More Than Just A Fairy Tale part 19

The wolf licked the back of Meg’s neck. He’d wrapped himself around her and was keeping her warm. He nuzzled her neck again and inhaled her scent. Soft One, good scent,” he thought and went back to sleep.

Meg woke up. She’d been dreaming… an X-rated version of Little Red Riding Hood that was very explicit. She stretched and tried to clear the fog of the dream from her head. Luc was still in wolf form, which was probably why she’d had the dream. Sex had been oh so good last night. Meg smiled and hoped that he’d feel good enough for a repeat of that tonight.

She stretched again and the wolf began to wake up. Rather than staying in that shape, he shimmered and soon a naked Luc was next to her in bed. She pulled the covers up over the two of them.

“Good morning,” she said.

“Oh yeah,” he yawned. “Last night was great, and I slept well. You?” he asked.

“Last thing I remember is grabbing a towel and pulling up the covers,” said Meg.

“Uhuh,” Luc agreed. He had started to shift right about then and didn’t remember much at all. There were days he wished there was a better connection between his two halves.

“So, what’s on the agenda today? It’s 8 am,” said Meg.

“I don’t know about you, but I think I want to go to work,” said Luc.

“Now that’s a novel idea,” said Meg. “That should cause Ginny all kinds of tizzies and hiccups in her little universe.” Meg smiled. She knew that Luc was anxious to get back to work. The big thing was whether or not he had healed enough.

“Well, I really don’t care. If she wanted the shop, she should have taken it first time round. Let’s shower and get going. I’ve had enough of staying home,” said Luc. He got up out of bed and headed for the shower.

“I know, but then again, she didn’t expect you to get chewed by a bear,” Meg reminded him.

“I know, I’m only grousing because I have been home for so long. Let’s go to the office, and see how things go,” he said as he started the shower.

“Okay,” said Meg as she climbed in beside him and started to clean the remnants of last night off her skin.



An hour later, Luc and Meg walked into the offices of Alpha Wolf Tech. The phone was ringing and Ginny had a look on her face that would have sent clients running for the nearest storm shelter. Luc grabbed the phone and answered it.

Ginny gave Meg a look of sheer joy. She motioned Meg off towards her office. When the two women reached the office, Ginny shut the door behind them and leaned against it.

“Thank god you got here when you did. That phone has been ringing off the wall, and I needed three hands today just to keep up,” Ginny said.

“Has it been this bad the entire time Luc was down?” asked Meg. Thinking back, she didn’t remember it being that busy last week when she was in.

“No, it is like the customers knew Luc was planning on being here today. Oh, and we have three contracts waiting for outside work,” said Ginny.

“Outside work?” asked Meg.

“Trenching,” said Ginny. “All the stuff that Duke use to do and now can’t.”

“Oh shit. Who else can do the work?” asked Meg.

“Sandy, Luc and maybe a few others, but the first two are not available,” said Ginny.

Meg understood why Luc wasn’t available, but not Sandy. “Why not Sandy? Or George for that matter?” Meg asked.

“George doesn’t fit in the cab. Sandy on the other hand has work. He’s helping me with the kids and running that grocery at night,” said Ginny.

“Oh, I had completely forgotten about the kids. Are they coping okay?” asked Meg.

“Yeah, Joe and Sara asked for their dad, but he’s been gone so much of their life, that him being gone now isn’t anything new. The big issue though is that Bitty has a new boyfriend, and I don’t trust them as far as I can spit,” said Ginny.

“Oh?” asked Meg.

“Most shifters are a horny lot. Teens are worse. Two sets of biology both striving for the same thing,” said Ginny. The frustration was bleeding through.

“I never thought of that. Is she on the pill?” asked Meg.

“Like those things work! She’s had the shot and carries condoms, but still…” Ginny trailed off.

“Have you talked to her about it?” Meg asked.

“Oh yeah. Gave the lot of them the talk. Enough so that the pre-school teacher called me and asked why Sara was trying to show her classmates about ‘comdumbs’,” said Ginny.

Meg started giggling. Ginny joined in and the two of them were still laughing when Luc walked in the room after bumping Ginny off the door.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

“Sara talking to her friends at school about ‘comdumbs’ during recess,” gasped Ginny.

Luc blinked, thought and then he started to giggle as well. After a moment, they all caught their breath. Luc sat down on the edge of Meg’s desk and just shook his head.

“Condoms eh, who’s gone into heat?” he asked at last.

“Bitty, and ‘Solda isn’t far behind,” said Ginny.

“Oh, and with Duke gone,…” Luc trailed off thinking of the various ramifications. “Who’s watching the kids?”

“Sandy. He works nights and has the time to do it,” said Ginny.

Luc just shook his head. His first day at work was turning out to be more than he expected.

“Well, we have to hire someone to do trenching and some other rough out work,” he said.

“I know, three jobs at last count,” said Ginny.

“Make that five. You walked away from the desk for ten minutes,” said Luc. “Do we have anyone in the family capable?”

Ginny thought for a moment. A few came to mind, but most were either too old or not experienced enough. “Not off the top of my head. Let me call Ysabel and see if she has any ideas,” she said.

“Okay, because we both know that Jeff would have a fit if I climbed in the trencher,” said Luc.

“Not just Jeff,” said Meg. Ginny nodded in agreement. As far as they were concerned, the only place Luc was allowed was under their observation.

“Fine. Ginny, find me someone. Human, shifter, I don’t care. I have to have someone to get these jobs done. And yes, I took a look at the board. Not bad really, but we are at least two weeks behind where I’d like to be at this point in the month. At this rate, we will need one tech and one outside man,” he finished.

Ginny nodded and headed back to her desk to start making calls.

“So, what are you going to do with your day?” asked Meg.

“I’m going to attempt to straighten my office up and stay out of Ginny’s way. And you?” he asked in return.

“Well, from the looks of it, I’ve got two clients to send information to and then crunch data for one of your jobs. I got caught up last week with most of the backlog. Oh, and there is a new client to contact on Wednesday,” she finished.

“A new client?” he asked.

“Yeah. One of the universities in the area needs employment data cross referenced to businesses in the area and the availability of employees,” she said.

“How long will that take?” Luc asked.

“Depends on how many variables there are. Maybe a week, or maybe ten minutes,” she said. “However, nothing is getting done with you sitting on my desk.”

Luc sighed, blew her a kiss and headed for his office.



“I have three interviews for you starting at 2pm,” said Ginny as she walked into Luc’s office. He had papers piled all over and tools stacking up in a corner. She didn’t think she’d caused this big of a mess, but…

“Okay, but could we use the conference room rather than here?” he asked.

“Sure. What’s with the grand shuffle?” she asked pointing to all the piles.

“Well, I started filing bits and pieces and then realized that certain things didn’t make sense, so I started to re-arrange things,” he said. “Then there were all the tools and,…”

“You got carried away?” Ginny asked with a smile.

“Guilty. I’ve had way too much time to think, and now that I can actually do something, I’m trying to do it all at once,” he admitted.

“It’s okay. I’m headed to the Quick Stop. Do you want a Dr. Pepper?” she asked. It wasn’t even lunch time yet, but she could see he was dragging.

“I’d love one. Oh, and some beef jerky bites too,” he said fishing in his pocket for his wallet.

“Put your money away! My treat. See you in fifteen minutes,” she said and headed out the door.

Luc looked around at the piles again and wondered if this had been such a good idea. He really did need a new filing system, but now he wasn’t so sure. Maybe what he really needed was another filing cabinet. Heading out the door, he saw that Kevin’s office door was open.

“Hey Kevin,” Luc called from the doorway. “Do you have a spare file cabinet?”

“Hey Luc, good to see you at work. File cabinet? Um… No, but there might be one in the warehouse. I’ll call Peter,” he said and picked up the phone. “I’ll get back to you in a few minutes,” he said.

Luc nodded and headed back to his office. More space was always a good thing. When he got back to his office, he started tossing things like junk mail and catalogs that were over six months old. That quickly took care of three piles.

“Hey you, “ called Ginny from the door. In her hand was a Dr. Pepper and a bag of beef jerky nuggets.

“Ginny, you are a lifesaver,” said Luc as he took them from her.

“I’ll remember that,” she said as she headed off to drop other snacks to Meg and Kevin.

Luc sat down and opened the jerky. He had eaten half a dozen pieces before he realized just how hungry he was. Looking up at the clock, it was only 11:45am. “Damn! I’m starved,” he thought. Taking a swig of Dr. Pepper, he ate another piece of jerky and then went back to sorting papers.

“Luc, Kevin said you needed this,” said Peter.

Luc looked up to see Peter standing in the hall with a file cabinet on a dolly.

“I sure do. Put it over by the closet,” said Luc and moved to clear a path. Five minutes later and the file cabinet was in place and ready for use.

“Thanks Peter,” he said.

“No problem Luc. How’s Meg doing?” he asked.

“She’s doing okay. Work is keeping her busy,” said Luc.

“Good. I was hoping that everything this weekend didn’t weird her out,” Peter said. He’d had his fair share of human girlfriends, and some just didn’t cope as well as others.

“No, she is handling it pretty well. It feels good to get back into a normal routine too,” said Luc.

Peter nodded in understanding and headed out. He had new space in his warehouse and didn’t want it filled up with boxes by the time he got back. UPS was due in by 1pm.

Luc began to fill the file cabinet with all of last year’s files and tools only used for certain jobs went in the bottom. This gave him plenty of room in the file cabinets behind his desk for this years files and his various tool bags. He had one for networks, another for PC repair and a third for wiring. He almost had his desk clear when a scent caressed his nose. He looked up to see Meg standing there with a bag in her hand.

“Lunch time,” she said with a smile.

Luc sniffed again. “bacon, mushrooms, goat cheese, lamb,…” he thought. “Bingo Burgers?” he asked tentatively.

Meg nodded. “I figured that you’d forget lunch. Ginny’s snack an hour ago barely lasted for me, and you’re still healing,” she said as she put his lunch down on a clear space on his desk.

“You’re right. I think I inhaled the jerky, and I don’t even remember when I finished the drink,” he said as he grabbed a couple of fries and the spicy catsup.

Meg smiled and settled in one of his customer chairs. She had a lamb burger as well. The little burger place was fantastic. All organic, very clean and fast service. Plus, they served lamb. She held her burger over the container because it was so juicy it was dripping. She looked up to see that Luc was dripping all over the end of his desk, as he ate. She tried not to giggle, but couldn’t help it.

“Noht one johke abowt woofin’ my food,” he said trying to talk around a bite.

Meg just laughed. They finished their lunch and when the last bite of burger and sweet potato fries was gone, Meg grabbed the clean wipes from one of the tool kit bags and handed it to Luc. He took a few and started to clean up the drips on his desk.

“That was heavenly,” he said. “At least now I won’t try and eat the job interview candidates.”

“Ginny found some already? That was fast,” said Meg.

“I think she’s been thinking about this for a while and just waited until I came into work. Duke was useless for a long time before he attacked you. So, I don’t think it was so much a matter of finding them, as making them wait for a call,” he said.

Meg nodded. She suspected that Ginny sandbagged a lot of things and would dole them out to Luc as he could handle them until he was totally healed. “You want help?” she asked.

“No, I’ll… Wait, you were the HR officer,…” he started as the gray cells started firing in rapid succession. “Um… I’d really like you to be here, especially as I think one or two of the techs are human,” said Luc.

“No problem. I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t want to,” said Meg. With that, they headed to the conference room and set things up for the interview.



The last candidate walked out of the office at 5 pm. Meg was exhausted, and Luc was gray around the eyes. It had taken a lot more effort that either one of them expected.

“Can we wait to sort them out until tomorrow?” asked Luc. “I’m worn out.”

“Sure. I’ve kept notes. I can’t believe she found six people for us to interview. Did she prowl the universities?” Meg asked.

“I don’t know. However, we have some tough choices to make,” said Luc.

“Yeah, but the only choices I want right now are whether to eat in bed or not,” said Meg.

“How about take out and we eat as soon as we get home. Bed as soon as we throw out the trash?” suggested Luc.

You’re on!” said Meg. Grabbing her briefcase, she headed for the door. All the other offices were dark and quiet. They hadn’t noticed Kevin or Ginny leaving for the day. Once in the car, they headed for the Mandarin Coin. Chinese fast food sounded too good to pass up. Their order was ready in ten minutes and they headed down the highway with delightful smells filling Meg’s little Neon.

Pulling up in the driveway, they noticed a car parked on the side of the house. Traffic was usually too busy to park there, but someone had.

“Luc, whose car is that?” Meg asked.

“I don’t recognize it,” he said and got out of the car cautiously. He sniffed the air, but didn’t recognize anything out of place. “Let’s get in the house,” he said and headed for the door. He went to put the key in the lock and realized that it was open.

“Meg, go back to the car,” he said quietly.

Meg nodded and backed up. After the other day, she didn’t want to risk anything. Luc quietly opened the door and slid in. She heard some noise and then the houselights came on. Luc motioned to her from the door and she went inside.

Once she got inside, she saw Bitty and a young man sitting naked except for some bedding wrapped around them sitting on the couch. The two of them looked very chagrined.

“I take it that you’ve called Ginny,” said Meg.

“I was just about to,” said Luc. He walked off to the kitchen to make the call. Meg sat the food down. They’d have to reheat it by the time this situation was over.

Luc walked back into the living room. He sat down with a heavy sigh. Bitty and the young man fidgeted.

“Bitty, I know you just turned eighteen, but what the hell were you thinking?” Luc asked. “And I hope young man that you’re eighteen,” he growled sub-vocally.

“Yes sir!” the young man squeaked.

“Um, Unky,… you know,…” Bitty started to stammer.

Luc just gave her a look that stopped her cold. “Ginny will be here in a few minutes. She’s going to chew your asses, so I don’t have to. We’ll just wait,” he growled again. Looking over at Meg, he gestured to the bag with food.

“You want to eat now?” she asked.

“Yes. By the time Ginny gets done with these two, our food will be cold and I probably won’t feel like eating,” Luc said.

“Okay, but could you tone down the sub-vocals?” Meg asked as she handed him his food.

“Sorry,” he said and took the container and chopsticks. He looked at them and went to the kitchen and returned with a fork. “Paws, not fingers,” he said as he sat down to eat.

They ate in silence while the two teenagers sat waiting for Ginny’s arrival. Luc finished first and sat back just watching the two of them. Meg ate what she could and then took the leftovers and garbage to the kitchen. She put on a pot of coffee, because she had the feeling it was going to be a long evening. The coffee had just started to brew when the door opened and Ginny walked in the house. She looked at Bitty and the young man and then sat on the couch.

“Are you stupid?” she asked directing the question towards the teens.

“Aunt Ginny, we…” Bitty started.

“Don’t Aunt Ginny me. I want to know why you two thought it was okay to break into a person’s house, have sex on their beds and in general disregard my requests to be open and honest about relationships,” she said. The sub-vocals nearly rumbled the floor.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry about all of this, but it was my idea to go have sex,” said the young man.

“Don’t lie to me. I can smell it. What is your name?” growled Ginny.

“Mark Sampson, ma’am. I go to college with Bitty and we really like each other,” he said.

“I don’t care how much you like her, the rules were explained to her and she broke them. What’s your parent’s phone number?” demanded Ginny. She was on a roll and neither Luc or Meg were getting in her way.

“Um… Its 354-4004,” said Mark.

Luc dialed the number into his phone and walked out of the room. Meg sat a cup of coffee next to Ginny and then retreated to her corner of the room.

“Bitty, you know the rules. You broke them. More seriously, you broke into your uncle’s house. Now, we are just going to sit here and wait until Mark’s parents get here,” she said and sat back with her coffee.

“Can we go get dressed Aunt Ginny?” asked Bitty.

“No. You just sit right there,” Ginny said.

Luc walked back into the room and took a sip of the coffee Meg had set on the table. “Your parents will be here in about twenty minutes,” he said. “By then, I hope that the two of you have something to say worth hearing.”

The five of them sat in the living room in silence. Bitty started to cry, but stopped when Ginny cleared her throat. Bitty wrapped the sheet around herself a bit tighter.

Mark just sat there, wondering what kind of a family this was, and how he got mixed up in this. “Geeze, all I wanted was to get laid, and now I have all this shit to deal with. Damn!” he thought to himself.

A knock on the door broke the silence. Luc answered it and brought Mark’s Dad into the room. Both men sat down. Mark’s Dad just shook his head at the sight of the two nearly naked teens.

“Hi, I’m David, Mark’s dad,” the man said and waited for someone to explain what was going on.

“Hello, I’m Ginny, Bitty’s aunt and this is her Uncle Luc and his wife Meg,” said Ginny. Everyone nodded hellos and waited for someone to speak.

“So, what do you have to say for yourselves?” asked Ginny.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry. We shouldn’t have broken into Bitty’s uncle’s house. I wasn’t thinking,” said Mark.

Ginny nodded and looked over at Bitty.

“Uncle Luc, I’m sorry I used the spare key and figured I could use your house as my own. If I wanted to have sex, I should have been honest with Aunt Ginny and talked with her about things instead of going off stupid,” Bitty said.

“That’s a good start,” said Luc. “Now what are you going to do to fix this?” he asked.

“I’m never going to use the spare key unless it’s an emergency, and probably won’t get to see Mark again,” said Bitty in a quiet voice.

“I’m gonna start thinkin’… um… gonna just shut up, because I really screwed up,” said Mark.

“You two are both eighteen, right?” asked David.

“Yes,” the two answered at the same time.

“Fine. Go get dressed and we adults will have a chat,” said David. “Don’t come back in until we call you,” he added as the two headed off to the guest bedroom.

As soon as the two had left the room, Luc and Ginny both covered their mouths to suppress the giggles. David was smiling too, and just shaking his head. Meg looked on in amazement. She had no idea of what to expect, and laughter wasn’t an option she’d thought about.

“Oh, the looks on their faces!” said Ginny quietly.

“Was it me, or was Mark about to say he was going to think with his head?” asked David.

Luc nodded. “It was almost telegraphed on his forehead that he wasn’t going to think with his dick ever again,” Luc said trying not to laugh. At that point, all the adults were laughing.

“So, as the only non-parent here, what are we going to do with them?” asked Meg.

“Well, what they haven’t figured out yet is that the real ‘crime’ was breaking and entering. Legally, they are both adults and can screw their brains out if they want,” said Ginny. The two men nodded.

“Okay, so what kind of punishment are we handing out to two very naïve teens?” asked Meg.

“Well, first off, they can’t see each other for a… a week. That way they can cool off those hormones,” said David.

“And, if they want to date, they have to clear it thought us?” suggested Ginny.

“Yeah, and I think they should have to take care of Joe and Sara for the next few weekends,” suggested Luc. “Plus get the ‘lecture’ about birth control from each set of parents.”

“Sounds good to me,” said David. “How much longer should we make them sweat?”

“Oh, give um ten more minutes. Want another cup of coffee?” asked Luc.

David nodded and the two men walked out to the kitchen.

Meg just sat there stunned. “Ginny, were we that stupid as teens?” she asked.

“Oh probably. We were just smart enough not to get caught,” she said with a smile. “The big problem though is the one we will discuss once Mark and his Dad have left,” finished Ginny.

Meg thought about what Ginny had said and realized what she was talking about. Meg just nodded.



Twenty minutes later, Mark and David had left and Bitty was once again in the hot seat. Meg and Luc went out to the kitchen while Ginny read the riot act to Bitty about being irresponsible with human dates.

“Oh gods, I hope I’m never at the end of her displeasure,” said Meg as the sub-vocals rumbled through to the kitchen.

“Been there. Survived it. It wasn’t a pretty occasion,” said Luc. “However, I bet Bitty will never just go off on hormones again with a human boy. Too much of a risk.”

“How so?” asked Meg.

“Well, first thing is that she didn’t discuss things with Mark first. The boy hadn’t a clue as to what Bitty is. Next, she’s still really wobbly on shifting. Since they didn’t talk, what do you think would happen if they were mid-stroke and all of a sudden she shifted?”

“Um,… been there, scared the hell out of me,” Meg said.

“Exactly. Now think of you were the man…” Luc said. “We had a girl shift first time she had sex. Boyfriend beat her up. She was a mess, but so was he, because the wolf defended herself,” said Luc.

“Oh shit!” said Meg. “What happened?”

“Kid went to the hospital and it was a real good thing they’d both been smoking pot. Doctors figured he got some bad pot and had a hallucination. Luckily, the girl had shifted back, and she was pretty beat up too. Both sets of parents settled out of court and the girl and her parents moved two states over,” said Luc.

“Oh hell,” she said. Thinking about everything that could have happened hit her hard and fast. “You were damn lucky.”

“Thank god it wasn’t any of my immediate family. However, Bitty should have known about it,” said Luc.

“Maybe her mom didn’t tell her,” said Meg.

“Maybe,” said Luc. “Here comes Ginny.”

“We are going home now. Sorry about all of this,” Ginny said as she hugged Luc.

“Shit happens. Or should that be hormones happen?” said Luc.

Both women nodded. Ginny hugged Meg goodbye and then headed out the door. She collected Bitty on the way.

“Alone at last,” said Luc.

“Yes, and what do you have in mind?” asked Meg.

“Well, as much as my hormones would love to romp your body, I am exhausted. A rain check on the sex and a good night cuddle instead?” he asked.

“You’ve got a deal. While your sub-vocals do the whole turn on thing most times, Ginny’s do not. In fact, they do just the opposite,” said Meg.

“Not surprised. Its female to female. No hormones to pull it the other direction,” said Luc.

“Hm, hadn’t thought of it that way. Still, snuggles and cuddles sound just about perfect,” said Meg.

They turned out the lights and headed to bed.


4 thoughts on “More Than Just A Fairy Tale part 19

  1. LOL! Teenagers. This was another entertaining segment.

    Loved the word, “comdumbs”. ROFLOL! I’m adding it to my vocabulary.

    1. Greeneyedfrenchy,

      I understand. That bit in the story came from experience… 4 sons, 2 daughters…. Oh, and a little sister who really did some stupid things.

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