Vanilla, Final part.

Blindfolded, Lydia was kneeling on the bed. She had her hands behind her back, and her knees were spread wide. The air flowing across her bare skin sent shivers up her spine. Jake was watching her. He waited silently, for the isolation of the blindfold and silence to work. He was also trying to decide what to do next. He and Dirk had talked about how it was going to be difficult to punish bad behavior if he wasn’t allowed to use pain.

Jake walked across the room heavily enough to make Lydia notice. She turned her head towards the noise. He picked up a single tail whip from the hook and swung it around. He cracked it near the bed, almost eight feet from Lydia. She jumped, but didn’t say anything. “Good,” he thought. He cracked the whip again, about six feet from her. Lydia jumped again. Jake cracked it one last time about four feet from her. She gasped.

Jake put the whip down. So far, so good. “Now little one, we will begin your lessons. You will be good, or I will find punishments for you that you will not like,” he said.

“Yyes sir,” she said.

Jake took the ostrich feather and ran it over her body. He teased her nipples and bare pussy. As she began to relax into the pleasure of the touch, he put the feather down. “Little one, Lay down on the bed. Face down,” he said.

Lydia started to move, but she didn’t know exactly where she was on the bed. She felt his hand on her arm as he guided her down. Her hands were still behind her back. Her legs ached from kneeling.

“Open your legs,” Jake said. She complied quickly. He touched her lips. They were so smooth. So soft. “I”m going to touch you any way I want. You are mine to play with and enjoy. Do you understand?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” she said slightly muffled by the bed.

“Good. The one rule you must obey is that you must not come unless I tell you to. Understood?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” she said.

Jake started by stroking her from clit to the opening of her pussy. He watched as she shivered. As her lips became wet, he tugged the soft outer lips. He pinched lightly, not enough to cause pain, but to make the lips engorge with blood. As they puffed, he moved his fingers to her inner lips and repeated the process. As Lydia became wetter, he moved his fingers into her pussy. She was tight and wet. He reached for the vibrator on the shelf. Rubbing it along her wet pussy, he teased her clit and then nudged it into her pussy.

“Oh sir!” Lydia squeaked. She started to wiggle and he put his hand on her ass to hold her still.

“Does that feel good little one?” he asked as he turned it on.

“Yes sir, it feels very good,” she said.

Jake turned up the vibration a notch and worked it so that it rubbed the g-spot. Lydia squirmed again. Then he turned it so that it vibrated the muscles closer to her ass. As with pain, her ass was off limits, but the muscles and nerves within her vaginal walls were not. He turned the vibrator up another notch.

“Oh! Oh sir! Oh,” she gasped. The feeling was intense and she tried to cope with it.

“Hold still little one,” he said.

“But sir, it… it, oh!” Lydia blathered. “Must not come. Oh… dentists, root canals, electric bills,” she thought trying to things of things to hold off the pleasure.

Jake worked the vibrator in and out of her pussy. He ramped it up to the highest setting. Watching her try to hold off the urge to rub against the bed and come made him smile. Just as she was about to reach that orgasm, he pulled the vibrator out of her pussy.

“Remember, no orgasms,” he said. With that, he got up and opened a drawer. In it was a dildo. This one was made of glass. From the base of the head to the end was a spiral of blue glass that ribbed the dildo. He sat this down next to the bed. Reaching down, he untied her hands.

“Roll over and keep your legs spread,” he said.

Lydia did as he asked. It felt good to be off of her chest and even better to have her arms untied.

“I want you to put your hands on your breasts. Left hand to right breast and right hand to left breast. I want you to caress your breasts and squeeze your nipples. You are not allowed to take your hands away. Do you understand?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” she said and put her hand on her breasts. She didn’t normally play with her breasts and felt self conscious about it.

Jake watched her. “Play with them,” he said. Lydia complied. He picked up the dildo. It was cold as only glass could be. He opened her lips with his fingers and plunged it all the way into her pussy.

“Oh! Ohgod! Cold! Oh sir! Cold!” Lydia cried out.

“Yes, it is. Keep playing with your breasts,” he said as he moved it in and out of her pussy. He knew it would be a shock. What Lydia couldn’t tell was her reaction to the cold dildo. She was wetter than she had been a few minutes ago. Jake smiled. As soon as he felt it heat up, he pulled it from her pussy.

“Pinch your nipples little one,” he said. He watched her do as he said and then lowered his mouth to her pussy. He licked her from pussy opening to clit and down again. The combo of cold and heat almost tipped her over the edge.

“Sir, may I please come?” she asked panting.

Jake took his mouth off of her smooth skin. “No, you can’t,” he said and stopped touching her. Lydia shuddered with pent up tension. When she’d settled down, he started again. As she built towards orgasm, he stopped again. The third time, she built up to orgasm faster. He backed off and picked up the dildo which had gotten cold again.

“Sir, please, please let me come,” she asked.

“No, not yet. You have to learn to obey,” he said and abruptly slid the ice cold dildo in deep.

“Oh!” Lydia gasped. “purnes, liver, cat boxes, shopping with grandma,” she thought. The mix of hot and cold was taking her control away.

Jake noticed that the dildo heated up faster. She was wetter too. “Now for a little more,” he thought. He pulled the dildo out and put it down. He grabbed a container of lube and put a little on his fingertips. It was cold too. When he touched her opening, she flinched just a little. He looked up and she was still holding her breasts. He smiled as he slid two fingers into her.

“Is that better?” he asked.

“Yyes sir, but may I come soon?” she asked.

“In a few minutes,” he said. With that he added one more finger. Slowly he stretched her pussy.

“Sir, what are you doing?” Lydia asked.

“Finger fucking you little one,” he said. “You may come when I’m done fingering you.”

“Thank you sir,” she said. Then she felt the pressure of another finger enter her. “How,… what is he doing?” she wondered as Jake picked up the pace and started finger fucking her harder.

Jake added a bit of lube to his hand. What she couldn’t see was that he was fucking her with almost his whole hand. She was still a bit tight, but with the lube and her own wetness, he’d soon be able to reach almost all the way in her pussy.

“Oh! Sir,” she wailed. “That’s uncomfortable,” she said even though her hips were pushing against his hand almost as much as he was fingering her.

“Hold on,” he said and started stroking her clit. She reacted as he expected and drove down against his hand. She started to orgasm and he knew she wouldn’t be able to stop this time.

“Sir, it… so much pressure and… Oh sir, let me come please, ohohohohohohhhhh,” she begged.

“Come little one,” he said and stroked her clit hard and slid his hand in deep stroking all the way up to her cervix.

Lydia couldn’t do anything else but come hard. She bucked up off the bed and just as she thought she couldn’t take another bit of stimulation, she felt Jake rub her clit hard as well as touch her deep inside. The orgasm rolled her hard. Her nipples ached, her ability to think went away and as she started to freeze with pleasure, Jake rubbed her clit harder and sent her over the edge. On top of that, his hand in her pussy sped up and then abruptly pulled out of her.

“OOOOOOHHHHHhhhhhhgods!” she screamed. The ripples of orgasm smashed through her and she felt so wet. Felt like she was sitting in a puddle and couldn’t move.

Jake smiled. She’d come so hard that she’d squirted all over her legs. As she shuddered with aftershocks, he touched her clit again.

“Oooooh!” she gasped.

Jake reached over and pulled off the blindfold. Lydia blinked. She could barely move. He crawled on the bed and wrapped her up in his arms.

“Wwwhat did you do sir” she asked weakly. “Oh my god!” she thought.

“I let you come,” he teased.

“Yes, but what did you do sir?” she asked. She realized it felt right to say sir. Dizzy with pleasure too.

“I tested to see how deep your pussy was with the dildo, and then I fisted you,” he said.

“Fisted sir?” she asked. Lydia had no idea what that was. She was also so wet, she wondered if she’d peed herself.

“Fisting is where you fit as much of your hand up inside and stroke the cervix and the g-spot intensely,” Jake said.

“Oh. It was intense sir,” she said. “Did I wet myself sir?” she asked.

Jake smiled. He’d expected that question. “No, you just came and came hard enough to ejaculate. And before you ask, yes women can ejaculate,” he finished.

“Okay sir, I just never came that hard,” Lydia said. As she cuddled next to his chest, she realized that she was still so horny. “Sir, I ache,” she said.

“I’m sorry if I was too rough little one,” he said.

“I ache sir, but I aaaache too. I want to come again sir,” she said as an aftershock shivered through her.

Jake smiled. “What a little slut you are,” he teased. He ran his fingertips across her lips and down to her pussy. Her body arched.

“Oh sir, please let your little slut come,” she said.

“Do you want to come on my fingers or on my cock little one?” he asked. His cock ached something fierce, and a blow job would be such a poor replacement for her hot little pussy. He knew he was pushing the limits of her rule set, but he figured he’d ask.

It took Lydia just a second to decide. “Please fuck me sir, I was too nervous before, but now I want you in me,” she said.

Jake let go of her and went to get a condom. He dropped his clothes and rolled the condom onto his cock. They were always a bit snug, but it would help slow down his own orgasm just a bit too. He wanted this fuck to last. When he got on the bed, he rolled Lydia on her side and straddled her lower leg. Shoving her other leg towards her chest gave him access to her pussy which was still soaked. He fingered her for a moment and then slid in fast and deep.

“Oh! Sir! Ohohohhhhhhh!” Lydia gasped.

“Oh fucking hell!” he thought as he plunged into Lydia. In spite of the fisting, her pussy gripped his cock tight. He grabbed her ass and her leg and drove in deep.

Lydia grabbed her knee and held it to her chest as Jake drove in deeper than she’d ever felt a man inside of her. He held her tight and fucked her faster and faster. “Oh god this feels sooooo good!” she thought. She felt herself start to come.

“Sir, may I please come?” she asked panting in time to his strokes.

“Yyyyes, little one, come hard,” he hissed.

Lydia gave into the feelings washing over her and came almost as hard as she had when he fisted her. “OOOoooohhhhhhhGggggggooods,” she cried.

Jake felt her body spasm and her pussy squeeze his cock. He couldn’t hold off any longer and thrusting hard, he came. The orgasm whipped through his body hard. “Aaaaaahhhh,” he groaned. He shuddered as aftershocks rippled through him. After a moment, he grabbed the condom and slid out of Lydia.

Lydia whimpered as Jake left her body. She felt so good. Lightheaded. So well fucked. Then she felt his fingertips touch her. “Sir?” she asked as she felt his fingers slide deep into her. The tension was building up again. She squirmed. “Sir?” she almost begged.

“Come little one. Come for me,” he said as he flicked her clit and fingered her as deep as he could.

Lydia came. She came again and again until she was hoarse. Her clit was sore, but his fingers didn’t give her a moments rest. He’d wrapped one arm around her to play with her clit and drove his other hand in and out of her pussy repeatedly. Each time she came, his hand was soaked. He realized his cock was growing hard again. He let go of Lydia long enough to take off the used condom and put on a new one. He stood up next to the bed and pulled her to her knees. He thrust in and began a rhythm that pounded his balls against her clit.

“Oh my! Sir, I… I…” she cried.

“Come for me little slut,” he said feeling her body shudder with yet another orgasm. He grabbed her hips hard and pounded against her ass. It didn’t take long for his second orgasm to boil up from the soles of his feet. He was coming hard and so was Lydia.

“Oooooohhhhhh, ohohohohohoh,” she cried as her breasts bounced and her body was driven to the brink again.

“AAAAaahhhh,” Jake cried as his orgasm ripped through him. When he could think, he pulled out and the two of them collapsed to the bed. The two of them laid there panting with exhaustion and emotional release.

An hour later, showered and dressed, Jake drove Lydia back to her car. It was nearly dawn. He made sure she got into her car and then followed her home. Once she was inside, he drove home. Dropping his keys on the table, he headed to his bed.

Jake woke up hours later to the phone ringing. He glanced at the caller id. It was Dirk.

“Hello,” he said. “Yeah, we fucked. Oh gods she came Dirk. I had to change the sheets,” he said and then paused. “No, she has some rules to follow and we will see each other at the club tomorrow night.” He paused again. “Yeah, I’ll see you then,” he said and hung up.

Sunday night was usually a quiet night at the club. All the heavy party people were sleeping off Saturday. Jake was leaning up against the bar nursing a coke. Dirk was hitting on a red head and not getting very far. The door from the lobby opened and he watched Lydia walk through the door. She spotted him and walked over to where he was.

“Hello Lydia,” he said.

“Hello Sir,” she said.

“How are you today?” he asked.

“I’m feeling very good Sir,” she said. She’d followed his rules. No bra, no panties and her pussy was freshly shaved. No orgasms either. She had wanted so bad to come while she had been in the shower, but knew that he’d know. She wouldn’t be needy enough. When she came, she wouldn’t come as hard as she would if she held off. Plus, she liked the headspace that he put her in when they were together.

Jake looked her over and saw that her nipples were poking through the thin material of her blouse. “Good girl,” he thought. “Now to see if you are my little subbie or if this is over.” He put his arms around her and as he slid his hand down her back and across her ass, he knew she wore no undies.

“What do you want to do tonight little one?” he asked still holding her.

Lydia squirmed a little in his grip. “I want to be a good little slut Sir,” she whispered. This was harder than she expected it would be.

“And what do good little sluts do?” Jake asked.

“We listen to our sirs and obey, Sir,” she said.

“And have you obeyed?” Jake asked.

“Yes Sir, but I was a bad little slut,” said Lydia. “Oh gods, I want this so bad and can’t believe I’m going to say this…” she thought. “What in the hell has changed in me?”

“How were you a bad little slut?” Jake asked wondering where this was going. Dirk walked up behind Lydia and stood there quietly after a look from Jake.

“I was a bad slut and told you that you couldn’t spank me, Sir. I’m afraid of pain and being hurt and was making rules for a relationship before I even started one,” she said eyes lowered.

“So, little one, what should I do to such a little manipulative slut?” asked Jake.

“I should be pppunished,” she stuttered. “Gods this is terrifying and yet my pussy is getting wetter by the second!” she thought.

“Then you shall be punished. And because you were afraid of being spanked, that shall be your punishment. Come with me,” he said and lead her off to one of the private rooms in the dungeon. There were lots of apparatus in this room, but he headed for the chair off to one side. Lydia followed him, and never noticed that Dirk was just a few steps behind. Dirk closed the door and stood in front of it.

“What is your safe word little slut?” Jake asked. He knew what it was, but wanted to remind her that she had a choice and could stop this if she wanted.

“Fairy, Sir. It’s Fairy,” she said.

Jake nodded and sat down on the chair. He held out his hand and pulled Lydia to him. He made her lay across her lap and when she did, he raised up the hem of her short skirt to bare her ass. With one hand across her shoulders, he brought the other one down across her ass. It was a glancing blow meant to make more noise than cause pain. It would still hurt, but not as bad as a direct blow.

“Oh!” gasped Lydia. She hadn’t been spanked since she was a tiny girl.

Jake spanked her again and again, raining the blows across her ass from one side to the other. Lydia gasped and then began to cry. He kept on spanking and realized that his trousers were getting damp where they came in contact under her pussy.

“Owwww! Sir, I’m sorry. I’m a sorry slut! Owwww! Owww!” she cried.

Jake gave her five more well placed smacks with his hand. Her ass was glowing a fine rosy pink. He made her stand up. Tears were running down her face and she sniffed to stop her nose from running. He pulled a hanky out of his pocket and gave it too her. “Wipe your nose and face,” he said.

Lydia did as he told her to and gave the hanky back.

“Did you like that little slut?” he asked.

“It hurt Sir, and…” she paused.

“And what little slut?” he asked.

Lydia didn’t know how to say what she felt. Her ass hurt and yet she could feel the juices running down her legs from her pussy. “Sir, I’m…” she started but didn’t finish. She blushed.

“I think that even though it hurt, that you liked being spanked,” he said. He reached up under her skirt and slid his hand across her pussy and brought it out. “You are soaked, little one. I think that while you hurt, your body, your pussy liked it,” he said. With that, he took his fingers and put them under her nose to let her smell just how juicy she was. He trailed his fingertips across her lips and into her mouth to let her taste how wet she was.

“I think my friend the other night who pinched your ear was right. You just might like pain, given the right touch,” Jake said. He slid his fingers deep into her and watched her face glaze over. “No coming yet little slut. You will just have to wait until I’m done with work.”

“Yyyes Sir,” she said fighting off the urge to orgasm.

“In the meantime, you are not allowed to come. You are not allowed to clean up. Let those juices run down your legs. I need to go back out to the main lobby. Come with me little one,” he said and left the room. Lydia followed.

When they got back to the main room, Jake took up his seat again. Lydia stood to one side.

“Do you want to sit down little one?” he asked.

“No Sir, I don’t think I could sir,” she said.

“Then kneel here,” he said and pointed to a cushion on the floor. He kissed her on the forehead.

Lydia knelt on the cushion as best she could. Her ass hurt. Her pussy throbbed. She couldn’t wait until Jake was done with work. She would though. She thrummed with the tension of waiting.

6 thoughts on “Vanilla, Final part.

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  1. no no no no no….

    i refuse to accept that is the end.

    *sits, crosses legs and arms*

    that’s it…i’m sitting right *here* staring at you thru the monitor until you finish this story…

    yes…you can….

    i know you got one or two more in ya…(wink)…c’mon Roze….


    PS this was fucking A awesome.

    1. Well, you will have to wait just a wee bit… For there are other story chapters to be written for other tales. You will just have to see what’s next. I’m also glad that you liked the story. It was fun to play with this one and dear Wolf says that I understand the mindset so well.

  2. A fantastic story, love the way you built it up.

    As nilla has said, I certainly hope this is not the end of Jake and lydia’s story

    1. It is the end of Vanilla, but not of the adventures of Jake and Lydia. A subtle change in the person necessitates a change in the story. I’m glad that you enjoyed the story.

  3. Great story. Sitting here alone, dripping, wishing someone was here willing to indulge me in living out your story..
    …Write one special with my name?

    1. It’s always good to hear that a story reaches deep down inside and grabs a person by their genitals. 🙂 Hmm… A Vanillaverse story with your name? Hmm… Anything else you’d like in there? Favourite character? Situation?

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