Damned If You Do…

Liz was stunned. It had been six weeks since the photo shoot that had upended her universe. After waking up, she’d gathered her things and gone straight to a rape center at a local hospital. Hours of talking to doctors, cops and a psychiatrist. Hours of crying. All to no avail. The cops couldn’t find Josh and Damien. Scott Carson had been apologetic, but no real help. The only good thing out of this whole mess was that she was not pregnant, nor was she infected with a STD.

She’d continued to see the psychiatrist trying to get over the anger and frustration eating her up. Liz had an appointment at 10am. She was running late. She walked quickly towards the office and got there just as the nurse called her name. She was ushered into the doctors office and had almost caught her breath when the doctor came in.

“Morning Liz,” said Dr. Tecanu. “How are you feeling today?”

“Pretty good. I had a date on Friday,” Liz said.

“How did that go?” asked the doctor.

“It was okay. He’s a nice guy, but there just wasn’t any magic. No bells, no music, nothing,” said Liz.

“Did you expect it?” asked Dr. Tecanu.

“Not really, but I thought that there might be something. He’s a lovely kisser and what I’ve always thought as my kind of guy, but it all fell flat,” said Liz.

“And why do you think that happened?” asked Dr. Tecanu.

“Promise not to laugh?” asked Liz.

“No, but I do promise to listen,” said the doctor.

“I’ve been having dreams. Dreams about the photo shoot, about being spanked, the pain and all that stuff,” started Liz.

“I remember you said you’d been dreaming about it. It is one of the ways that the mind tries to heal,” Dr. Tecanu said.

“Yeah, and the dreams changed. Instead of making me cry out and be upset, they started making me horny. I’ve been waking up shuddering with orgasms. Waking up sopping wet and my nipples hard,” said Liz.

“And this surprises you?” asked Dr. Tecanu.

“Yes!” said Liz. “I want to know why!”

“Well, to be honest, I suspect that deep down inside, the rape switched something in your head. Vanilla sex may just not do it for you anymore. Some might say that you’ve developed a kink. Spanking, bondage, nipple clamps and pain may be what it takes to make you feel good,” said Dr. Tecanu.

“What?” asked Liz in disbelief.

“You heard me. You may want to explore your kinky side in order to find your sexuality again. There are a few BDSM clubs in town. Maybe you could to visit one and see how you feel. Talk to people. There are chat boards on the Internet you could explore as well. They are anonymous and you could ask whatever you wanted without fear of being identified,” said the doctor.

“I’ll think about it,” said Liz.

“Good. Now, what else do you want to talk about?” asked the doctor.

Liz stood in the parking lot of the Rosy Thorn BDSM club. It had taken her a week to build up the courage to come to the club. She’d spent hours online talking to people. Dr. Tecanu had been right. She did need to explore things. Liz had spent time talking to subs and Doms. A lot of the information had been freaky. Other bits had sounded way too familiar.

She took a deep breath and headed for the door. Liz checked her jacket at the reception desk and headed into the main lobby of the club. Dressed in a lacy black skirt, stockings, heels and a corset over a black peasant blouse, she didn’t feel too out of place. The main lobby was a large area with booths, tables and chairs and a long bar. The room was crowded with people in all states of dress. Liz didn’t know where to look or not look. She headed towards the bar and ordered a drink. She perched on a stool and watched the room. On the far side was a set of double doors. People were going in and out of them without restriction that she could note.

“That must be the dungeon,” she thought. She sipped her drink and continued to watch people. On the far side of the room was a pretty woman kneeling by a tall dark haired man. He was talking to another man as if the woman wasn’t even there.

Liz’s people watching was interrupted by a man leading another man past her on a leash. The first man was dressed in leather. The second man had on a collar and a leather bikini that left nothing to the imagination. She looked around and realized that others were collared as well. One woman was feeding another small bites of something. “This is surreal,” she thought.

Drinking the last of her liquid courage, Liz stood up and headed for the dungeon doors. She was surprised when no one challenged her, but she kept on walking. The lights were dimmer and the broad hallway lead to various rooms. Some had open doors. As Liz walked past them, she peeked into each room that she could. One had a St. Andrews cross with a man strapped to it. A woman was whipping him. Another room had a man spanking a woman as she lay across a bench. In a third room, there was a demonstration of knot tying and rope play. “This must be Shibari,” she thought and watched for a few minutes. It was fascinating.

People flowed through the hall and the rooms like a slow stream. Liz left the rope demonstration and moved farther into the dungeon. There was more noise and people in the center area with curtained nooks on the left side and closed doors off to the right. Liz felt a hand touch her shoulder. She turned to find a man standing behind her.

“Hello, and who do we have here?” he asked in a soft voice. He had dark gray eyes that felt like they were drilling right through her.

“Um,… Hi. I’m just looking around,” Liz said hesitantly.

“Well, would you like a tour?” he asked.

“I think I’d rather just walk around by myself,” Liz said.

“Let’s start over. My name is Dirk, and I work safety here at the club. You looked lost and I’m offering a safe tour of the dungeon and the club,” Dirk said. “It’s my job to look after newbies.”

“Oh. I’m a newbie alright,” said Liz.

“And your name?” asked Dirk.

“Liz,” she said.

“Well Liz, what brings you to our little den of iniquity?” Dirk asked.

“Um,… I… um…” Liz stammered and turned red. “How in the hell do I explain?” she thought.

“Don’t worry. We all get curious. I’ll show you around and if you have any questions, just ask. Plus if you’re with me, the Doms on the hunt will steer clear of you. Newbies might as well have a green ‘eat me, I’m yummy’ light on their heads. Attracts Doms like moths to a light,” Dirk said.

This made Liz laugh. “Thanks, I think,” she said with a smile.

“Glad to be of service,” Dirk said with a short bow.

“New meat?” asked a dark man off to one side of Dirk.

“Back off Boris,” said Dirk. “She’s new, not a slab of meat.”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to take you off, tie you up and spank your ass until you beg me to come?” Boris asked Liz.

“No. Just go away,” she said. “I will not panic! I will not panic!!!” she thought to herself.

“Your loss,” said Boris and he walked away.

Liz let out a sigh of relief. Her heart was pounding.

“You okay?” Dirk asked.

“Sorta. I’m… He just sorta freaked me out a little. I’ll be okay,” she said more to reassure herself than Dirk.

“How about we go back into the main lobby. I’ll get you a drink and you can sit for a few minutes. Inspite of what you say, you don’t look okay,” he said as he turned them towards the door.

“No, I’ll..” she started. “Oh who am I fooling. Let’s go.”

They left the dungeon.

Dirk came back with water and a soda for Liz. He was relieved when she didn’t order alcohol. His radar was screaming and he wasn’t sure what was going on. He’d motioned to Jake to come over with Lydia in a few minutes. If he couldn’t figure out what was going on, maybe those two could.

“Here you go,” he said putting the glass down in front of Liz. He sat across from her and waited for her to talk.

Liz sipped the soda and tried to calm down. Dirk was being so polite. Other than a hand on her arm, he’d barely touched her. “How on earth am I going to explain?” she wondered. Looking around the club trying to figure out where to start, someone caught her eye. She didn’t recognize him, but he looked like he recognized her. He headed towards where they were sitting.

“Hey, pardon me for interrupting, but didn’t you do that shoot in Castle Bondage?” the man asked.

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” said Liz. She could feel the sweat break out on her skin in fear.

“Yeah, It has to be you. Tied on the bed, fucked with this huge ass dildo, cum leaking everywhere, it was great. Josh has a real knack with a camera,” the guy went on.

Liz went pale. “I think you have the wrong person,” she said and turned away from the guy.

“Right, I’d recognized you. Just fess up. That was great,” said the guy.

Dirk stood up between the two and put his hands on the guy’s shoulders. “The lady said she didn’t have any idea of what you were talking about. I suggest you leave her alone,” he said.

“Fuck you! You can’t tell me what to do,” said the guy belligerently.

“See this badge?” Dirk said pointing to a small name tag on his shirt. “This says I’m Safety. I have the right to pull your ticket any time I choose. You have just lost the right to be here tonight.” With that, Dirk took the guy by the arm and started heading to the exit with him.

Returning a few minutes later, he found Liz gone. He looked around and found no sign of her.

“Damn,” he muttered under his breath.

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    1. Because I have two more parts written already. 🙂 Mwahahahahaha! Oh, and dear Tipacanoe is responsible for the doctor in the story! LOL….

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