Scented Clouds

“Oh my god! What is that smell?” she gasped as the acrid smell invaded the bedroom. The burning sensation in her sinuses had woken her from a sound sleep.

“It’s me. I got skunked,” he said. “I’m heading for the bathroom right now. Just be glad my clothes are on the back porch,” he added.

That’s when she noticed that he was nude. “If he smells that bad, I don’t even want to think about his clothes,” she thought. She got up and started opening windows and doors. She didn’t care if it was only 55 degrees outside or only 7am.

“Honey, what was it we used on the dog when she got skunked,” he asked from the shower.

“Um… it was baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and VO5 shampoo,” she answered. She headed for the cupboard and grabbed a bowl and the baking soda. She dumped a bunch in and then headed for the bathroom. Once there, she poured hydrogen peroxide into the bowl until it was a thick past. Then she grabbed the shampoo and mixed that in.

“Here you go,” she said. “I’m leaving, this is just too much for my nose this time of the morning,” she said.

“Okay,” he said turning off the shower. Now that he was wet, he scrubbed himself down with the mixture and let it sit for a few minutes. “Now I know what the dog felt like,” he thought. He put some on the loofah and got his back as well. Then he rinsed off. That seemed to take forever. He washed again with his own shampoo and stood under the water until the shower went cold. He got out, dried off and went to see what she was doing.

He found her at her computer. “You writing another sexy story?” he asked.

“Yes. This one is a little darker than I normally write. One of my writing group friends challenged us all to try a field or style that we normally wouldn’t touch. So, while she’s doing romance, I’m writing BDSM stories,” she said.

“How does that feel?” he asked.

“I can’t bring myself to be as over the top cruel as some people are. I don’t understand the mindset. However, I find I do understand the Dom and submissive mindset,” she said.

“Hmmm, want to play around later? I’ll tie you up, spank your ass and make you come until you beg me to stop,” he teased.

“It isn’t just that stuff. It’s about understanding why people need to be tied up or spanked or humiliated. Sex is something that happens on top of that bit,” she said. “Besides, maybe I’ll tie you up.”

He laughed. “Maybe later. I have work to do and some of it involves a chain saw,” he said as he went to get ready for work.

Later that evening, he was tired. There was one less tree in the yard and a pile of firewood to cure. He showered again and then crawled into bed. He fell asleep quickly.

He woke with a start and didn’t know why. He couldn’t move his hands either. “What the?” he started.

“The what is that you are mine to play with for awhile. I’ve tied your hands to the bedposts. And now I’m going to investigate a few of the things I’ve read about,” she said. With that, she reached down and picked up a vibrator.

“Wait a minute!” he said. “What are you going to do with that?”

“I’m going to do some sensory play. I was going to blindfold you, but I think letting you watch will be more fun,” she said. With that she started running the vibrator up his leg and stopped just before she reached his balls. Then she repeated the action. Each time she got closer and closer to his balls until she stroked the underside of it with the vibrator. His cock went from flaccid to hard in a matter of minutes.

“I think we’ve had enough play. How about you untie me and I’ll run that thing up your legs,” he said.

“Oh no. I need to understand the whole Dom thing a bit more,” she said. With that she propped the vibrator up against his balls and left it there while she got another toy from the box. This time it was a small finger vibrator with rubbery tips.

“Okay, I’ve been a good sport. Come on and let me go,” he said trying to get his hand free.

“No. You are going to do what I want you to, and that is to come so hard that you relax everything,” she said. She popped the little vibrator on the head of his cock and watched as he twitched.

“Oh! Hey! Ummm,…” he started as the vibrations traveled down his cock to meet the ones traveling up from his balls. “Honey,… please,” he tried again.

As she stroked his balls and cock, she watched as he got harder and harder. She moved the one vibrator and started tracing it across his nipples. They too went rock hard. She put the toys down and took his cock in her mouth. Once it was wet, she blew across it. Then she took it back in her mouth. She repeated the cool-hot cycle a few more times.

“Oh god, oh man! Honey, let me ummm, climb on and,” was as far as he got before she took pity on him and moved so he could slide his cock into her soaked pussy. He felt her hot pussy wrap around his cock and thought he’d orgasm in seconds after having been teased for so long. He could feel the orgasm building. He cried out.

That’s when he woke up with a start with a cry coming from his lips. He wasn’t tied up, he was tangled in the sheet and had been having one hell of a dream.

She came rushing into the bedroom. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yyyes, I’ve had a rather weird dream, and um.., “Honey, would you ever tie me up while I was sleeping and then tease me with vibrators until I came?” he asked.

She couldn’t believe what she just heard him say. She saw the way the sheet was still tangled around his arm and then started to giggle. It turned into a laugh as he went red in the face. “That must have been some dream,” she said. “Pretty good one too considering the erection you’re still sporting.”

He looked down to see that he was still hard. “You wouldn’t believe it. I dreamed you did tie me up and were doing the whole D/s thing in the name of your writing,” he said.

“And I take it you woke up just before you came?” she asked.

He nodded. He still couldn’t believe it was just a dream.

She walked over to the bed. “If you give me five minutes, I’ll turn off the computer and we can enjoy regular old boring sex if you want. Or, if you don’t, I’m sure I can find some scarves and tie you up if that’s what you’d like,” she teased.

He glared at her. “Five minutes, boring sex,” he said. They both laughed.

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