Cloud Spotting

She sat head in hands. She’d been so tired yesterday, that she hadn’t finished the latest installment of one of the stories. Now she had writers block.

“What’s the matter Sweetie,” he asked.

“I’ve got writers block,” she said. “I have this great story going, and no sex yet. It’s like the story wants more story before I get everyone snogging in the back of the hay wagon,” she finished.

He laughed. “Snogging in the back of a hay wagon? Have you gone medieval on me?”

“Sorta. I took one of those stories I wrote thirty years ago and tried to update it. You remember, the one you liked so well?”

“Yeah, I remember that one. So, what’s the problem?” he asked.

“Well, it’s like the story doesn’t want me to have the main character jump the bones of the wench in the first thirty pages… This whole story keeps popping up under my keys and next thing I know, I’ve got five pages. And for your information, I try to keep sections to two pages at most. It keeps the suspense thing going better,” she said.

“I’d wondered why things broke the way they did some times. That makes sense to be honest,” he said. “So, no sex yet and you have too much written?”

“Yeah, and I keep thinking I’ll get to a sex scene, but then I don’t. I figure I’m going to have to make an apology to my readers and explain. Then hope they still like the story,” she said.

“Sweetie, I think they’d like the way you write about an oreo box,” he said with a smile. “Now why haven’t you put this one aside and written a sexy tidbit until the muse lets you write more on the other one?” he asked.

“Um… a bit of a writer’s block on that one too. I have all these ideas, and trying not to write the same ‘fuck me, fuck you’ scene is driving me a bit crazy. I want to write another one about the vanilla gal who wore the corset in that one story, but I need ideas,” she said.

“Well, I’m done with everything I need to do for the evening. How about we go to bed and see what pops up?” he said with a smile playing across his lips.

“You are so bad. First you complain about me writing down everything that happens in bed, and now you’re encouraging me?” she teased.

“Well, you do change the names, and I’ve sort of gotten use to having good stories on demand. Literotica is okay, but some days I go through twenty stories before I hit one good one. So, yeah. Let’s go to bed and see what happens,” he said.

“Give me five minutes to wrap this up and I’ll be right there,” she said. Turning back to the computer, she finished up a few emails that couldn’t wait until morning. One being her friend Nella’s blog. Tonight’s episode was about her real life love life and how things were going. Included was a picture of Nella in her scarlet corset. “Maybe we need to play dress-up,” she thought. “We did have lots of fun that night we acted through that one sex scene for that other story. Except I don’t have a story to work though. Nor do I have any dress-up stuff. Hell, I don’t even have a pretty bra and panties set. Got to fix that!” She turned off her computer and headed for the bedroom.

Meanwhile, he’d been busy in the bedroom finding toys to play with tonight. They’d talked about doing sensory play, but the last couple of nights, they’d been to tired for playtime at all. A bad case of 20 pounds of shit to stuff in a 1 pound bag. Tonight though, he figured they had enough time to play. At least that was the plan. “What was taking her so long?” he thought. Looking down on the bed, he ticked the bits off his fingers. “Blindfold-that worked well last time, scarf, guitar plectrum, lube, vibrator, spatula and the bit of 550 cord. Not exactly the best substitute for a whip, but I’m just dragging the ends over her skin,” he thought. He knew she was very sensory driven, but oh so vanilla too. He heard her heading into the bedroom and covered up the stuff on the bed and grabbed the blindfold. He was standing there nude with blindfold in hand when she entered the room.

“Hold on a minute Sweetie,” he said. She stood still after closing the door. “I have an idea to generate some new stories,” he said and held up the blindfold.

“Oh,” she said. Standing still, she closed her eyes and felt the blindfold slip over her head. “I take it that if you do anything I don’t like, I just use the safe word?” she asked.

“Yeah, or just say you don’t like it,” he chuckled. Turning her around he started to undress her. Blouse and skirt came off easily. Bra and panties next. “Lay down please, on your stomach,” he said.

“Okay,” she said getting comfy.

He took up the scarf and draped it over her body, and then moving it around. He watched the goosebumps form on her skin. After a few minutes of that, he picked up the spatula, and traced the edge of it over her skin. It simulated knife play with total safety. There were a few moments when she tensed, but otherwise it went well. Then he exchanged that for the plectrum. That had a sharp point, that he worked in patterns on her skin.

“You know, I could write whole letters on your back and they’d probably still be there an hour later,” he said.

“Yeah, I know. Blame it on the red-head genes. I could scratch you and ten seconds later, it’s gone,” she said.

“I know. Does this feel good?” he asked. He knew she was getting aroused.

“Yes, it does,” she said.

“Good. Roll over,” he asked. She complied and he used some of the other toys on her again. Finally, he picked up the 550 cord. The strands of it played over her skin. Even if he had tried to use it like a whip it wouldn’t have worked. The strands were way too soft. More goosebumps he noted. While he traced over her skin with the cords in one hand, he picked up Tux the penguin with the other. He tried to muffle it when he turned it on, but it hummed away.

“I know what that is,” she said with a giggle. They’d been having a guessing game with the other bits. Some she got. Others she didn’t.

“Figured you would,” he said. He started running Tux over her ribs and up her sides to her nipples. They tightened up as the vibrations played across them. Then he ran it down to just above her pelvic bone and held it there. He knew it would vibrate across her pelvis and she soon began to squirm.

“You are such a tease,” she said.

“Yes, yes I am,” he said and dipped the vibrator lower.

“Oh. Oh that feels good,” she said.

He grabbed the plectrum and traced her skin with one hand while working the vibrator with the other. It was interesting watching her gasp and twitch. “How are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m… um… ah… um…” she tried to speak, but the orgasm was building faster than she expected.

“Oh good. No speech, it must feel good,” he said and intensified his efforts with the vibrator.

She just nodded. The orgasm was warping through her. She felt him move between her legs as the vibrator decreased in intensity. She took a deep breath and then he ramped up the use of the vibrator again. This time he concentrated on her clit. While he did that, he slipped between her legs and guided in his cock. She was sopping wet.

“Oh!” she gasped.

He kept the vibrator in place, which was vibrating him as well. “That’s interesting,” he thought. “Didn’t think I’d like the vibration,” he smiled as the feelings transferred through the skin and muscle.

He felt his own orgasm building rapidly. He moved the vibrator off to one side and grabbed her hips. It had been too long since the last time they’d played.

“Uuuuhhhhhh,” he moaned.

She arched in orgasm, feeling it radiate out to her fingertips. “Oh..ohohohohggod,” she moaned as she came.

“Uh!uhhhhh,” he groaned, joining her in orgasm. The two of them went stiff with pleasure and then crumpled to the bed. After a moment, the only noise in the room was the buzz of Tux forgotten on the edge of the bed.

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