More Than Just A Fairy Tale, part 17

Friday rolled around and Luc was getting restless. He had almost full range of motion and was down to aspirin for pain. The only thing he hadn’t done was shift. Jeff had told him he had to stay home until he could shift. He’d tried, but the pain kept him from being able to shift. Dammit!”

Pacing up and down the living room, he waited for Meg to get back from work. She had gone into work on Wednesday. Ginny said she needed the help and Meg had a client to visit this morning. He heard a car pull up and looked out the window. It was Kevin. “What the hell is he doing here?” Luc wondered as he opened the door.

“Hi Kevin,” said Luc.

“Sorry to bother you Luc, I know you’re suppose to be resting, but…” was as far as he got.

“Come inside before you tell me your woes. I think I will need to sit down for this,” Luc said. The two of them sat down in the living room. Kevin pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket. It was a list.

“Luc, Duke is driving everyone crazy. He’s contradicting things you have set up, fought with Ginny, pissed most of us off, and today he started hollering at Meg,” Kevin said. He hadn’t wanted to mention the last bit, but knew he needed to do so.

“What the hell has crawled up his ass?” asked Luc, trying not to growl. His neck started to pull as he tensed.

“Not certain, but I think he decided that if you hadn’t started dating Meg, you wouldn’t have gotten mauled by the bear and therefore Alpha Wolf Tech wouldn’t be in chaos right now,” Kevin said. “This is a list of the stuff he’s been saying or doing that is pissing the rest of us right off.” Kevin handed the list over to Luc.

Luc took the list and read it. He nodded over some of it, like he expected it while other bits made him growl under his breath. “I take it that Duke is transferring all of his anger about Penny onto Meg,” he said quietly.

“Yes. Ginny ripped him about it today. When Meg showed up, he went off on her and while she stood up well to it, we got in there as fast as we could. He was beginning to shift and Ginny hit him in the ear with the canned air,” said Kevin.

“Canned air in his ear?” asked Luc trying to figure out how that would stop Duke.

“Yeah, believe me, she’s deadly with that damn stuff. Blasted him right in the ear canal and nearly gave him frostbite. Couldn’t hear out of it for over an hour,” said Kevin.

“Hmm,… I’ll have to remember that for later,” said Luc.

“Once Ginny got his attention, she hauled him out of the office, took his keys and told him to go pick a fight somewhere else far away from work, town and even the county,” said Kevin.

“So why are you here if Ginny took care of him?” asked Luc.

“We both figured that Duke would show up here. We wanted you to have both sides of the story, knowing full well that Duke wouldn’t provide it. Plus, the last thing I wanted him to do was ambush Meg after work. You’re in no fit shape to protect her. Ginny said you haven’t shifted again yet, so I decided to take first watch,” Kevin said.

“When is Meg due home?” asked Luc looking up at the clock.

“Ginny was going to keep her there until I had time to come talk to you,” answered Kevin. “Peter from the warehouse was going to follow her home.”

“Okay, I’m not happy about this,” said Luc.

“I knew you wouldn’t be, which is another reason I’m here,” said Kevin.

“You are about the most neutral shifter at work, aren’t you,” said Luc.

“Yeah… me, the beta,” Kevin said with a bit of disdain.

“Hey, not everyone can be an alpha,” said Luc. “Hell, I’m glad I don’t have to deal with issues at work, because you are there. You’re dominant enough when needed, and I appreciate that too,” said Luc.

Kevin just sighed and fell back against the couch cushion. He wasn’t sure which he hated most, politics or pack issues. Either way, they drove him crazy. His cell phone chirped. Opening his phone, he read the text message, replied and sent it. “Ginny just asked if we’d had time to talk. I told her we had and she’s sending Meg home,” he said.

“Okay, I think I’m going to get dressed. If this is headed where I think it is, there are going to be too many people here to be sitting around in my sleep pants,” said Luc.

“I agree. I had hoped we’d avoid this, but Duke is such a loose cannon lately,” said Kevin.

“Be honest, when hasn’t he been a loose cannon?” asked Luc.

“When he was actually in bed with Penny screwing like coyotes?” said Kevin.

Luc smiled, nodded and headed for the bedroom. He got dressed slowly and carefully. Duke was being a right pain. While very beta when all was well and right in accordance to his universe, Duke tried to be an alpha in all the wrong ways when things were chaotic. Like now. That list Kevin had brought wasn’t bad. For the most part, the bits that Duke was complaining about were things he never dealt with in any way shape or form. The unfamiliarity with the business was Duke’s downfall. Duke didn’t know that Ginny handled all the dispatching as well as ran the front office. Nor did he understand that Peter ran the warehouse and Kevin managed shipping and receiving with Peter. Somehow, Duke had gotten it in his head that Luc did all of this, and that the interplay of people was in fact chaotic. Luc knew from the IM chats and other bits of information from Ginny that things were really rather quiet. The only real chaos was Duke interfering.

Luc walked back out into the living room to find Kevin watching out the front windows. He walked up behind him and put a hand on his shoulder.

“How soon until Meg should be here?” Luc asked.

“In a few minutes. I figure that if Duke was heading this way, he’d get here early,” said Kevin.

“I agree. At least I don’t have too many shrubs or trees to hide behind,” said Luc as they stood there waiting.

“No, that is a good thing. No parking garage either. Is that her car pulling up?” Kevin asked.

“Yes,” said Luc as he looked out. “I’m going to go out to meet her. This way the door will be open and you can be ready too.”

“Okay, I’m not exactly comfortable with this, but it will work,” said Kevin.

Luc nodded and slowly walked out to meet the Neon as it pulled up in the drive way. He waved at Meg, and she waved back. Looking around, he didn’t see anything. So far, so good.

Meg was curious as to why Luc was outside. She was about to ask him why when he opened the door.

“Meg, come into the house as quickly as possible,” he said quietly. There was a sub-vocal quality to his voice that Meg noted.

“Okay Luc. Let me grab my bag and we will get inside and you can explain this,” she said. She reached over and grabbed her laptop bag and stood up out of the car. She heard a noise behind her and tried to turn.

“Watch out!” Kevin hollered from the doorway. He was out and moving as fast as he could towards the car.

Meg felt the car slammed into her and the scrape of claws on metal. Then she felt Luc shove her back inside the Neon and slam the door. The top of her car started to cave in with the weight of whatever had attacked them. There was a thump, and then what looked like a large dog slid off the side of her neon. Watching from the inside, she saw Kevin tackle the sandy colored animal. Meg realized a second later that it was a wolf. Kevin didn’t shift, but he and the wolf were locked in battle. The wolf grabbed at his ribs and bit. Kevin grabbed the wolf by the ears with one hand and thumped it around the snout and jaws with the other. The wolf let go and went for Kevin’s hand that hit him. Kevin delivered another punch to the wolf’s skull right between the eyes. The wolf was stunned for a moment and then lunged for Kevin’s throat. Kevin blocked the attack with his fist. By this time the wolf was trying to squirm away from the hold Kevin had around it’s middle. Peter from work appeared from the other side and waded into the fight.

Meg looked to where Luc had been a minute ago and saw his body pressed up against the door. Good! At least he has the brains to stay out of this fight!” she thought. Looking back at the fight, she saw Peter pull a thick baton from his back pocket and hit the wolf. The wolf went limp, and collapsed on top of Kevin.

“Stay put,” said Luc as he walked away from the car door towards the limp form of the wolf and the two men. She didn’t move.

Luc helped Peter heave the wolf off of Kevin. There were some bites and his shirt was torn, but he didn’t look too bad. Peter grabbed the wolf by the scruff of the neck and started dragging him to the back of the house. Luc helped Kevin to the door of the house and then came to get Meg. He opened the door and held out a scuffed and bloodied hand to Meg. She took it and they moved quickly into the house.

“Who in the hell was that?” she asked once they were inside and the door was closed. She was shaking with adrenaline and noticed that Luc was going very pale. “Luc, sit down,” she said, all concern transferred to him.

“I’ll be okay. Go see to Kevin. He’s in the bathroom,” he said as he reached for his phone.

Meg nodded and headed to the bathroom. When she got there, Kevin had the remains of his shirt off and was trying to mop up the blood with a wet washrag.

“Here, let me help,” she said. He nodded and she took the washrag from him and started to clean up the deep gash on his side. The teeth grazed over the ribs before biting into the softer flesh near his stomach. It wasn’t bad, just bloody. She rinsed the washrag and repeated the process over his other scrapes and bites. His hands and arms were covered in scratches and teethmarks.

“Ow!” hissed Kevin as she worked on one deep bite.

“Sorry,” said Meg and tried to be more gentle. There was a flap of skin that tore and no way to clean it gently. It was just an ugly bite. She finished and looked into the medicine cabinet. Nothing. Then she remembered, the box under the sink. Meg pulled Luc’s first aide kit out from under the sink and found what she needed. She remembered how fast they healed, but still, some of those bite marks were going to hurt for a few days.

“I’ve got the antiseptic to put on these bites and then I’ll bandage the bigger ones,” Meg said to Kevin.

“Fine,” hissed Kevin. “Just hurry up and finish before I loose any more blood.”

“Hey, I got most the bleeding stopped,” she said. “Besides, once I get you cleaned up, I have Luc and Peter to see to.”

“Shit, “ Kevin said with an intake of breath as the antiseptic cream stung. “Didn’t think Luc got hurt,” he said through clenched teeth.

“He hurt his hand from what I could tell. Don’t know if he caught it in the door or what,” Meg said as she wiped her hands off and started to apply bandages. She tried to be gentle, but knew that it hurt Kevin. “Who attacked?” she asked.

“That was Duke,” Kevin said as he watched Meg wrap his ribs with sport tape over the bandages. He winced as she snugged it up. “Careful, I think I cracked a rib or two.”

“Probably, considering the way you landed and rolled about,” said Meg. She stood up having finished with the sports tape. Kevin looked a bit chagrined with bright pink sports tape wrapped around his ribs. She smiled. “Now let’s see how the others are and I want some explanations,” she said walking out with a fresh washrag and the first aide kit.

They found Luc and Peter in the living room. Duke was nowhere to be seen, so Meg figured that he must be locked up somewhere out of sight. At this point, she really didn’t care. Peter was cradling his hand and an arm. She didn’t see any gaping wound, but she knelt beside him first. She knew that if Luc was badly hurt, Peter would have said something.

“Okay, what’s wrong?” she asked Peter.

“I think I dislocated my shoulder when I threw Duke in the cage,” he said. His voice was thready with pain. “He woke up and got aggressive,” he gasped.

“Um, I don’t know how to put a shoulder back in,” Meg said. “Should we call Jeff?”

“Already have,” said Luc. “He’s on his way as well as Ginny and about half the family,” he finished. Luc didn’t sound happy.

“And how is your hand?” Meg asked.

“Just scratched from punching Duke in the nose,” Luc said and held up his hand. It was already scabbing over.

Meg nodded and wiped at it with the washrag since there was nothing she could do for Peter. When she was done, she took the kit back to the bathroom. She heard the door open as she turned back to the living room. Jeff walked in followed by a few people she didn’t know. Ginny was the last one in and closed the door. Jeff went straight to Peter and started working on his shoulder. Ginny walked over to where Kevin and Luc were sitting.

“Where is he?” she asked.

“On the back porch,” said Luc. He pointed towards the back of the house even though he knew she was familiar with the house.

Ginny nodded and two of the men followed her. As she got close to Meg, she stopped. “Are you okay?” she asked.

Meg nodded. “Just confused and coming down off the adrenaline rush,” she said.

“Get some food for you and the guys. I’ll start some coffee when I’m done with numb nuts,” she said with sub-vocals coloring her tone. Ginny was pissed.

Meg nodded and proceeded to grab crackers, and cookies out of the cupboard. She went into the living room and handed out snacks. Kevin took a handful of crackers and Luc snagged a couple of maple cookies. She put the rest down on the table and then went to answer the door. There were more people at the door that she didn’t know.

“Hello?” she said looking at a tall man.

“Hi, I’m Sandy. You must be Luc’s mate,” he said and held out his hand.

“Yes, I am,” said Meg still confused.

“My son here will answer the door for you,” he said before she could say anything. A smaller version of Sandy stepped in behind him and smiled up at Meg. “Let’s go see Luc,” Sandy said and prompted Meg to head into the living room.

Meg went in and sat down next to Luc. Sandy followed, said hello and then seated himself next to Peter who had his arm wrapped mummy style against his chest. Jeff was checking her handy work on Kevin in another corner of the room.

“Are you okay?” Luc asked quietly.

“Yes, just a little shell shocked and confused. What the hell happened? Why did Duke attack us?” she asked.

“He attacked you,” said Luc. “I think he just lost it, but we will find out in a few minutes.”

“Okay, so what’s with all the people?” she asked next as she cuddled next to Luc.

“This is family and pack business. Everyone here is related to either Ginny, Duke or me,” Luc said. “Guess you could call it a trial. I’ll explain in more detail later.”

“Oh,” said Meg. She looked around the room at the people packing into the 12 x 15 space. Some moved chairs or tables out of the way. She found herself thinking that it was a good thing Luc didn’t have much in the way of living room furniture. There must be thirty-five or forty people in here by now. Meg realized that there were family resemblances in the crowd. Some had the dark brown hair that matched Luc’s. Others looked more like Ginny. Just when she thought that there wasn’t room for one more person, Sandy’s son came into the room and found his dad. He whispered something in his ear and then sat at his dad’s feet.

“We’re all here Luc,” said Sandy.

“Alright. Inside or outside?” Luc asked looking around at the people gathered in his living room.

“Not sure,” said Sandy. “Lots of injured people and I’m not sure Duke will behave himself inside.”

People nodded and murmured in agreement. Luc took a deep breath and gaged how he felt. Looking at Peter and Kevin, they nodded. Luc stood up slowly and headed towards the back porch where Peter had locked Duke up in the kennel he’d used for his husky a long time ago. Meg wrapped her arm around his waist. She knew he was too proud to let anyone else support him. Instead, it looked as if he was protecting her. The rest of the people followed Luc out to the back yard.

Sandy’s son ran around and out the back door first. When Luc reached the back porch, he saw that the boy had found lawn chairs for the injured. Luc sat down gratefully. Looking across the patio, he could see Duke passing back and forth in the cage. When he saw the people filing out of the house, he snarled.

“Who will speak for Duke?” Luc asked. He looked around and saw that most of the people were not making eye contact with him. This wasn’t looking good. Ginny looked at him and shook her head no. Finally, one of the cousins stood up.

“Don’t really want to, but I know it needs done,” said the cousin. The cousin and Jeff went to talk to Duke.

Luc nodded. He shifted in the chair, and realized that there was no comfortable position. He looked around and saw that everyone was watching him. “This afternoon, Duke attempted to attack Meg. This was after he tried to pick a fight with her at work. Over the last few weeks, he has fluctuated between being nice, ignoring Meg and being downright aggressive towards her. His list of complaints included loss of revenue, chaos in the office and general disorganization caused by her presence. He further stated that if she wasn’t around, I wouldn’t have been injured and that Alpha Wolf Technologies would not be in chaos. He complained to Kevin and Ginny,” he said. Luc took a deep breath and tried to ease the ache in his shoulder.

“Duke should have come to me with his complaints. He didn’t, even though I saw him frequently when he delivered papers from the office. He had ample time to as questions, or discuss issues with me. He chose not to. It is true that the business has been a bit short handed and for the first day or two after the attack, life was hectic. However, there has never been the chaos that Duke chose to see other than in his own mind or caused by his own hand,” said Luc. He looked out over the group gathered. Most were nodding their heads in agreement. No one disagreed.

“It is true that I was injured while out with Meg. However, it might have happened regardless of who I was with. The important bit is that Meg had the presence of mind to take matters into her own hands and get me safely to help. Without her, I would be dead,” he said as he took Meg’s hand in his own. “The real issue that I see is that Meg is human. I believe that Duke is transferring his frustrations and anger over the situation with his wife Penny onto Meg. His attack of my mate breaks our rules. Does anyone want to speak?” Luc asked.

A hand went up in the back of the crowd. Luc nodded and gestured for the man to step forward.

“Are you two really mated? Or is this a last minute thing?” he asked.

“We were waiting for me to finish healing before we made the big announcement and invited everyone for dinner, but we are mated,” Luc said and pulled the chain out from under his shirt. He knew that Meg’s was visible to most of the people.

“Oh, Okay. Good enough. Let me know when it is,” said the man as he stepped back into the crowd.

“Luc, we all know he’s crazy as a loon. Whacha gonna do?” asked another man.

“You know the rules,” said Sandy before Luc could answer. There were more murmurs and nods across the room.

“Duke is my brother. I know him best of all, and he’s gone over the edge,” said Ginny stepping to the front of the crowd. “We are all sorry that his marriage went off, but it isn’t news to any of us. The events of Bitty’s coming of age were just a repeat of history. Duke and Penny are both coyote crazy. Right now I’m doing my best to hold those children together and give them some kind of life. However, he had no right attacking Meg,” she growled sub-vocally. A shudder went through the people.

The cousin and Jeff walked back over to the group of people. Behind them, the wolf was pacing the length of the dog run. The two men stopped in front of Luc.

“Luc, I’ve checked him out as best as I could. No one’s home,” said Jeff. The sadness in his voice hushed the low chatter.

“It’s how I see it too,” said the cousin. “He wouldn’t talk. Just growled and slobbered like a dog with rabies. I can’t defend someone who won’t help himself. Sorry Ginny,” he said turning to her.

Ginny nodded. She went to stand next to Luc and turned to face the crowd. “Way I see it, Duke needs to be put in the care of Jeff here up in the mountains. Maybe he’ll come to his senses, maybe he won’t. At least up there, he won’t hurt anyone else,” she said with a heavy heart.

Luc stood up slowly and wrapped his arms around Ginny. He hugged her and then turned back to the rest of the people. “Jeff, will you take charge of Duke?” Luc asked.

“Yes, I will take responsibility for Duke,” said Jeff.

“Ginny, will you take charge of the children?” asked Luc.

“Yes, I will take responsibility of the children,” said Ginny.

“Does anyone wish to challenge me?” Luc asked.

Meg was trying to follow this and had figured out the ‘trial’ part of what had gone on. This last bit confused her. Luc was going to have lots of explaining to do afterwards. She looked around at the people present and watched as a huge man stepped forward.

“Luc,” said the huge man.

“George,” answered Luc.

“Anyone wants to challenge you will have to go through me first,” said George who scanned the crowd as he talked. No one said a word.

“Thank you George,” said Luc. He breathed a sigh of relief and then taking Meg’s hand in his, he addressed the crowd once more. “For the records keepers, gossips and anyone who just might be curious, Margaret Stewart, is our mate.” There, now it’s official,” he thought.

Meg looked up at Luc and then out at the crowd. There were smiles and then the sound of people clapping hands. “oh geeze! I think I just got married. Too late to back out now,” she thought as a smile played across her face. She wasn’t sure of the protocol, but she reached up to Luc and kissed him. Luc took her in his arms and kissed her. Whistles, clapping and a howl or two erupted from the crowd. Next thing she knew, there were people clasping her hand, patting her on the back, introducing themselves and in general welcoming her to the family.

Luc bent down to Meg’s ear after a few minutes. “Get me back in the house. I’m about to collapse,” he whispered.

Meg nodded. She thought about things for all of two seconds and then looked for Sandy. She didn’t know him, but Luc seemed to respect him. “Sandy, would you give me a hand please?” she asked.

Sandy turned around and saw that Meg was helping Luc stand. He could see and smell that Luc had over extended himself. “Sure Meg,” he said and moved to Luc’s other side. Between the two of them, they got Luc into the house and on the couch. “Should have seen he was wiped out,” he said softly to Meg. “Anything else I can do?”

“Um, yeah. I have no idea of any of the protocol. Ginny is busy with Jeff and Duke. Help?” she said.

“No problem. You just sit next to Luc and soak up the handshakes. I’ll take care of this,” Sandy said and began to talk to various people in the crowd. Soon there were three women heading to the kitchen and two men along with Sandy began to clear the dining room table. People were coming and going with bags and boxes. Meg watched with fascination as Sandy took over like the head chef in a hotel kitchen.

Luc sat and tried to keep from passing out. He was starving, exhausted and overwhelmed by all the people in his house. Peter and Kevin didn’t look much better. The three of them were enthroned in chairs or on the couch. He thought of asking Meg to help him to bed, but there were so many people coming up to congratulate them on their mating or to offer condolences over the attack, that all he could do was breathe, shake hands and nod.

Sandy moved to the middle of the room and called for everyone’s attention. “There is food on the table! Come and eat!” he said in a voice that didn’t need sub-vocals. Then he turned and took plates from one of the women who had disappeared into the kitchen earlier. He walked over to Luc and handed plates to him and Meg. “Sorry this turned into such a circus, but look at it this way, you’ve gotten the majority of the people taken care of when it comes to the dinner,” Sandy said and winked at Luc.

Luc smiled weakly. Leave it to Sandy to see the good side of a horrid situation. He dug into the food. Sandy brought plates to Peter and Kevin as well. In a matter of a few minutes, everyone still there was eating. When Sandy brought dessert, Luc realized that the crowd was finally thinning. Sandy must be funneling them out the back door. Luc was grateful. He’d owe Sandy one hell of a favor. George too.

Luc went to put his coffee cup on the table and realized that he could barely move. He’d stiffened up. “Meg,” he said trying to get her attention softly.

“Yes Luc?” she asked.

“I need to get to bed, but I don’t know if I can stand,” he admitted.

Meg nodded and looked around for Ginny, Sandy or Jeff. There weren’t too many people left, but she didn’t know any of those in sight. “Just a second Luc. I think we’re going to have company for the night too,” she said pointing at Peter and Kevin who had both fallen asleep.

Luc smiled. He handed his cup to Meg as she headed to the kitchen. In the kitchen, she found Sandy talking to George. She walked up to them and waited for a break in conversation.

“What can I do for you Meg?” asked Sandy.

“I need to get Luc to bed, and Peter and Kevin have passed out in their chairs. I’d like to get them all horizontal, but I can’t do it by myself,” she said.

Sandy and George smiled. “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of them. Just show us where to put them,” said George.

Meg smiled and turned back towards the living room. George had a voice that sounded like he always spoke in sub-vocals. Deep and rumbley. She went and opened the guest room door and then turned on the light. Meanwhile, George had picked up Kevin like he was three. He was at the door before Meg could turn the bed down.

“Just put him here,” she said. “I can’t believe he’s so heavily asleep.”

“Between the pain killers Jeff gave him and healing trance, I’m not surprised,” George said.

“Healing trance?” asked Meg thinking she vaguely remembered Luc talking about it.

“Yeah, we go to sleep, heat up and heal. Works great for minor things. Makes the human doctors think we’re dead ’cause our heart rate drops so low,” he said as he put Kevin down. “I’ll put Peter on the other bed and then we’ll get Luc.”

“Okay,” Meg said and turned down the other bed. Now she understood why Luc had so much space for guests although he lived alone. First the kids, and now these two. George put Peter down who was half awake. They covered him up and turned out the lights.

Luc had fallen asleep. Meg touched him on the shoulder and gently woke him up. He blinked and saw George and Meg standing over him.

“Now, do you want carried or just helped to your bed?” asked George quietly.

“Just help me stand up,” said Luc.

Meg took the injured side and George helped Luc stand. George and Meg moved Luc through the crowd to the bedroom. Luc leaned on George while Meg fixed the blankets. Luc crawled into bed and sighed.

“Thanks for everything George,” he said.

“Don’t worry. How often do I get the chance to defend my big brother?” George said.

Luc smiled. “Yeah, not often I guess. You and Sandy were a lot of help today. Thanks,” said Luc.

Meg took in this new information with a bit of astonishment. George was a baby brother? She and Luc had lots to talk about. “I’ll be back as soon as I get the rest of the guests out the door,” she said to Luc. He nodded and curled up on the pillows.

Meg closed the door and went back to the kitchen. George, Sandy and the last of the people were in there cleaning up. “Okay, I don’t mean to sound ignorant or rude, but who is everyone? And how are you related to either Luc or Ginny?” she said to the five people in the room.

“Meg, I’m sorry, I took it for granted that you’d know at least some of us,” said Sandy.

“No, Luc and I have had a few lapses in details. Family being one of them,” she said.

“Okay, I’m Alexander Moreau. Luc is my younger brother. This imp is Jesse. He’s nine,” Sandy said as he rubbed the top of the boy’s head.

“I’m Luc’s little brother and one of a set of twins,” said George.

“There are two your size?” asked Meg.

“No, I’m a fraternal twin. Ysabel here is my other half,” said George pulling an average sized woman to his side.

“Hello,” said Ysabel holding out a hand to Meg. “Nice to meet you at last.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Meg shaking her hand.

“And I’m Marie, Ginny’s and Duke’s sister,” said a short gray haired version of Ginny.

“Nice to meet you as well. Now one more question, if no one minds,” said Meg. “Just how are the two families related?” she asked pointing from Marie to the rest of the people in the kitchen.

“Well, once upon a time, one of the great-great aunties sorta jumped the fence with one of the great-great uncles. I think our side was the aunty and Luc’s was the uncle,” started Marie. “They had three children and then he got himself shot. Hunter I think. So she went back to her family and remarried. So, if you go back far enough, we are all related. However, to be totally clear you’d have to ask the current crop of great aunties as to the how,” she finished.

Meg just blinked. Looking around the room, everyone was nodding like this was common knowledge. “Okay. That explains a bit more as to why Sara and Joe call him Unky Luc,” said Meg.

“And with that, we all need to go home and let you sleep. Plenty of time for family stories another day,” said Ysabel. She gave Meg a hug and then headed out the door. The rest of the people followed suit with George last.

“You need anything, you call,” he said and pointed to a phone number written on the dry-write board.

“I will. Good night George,” she said.

George hugged her and headed out the door. Ten seconds later and the house was silent except for the sounds of snoring coming from the bedrooms. Meg dropped her clothes to the floor and crawled into bed with Luc. It had been a very long day.



3 thoughts on “More Than Just A Fairy Tale, part 17

  1. Ohhhh! This was a good chapter. Very action-packed. I liked it. I’m not familiar with Duke’s story. Is it mentioned earlier. I kinda felt sorry for him. Glad that everything ended well and Meg was accepted by everyone.

  2. There is just bit mentioned about Duke when his daughter Bitty shifts for the first time. Plus a bit more when Luc is first hurt. Glad you are enjoying the story.

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