More Than Just a Fairy Tale, part 10

Many thanks to my friend Greg for the tips on poodle massage!

Meg woke up warm. Way too warm. She tried to throw off the covers and couldn’t. Couldn’t move. Too hot, too sweaty, and now too frustrated to go back to sleep. She looked around and saw that Luc was fully shifted. He was part of the reason she was too hot. Then she saw what he was curled around. Joe and Sara. They had obviously crawled in bed during the night, and Luc hit shepherd mode. They’d talked about the whole ‘protection mode’ that Luc and others went into, and Meg had called him a shepherd. It fit.

Slowly, she wiggled free of Luc and the bedding and headed to the bathroom to shower and dress. By the time she returned to the bedroom, two sets of little eyes were peeking over Luc’s haunches.

“Morning Joe. Morning Sara,” she said quietly.

“Mownin,” said Joe.

“Gu mownin,” yawned Sara.

“I was surprised to see you in here this morning,” said Meg trying to figure out what had prompted the move.

“We’s hurd somfin squeem like a gurl in da middle of da night,” said Sara.

“An Sawa said wes gots to come sweep wif Unky Luc da woff when we heers squeams,” said Joe.

Meg managed to smile, because she knew what the “squeems like a gurl” had been. “You two were very smart to come sleep with us and be safe,” she said. “Now what do you want for breakfast?” she asked hoping it wasn’t peanut butter.

“Wafuls an eggs an apull socks,” said Joe.

“Eggs an bacon an wafuls,” said Sara.

“Okay, but what is a pull socks?” asked Meg.

“You knowd! Apuls, you cook em and squish em and frow sugar an stuff in em,” said Sara.

Meg was still puzzled and trying to figure things out when Luc came up behind her.

“Apple sauce,” he said.

“Yeahhhhhh!!!” the two little ones cried together.

“Oh,” said Meg, as the words finally made sense. “I think we can do that,” she said and headed for the fridge.

Forty-five minutes later, the two little ones were full and sitting in front of Luc’s TV. Meg pulled him into the kitchen out of earshot. “By the way, next time we have company, we must shut the doors and no screaming,” she said.

“Huh?” Luc asked a bit confused.

“We had Sara and Joe in with us because ‘some one was squeemin like a gurl’ in the middle of the night and they got scared,” she said complete with Sara’s accent.

“Squeemin like a gurl? That must have been you,” he said while the red blush crept up his neck.

“No, I think it was you… I stuffed my fist in my mouth if you remember correctly,” Meg said.

“Oh,” Luc answered turning a bright shade of red.

“I love it when you blush,” she said and started on the dishes.

Duke picked Sara and Joe up about two hours later. The kids were happy to see their dad, but didn’t want to leave Luc’s.

“Buh Daddy, we likes Unky Woffy Luc,” said Sara. Joe nodded behind her.

“Well, it would be nice if you could stay, but if you come home with me, you can see Bitty, and Isolde and then maybe you can come back another day,” Duke tried to negotiate.

“Buh Daddy, we likes Mweg too, even if she isn’ a woofy,” said Joe.

Meg smiled. Duke laughed. “You realize you’re in trouble don’t you?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” she countered.

“Well, once you go furry, you never go back. Not just because of the great times in bed, but how will you ever be able to look at faces like this and say no?” Duke said as he pointed at the kids. On cue, the two of them shot Meg big puppy eyes. “Besides, I think it’s too late anyway,” he said. He then turned and started to gather up the kids and their possessions. A minute later, he was out the door.

Meg turned to Luc with questions all over her mind. “What the hell did he mean by that?” she asked.

“I’m not sure,” said Luc. “I’ll call him later and see if he’ll tell me.”

“Okay, because he sounded sorta sad when he said it,” she said.

“Who knows. Maybe he’s just not dealing well with the separation from Penny,” Luc said. “Oh! Almost forgot. Ginny will take the shop today, and said if we wanted to run away from home, she’d be okay with that.”

“Run away, like go camping?” asked Meg.

“Yeah,” said Luc.

“What’s your problem then? Why isn’t the car packed?” she said heading off to the bedroom. She realized that Luc hadn’t followed her. “Luc, come on!” she called. When he didn’t answer, she walked out to the living room where he was getting a few items off his desk.

“I thought you wanted to go camping?” she said.

“I do,” he replied.

“Then why aren’t we getting the gear ready?” she asked.

“Because 90% of it is already in the car. Only thing we need is your pack and the cooler off the front porch,” he said smugly.

“You bastard!” she said laughing as she ran back to the bedroom to get her clothes.

The hike up to the camping spot was gentle. Meg hadn’t been up in this mountain range before. Luc knew it well, and he led them to a secluded camping spot next to a small mountain lake. They set up the tent and were cooking steaks before the sun set.

“Oh I have missed this,” she said.

“It hasn’t been that long,” countered Luc.

“It has! Over two months, and the last time I got scared half to death, nearly drown and ended up with a new boyfriend,” she said trying to sound exasperated.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Luc said.

“Well, a little of it was. The nearly drowning part,” she said.

“Oh good! Here I was afraid that it was the new boyfriend bit that terrified you,” he said jokingly.

“Nah, The unbelievable part though was the sex,” she said mischieviously.

“The sex? What was unbelievable about the sex?” he asked.

“How good it was!” she laughed.

“Oh? Well then, after dinner, I will just have to prove to you it wasn’t a fluke,” he said with false indignation.

They laughed.

After dinner, Luc spread out the sleeping bags outside the tent so that they could watch the meteor showers. The Perseid Showers were this week, and Luc was glad to be up above the city lights. They laid there watching the meteors streak across the sky. At one point they were falling so fast that it was hard to point them out individually.

He rolled over and started kissing her neck. Meg giggled. Then Luc traced his fingertips down her sides. Meg rolled towards him and totally forgot about the meteors.

“Oh! I almost forgot, I learned some interesting massage techniques while I was waiting for a client the other day,” she said.

“Ah, and what might these new techniques be?” Luc asked.

“Well, originally, these were directions on how to make a standard poodle moan. However, Ginny and I decided that they would work well on shifters too,” Meg said.

Luc gave her a glare even though she couldn’t see it in the dark. “I’m not a standard poodle,” he said.

“No, but let’s see if it works,” she said.

“Fine,” he sighed.

Meg straddled Luc’s lap and then leaned forward putting her fingers on the back of his ears and thumbs just inside. She then proceeded to rub lightly in small circles.

Luc tried to hold still. He felt the shiver run down his spine as she increased the gentle touches.

“Oh. God,” was all he could say.

Meg smiled. She then extended her hands to cover his ears as well as the eyebrow ridges. Sort of a Spock mind meld looking hand movement. She was caressing the sinus points and Luc was melting.

“You can do that all day long,” he said.

Meg was really pleased this was working. She slowly stopped the face massage. Then she moved down a bit and lifted up his teeshirt. She started rubbing large circles on his stomach, with just enough force to make good fingertip contact.

Luc tried to keep still, but his leg started to twitch. He also felt himself start to shift. He swallowed hard to keep from drooling. Noting the effect this was having, Meg smiled to herself and knelt off to one side. Pulling his knee up and then dropping his leg to one side, she started tickling his inner thigh, right were the leg joins the body.

“Meg,” Luc started to moan. His body responded not only with partial shifting, but with a hard on that threatened to break his zipper. Meg kept going, and then switched to the other thigh. By this point, Luc had had enough. He started peeling Meg out of her clothes and dropping his at the same time. Meg was laughing, and not helping him. Instead, she kept hitting the same spots as best she could.

“Youh, arr suhch a thheeze,” he groaned. His jaw always shifted too fast and he felt like Scooby Doo.

“Yes, and I’m glad to know that poodles and werewolves have something in common,” she said as he started to lick his way down her belly.


“A little massage makes for a very happy canine,” she said.

“Ha! Shohw Youh!” he said, and preceded to lick her crotch with his tongue. He flicked her clit and put his thumbs in the soft spot where her hips met her body. It was Meg’s turn to moan. Luc moved his thumbs up and down her crotch, finally dipping his thumbs into her pussy. Meg arched her hips as he continued to tongue her clit and use his fingers to play with her.

“Luuc, pleazzze,” she groaned. She was sopping wet, and he worked two and then three fingers deep into her pussy, Shifting ever so slightly, he tickled her g-spots and the end of her cervix. This caused her to come very fast and hard. The orgasm whipped through her and she nearly curled around his hand, the muscles clamping hard.

“Oggggohds, Ohohohohohohoooooo,” she cried. Her body shuddered as he brought her again and again.

“Nohw whu’s skkueemin’ a gurl?” he asked.

“Me! Oggghoods, ogodds, ohhh,…” Meg moaned.

Luc smiled and in a quick motion removed his fingers and slid his cock all the way in. He grabbed her hips and worked a fast rhythm of long strokes that brought the tip of his cock to her cervix. Meg moaned, orgasmed again and wrapped her legs around Luc tightly as she came hard. Luc faltered for a second and then resumed the rhythm and stroked deep. It felt so good. He felt Meg about to peak to another orgasm when his own began to roar up through his body.

“Arrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhh,” he growled as the orgasm smashed through him. He felt like he’d come buckets. Meg had joined him in orgasm, and she was stiff with pleasure and then slowly melted back to the blankets.

“Oh my,” she said in a whisper.

Luc smiled and after disengaging, slowly lay down beside her. They pulled the sleeping bags up around them and fell asleep watching the meteor showers. “Noht puudle, wolf! Worhk gud. Like Soft One play,” he thought as he drifted off to sleep. As he did, he shifted fully and wrapped himself around her.

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