Damned If You Do, part 3

After Jake had dropped Dirk off at his car, he’d driven home. He knew that Jake would call him after taking Lydia home. While he waited, he called his buddy James. James was one of those engineer and head games kinda guys. He took to being a Dom like a fish to water. James answered on the first ring.

“Hey James, I have a question or ten to ask you. Can you come over tomorrow night and talk with me and Jake?” Dirk asked. “Good. See you at 6pm. I appreciate you taking time during your weekend,” he said and ended the call. His phone rang a few minutes later. Dirk looked at the caller ID. It was Jake.

“Yes Jake, I called James. He’ll be here at 6pm. Let Lydia know she has the night off. I think we are going to be busy,” said Dirk. “Yes, I am. See you tomorrow,” he said and hung up.

Dirk went down to his basement and after putting on a pair of gloves proceeded to beat the shit out of the punching bag suspended from the ceiling. When he couldn’t hit it one more time, he went up to the bathroom and took a shower. He rinsed off, got out and was in bed ten minutes later.

They had finished the beer and pizza while talking about Liz and the two idiots that had attacked her. James had been able to find the pictorial. He brought a copy and showed it to Jake and Dirk.

“I can see why it’s selling,” he said as they each took a brief look. “From what I can tell though, the two of them are the only ones distributing it. I got this copy second hand.

Jake rolled his eyes and passed the magazine to Dirk. “As far as I’m concerned, if Belinda leaves anything of them to prosecute, they’ll be damn lucky,” he said.

Dirk took a few glances and memorized the faces of the two men. “If they even get to Belinda,” he said.

“No, I think it’s a good idea. Nab them, give them to Belinda and maybe even Boris. Then, we deliver them to the cops. Nude, cuffed and gagged,” said James. “It’s one thing to be kinky. It’s another thing to force it on someone else.”

“Agreed. Which leads me to another question. Do you think Liz’s doctor is on the right track? That she should explore the kink world to see if that fixes her sexual dysfunction?” asked Dirk.

“I checked around with some of my colleagues. They agreed that the doctor had the right idea. Maybe a little brisk in the advice, but on the right track. If it did switch something in Liz’s head, the only way she is going to find out is if she explores the same sort of experiences. Not the rape, but being tied, pain, spankings. Hard part is going to be finding someone she trusts enough to do that,” said James as he looked straight at Dirk.

“Hey! I never said I was signing up for wounded bird duty,” said Dirk.

“No, but you have the best chance of us or any of the Doms we know. You can’t possibly see her with Boris or Tim now could you?” asked Jake. “Besides, I have Lydia. James has his wife Sally. Why not? She’s nice looking.”

“I’ll find her a Dom. I don’t need a subbie,” said Dirk.

“I think he protests too much,” said James to Jake.

“Yup,” agreed Jake.

“Assholes!” said Dirk. “Now what are we going to do to hunt these two down?”

“Ah, now he’s changing the subject,” teased Jake. “I figure we call the number on the back of the magazine.”

“What?” said James and Dirk at the same time.

Jake smiled, turned over the back cover of the magazine and pointed to a small blurb at the bottom. It was a phone number to call for more copies.

“Of all the bloody luck,” said Dirk with a grim smile on his face. “Which one of us gets to call?”

“James. He’s not known in the kink community and might not make those two jumpy,” said Jake.

The men agreed and James pulled his phone out and walked outside to make the call. He came back in ten minutes later. Sitting down, he grabbed a beer and took a long drink.

“Had to wash the taste out of my mouth. These assholes have been doing the rape photo shoot thing for at least three years. I had to identify which shoot I wanted. In the end, I asked for one of each. As it is a large number, twenty some magazines, they agreed to meet me rather than charge me shipping on top of the $25 per magazine,” said James.

“Greedy assholes!” exclaimed Jake.

“Now I get to call Belinda. What day are you meeting them?” Dirk asked.

“Tomorrow night. 9 pm at the park on Bishop Street,” James said.

“Be right back,” said Dirk and he headed for the kitchen. He was back in five minutes. “Belinda is chomping at the bit to do this. Says she has a few trainees learning the single tail whip who’d love some ‘target practice’ she said. Miller said we can have room 13.”

“Good. Now all you need is to find a Dom for Liz,” said James.

Dirk shot him a dirty look.

The snatch and grab had gone so easily that Dirk kept waiting for something to go wrong. They got to the club and pulled up at the loading dock. Miller, Boris, Tim and half a dozen club members were there to help with the rapists. Everyone was hooded and gloved. Dirk and Jake dragged the two by their belts to room 13.

Inside the soundproofed room were two St. Andrew’s crosses. Josh and Damien were strapped to them in record time. Still clothed, but blindfolded, they were left to cool their heels for thirty minutes. During this time, Dirk and James returned the van to the car rental where Tim worked during the day. It would be custom detailed by 10am the next day. They got back just in time to watch Belinda start working the two men.

Belinda was tiny. Five foot nothing and about ninety-five pounds with her leathers, but deadly. Someone once upon a time made one too many ‘Baby’ jokes and she decided to always be ‘on top’ from then on. She knew her craft. Not only had she done serious Dom training, she spent six months as a sub to better understand the whole mindset. She was cutting their clothes off with a razor knife when the guys walked in. They pulled up a chair and sat with the rest of the crowd.

The clothes fell to the floor and were bagged by Miller. Wallets, phones and keys went into a separate bag. Belinda talked to them while she worked. The razor knife caressed their skin and even shaved a bit of hair off their legs, but never cut them. She motioned to two men with single tail whips to come forward. Uncoiling the whips they draped them across the two men and then slowly started to whip them.

The two men took their time. The whips moved in from the arms and legs towards the torsos of the two men. The cries and screams of the two fell on deaf ears. Someone in the crowd tossed a pair of ball gags towards Belinda. She just smiled as she picked them up. The whips fell still for a moment while Belinda stuffed the gags in place. She took the whip from one man and proceeded to give a master class in how to stripe a back. Once she was done, they were left to hang there for twenty minutes while the audience took a break and got drinks.

Next up was Boris. He didn’t have one specialty, but tonight he brought lube and tails. These were the kind attached to butt plugs. Squeals could be heard even with the gags in place as he seated each plug deep up the ass of each man. The two men were left alone again until they started to fidget.

After ten minutes, Tim and his friend began to manipulate the cocks of the two men. While they were doing that, Belinda came back with a small whip made of rubber strands. As they neared orgasm, she applied the whip to their asses. Once they’d gone limp, the process was repeated. There was one constant during this whole set. That was the sound of a camera taking pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Josh had so conveniently provided the group with a fantastic camera.

Two hours later, the police received a 911 call about two men screaming in a parking lot. The press arrived before the police and were gleefully taking pictures. The local papers were having a field day. When the police arrived, they found two men tied up facing one another. Each had a tail up his ass and their backs showed signs of being whipped. Around their feet were piles of magazines full of BDSM photos. There were also two bags. One full of clothing, and the other filled with their personal possessions. On their chests in magic marker were the words, ‘Read the Fine Print”. Across their butts were the words, ‘Just-ass’. Once the police stopped laughing, they took the men to the precinct.

“You looked pleased with yourself,” said Sally as James came in the door near midnight.

“I am. Today a few friends and I rid the world of two idiots in a manner of speaking,” he said.

“Oh?” Sally asked.

James told her the basics of what had happened while he showered. At first Sally was furious. By the time James told her about the two being dumped in the parking lot across the street from the club, she was laughing.

“Oh god! Now what?” she asked.

“We just wait and see what happens. If they somehow escape jail, Miller will pass out pictures of the two. They’ll be begging to get into jail after that. Or, they are going to end up as some big old biscuit eatin’ boy’s bed time toy. Either way, they’ll never pull that scam again,” he said.

“I bet not. Has anyone told the woman what happened?” she asked.

“That’s Dirk’s job in the morning,” said James. “He’s suppose to find a Dom for her to help her figure herself out, but I’m not sure he’ll do that.”

“You think he’ll take the job?” she asked as she dried James’ back.

“Yeah. Jake and I have a tenner riding on it,” he said as he took Sally in his arms.

Jake arrived home to find Lydia asleep in his bed. He’d wanted her safe and out of harms way tonight. She agreed to spend the night with him, which he was enjoying more and more as time went on. Even when they weren’t playing D/s games, they enjoyed each others company. He dropped his clothes on the floor and grabbed a quick shower before crawling into bed. Lydia woke as he wrapped his arms around her.

“Everything go okay?” she asked sleepily.

“Just fine. Those two will never do that to anyone ever again,” he said. He moved a hand up under her tiny teeshirt and rested his hands against her ribs. He liked the feeling of her heart beating under his hand.

“Good,” Lydia said as she drifted back to sleep.

Dirk tossed and turned. He’d taken a shower and then climbed into bed. Laying there awake, he ran the names of all the Doms he knew through his head. None of them met his requirements as a Dom for Liz. He’d get down to one name and then after throwing that one away, he’d start all over. He was no closer to a decision by the time he finally fell asleep around 2am.

8 thoughts on “Damned If You Do, part 3

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  1. oh, whoa. kewl.

    just justice, please…*grinning*…and then?? and then???


    You’re getting too damned good atthis, yanno?


  2. Ohhh! Another gooood chapter! Boris and Belinda? Wow! Loved them. Loved the lesson taught to those two rapists. I can’t wait to see what happens between Dirk and Liz. Hmmm… Should be real good. Oh, and I loved the line where Jake places his hand on Lydia’s rib because he likes to feel her heartbeat. Really nice.

    1. Thank you. And yes, just enough was my goal. I tend to put myself in the ‘shoes’ of my characters when I haven’t a clue as to where to head. It works.

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