Flash Fiction Friday…Paparazzi Hot Flashes

She leapt through the crust enjoying the air as it singed across her skin. Hot thermal caresses stroked her into passion that ignited in flames. There was nothing as lovely as a volcano for a fire elemental. She vacationed at Etna, the Hawaiian Islands and Iceland. This time it was Hawaii. The lava flows were almost orgasmic in the ebb and flow of heat mixed with the slow pulsing eruption. She dived through the crust again and again enjoying the flashes of heat.

On the shore, scientists were setting up their cameras to photograph the volcanic plume erupting from the blackened crusts. Calling to their colleagues, they pointed to the dancing flames far out in the lava flow. Cameras clicked as they focused in on the phenomena.

She saw them and in a fit of molten ire dived back into lava flow. Flecks of lava flew far enough to nearly reach the scientists. One of them grabbed his camera to check it for damage. As he flipped through the pictures he couldn’t believe what he saw. A naked woman with flames for hair was in shot after shot. “Hey Guys!” he hollered. “You’ll never believe this!” he said as he began to show them the pictures. They were flabbergasted.

Almost missed one! Once again we are up in the steaming metropolis. Meetings and clients to appease. I love this pic, although at first the phrase threw me for a loop. 111 to 222 words and the phrase, molten ire to wordsmith into the story.

If you’d like to play,visit Panser’s blog on Monday morning. Happy Flash Fiction Friday!

9 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday…Paparazzi Hot Flashes

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  1. Imagine looking at your photos afterwards and finding that in your shot. That would be flabbergasting, indeed. 😉 Love your take on this photo; love the photo, too!

    ~ Sweets

  2. Glad that all of you liked my post. Not bad for being written in the big city while Wolf worked on a computer job. Even had to snatch a wireless network connection to post!

    Now to drag my sleepy brain around the Internet to read everyone else’s work!

    1. LOL! It’s a hard slog keeping all that magma moving. A real grind… teehee.. Glad you got a chance to read my story.

  3. Hell of a surprise to see that sort of thing on your camera’s card when flipping through pics. Nobody noticed at all while she was out there, though? Only in the pics? Intriguing.

    Good stuff. Thanks for playing along (and for the awesome artwork). Happy belated FFF.

    Incidentally, the nitpicky part of me compels me to gently advise that it’s spelled “paparazzi”. 🙂

    — PB

    1. I thought it was a good ploy. Sort of like those people who take pictures in castles and find ghosts on the film. 🙂 Glad you liked the pic and my take on the whole thing. 🙂 Considering how I wrote the story, I’m not surprised I misspelled a few things. I fixed it though. 🙂

      And if you need more pics, I have g’s worth. We had a client who liked digital nudes, and no bandwidth. So, we ‘shopped’ for him.

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