More Than Just A Fairy Tale, part 9

Meg quickly settled into a routine in her office. At first she didn’t think that there would be enough work for her with Alpha Wolf Tech. To be honest, there wasn’t a lot at first, but once the techs realized what she could do with information, her in basket began to fill. Plus, Luc was helping her with freelance work.

Ginny came down to talk to Meg, and heard her laughing as she hung up the phone. Standing in the doorway, she tried to figure out the reason for the laughter.

“Alright, I give. What’s so funny?” Ginny asked.

“That was a referral call. There’s this company that needed some demographics, and they were referred to us,” said Meg still smiling.

“I still don’t see what is funny,” said Ginny.

“It was the company I just left!” said Meg with a broad grin.

Ginny started to snicker, and then laugh. “Well, did you get the job?” she asked.

“Yes! At three times my normal pay, because they need the data fast. Apparently, they lost their demographer to an HR issue,” she said.

They both laughed.

“What did you need?” asked Meg once she stopped laughing.

“Luc is out of the office, and Duke just dropped off Sara and Joe. Their babysitter called in sick. I said I could watch them for a bit, and then I remembered that I have a date tonight. Could you and Luc watch them?” she asked.

Ginny thought about it for a moment. “Yeah, we didn’t have any plans for this evening,” she said.

“Thanks Meg! I’ll makes sure you have the peanut butter by the time you leave,” said Ginny as she turned to go.

“Peanut butter?” she asked.

“Yeah. Sara and Joe have hit the peanut butter stage. Won’t eat much else but the damn stuff,” she said.

“Oh god,” replied Meg and turned back to her work as Ginny left.

After work, Meg packed the two children into their car seats along with a bag filled with peanut butter, bread and a few other items. Luc was working late. He’d been alright with the kids staying, which was a relief to Meg. Not having any of her own, she really enjoyed the kids.

When they got home, Meg made them a quick snack of peanut butter on toast and they sat down to watch Pixar movies. Cars and Planet 51 filled up most of the evening. Luc arrive home in time to watch most of Planet 51. Joe fell asleep by the end of the second movie, and Meg carried him off to the guest bedroom which they had set up with sleeping bags, stuffed animals and a night light earlier. She tucked him in bed and then went back to the living room.

“Meg, I’m hungwee,” said Sara.

“Alright Sara, what would you like?” Meg asked knowing the answer. She couldn’t believe the amount of peanut butter these two little kids had stowed away already.

“I wants a peanud budder sanwich wif red jewwy,” she said.

“Alright, and then a bath?” Luc asked.

“No. I taks a baf in da moning. I wants a stowy,” said Sara.

Meg made the sandwich while Luc and Sara picked out a story. She wanted Revolting Rhymes By Roald Dahl. They were reading Little Red Riding Hood.

“That’s wrong!” cried Wolf. “Have you forgot
To tell me what BIG TEETH I’ve got?
Ah well, no matter what you say,
I’m going to eat you anyway.”
The small girl smiles. One eyelid flickers.
She whips a pistol from her knickers.
She aims it at the creature’s head
bang bang bang, she shoots him dead.”

Sara giggled and ate more of her sandwich. Luc walked off to make coffee. He smiled at the story. He wondered if the root of the story was really the tale of a werewolf. He took his coffee to the office and did some work.

Luc realized that he hadn’t heard any voices for a while. Walking down the hall, he poked his head into the bedroom. Sara and Meg were sound asleep on the bed. The book had fallen to one side. He put it on the nightstand. Luc picked Sara up off of the bed. Unfortunately, she had brought her peanut butter and jelly sandwich to bed. It was smashed between Sara and Meg, with a long smear of it on Meg’s right thigh.

“Hmmm,” he thought looking at that peanut buttered thigh. Walking down to the guest room where Joe slept. He put Sara down next to her brother an then headed back to the bedroom. Meg hadn’t moved. Luc dropped his clothes to the floor and shifted just a bit. His tongue reached out and began to lick the peanut butter off Meg’s thigh.

After a moment, Luc had most of the peanut butter eaten. Meg woke up and looked down at him.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Ehhting penuht buhtur,” he said half shifted.

“I think I remember saying something a while back about ‘No Snacking’,” she said with a smile.

“Noht Schnnakin’. Jus clheanin’,” he said smiling. He licked her thigh again.

This time Meg noticed all the little smears of peanut butter and the remains of the sandwich Sara had been eating. She smiled, and tried to grab the bits. Luc’s tongue beat her to the bits.

“Yuhhm,” he said. Then his tongue proceeded to clean the rest of Meg.

“Hey! That tickles!” she tried to protest.

Luc smiled and grabbed the waistband of her shorts and shook. A second later, Meg was wearing just her tank top. Luc buried his tongue between her legs.

“Oooh…,” she moaned, and struggled to pull her top off. It got tangled around her arms, and Luc caught the fabric with one hand and held it and her trapped hands down on the bed.

“Whaaa?” Meg tried to ask wondering what was going on with the hands, when Luc’s tongue distracted her with more insistent probing. He flicked her clit, and she arched with the beginnings of a powerful orgasm. He let her arch a little higher off the bed, and then stopped.

“Oh… you… brat,” she gasped. “You could finish eating me,” she said not thinking what she’d said.

“Nohh schnaakin’,” he grinned.

Meg rolled her eyes and laughed. She tried to wiggle free of her shirt, to no avail.

“Let me go Luc,” she said.

“Noh, tu muhtch penuht buhtur,” he said. Then he moved up a bit and licked her chest where a smear of peanut butter traced across her breasts.

Meg realized that there must be more peanut butter on her shirt, and gave up struggling. Luc licked and sucked at the peanut butter and her breasts. It was turning her on to the point where she felt she was laying in a puddle on the bed.

In a quick move, Luc was kneeling between her legs and the head of his cock bobbed at the entrance to her soaked pussy. As he entered her, he moved his hands to Meg’s hips. He felt so good inside of her, and the orgasms he’d been teasing her with earlier began to roar through her. Luc’s rhythm got faster and faster. Meg knew she couldn’t last much longer. As her mouth began to open and the first cries of passion began, she remembered the two little ones down the hall. She stifled herself as best she could with the back of her hand. Instead of her normal moans, there was simply a quiet squeak.

“Mmmmmph…” she moaned as the orgasms ripped through her.

Luc was oblivious as his own orgasm triggered by hers froze him in pleasure.

“Ahhhh,..” he cried, and then the next thing he knew, Meg’s hand was over his mouth.

Puzzled and confused, as the orgasm rode his brain, he slowly stopped and then dropped to the bed.

“Whaaz han for?” he tried to ask. His tongue and mouth was still shifted.

“Babies next room over! You didn’t shut the door,” she said as she pointed.

Luc rolled over, and saw the door wide open. He thought about it, buried his head in the pillow and laughed.

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