Flash Fiction Friday… Sweet Revenge

The movie ran on the screen. Her film debut. Her big love scene was up on the screen. Tracy had given her all for that film. Dealt with the leading man who laughed when he farted under the covers on set. She felt so dirty after she’d finished her scenes. Damn him! Damn them all for their insufferable arrogance. Damn them for lying to her.

Now she had plotted her revenge. She waited in the gathering dark wrapped only in a sheet. The control for the hidden cameras was tucked down the side of the chair. Tracy had left the invitation on the director’s desk. She knew he wouldn’t resist. He’d sat there during the filming stroking his hard on through his jeans.

Tracy would get her revenge. She set it up with the director’s assistant. When they were done, YouTube was going to get the video. They would pay for turning everything into a cheap fuck film.

I wasn’t sure where this was going to go at first. Some romantic interlude, a tease for a lover. The longer I looked at the picture, the more I realized just how pissed she looked. Revenge… So, I wrote a tale of revenge.

Our dear Panser gave us that wonderful photo, a word limit of 60-160 and the phrase, the gathering dark. If you’d like to play, visit Panser’s blog on a Monday and see if the selection titillates your writing taste buds.

14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday… Sweet Revenge

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  1. Revenge, very good, there is a definite “look”on her face and I think that will be the key for many of the interpretations. I can certainly see the anger and revenge in her look.

  2. Oh! I’m going to check YouTube for the video. I know it’s going to be real good. She does have that look of revenge, now that you mention it. LOL! 😉 Happy FFF!

  3. She definitely has an expression which promises something more than a romantic interlude, doesn’t she? This one was nicely empowering; I felt all warm and fuzzy and revengeful after I read it. Maybe that’s a good thing 😉

    1. It certainly has changed the world. There was a case that went to court not too long ago. Sort of a cease and desist order because a scorned woman had posted something on YouTube. 🙂

    1. Thank you. 🙂 Have to admit that watching umpteen episodes of Battlestar Galactica and that one actresses pouty face sort of set the mood when I took a good look at pic.

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