with a long smear of it on Meg’s right thigh.

“Hmmm,” he thought looking at that peanut buttered thigh. He put Sara down next to her brother an then headed back to the bedroom. Meg hadn’t moved. Luc dropped his clothes to the floor and shifted just a bit. His tongue reached out and began to lick the peanut butter off Meg’s thigh…”

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