Pleasure and Pain, part 2

Dirk had let Liz up for a bit after that first session. She had been surprised that it had only been ninety minutes. She had been embarrassed at how soaked the bedding was under her. He’d given her a robe to wear, but hadn’t let her clean up. Every time she moved, her body reminded her of just how turned on she had been. Liz felt the moisture slide down her legs with every step.

They walked to the kitchen to get some lunch.

“You may sit little one,” he said before she could even move.

“Thank you sir,” she said. She squirmed a bit as she sat.

Dirk got some fruit, cheese and bread out for them. Iced tea to drink. He poured himself a glass and made up a plate of food. He sat down with it in front of him and started to eat.

“Um,… Don’t I get any?” she asked.

Dirk glared at her. He expected her to break the scene, but he tried not to smile. “I’ll feed you when I’m ready,” he said. “You can stand up though and put the bathrobe on the chair.”

Liz blinked. It suddenly hit her that they were still playing and she had just goofed. “I’m..” was as far as she got.

“Quiet and get undressed,” he said firmly.

Liz did as she was asked. She stood there naked in the kitchen after putting the bathrobe on the chair. He held a grape to her lips, and she took it. A few minutes later, he fed her a bite of cheese and bread. She ate one bite to every two of his. He gave her sips of iced tea as well. When the food was gone, he put the dishes in the sink and lead her back to the bedroom.

Dirk had placed her back on the bed. This time her legs as well as her arms were bound in the leather cuffs. There was more ‘play’ in the leg restraints. As she lay there, he touched her with feathers, and the trailing ends of a whip. Sensory play to see if it excited her. Her responses were nothing like those earlier. Dirk put down the whip he’d been tracing across her nipples and picked up the chain with the clamps attached. He trailed that up her belly until they reached her nipples and she could see them.

“Oh, Sir, no,” she said quietly.

“Ah, but the other things didn’t excite you little one,” Dirk said. “Are you going to tell me that you aren’t a pain slut?” he asked.

“No Sir, I’m not a pain slut. I just haven’t had any sex in so long, that my body didn’t care,” she said quickly.

“I don’t know as I believe you little one. A moment ago, you were dry. Now,” he stopped and ran his fingers over her slit which was getting wetter by the moment.

“Oh, Please, no clamps,” she said.

“No, I think the clamps are just what you need. Or, would you rather be spanked?” Dirk asked. Either one would provide the pain endorphin release Liz needed.

“I think I’d rather be spanked Sir,” she said uncertainly.

“Then spanked it will be,” he said. He undid one leg and one wrist to turn Liz on her side. This allowed him access to her ass. Picking up a narrow paddle he started to slowly spank her ass. After a few blows, he sped up the pace.

Wack! Wack! Wack! Wack! Echoed across the bedroom. Liz tried to keep from crying out. Dirk moved the paddle down her legs and back up them when he got to the crack of her ass, he moved her legs apart and spanked her lips.

“Owwwww!” Liz cried out at last. She had been biting her hand trying to keep from crying. When her ass, legs and pussy lips were various shades of red, he stopped. He then caressed her stroking the nerve endings already overloaded. She groaned with a mix of pleasure and pain. Just as she started to relax, he rolled her back over, and recuffed her arm and leg. This left her sore ass rubbing against the bed.

“Oww, Sir,” she said.

“Your choice. You could have had the nipple clamps, but no, you wanted spanked,” Dirk said. He picked up the paddle and slapped her mons and clit that was peeking out from between her lips.

“Oh! Owww!” she cried.

He moved to her nipples and smacked them too until the blood came to the surface. He ignored her cries and after a moment put the paddle down. Dirk’s fingers touched her lips and found her soaked. He stuck his fingers in her pussy until they were coated with her juices.

“Little one, you are a pain slut,” he said.

“Noooo,” she moaned as his fingers were bringing her close to orgasm. He stopped as she started to writhe.

Dirk walked over to his dresser and looked in his toybox. He had a big dildo, another vibrator and a few other bits. They had ruled out anal play as that had not happened during the photo shoot. Nor had oral sex by her. He smiled, grabbed the dildo that vibrated and got undressed. As he got on the bed, he made sure she could see him, and the toys.

“Sir? Will that fit in me?” she asked looking at the dildo with odd ridges.

“Yes, it will. First though, we will make sure you are very wet,” he said. He put the dildo down and knelt between her legs, letting his tongue dance over her clit. He held her ass so that she couldn’t move. He felt the welts from the spanking and played with them as his tongue played her clit.

Liz gasped. She wasn’t sure which felt better. His tongue, his hands or just the warmth of his body. She fought down the urge to come, knowing she wasn’t allowed to do so until he gave permission. She pulled against the cuffs trying to wiggle away from his mouth. Then all of a sudden, he stopped. She looked down and saw him grin, and then felt the pressure against her pussy. “Oh god! That dildo!” she thought.

Dirk rubbed the dildo against her pussy to get it wet. Then he positioned it and pushed it in as far as it would go. He heard Liz gasp and felt her muscles start to clamp down in an effort to keep it out. Not that it ever works. Dirk pulled it out and then pushed it in again until it slid almost all the way in.

“Ohhh, oh god,” moaned Liz. She felt as stretched as she had when Dirk had fisted her earlier. She noticed Dirk move so that he had a leg between hers and another near her waist. He was reaching for something on the bed, and she gasped when she saw what it was.

“No Sir, I was good. I got spanked,” she said. “Please no clamps.”

“I like them on you, and you get so wet when you wear them,” he said and pinched her nipples until they stood up. He clamped the right one and then the left. Then he took a chain and attached it to the middle of the first chain. This put a gentle tension of the clamps and the first chain. He trailed it down her belly and then around the base of the dildo. There was plenty of slack for Dirk to work the dildo.

“What are you doing Sir,” she asked not sure if she really wanted the answer.

“You’ll see in a minute,” he said. He pushed the dildo in as deep as it would go and then turned the vibrator part to low. The vibrations went up her pussy and up the chain on her stomach to her nipples.

“Oh!” was all she could gasp. The chain lay across her clit as well. “Check book errors, banking letters, cat boxes,” she thought trying to keep from orgasming.

Dirk smiled at her reactions. He turned up the vibrator to medium and watched her squirm. Her pussy was getting wetter by the moment. Then he turned it up to high. He could see the chain vibrating.

“Oh god! Oh! Oh Sir, may I please come?” she begged.

“Not yet,” said Dirk. He sped up his playing with the dildo and with each stroke pulled the chain a little tighter. Her nipples were vibrating. Liz shuddered and before she could open her mouth, the orgasm ripped through her. She came hard and nearly bucked off of the bed. Dirk held the dildo tight to her pussy as orgasm after orgasm rode her.

“Ooohhh,” she gasped as she came again and nearly passed out.

Dirk removed the dildo and set it aside. He unbuckled her hands and ankles and then wrapped her in his arms, careful not to pull the chains.

“You were very naughty,” he whispered in her ear.

“Sir, I… I couldn’t help it. It felt so good and I couldn’t stop,” she said softly.

“You understand that you will have to be punished?” Dirk asked.

“Yyyes Sir,” she said almost tearfully.

“Well, this is your choice. You can either take the nipple clamps off right now, with no orgasms to help, or you may wrap the long chain around your waist and get on your hands and knees,” he said.

Liz knelt and looked at the nipple chains. She started to pull one off and the sharp pain stopped her. She then wrapped the chain around her waist and clipped the end to the link where it met making a loose belt. Then she got on her hands and knees. She expected to be spanked.

Dirk smiled as he watched her get on her hands and knees. Once she was in position, he moved in behind her and ever so slowly rubbed the head of his erection against her swollen pussy lips. As he heard her gasp, he grabbed her by the hips and plunged in until their hips met.

“Oh Sir!” squeaked Liz as she felt his warm cock fill her.

“And this time, you may come as much as you want,” he said as he pumped in and out of her. He had been controlling his own desires all day, and realized that he wanted to fuck her hard and deep. Holding on to her hips, he did just that.

Liz braced herself on the bed. She could feel the sway and the pull of the chains and the clamps as she moved in rhythm with Dirk. His hands tight on her hips felt good. She felt her first orgasm begin to flow across her skin. Instead of letting it come, she held off as long as she could, realizing how good that had felt earlier. Dirk pounded her faster and faster. He snatched as the chain with one finger and tugged it ever so slightly. It pulled against her nipples and she couldn’t hold out any longer. She felt her muscles clench and the orgasm rolled her.

“Ohgggggggod!” she gasped. Just as she thought she would melt to the bed, Dirk squeezed tighter and roared his own orgasm. She felt him fill her with cum. Felt it and her own juices run down her thighs.

“Ahhh,” Dirk sighed as the last of his orgasm scattered his senses. He was still buried deep inside of Liz. He tugged the chain around her waist and smiled as Liz started to orgasm again. She bucked against his cock hard enough to give him aftershocks. Catching his breath, he slowly pulled out of Liz and lay down on the bed. He pulled her to him and snuggled her close to his chest.

“How do you feel?” he asked. He could feel her body trembling.

“I…I don’t think I’ve ever come so hard,” she said.

Dirk disconnected the chain from her nipple chain and drew it through her legs so it teased her clit. Liz twitched. His fingers stroked the chain against her clit and in a moment had her orgasming again and again.

Liz panted trying to catch her breath. She felt Dirk slide the chain somewhere, and realized he was clipping to the back of the chain after pulling though her legs. It was inbetween her lips and grazing her clit with every muscle twitch.

“Oh Sir, I can’t…” was as far as she got before he brought her to another series of orgasms. This time, as she came hard, he undid one clamp and then the other. The gasps of pain were muted by the pleasure of the orgasms he gave her. He sucked on her nipples, one after the other as his hand continued to play with her pussy.

Just when she thought she couldn’t take another bit of stimulus, he lifted her up off of the bed and pulled her into his lap as he knelt. His cock was hard and dancing against his belly. “Oh,” was as far as she got before he pulled her up and then onto his cock. The weight of her sitting across his lap drove him deep into her pussy. The chain rubbed against her clit with every stroke.

Liz rode Dirk’s cock as his hands cradled her ass. Her breasts were nibbled by his mouth and she clung to his shoulders. He spread his knees, pulling her legs wide open as he pounded into her.

“Oh Sir,” she gasped. “Oh…”

Dirk was almost ready to come again. It had been a long morning of suppressing his desires. He grabbed a nipple and bit down lightly, which caused Liz to moan in pleasure and clamp her muscles around his cock. The chain between her legs caressed his balls as well. Grabbing her hips, he pumped faster as his orgasm boiled up and exploded.

Liz gasped as she felt this orgasm hit her cervix. She came again as he bit her nipple and then sucked it hard. She could hear moaning, and didn’t recognize it as her voice. Slowly, the two of them collapsed to the bed shuddering with the aftershocks of orgasms.

After a few moments, Dirk put his hands between her legs and stroked her clit. She felt the orgasms rush up her body inspite of her exhaustion.

“Noooo,” she tried to protest.

“Just a few more my little pain slut,” he whispered in her ear.

“Ohhh, no,” she tried to protest. The orgasms took away her ability to speak and then her ability to think. She passed out.

Dirk kissed her head, pulled a blanket over them, and then curled up around her, his hand still between her legs.

7 thoughts on “Pleasure and Pain, part 2

  1. oh, i had to laugh out loud at her mantra to keep from cumming…”cat boxes”…omg!!

    i read half of this tonight. i had to stop because i was getting far too turned on. The double chain thing? genius. And thats where i stopped coz i cannot cum tonight and this was *killing* me….

    you are getting verrah good at this…gawd. No more writing this stuff when i’m on O restriction!!!


    *squirming in my chair*

  2. Had never heard of how to work all these things, discovering and becoming very intrigued and very bothered and hot! Phew!

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