Damned if You Do…. Final part.

Liz couldn’t believe someone was ringing her doorbell at 8am. She pulled her robe on and headed for the door. Looking out the peep hole she saw Dirk from the club standing there. “What in the world?” she wondered as she undid the bolts and opened the door just a crack. She still had a chain across the door.

“Morning Liz, Thought I’d bring breakfast over and the newspaper,” he said.

“What?” she asked trying to grasp what he was saying.

“May I come in?” Dirk asked.

Liz undid the chain and let Dirk inside. He had a box of pastries and a newspaper.

“I hope you have coffee,” he said.

“Yes, but why are you bringing me breakfast and the newspaper?” she asked.

Dirk smiled and handed her the early edition of the paper. ‘BDSM Gone Awry!’ read the headline. The photo showed two nude men from the waist up wrapped in chains to one another. The caption read ‘Two men were found bound and naked surrounded by magazines and bags of clothing late last night. Speculation is rife and it seems like someone got carried away with kink.’

Liz looked at the photo and read the brief story as she sank into her chair. “Oh my god! It’s Josh and Damien! How?” she started to ask Dirk. “Or do I even want to know?”

“Depends on if you can lie to the cops well or if you’d rather not know until later,” he said. “The cops should be here in the next hour or so. For the record, you weren’t the only one they’d pulled that nasty trick on over the last few years.”

“Um… Oh shit. I didn’t even think of that,” she said. “If you think the cops will really be here I’ll wait until after they’ve gone to find out what happened. I’ve never been good at lying, so I don’t want to know what happened.”

“Fine by me. Coffee?” Dirk asked.

“Oh yeah. I’ll start it and then get dressed,” Liz said.

“Okay, if you show me where things are, I can make the coffee,” he said.

Liz nodded and headed for the kitchen. She showed him where everything was and then headed off to get dressed.

Liz closed the door behind the policemen as they left the apartment. She leaned against the door and just stood there for a moment trying to wrap her brain around everything the police had told her. She shook her head and headed to the kitchen where Dirk was making more coffee.

“Now that you’ve heard what the police had to say and where you stand in the whole process, do you want to know the real story?” asked Dirk.

“Yes. Especially after hearing that in spite of all the evidence that those two idiots may only get ten years in jail. So far I’m the only one willing to charge them with rape,” Liz said rather exasperated.

“I understand. Now for the real story of what happened the other night,” said Dirk. “We have a friend named James, who has lots of contacts. He found the magazines and traced the product back to the sellers.”

“Which were Josh and Damien?” Liz asked.

“Yes. They were doing a two man business. They did all the photography, ‘modeling’, page layouts and proofing. Their printer did it for a cut of the profits. He was greedy though and put ads out in all the local strip bars. This made them easier to find,” said Dirk.

Liz thought about all the ads and magazines that must be out there and she started to go pale. Dirk noticed and put his hand on hers.

“Liz, it’s okay. James counted the run after he got their computer. In comparison to the others, your photo shoot only has around 120 copies out of 1000 printed that are unaccounted for,” he said. “There aren’t that many out there.”

“Oh,” was all Liz could say.

“Once we found where they lived, James set up a purchase order. It was big enough that the guys were willing to meet him. When they showed up, we kidnapped them and brought them to the club,” Dirk said.

“Okay, then what?” asked Liz.

“We turned them over to Belinda and Boris,” he said.

“Who are Belinda and Boris?” she asked.

“They are our two most inventive and devious Doms at the club. Belinda is a tiny woman who can be more terrifying by saying ‘hello’ than a big strapping man dressed in leathers and carrying a gun. She teaches our basic Dom class and how to handle whips, knives and all of the equipment at the club. She worked them over first and let her students practice their whip technique,” said Dirk.

“Oh crap!” said Liz. “I think I saw her the other night. Five inch heels, leather bikini with a studded belt, brunette hair up in a ponytail and a whip curled on her hip?”

“Yeah, that was her outfit the other night. She’s been known to do the full leathers or go absolutely naked. Doesn’t matter. She can do ‘Dom’ no matter how she’s dressed,” said Dirk with a smile.

“And who is Boris?” asked Liz.

“Boris is a Sadist. He loves to humiliate and cause pain. He’s the one that gave the guys the super-sized horse tails. He also orchestrated the bit of showmanship in the parking lot,” said Dirk.

Liz shuddered.

“Don’t worry. Next time you’re at the club, I’ll make sure to point him out to you so that you can avoid him,” he said.

“Thanks,” she said. “But,… I never said I was going to the club again.”

“What about your desire to find a Dom and work out your issues?” asked Dirk.

“Well, um, I think that maybe I need to talk to more people first and maybe it will all just go away,” said Liz in a tone that wasn’t very convincing.

“Liz, I’m not trying to pressure or persuade you. However, do you really think you’ll find your answers talking to people on Fetlife?” Dirk asked.

Liz was silent while she thought about what he said. She started fidgeting with her coffee cup. “I… I don’t know,” she finally said.

“I’ll tell you what I do know. You have a bunch of people who barely know you who were willing to help you. That same bunch of people would do their best to make sure you weren’t hurt in any way. What are you afraid of?” Dirk asked. He was fairly sure he knew, but didn’t want to say it. He wanted her to process the information and tell him.

She sat there for a long time. Dirk got up and poured them more coffee. He sat down and sipped his slowly. Liz took a sip of her coffee and then cleared her throat.

“I’m afraid that I’ll go through all of this with a Dom, and that it won’t fix me. That I’ll still be stuck with my broken sex life. Or, that I’ll never find the right Dom. I’ll find one that is just as screwed up as Josh and Damien and I’ll be even more broken than I am right now,” she said in a rush.

“Do you understand the real job of a Dom?” Dirk asked.

“I’m not sure,” said Liz.

“A Dom’s job is to provide a safe trusted environment for the sub. To give them what they need. It’s an exchange of power. The top bitch at work who needs to be a sub at night so that she can balance out her day. The high powered businessman who needs to cry and express his emotions because he can’t at work. The timid wife who needs to be in charge just one hour in her day so that she can deal with the other twenty-three becomes a Dom. Sometimes it is about sex. Most often it is trust. The sub trusts that the Dom will give them what is needed to balance out their lives. It works the other way around too. Often the best Doms started out as subs,” said Dirk.

“Oh,” said Liz finally making eye contact with Dirk.

“It isn’t about beatings, forced sex or degradation. It can be, but most times it isn’t,” said Dirk. “Granted, it can be about a kink. Spanking, rough sex, and other things, but that is only part of a D/s relationship. Most of all, it is consensual. That’s why there is a safe word. Why there is at least a verbal contract between the Dom and sub.”

Liz sat there and sipped her coffee. Dirk could see that there were a thousand thoughts running through her head. She put her cup down and looked straight at him.

“Would you be my Dom?” she asked in a voice almost too quiet to hear.

Dirk tried not to show his surprise on his face. He knew that this was a possibility the moment he stepped in to help her. Knew it was possible the moment she opened the door this morning and he felt his heart shift at the sight of her sleepy face. He took a deep breath.

“Do you understand what you are asking?” he asked.

“I think so. More than I did fifteen minutes ago,” Liz said.

“That once you feel ‘healed’, that our relationship may end?” Dirk asked.

“I… I guess so,” said Liz. “I hadn’t thought that far to be honest.”
“I understand. I need to know if you do,” he said.

Liz thought for a moment. To Dirk it looked as if she were ticking things off a list in her head.

“Dirk, I have felt nothing but trust from you since that first night in the club. I feel safer than I have in months. You aren’t exactly my ‘kind of guy’ if you know what I mean, but I would like to try this with you,” she said much more confidently this time.

It was Dirk’s turn to think. “Alright, I will take the responsibility of showing you a D/s relationship done properly. We will work at this one day at a time. If at any time you want to quit, you need to tell me,” he said.

“Alright,” said Liz.

“Now, first question. Do you want this voyage of discovery to happen at the club, your house or my house?” he asked.

“My house. I don’t think I could cope with the club. Not yet,” she said.

“Next question. When do you want to start?” he asked.

Liz looked across the kitchen at her calendar. Then she looked at the clock on the wall. “Would it be trouble to start today? Or this weekend? I have the next eight days free,” she said timidly.

Dirk thought of his own schedule. It was free except for the evenings he was on duty at the club. “Liz, I accept your offer. Unless you have something planned for today, we will begin now,” he said.

“I… um… Thank you Dirk,” she said.

“Excuse me?” Dirk said in a slightly firm tone.

Liz looked at him, blinked and then realized exactly what had happened. She got up from her chair, knelt next to Dirk and bowed her head. “Thank you Sir,” she said.

Dirk wrapped his hand around her chin and lifted her face upwards so that he could see her eyes. “You’re welcome little one,” he said.

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    1. Thank you dear. Your comments mean a lot to me. 🙂 Part of this story came from the frustration of people who couldn’t define BDSM and D/s if they were hanging upside down over a pit of lava and their lives depended on it. So, I stuck it in the story and it worked.

  1. Surprisingly, I had not thought of D0m/s this way, and honestly, it sounds all the more appealing to me now.

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