More Than Just A Fairy Tale, Part 16


Meg wrapped her arm around Luc as they headed back into the house. He had put on a good show when Ginny and the kids were leaving. He slumped against her once they were out of sight.

“Meg, this being wiped out after ten minutes on my feet sucks,” he said.

“I noticed. Let’s get you back to bed,” she said. “Then I’ll show you what I bought.”

“Okay, and can I have a cup of tea? I’ll share the last of the peanut butter cookies with you,” he promised.

“Sounds good, but get in that bed,” she said as she headed to the kitchen.

Luc got into bed and tried to adjust the pillows. He leaned back only to have the bed erupt in ‘baaaa, Beeeh, baaa, Beeeh’ noises as he squished the sheep that Sara and Joe had brought him. He started to giggle.

Meg could hear the noise in the kitchen and giggled. That sheep was a riot. She was looking forward to when he shifted again and the wolf got to play with that toy. She got the tea ready and headed for the bedroom. She handed Luc his tea, set her own down on the nightstand and went to get her bags. Ginny had hidden them when they came in the house earlier.

“Hell, I thought you bought out the town with the groceries. I didn’t see those bags,” he said as Meg sat down on the bed.

“You weren’t meant to see them,” she said. She reached into the first bag and pulled out the teeshirt that Ginny had bought him. “Here is your prezzie, as Sara would say,” she said and handed it to him.

Luc took it and read the front. “Never moon a werewolf?” he said.

Meg smiled. “You should have seen the one she got.”

“Oh, what did it say?” he asked.

“It said, Forget Princess, I want to be a werewolf!” she said. Reaching into the bag again, she pulled out her shirt. “And I got this one,” she said showing him the shirt that said, ‘I date werewolves’.

Luc started laughing. He fell to one side and the bed started to ‘baaaa, Beeeeh, baaa, Beeeeh’ again. That started both of them laughing.

Once Meg caught her breath, she then pulled out the silk nightie in the style of a flannel shirt.

“Hmm… I look forward to seeing that on you,” he said.

“Well, what about these?” she said and held up the three bra and pantie sets.

“Damn woman, you’re going to kill me before I get a chance to heal,” he gasped.

Meg laughed and noticed that her little show and tell had given him an erection. “I’m glad you approve of my selections,” she said as she tossed them across his lap.

“You are so mean,” he said.

“Well, I got some boring stuff too. Jeans, and a flannel shirt for you and some other bits and pieces,” she said as she took stuff out of the bags and dropped them on the bed.

Luc looked at all the stuff and wondered how she and Ginny had managed to do so much in the three or four hours of shopping. “Wow,” is all he could say.

“I did get one other thing,” she said softly.

“Oh?” he asked. “ Wonder what she’s being hesitant about,” he thought.

“Yes, I got something you might like,” she said and pulled the tissue wrapped box out of the last bag.

Luc looked at the package and he took it from her hand. It was heavy. “May I?” he asked.

Meg nodded.

Luc unwrapped it and when he saw the box, he knew what was inside. He opened the box and blinked when he saw the clasp at the end of the chain. He picked it up and it flowed like water in his hand.

“Meg, you didn’t …” he started.

“Yes, I did. I looked at all the boring ones and then Andrew showed us that chain. Then he showed us the buckle he made just for you to go on the end of it. He’s the one who silvered the claw too,” she said.

“I love you,” he said. “You really must have impressed Andrew. Otherwise, he’d never have shared one of his creations with you”

“That’s what Ginny said. He even did some sort of blessing when I paid for it,” she said.

“Wow, I guess we better invite him to dinner when we plan things out,” said Luc.

“Definitely. Ginny wouldn’t settle for anything less than a dinner party,” said Meg. She took the chain from him and put it around his neck. It lay across the scar and down onto his chest. Then she kissed him.

Luc wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. Slowly they fell to the side. The pillows under them began to make a very familiar ‘baaaaa…Beeeeh, baaaa…. Beeeeh’ sound. To say that it broke the mood was an understatement. Both of them giggled as they untangled their arms and sat back up.

“I am putting the sheep on the dresser,” said Meg.

“Thanks. I know the kids were trying to be kind, but the whole ‘baaa, beeeh’ thing gets old after a while,” said Luc.

Meg nodded. After she put the sheep on the dresser, she gathered the new clothes up and put them in the laundry. Then she came back and sat on the bed. Her tea had gotten cold, but she drank it.

“You tired enough to want to go to sleep?” she asked.

“I was thinking a movie would be nice,” he said. Sex would be wonderful, especially in that little nightie, but I just hurt too damn much,” he thought.

“How about Ironman 2?” she asked.

“That would be great, but we don’t have it,” said Luc.

“Yes we do. I got a copy today,” she said as she pulled it out of the last bag.

“What’s taking you so long to load the movie then,” he said with a smile.

Meg laughed and shredded the shrink wrap and then got the movie into the DVD player. She grabbed the remote control and crawled into bed next to Luc. As she leaned back, she paused for a moment. When the pillows didn’t baaa, she settled down and turned on the movie.

3 thoughts on “More Than Just A Fairy Tale, Part 16

  1. By the way, the sheep is real. It resides on the bookshelf in the bedroom. My dear partner is from Montana, and we just can’t resist sheep jokes. 🙂

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