As I promised… the beginnings of something darker.

Lydia walked across the parking lot looking around for her friend. Jessie had promised to meet her at the club. There was no way she’d have ever done this on her own. Lydia was just fine with being ‘vanilla’ as Jessie called it. She put up with the teasing for weeks before she finally agreed to visit the club. Walking towards the building, she spotted Jessie’s car. It had been there a while.

“Jessie went in without me,” she thought. “Guess I’ll have to go in to find her.” Lydia walked up to the doors and went in.

Inside, the main entrance looked like any other club. A receptionist, coat rack area and then a set of inner doors. Lydia checked her coat and headed for the doors. She couldn’t decide if she was over dressed or under dressed for this place. Jessie had insisted she get some cute undies, stockings and a push up bra. The lacy shirt and black skirt felt too light and revealing. She opened the door and stepped into a room filled with people, swirling lights and noise. She stood there looking around for Jessie.

“Look at what just came in the door,” said Dirk.

“Oh my, a virgin sacrifice,” said Jake.

“Is it me, or does that wide eyed look of panic just scream newbie?” asked Dirk.

“It does. Plus she seems to be looking for someone. Wonder who?” Jake asked.

“Don’t know, but someone should ‘rescue’ that damsel before she’s mugged,” said Dirk. He was safety at the club and the last thing he wanted was some inexperienced young thing freaking out. “You or me this time?” he asked.

“I think it’s my turn,” said Jake as he left the bar and headed towards the door. It took him a minute or so to reach the spot the newbie had moved to. She was still looking for someone. He walked up behind her and leaned down so that his mouth was next to her ear.

“Who are you looking for?” he asked in a soft voice.

Lydia jumped. She managed not to scream, but a gasp escaped her lips. She felt herself going red all over as she blushed. “I, um… I’m looking for my friend Jessie. She said she’d meet me here. Her car’s outside, but I can’t find her,” she said so softly that Jake could barely hear her.

“Jessie. I don’t know a Jessie. Then again, I don’t know everyone in the club. She might be in a private room,” he said. “Can I help you?”

“Well, I really wanted to find my friend. I wouldn’t even have come here except that she promised to meet me and show me around,” she said nervously.

“I can show you around,” he said. “My name’s Jake. I work here.”

“Oh. I’m Lydia,” she said, not knowing what to think. “Works here? Wonder what he does?” she thought. He was taller than she was, but then everyone was taller. At 5′ 2”, even heels didn’t help much. Dark hair curled around his ears and she wasn’t sure what color his eyes were. He was dressed nicely, which was okay by her. Some of the people in this area weren’t wearing much. She watched one woman walk by being led by a chain and wearing nothing else except heels and a collar. She tried not to stare, but…

“Some interesting things to see around here,” said Jake.

The sound of his voice made her blink. “Um, yeah. Jessie said I needed to not be so vanilla as she called it, but I’m not sure about this,” she said. “Maybe I should leave.” Lydia turned to head back towards the doors when she felt Jake’s hand on her wrist.

“Let me show you around, and then you can leave,” said Jake.

“Well, I think I need to go,” she said.

“So your friend can keep on teasing you?” Jake asked. She flinched a bit when he said that. He’d struck a nerve.

“I think that’s really none of your business,” said Lydia.

“I disagree. It wouldn’t be right for you to come all this way and not at least look around,” he said softly. He kept his hand on her wrist. He could feel her pulse thump against his fingers. “Here, I’ll make you a deal. Walk around the club with me and we’ll see if your friend Jessie is around. Plus, I’ll explain how things work here. Answer your questions. That way you won’t be so naïve next time your friend teases you. Sound good?” he asked.

“Well, umm, what’s the other half? If I go with you, what do I get in return?” she asked. Lydia was nervous about this.

“We walk all the way through the club and if we don’t find your friend, I’ll buy you a drink and walk you back to your car. Deal?” he asked with a boyish smile on his face.

Lydia thought about it for a moment. His hand was still holding her wrist. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but still. “Okay,” she said softly.

“Hon, you gotta talk a bit louder. I couldn’t hear you,” he said.

“Yes, please show me around the club,” she said slightly louder.

“Good,” he said as he took her arm in his and started steering her around people, tables and chairs. When they got to the bar, he paused. “Wait right here. I’m going to tell my friend Dirk over there that I’m giving you a tour,” he said and walked over to Dirk.

“I see you have a girl on the hook,” said Dirk.

“If I’m right, I have a subbie just waiting to be told what to do. Her friend teased her about being vanilla and set up a date to meet her. Friend is a no-show or in the back having fun. So, I’m going to walk her around and see where I get,” said Jake.

“Jake, you are a horny bastard,” Dirk said with a smile.

“I certainly am, and I do enjoy a new bit of flesh. Especially virgin vanilla flesh,” he finished as he headed back to Lydia.

Ninety minutes later, Jake came back into the main bar area with Lydia still on his arm. She was flushed and Dirk could tell that the various attractions had had an effect. As they passed him to sit down, he could smell that she had gotten aroused. He walked over to where they were sitting. Jake was casually keeping his hand on her wrist. She didn’t seem to notice.

“So, did you find your friend?” he asked.

“No, I don’t know where she went,” said Lydia.

“Guess I owe you a drink,” said Jake.

“Well, I have to drive home, so could I just get a coke?” asked Lydia.

“Of course. Be right back,” said Dirk. He headed to the bar and poured her a coke and grabbed two bottles of water for Jake and himself. No drinking on duty. At least not alcohol. He walked back over and set the bottles and the glass on the table.

“Thank you,” she said softly. They sat and chatted about things Lydia had seen for a few moments. After she finished her coke, she started to stand up.

“Leaving so soon?” asked Dirk.

“Yes, I need to go home,” said Lydia.

“Alright, then I’ll walk you to your car,” said Jake. They all stood and Jake took Lydia by the arm and headed for the door. “Back in a bit,” he said to Dirk over his shoulder.

“That’s the last I’ll see of him tonight,” thought Dirk. He went back on patrol, knowing that it was still early in the evening.

Lydia headed to her car. She dug the keys out of her pocket and started to unlock the door. She went to open it when Jake placed a hand on her elbow.

“Yes?” she asked. She’d almost forgotten he was there.

“Did you like what you saw tonight?” he asked.

“Um, it was interesting, but I’m not into pain and that just freaked me out,” said Lydia.

“It isn’t all about pain,” said Jake.

“Okay, then why all the spankings and whips and such?” she asked. Outside it was easier to talk she discovered.

“It’s about control. Some people spend all day long in control, and at night they like to relax. Let someone else be in charge. That’s what a lot of what goes on here is about,” said Jake.

“It doesn’t seem that way. And while people were acting sexy, there wasn’t any sex going on,” she said.

“No, there isn’t in the public rooms. If someone wants sex, they either do it at home or hire a private room,” he explained.

“But Jessie wanted me to come down here to see how other people do sex, cause I’m so boring,” she said. Her shoulders slumped. She really didn’t get this.

“Lydia, Like I said, this is about power. About what makes you feel good. Everyone has a kink of some sort. You just haven’t found yours yet,” he said. “Careful,” he thought.

“Kink? I don’t have a kink. I wouldn’t know it if it hit me upside the head,” she said just a tad exasperated. “Hell, I know three positions to have sex in and that’s about it. I usually orgasm when I have sex, and I don’t have any toys. Especially, not like some of those. I don’t even know if I give good blow jobs because I don’t have very much practice!”

“Hold on girl, just settled down,” he said as he took her by the shoulders. “No one’s telling you that what you do is wrong. I think your friend was just trying to see if you’d like to try some of the stuff she’s tried.”

“And who in the world am I going to even talk to about this stuff?” she said. “Let alone try anything other than normal boring sex? I’ve talked to you more than I even talked to Jessie.”

“Bingo!” thought Jake. He reached up and moved the hair that had fallen across her eyes out of the way and then ran his hands up and down her arms stopping at the elbows. “You are always welcome to talk to me,” he said. Jake reached around to his wallet and pulled out a business card. He handed it to Lydia. “Here, you can reach me at this number any time.”

Lydia took the card, biting her lower lip as she read it. Just his name and phone number and a rose with thorns on the side. She’d see that emblem in places in the club. “Thanks,” she said. “It’s just so frustrating. I want to understand, and explore things and yet it is all so confusing,” she finished.

“Time to switch modes,” he thought. “Confused, uncertain and just a tiny bit enticed by the whole scene, eh little one?” he said as he moved his hand up to stroke her chin.

“I’m… um..” she stopped as she caught herself rolling her face into his hand. “I want to know more,” she stopped again as he tilted her face up towards his.

“I can see that you do,” he said. “I can smell that you do.”

Lydia had been aware that some of the things she’d seen had made her wet enough to dampen the lace panties. She hadn’t realized that anyone had noticed. “Um, I.” was as far as she got when Jake kissed her. Just a soft kiss that brushed her lips, but it sent waves of heat coursing through her body.

“Do you want more?” he asked.

Lydia nodded.

“Say that you want more,” he said.

“I, I want more,” she said softly.

“When do you want more?” he asked.

“Nnnow, please,” she said. “Oh god! What am I doing?”

“Now please what?” he asked with just a bit of force in his voice.

Lydia wracked her brain to think of what the people in the club had said. “Nnow please sir?” she said hesitantly.

“Better.” He rewarded her with another kiss. This time just a little harder. As he kissed her he pulled her chin up until she was standing on her toes. He held her there with one finger under her chin. “Tell me what you want to do now, little one.”

Lydia realized her panties were getting wetter and wetter. She hadn’t been this turned on in ages. She had only met Jake a few hours ago, but she wanted him. Wanted to do what he said just to feel good. “I want to find my kinks and stop being so vanilla,” she said.

“Ahem,” he said with a bit of a scowl and pulled her up just a bit more by her chin.

Lydia thought for a second. “I want to find my kinks and stop being so vanilla, sir,” she said.

“Good girl,” said Jake. “Unlock the passenger door and I’ll give you directions on how to get to my house.”

“But,” Lydia started to protest.

“No buts. The time for that is over. It was the minute you said ‘sir’. We will explore and find your kinks. You will get over being so vanilla as you put it. It starts by doing as I ask,” he said. His tone was still quiet, but demanding.

“Yes sir,” said Lydia as she got in the car and unlocked the passenger door. A minute later, the car headed out of the parking lot.

9 thoughts on “Vanilla

    1. I was wondering when you’d read that one. There will be a new chapter in the next day or so. Glad it worked in your estimation. I’ve had parts of this one in my head for weeks, and never had the time to write it. With Wolf gone, I’ve had the time.

  1. Am coming back to these stories after a while. I do like the sudden switch tempo. The way so much is left unsaid for the reader to fill in with their own imagination.

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