Pillow Talk

This is for Nilla, who reminded me of a story I wanted to write ages ago. Yes, I’m a geek! And yes, we do talk like this in bed… on occasion.

Dylan was draped across the bed. He’d flopped there after his shower. Dylan had a long day of stringing Cat5e and crawling under desks to connect computers and phone lines. Amber would be home soon and he wanted to get a nap in before dinner.

Amber walked in and while Dylan’s car was out front, she didn’t see him when she walked into the house. Putting her laptop case down on her desk, she headed for the bedroom. Walking in she was greeted with the sight of Dylan stretched out face down on the bed. She smiled and headed for the bathroom and a quick shower.

She dried off and walked into the bathroom just as Dylan woke up. He saw her standing there wrapped in her binary print towel and smiled.

“Hey beautiful,” he said.

“Have a good nape?” Amber asked as she sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Yeah. Much better than stringing cable everywhere. People are filthy,” he said.

“Well, you don’t think about what falls on the floor under your desk, that’s for the janitor to clean up,” said Amber.

“Uhuh,” said Dylan as he rolled onto his side.

Amber looked at him laying there and leaned forward to kiss him. Dylan pulled her close, leaving her towel behind. He kissed down her throat and then back up to her lips.

“I could nibble you all day, byte by byte,” he said.

“Oh? As in bite of food or byte of information?” Amber asked.

“Definitely byte. I want to revisit you over and over again,” Dylan said as he nibbled down to her nipples. Amber sighed as he alternated between sucking, kissing and biting.

“Ah, geeks,” said Amber.

“Oh?” said Dylan as he paused between kissing and biting.

“Geeks make great lovers. Attention to detail, informed, not afraid to ask questions and you’re intelligent,” said Amber. She was running her fingers through his hair as he moved lower down on her body.

“Yeah, and we know how to read a diagram which shows us where all the ‘oh geee!’ spots are,” he said as he nibbled his way between her legs.

“Oh yeah.,” said Amber.

“We know the frequencies that make women come too,” Dylan said.

“That’s that deep bass rumbley one isn’t it,” asked Amber.

“Yeah. Lots of bands play those notes to get women hot and bothered. Plus geeks can talk and play at the same time. All those MPG games where you have to talk, type and/or use a game control really helps in bed,” said Dylan as he began to thumb Amber’s lips like he was playing a game.

“I love it when you do that,” she gasped.

“As much as when I talk about Open Source software?” he teased.

“Mmmmaybe,” she tried to say as he began to stroke her clit.

“Or would you rather I just talk about Linux?” Dylan asked as he licked her clit.

“Do I have to cccchoose?” she asked.

“Maybe, there’s Linux,” he said as he licked her clit again. “Or Open Source,” as he stroked her from clit to pussy with his fingertips. “Or, there is always Microsoft,” he said and just blew air across her skin.

“No, definitely not Microsoft,” said Amber. “It’s such a disappointment after the other two.”

“Okay, Linux, Open Source or Ubuntu?” he said. As he said Ubuntu, he slid his fingers deep into her pussy.

“Oh my! I… um… Can I have all three?” she asked in a breathy voice.

“Of course. Linux and Open Source are both part of Ubuntu,” said Dylan as he worked his fingers and mouth in a combination across her clit, lips and pussy.

Amber arched up off the bed as Dylan brought her to orgasm. She came hard against his fingers and tongue.

“Oh gods that was good,” she gasped.

Dylan smiled as he slowly moved up next to her. His erection thumped against her thigh.

“Now what do you have for me?” he asked.

Amber looked at him and blinked. “Um… let me find my extremities,” she said.

Dylan smiled and gathered her in his arms for a kiss. When he broke away a few seconds later, he looked at her with an impish smile. “Rebooted?” he asked.

Amber laughed and nodded. “Let’s see, you are all about cables, wiring, and networks,” she said as she trailed her fingers down his body. “You connect all the peripherals,” she said as she tweaked his nipples. “With the network,” she continued as she ran a hand down his chest. “To the server,” she finished as she cupped his balls.

“You’ve got it,” he moaned as she stroked his balls.

“Then you have this massive iron, the server which has a firewall,” she said touching his shaft. “And that has a router,” she continued running her fingers up the shaft. “Which connects to the networked machines,” she ended at the head of his cock.

Dylan moaned as she ran her hand lightly up and down his cock.

“All of which have to work together to bring Internet service to your clients,” she said and then proceeded to lower her mouth to his cock.

Dylan groaned as she ran her mouth and tongue up and down his cock. Her hand caressing his balls felt so good that he was beginning to lose all cohesive thought.

Amber sucked and licked his cock until she tasted the pre-cum on her tongue. “But a virus can bring it all crashing down,” she said as she stopped and blew air across his wet cock.

“Oh! Don’t stop! We use Linux! No viruses!” he gasped.

“That’s right, and it’s why we like it, she said rotating on the bed and straddling him. “And geeks know it’s dependable. It gets you where you want to be,” she said guiding him into her pussy.

“Yes!” gasped Dylan. “It just works,” he said as he grabbed her hips and began a rhythm that increased as they both gave into the pleasures that their crazy foreplay had started. The bed shook and moved with them.

Amber felt the orgasm building up and realized she wasn’t going to last much longer. “Oh! Oh! Oh godddd!” she gasped as she came.

Dylan held her hips tighter and thrust deep into Amber. His orgasm ran up his spine, burned through his brain and shook him with pleasure. “Ahhh,” he moaned.

They collapsed to the bed and lay there for a few minutes trying to catch their breaths. Amber looked around and realized where they were. The bed had moved clear across the room until it was up against the mirrored dresser. She started to giggle.

“What’s so funny?” Dylan asked.

“I… I think we migrated,” she said.

Dylan looked around, saw what she did and started laughing. “Nah, we just mirrored our location,” he said.

Once they stopped laughing, Dylan realized his stomach was growling. “Amber, can we go make some dinner?” he asked.

“Sure, just as long as you don’t want hot pockets, pop-tarts or cheetos,” she said as she grabbed a tee-shirt to throw on while she cooked.

“You’re on!” said Dylan. He grabbed a pair of cut offs and followed Amber to the kitchen.

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