Flash Fiction Friday… Triads!

The Triad grabbed me off the street. Blindfolded and stuffed into a car, I heard the tires squeal as they drove into the depths of Hong Kong. I’d seen the symbols of the Three Harmonies Society just as everything went dark. I was in so much trouble.

I stole money from the brothel when it burned. I set up my own house and attracted good business from the British. Protection too. No more whoring for me. Then Li Ming arrived. She was beautiful. Long silky hair and a figure like a fox goddess. I sold her virginity fifteen times! Everyone wanted Li Ming.

Then Chen came. He wanted Li Ming all to himself. She wanted Chen, and I said no. She was my fortune. One can’t give away a fortune! When I said no, he stole her from me. My luck ran out.

The car stopped and I was pulled out and shoved through a door. I could hear voices, The smell of cigarettes and opium was heavy in the air. The blindfold was removed and there before me on the table was Li Ming. Chen sat next to her.

“Now, it is your turn to work for me,” said Chen. “Once a whore, always a whore.” He smiled and pointed down the hall to the cribs.

From the first time I saw this picture, I knew it was someone who pissed off the girl and she was looking straight at them. Who? Couldn’t be a man, it had to be another woman. With that revelation, I was off. Hardest part was keeping this one to 220 words. Young thugs… Hong Kong. Ah, Triads.

Hope you enjoyed my take this week. If you’d like to play, visit Panser and see what he offers for writing tidbits. This weeks challenge was 100-220 words and the phrase, heavy in the air combined with our beautiful picture.

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  1. I may be being unnecessarily dense, but what are “the cribs?” Other than that bit of confusion, doubtless a lack of knowledge of slang on my part, wonderful as always 🙂

    1. Cribs are the very small bedrooms where prostitutes entertain their guests. Usually just enough room for a chair, a bed, and a nightstand which has a lamp, washbasin and chamberpot. Very low end prostitution too.

      1. Ah! It all makes sense now. I confess that I did wonder a bit if he was forcing her to be nursemaid to all the prostitute babies or something. As I said, unnecessarily dense. Now that it makes sense I like it all the more, which is hard because I liked it pretty well even through my haze of confusion. And I was waiting on tenterhooks to find out what cribs were.

        1. LOL! Glad you liked it. Sometimes I think terms are so situationally or historically specific that we miss things. Being raised in the wilds of Colorado with cowboys, military, miners and the like, ‘crib’ was a term that I knew had two meanings. A baby bed and a prostitutes bed. I remember the first time I saw one up in a mining museum up in Cripple Creek or Leadvile. Damn! A fat twin bed would barely fit.
          Glad I satisfied your curiosity too!

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