Pleasure and Pain, Part 3

Liz woke up some time later. She had no idea of what time it was. She was warm, and held in someone’s arms. Then she remembered Dirk. They were at Dirk’s house and had the most intense sex. As she started to move, she realized two things. She still had the chain on between her legs and that Dirk’s erection was pressing hard against her ass. She also realized that her pussy was throbbing, wanting to feel him inside of her. What she wasn’t sure of was whether he was awake. Slowly she wiggled a little, rubbing her ass against his cock.

“Little one wanting to fuck again?” Dirk whispered in her ear.

“Yes Sir. I woke up and I’m horny” she said.

“Well then, lets see how wet you are,” he said. His fingers slipped into her pussy with ease. She was still wet from before. He tugged the chain against her clit and Liz moaned. Dirk pulled back the blanket and straddled her lower leg while pulling the upper one to her chest. He positioned his cock against her pussy and pushed in. She was tight from all the playing earlier, but it felt good. Grabbing her ass in one hand and a breast in the other, he started a slow rhythm. The chain was across the top of his cock and was gently pulling across her clit with each stroke.

“Sir, I’m sore, but it feels so good,” she gasped as he pinched her nipples.

“Yes, and you are my little pain slut aren’t you?” he asked as he held her by one nipple and started spanking her ass with his other hand.

“Owww! Sir! Owww!” she cried as her muscles convulsed around his cock.

Dirk laughed and spanked her harder. He kept up his rhythm and when he felt her ass glow, he grabbed it and held on as he increased his pace. Dirk felt his own orgasm begin to peak and pounded hard into Liz. Liz responded by coming over and over. He came in response to hers and froze for a moment in sheer pleasure.

Liz gasped and tried to catch her breath. Once again, she could feel Dirk come inside her. As he pulled out, she was soaked by the combination of their fluids. She started to roll over to face him and could barely move. Her muscles felt like melted wax. Dirk pulled her to him and her hand draped across his cock. She touched him and felt how big a cock that had been inside her. Her hand lazily stroked him.

“If you keep that up, you will have to play with him until he goes off,” Dirk said softly.

That brought Liz back to reality with a bump. “Oh, Sir,” she started.

“It’s okay. It feels good to have you touch me,” he said. “If you give me a bit of time, I’ll be ready to go again in a bit.”

Liz just nodded. When she went to remove her hand from his cock, he put his hand on top of hers to let her know it was okay to touch him. He pulled the blanket back up and they slept some more.

Liz woke this time feeling fingers deep in her pussy. Dirk was playing with her. It felt good to feel so full. She didn’t worry how many fingers he was sliding into her. She moaned.

“Ah, awake at last. I have a question for you little one,” he said softly.

“Yes Sir,” she said wondering what he had in mind.

“I would like to feel your mouth on my cock. I know we didn’t include it in our original rule set, but would you be open to it?” he asked.

Liz thought about it as best she could with his fingers fucking her so well. “Yyes, I’d like that especially if you keep playing with me Sir,” she said.

“I think we can arrange that,” he said. He moved her head down towards his cock and put his fingers back in her pussy. Liz knelt to take him in her mouth and discovered that he was almost too big to get in her mouth. She licked and kissed and sucked it as best she could. She hadn’t given many blow jobs and it took a little practice to figure out what to do. It also didn’t help that Dirk was fingering her pussy so nicely. So fully.

Dirk knew from her noises that she was having a bit of trouble, but knew that practice was the best teacher on things like this. He was enjoying filling her delightful pussy with his fingers. He flicked her clit just as she got him as far down as she could. It forced her forward and him deeper into her mouth. Her mouth was almost as delightful as her pussy.

Dirk make her come again and again as she squeaked and gargled with his cock in her mouth. The chain still dangled between her legs and he used that to his advantage as well. He was wondering where the nipple clamps had gone, but he just pinched her nipples instead. She moaned when he did that.

Juices were running down her legs and his hand was soaked, but he kept touching and playing with her. He knew her mouth must be tired and he was almost ready to come.

“Little one, do you want to sit on my cock or have me come in your mouth?” he asked her.

Liz sat up, driving his fingers into her pussy which she must have enjoyed considering how she wiggled. “I…I’d like you to come in my mouth,” she said. With that, she went back to licking and sucking his cock.

Fingers in her pussy and one hand on the back of her head guiding her to just the right feel for his cock, Dirk let himself melt into the building orgasm. This one started in his toes and rolled up his body to explode a few moments later into Liz’s mouth. He knew she choked and tried to swallow, but there was more than enough even after all the other orgasms. As he came, he fingered her and felt her come before they both collapsed in a heap.

“Sir, is there a towel somewhere?” she asked.

“Over on the nightstand,” he said. His fingers slid from her pussy as she went to get the towel. She wiped her face and then his legs and crotch. She didn’t wipe her own pussy. He smiled and rewarded her with orgasms until she nearly passed out. Once again, he pulled the covers over them and they slept.

7 thoughts on “Pleasure and Pain, Part 3

    1. You’re welcome. I’ve been having a lot of fun with the interconnecting story lines in my Vanillaverse. 🙂 It also allows more depth of character when a set of people are in more than one story.

    1. LOL! Given enough time, yes. Average male needs about 40 minutes to “recharge”. Some take less. Women… some need 30 seconds. Sex is such fun due to variables.

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