Flash Fiction Friday-White Huntress, Black Heart

Kathrine was a sexy cold hearted bitch. Khan met her on the studio back lot. They entered the empty sound stage. She dropped her coat to reveal stockings and a leopard skin bikini.

“Shift for me big boy,” she said as she lit a cigarette.

Khan obliged. One minute a man, the next a Bengal tiger. She scratched his spine. Khan rolled over. She teased him with a leather cord and rubbed her foot across his genitals. As he arched in sexual delight, she pressed her heel down.

Khan’s yellow eyes blinked in surprise as the cameras flashed.

I tried to think of a nice story to go with this one. I really did. However, all I kept getting was this bitch with an urge to be in control. She’s one of those ‘Big White Hunters’ from the 50’s that hunted big game. I knew the bikini was her last conquest. Next time it will be tiger skin. Khan doesn’t realize he’s been outed as a shifter and is dead meat. Poor bastard. She even got the trophy pic taken care of without firing a bullet. This was a very interesting picture and I’m looking forward to see how others dealt with it.

If you’ve enjoyed Flash Fiction Friday, cast your lot in with the rest of us and give it a try. Our challenge this week was 60-99 words and the phrase yellow eyes blinked.

14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday-White Huntress, Black Heart

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  1. wow, this was grrrrrreat!

    (sorry, i couldn’t stop myself!)

    intense and dark and naughty without being overtly gross…

    well done!


  2. Ah the joys of not being on Blogger 😉 I don’t know that I read this quite as negatively as it was intended; maybe he was just surprised that she was into pain play. But it does capture the picture excellently.

    1. Agreed! I think WordPress does just fine. I think I’ve had one denial of access in the 3-4 years I’ve been using it. Glad you liked the story. Not so much negative as sadistic, bitchy, unexpected. I had fun.

  3. I liked it and thought it was great.
    She does look like a bitch with an urge to control.

    As for blogger = my old blog was on blogger. I’m now on wordpress.

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