Pleasure and Pain

Dirk looked around her bedroom while Liz was in the bathroom. He was trying to figure out how to restrain her for some of this, knowing that she had been tied. There was nothing. Liz had a headboard, but not the kind you can wrap things around. This was not going to work. “Damn!” he thought.

He heard Liz walk into the room and turned. “Liz, we need to ‘step out’ of the scene for a moment. Do you have any rope, scarves, or anything like that?” he asked. “And while we’re at it, do you have toys?”

“Toys yes. A few scarves, but nothing really long. I have tow rope, but I wouldn’t use it for anything but cars,” she said.

“Okay, we have two choices. We either go shopping, or we go to my house,” Dirk said. “I have the stuff which will work and a bed that will work better than yours.”

“Oh. I… I guess that will be okay,” she said. “I’ll get dressed.”

“Bring along some fantasy clothes. Corsets, blouses, a short skirt or two and some heels,” said Dirk. Those things he didn’t have. At least not for Liz.

“Alright, I’ll be just a few minutes,” she said and started to buzz around the room grabbing things out of drawers and her closet. She packed a bag and went out to where Dirk was waiting in the living room.

“Let’s go,” he said.

On the way over to Dirk’s house, they discussed the rules. They also set up a safe word. He explained that this was a consensual situation and if something was wrong it could be stopped in a second with the safe word. Liz was very relieved to find out he operated that way. It took fifteen minutes to cross town even though traffic was light. Dirk pulled his car into the garage and they entered the house from there. The door opened up into the kitchen.

“Dirk, I have to admit this is not what I expected,” said Liz.

“Glad to be able to surprise you. I had a friend who loved Mission style furniture and she helped me decorate. The bedroom is through here,” he said pointing off to the left.

Dirk’s bedroom was masculine. Filled with Mission furniture and jewel tone blues and greens as fabric choices made it feel intimate. Besides the bed, he had a large dresser, a chair and nightstand. The rugs on the wood floor were thick.

“This is a beautiful room,” Liz said. She put her bag down and walked around a little. There was a door open showing off a bathroom.

“Thank you. Now, I want you to take your bag, find an outfit and be back here in ten minutes. The bathroom is over there,” he said.

Liz nodded and headed to the bathroom. She grabbed out the peasant blouse, corset, and lace skirt she’d worn the other night. She left on her thong panties and after she dressed, she brushed her hair and slipped on the heels. She put everything else back in the bag and put it behind the bathroom door where he had the towels. Stepping back into the bathroom she was surprised again. Dirk had closed the curtains, lit a few candles and had changed his shirt for something that looked like a pirate tunic. There were also some stuff on the nightstand that she only got a glance of before he caught her attention.

“Are you ready to start?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said and instantly realized that she had goofed. “Yes Sir,” she said as quickly as she could.

“Better. Come here and let me look at you,” he said.

Liz walked to the center of the room and slowly turned around until she was facing Dirk.

“Good. Take off your skirt,” he said.

“Yes Sir,” said Liz as she blinked and fumbled for her zip. She took off the skirt and folded it up. She placed it on the floor because she didn’t know what else to do with it.

“Turn,” he said as he walked over and picked up something.

Liz turned, and as she did, he dropped a blindfold over her eyes. She stood still as he snugged it into place.

“Undo the top of your blouse and let it drape off of your shoulders,” he said.

Liz followed his directions. Dirk could see that she felt conspicuous standing there in her undies, thigh highs, heels and the blouse/corset combo. Walking up behind her, he wrapped his arm around and moved the material of her blouse so he could get to her nipple. He rolled it in his fingers and then pinched it ever so gently. Liz gasped.

“Do you like that little one?” he asked.

“Yes Sir,” she replied.

“Good,” he said. He exposed her other nipple and played with it as well. Dirk moved around to the front of Liz. When both nipples were hard, he gave them each a harder pinch. This time he held onto her nipples and didn’t let go. Instead, he walked her by her nipples over to the bed. He moved so that she faced the bed.

“Ow, Sir,” Liz gasped. She had tried not to say anything, but the force of his fingers just increased.

“Does it hurt?” asked Dirk as he pinched a little harder.

“Yes Sir! Ow!” she gasped as he gave one last pinch and then let go.

“Did it feel good?” he asked.

“It hurt Sir,” Liz said.

Dirk reached down and brought his hand up between her legs until he touched her panties. They were damp. Very damp. “You say it hurts, but your pussy is getting very wet, little one,” he said. “Lean forward on the bed.”

Liz reached out and found the bed. She bent over until her nose was just touching the bed. She didn’t know what to do with her hands, so she simply put them at her sides. She waited. When Dirk’s hand smacked her ass, she stood up and started to turn.

“No little one. Face on the bed,” he said.

Liz hesitated just a moment, but it was long enough for Dirk to see that she wasn’t hitting the subbie headspace. His hand came down on her neck and held her nose to the bed. His other hand delivered several well places smacks on her ass. She squirmed.

“Ow Sir!” came her muffled words.

“Yes, little one, it hurts. Your mind may not like it, but we shall see about that pussy of yours,” he said as he spanked her a few more times. Just as she began to quiver, he stopped and then lightly ran his hand over her burning flesh. Her ass was cherry red. Slowly, he ran his fingers over every inch, exciting the nerves with his soft touch.

“Oh!” gasped Liz at the difference in sensation.

Dirk smiled and put his hand between Liz’s legs. This time her panties were soaked. “Little one, for all of your protestations of pain, you are very wet. Slippery even,” he said. He took his hand off her neck and was pleased to see that she didn’t move. He stood behind her and very slowly peeled her panties off of her. He lifted her feet to get them all the way off and then tossed them aside.

“Get up on the bed on your hands and knees,” he told her.

Liz did as he said. She’d felt the moisture as her panties had been taken off. She was soaking wet.

Dirk stood behind her and with one hand on her ass, he began to play with her. Stroking her lips and then as his fingers became wet, he slid one then two deep into her pussy. Liz gasped as he fingered her.

“Little one, don’t you come without permission. If you do, you will be punished,” he said softly as he stroked her deeper and deeper.

“But Sir,” she gasped.

“You may not deny me, but I may deny you. No orgasms yet,” he said as his fingers moved from her pussy to tease her clit. He could hear her breathing getting shallow as she tried to stop herself. He slowed his fingers down, and then wiped them across her ass.

“Stretch out on the bed, and extend your arms,” he told her.

Liz moved to where she thought was the middle of the bed and stretched out in her back. She felt Dirk take one hand and then the other and cuff them to something on the bed. The cuffs were soft leather. After a moment, she was unable to move her arms. She felt him crawl up on the bed between her legs, which were not tied.

“As long as you behave, I will let you have freedom of your legs. If you do not, I have more cuffs,” he said.

“Yes Sir,” she said wondering what he was going to do next. She heard the low rumble of a vibrator before she felt it on her skin. It grazed across the top of her pubic hair and then slowly moved down her slit. As it went over her clit, she squirmed.

“Remember, you aren’t allowed to come unless I tell you,” Dirk said as he applied the vibrator to her clit. Just before it became too much, he backed off. Liz took a breath and sighed with relief. It was short lived as the vibrator moved down to her pussy and slowly nudged its way in.

“Oh! Sir!” Liz squeaked and squirmed. “Must…not…come… bills, cleaning the toilet, grocery shopping, aisle 1…” she thought desperate to hold back what she knew was coming.

Dirk moved the vibrator in and out of Liz’s pussy. She was so wet that there was a puddle forming under her ass. She’d held off for a good twenty minutes of play. He rolled the vibrator up and back to her clit and rubbed it around and around the tender nub.

“Sir! Oh! Please may I come!” Liz cried.

“No,” he said.

Liz wiggled to try and get away from the vibrator, but Dirk just held it there. She couldn’t get away, and her body wouldn’t listen to her mind. She shuddered.

“Pleeeeese! Please let me come!” she begged.

Dirk thought for a moment and decided. “Yes, you may come little one,” he said.

Liz screamed her orgasm out as he put the vibrator back in her pussy and rubbed her clit with his fingertips. She arched off the bed as best she could and then collapsed.

Dirk stopped and sat silent. He moved far enough off the bed that she couldn’t find him with her legs. As far as she knew, she was alone in the room.

When her breathing came back to normal, she began trying to hear where he was in the room. She moved her legs around and couldn’t find him.

“Sir?” she called softly. “Sir? Are you here?”

Dirk said nothing, wondering if she’d slip ‘out’ of the scene or if she’d stay in character. He had a couple of options read depending on what she did.

“Sir?” Liz called again. This time there was a hint of worry in her voice. “Sir?”

Dirk didn’t wait any longer. He could hear the change in her voice. He picked something up from the nightstand and let the clinking noise be heard.

“Sir? Are you here? What’s that noise?” she asked.

“A present for you little one,” he said softly as he stood near her shoulder.

“Oh? What kind of present sir?” she asked.

Dirk didn’t reply. He simply dragged the chain across her skin, and up between her breasts. As the ends crossed her nipples, they began to crinkle tight. He did figure eights around her nipples.

“Sir?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“Are those nipple clamps Sir?” she asked.

“Yes, they are. Just for you little one. They aren’t as pinchy as some. We can work up to stronger ones,” he said. As he spoke, he grabbed a nipple and began to tease it so he could attach the clamp.

“Sir, no please. No nipple clamps please,” she started.

“Little one, you will take your presents and if you are a good girl, I might let you take them off when you go home,” he said. With a quick twist, he attached first one and then the other clamp.

“Oh! Sir! Ow! Owwww!” Liz cried.

“Those aren’t that hard,” said Dirk. He reached down to her pussy and stroked her lips. She was still very wet. His hand slipped up and down her slit and brushed her clit. He watched her switch from being in pain to feeling an orgasm ride up her belly. “And remember, you can’t come unless I tell you,” he said slipping his fingers deep into her pussy.

“Sir! Oh! Ohgod! Sir!” she yelped.

“Yes little one? Is your brain saying no and your pussy saying yes again?” he asked. He now had three fingers deep into her pussy.

“Yyyes Sir!” she gasped. “Clamps still hurt, but may I please come?” she asked.

“No, not yet. Not until I say you can,” he said. With this, he tugged on the chain between the clamps which exerted just enough pain to slow down her orgasm.

“Ow!” she gasped.

Dirk tugged on the chain again and then slid a fourth finger deep into Liz’s pussy. She was soaking the bed. His hand slid in easily as he fisted her.

“Ow! Sir! Oh god what are you doing Sir?” she gasped as the orgasm was building again.

“I’m playing with your pussy little one. So many fingers, such a sopping pussy,” he said. He was amazed at how wet she was. He tugged the chain again to keep her from coming too soon.

“Pppplease may I come?” Liz begged. She was grinding down on his fingers in spite of the pain from the clamps. She began to shake with the effort not to come.

“Yes, little one, come for me,” he said softly. He dropped the chain and began to stimulate her clit while his fingers fisted her pussy. He could feel her muscles clamp down hard on his hand as she came. He moved his fingers in and out faster and as she climaxed, he pulled them out. Her juices squired all over the bed. He repeated the actions as she came again.

“Ohhhhh!!” Liz cried as she came time and time again. Dirk’s finger on her clit kept the orgasms rolling. “OH!” she gasped and then collapsed to the bed.

Dirk stopped his fingerings and and wiped his hands on a towel from a basket next to the bed. He took the blindfold off and brushed the hair out of her face.

“How do you feel little one?” he asked.

“I… I feel like I melted Sir,” she said.

“Good. You’ve come so much, that you are a puddle,” he said.

“I’m sorry sir,” she started.

“No. None of that. I made you come and your body responded. That is as it should be. Now, shall we take off your clamps?” he asked. He knew that it would hurt, but he could easily bring her to orgasm again to ease things.

“Sir, I’m afraid. They hurt on and off. Please?” Liz said.

“I have a way to take them off little one that isn’t so bad,” Dirk said.

She looked at him puzzled. He grabbed both clamps at once and took them off quickly.

“OW!” she cried.

Before she could take in another breath, his fingers were back at her clit rubbing it quickly. She gasped and started to come.

“Sir?” she asked.

“Come little one,” he said proud that she’d asked.

Liz came hard.

6 thoughts on “Pleasure and Pain

  1. That is certainly one way to make her forget the pain of the clamps. This whole chapter was hot. “Must…not…come… bills, cleaning the toilet, grocery shopping, aisle 1…” LOL! That was funny but I guess one doesn’t cum when thinking of these things, huh? I’m glad to be able to read the story of these two. 😉

    1. Thank you. 🙂 I did my best to make this one ‘hawt’ as Nilla would say. 🙂 And yes, I was trying to think of what would keep a person from orgasm… 🙂 LOL. Glad you liked the story. There are a couple of parts to this one.

  2. O, I like that! It’s just about the right level of pain for me, and very , very hot! I found you from ‘Nilla’s blog – I don’t think I’d read you before, but I’ll be back.



    1. Aisha, very nice to see you here. I’ve been reading your comments on Nilla’s blog for a while, so I kind of feel I know you. I don’t go as dark as Nilla, but I do have fun. You might like the rest of the Vanilla Universe stories too.

  3. oh. my. gawd.

    thank goodness Master has given me one opportunity for “afternoon delight”….

    i’ma gonna need it now…

    (ps this was fawking hawt!)

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