Flash Fiction Friday… Literary Lust

Gabriella read the book she’d found buried in the library. Lust, betrayal, sexual deviancy, …all the stuff that you never admitted turned you on. She tried to stop reading, but it was addictive.

“…thrusting his cock deep into her cunt as he hoisting Clara up off the bed…” Gabriella simply could not stop. Her panties were soaked. Her pussy dripped. Her nipples ached. She was jittery with sexual tension.

“His rough hands spanked Clara until she cried out. The mix of pain and pleasure confused her. Clara’s ass stung, and her sopping pussy throbbed.”

Gabriella’s desires were going unheard and unheeded. She couldn’t stand it any longer. Laying back on the divan, she undressed and stroked her breasts. Her hand moved to placate her throbbing pussy. Fingers slid through slick soft folds and caressed her clit. She thought about the last passage she read as her orgasm bloomed.

“Clara wanted to be taken hard. A pulsing cock instead of her fingers. Rough hands teasing orgasms from her flesh. She wanted to be caught, exposed and wanton.”

Gabriella was being fucked by literature.

Ah, the power of the written word. We all know that love of word fed lust. Otherwise we wouldn’t read it or write it. I really liked this picture. I kept seeing this woman all alone with her book that just blew her mind. We all have that one story or fantasy that just does it for us. That bit of literature that keeps us reading as we squirm in our seat or that sends us rushing to orgasm. This is a woman who’s found hers. Thank you Panser for the lovely pic and phrase.

If you enjoy FFF, stop by Panser’s blog and take a chance. This week our guidelines were 160-185 words and the phrase “unheard and unheeded”. Such a wonderful combo.

9 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday… Literary Lust

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  1. I like how you saw this picture and what it inspired you to write.
    I also saw her reading erotica, but it wasn’t so juicy of a story in my mind.

  2. this was great!!

    i loved reading the thought process behind the composition too!

    You sure paint purty word pictures….*grin*


  3. Awesome stuff, W. “Fucked by literature”, how fantastic. I can’t think of a more perfect phrase for what is always a delicious experience (oh yes, I do love to read good erotica). I’m glad you played along this week if only for that phrase — but the rest of the story was great too.

    Thanks for joining us!

    — PB

    1. Thank you PB. 🙂 I really did like this pic, and the idea of being so turned on by a book is a delight that worked so well for this FFF. Glad you enjoyed it. My biggest challenge was coming up with that last sentence. I must have played with it for twenty minutes. 🙂

  4. You and PB were on a similar track this week, but I think they compliment rather than compete. This was a bit more light-hearted, and I liked that about it, as well, as everyone else will say, as the last line 😉

    1. Thank you! I really like the FFF’s. They make me stretch my abilities. I have issues writing short stories, as my brain wants to run away with all these details…. More Than Just A Fairy Tale for example. It was meant to be a one time short. Now it has 31 chapters.

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