Subtle part 2

This chapter is a bit long, but no matter how I tried to divide it, it didn’t work. So, enjoy it. See if you can figure out how these two fit in the Vanillaverse.

Kerri woke up to the alarm the next morning. She was still all aglow from last nights massage, and she was disappointed to find that David was up working. She showered and got dressed for work. She walked into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and found tea, a muffin and an orange waiting for her.

“David, I don’t have time to eat all of this,” she said sipping her tea.

“Yes, you do. Your show time at work is 9am,” he said.

“Derrick wanted us in an hour early, remember? He put out a memo a month ago on that,” she said.

“First off, sit,” he said. He waited until she did. “Second, that memo was an illegal attempt to get you to work for free. Remember those 135 hours you didn’t get paid for?”

“Yes,” she said taking a bite of he muffin.

“Those started during that period and you still aren’t going to get paid for them. So, show time is 9am. Until Derrick gets a clue, I will take you to work and pick you up. This way he will have no excuse to keep you late,” he said.

“But…” she started to protest.

“Kerri, you have shown a lack of backbone with your boss, and I am tired of you destroying yourself. Therefore, I will assist you to be the employee that you can be,” David said. “I’m helping Tom and some of the others as well, but you are my prime concern.”

“David, I’m a grown woman! I don’t need you to do this,” she said.

“If you don’t need me, then why have you been letting your boss get 135 hours of free work from you at the cost of your health and our life?” he asked. “Oh, and why are you so upset?”

“I… I… Dammit!” she said. The look on her face showed that she knew he was right. Not sure how, but that he was.

“I want you to do as I ask. If he doesn’t change his ways, we will work on finding you a better job. Now, get your stuff and let’s go,” he said.

Kerri downed the last of her tea and ate the last bite of her food and headed for the door.



Derrick was screaming and yelling when Kerri walked into the office. She tried to sneak past, but he grabbed her by the arm and started in on her as well. She was so shocked that she just stood there and took it. Tom was looking down at the floor and Jenny and Mary were in tears. Derrick slammed a stack of papers down on the conference table and walked out of the room.

The four of them stood there while their ears stopped ringing.

“How long has he been yelling?” asked Kerri quietly.

“Since your husband called yesterday,” said Mary. “I kept hoping he’d have a stroke, but he didn’t.”

“Yeah, and now we have to have all this stuff done by Friday or else,” said Jenny.

“That’s not fair. He didn’t pay us for all those hours we did last month and now we have to do a month’s work in a week?” asked Kerri.

“Uhuh,” said Tom. He picked up the pile and started sharing out the work.

“No, this isn’t right. Just because he came in and promised all these things and doesn’t do any of them doesn’t mean that we have to ruin our lives,” said Kerri.

“But if we don’t get the work done, we’ll be fired,” said Mary. Jenny nodded in agreement.

“And which is better? Working the long hours and getting paid the equivalent of $4.50 an hour or getting a new job? Even minimum wage would be better,” said Kerri. “Plus, won’t it look odd if suddenly the company lost four employees out of the same department?”

“When you put it that way, you’re right,” said Tom. “David and I talked yesterday and he said a lot of the same things. This guy is just a sadistic asshole.” Tom stopped passing out papers and sat on the edge of the table.

“I’m calling David. He was right, and I can’t work this way,” said Kerri. She pulled out her cell phone. “David, it’s Kerri. Would you be able to come pick me up? Now would be fine. Oh. Okay. See you then,” she said and hung up.

“Is he coming to get you?” asked Jenny.

“In about an hour. He said to go down to finance and start the paperwork. If you want to do the same, let’s all go together,” Kerri said.

Tom looked over at Derrick’s door. “Let’s go,” he said and the four of them headed towards the entrance of the office. Tom made sure that the door closed softly.



“That was easier than I thought it would be,” said Mary.

“Scary though. Now to go clear out our desks,” said Jenny.

“Oh shit,” said Tom as he saw Derrick standing in the hall with two security guards.

“Gentlemen, please escort these people from the building,” said Derrick.

“Derrick, we need to get our stuff,” said Tom.

“No, you don’t. You quit, and I am removing you from the premises. Any property not belonging to the company will be put in the trash tonight,” Derrick said.

“You can’t do this!” said Kerri. She had her briefcase and jacket with her, but there were things in her office she wanted. Tom, Mary and Jenny just walked out. All of their stuff was still in the office.

“Yes, I can,” said Derrick as he walked into the office and locked the door.

Mary broke into tears again. Jenny and Kerri were comforting her while Tom tried talking to the security guards. One of them nodded and went into the office with a key to get coats, bags and briefcases. He was back in a few minutes with Derrick right behind him.

“I’ll give you your stuff here, just to be rid of you. Can’t have this trash on my office landing all day,” Derrick yelled.

The elevator doors opened and David walked out just as Derrick slammed the doors again. He walked over to Kerri.

“I take it things didn’t go well?” he asked softly.

“Oh David,” Kerri said burying herself in his arms. “He was yelling and screaming and moved up the deadlines and I couldn’t do it. That’s why I called you. Then we all went down and quit and when we came back, he wouldn’t let us in the office. We have to pick up our stuff from the trash tonight. Luckily, the guard got handbags and coats for us.”

“Okay. Deep breath. All of you come with me a minute,” David said. He moved down the hall to one side and made sure that the guards hadn’t followed. “Kerri, do you still have your office keys?” he asked.

“Oh! Yes, I was going to turn them in, but he prevented that by meeting us at the door,” said Kerri.

“Alright. Now, does Derrick go out for lunch or does he eat here?” asked David.

“He always goes out,” said Tom. “Today is Romero’s Cafe.”

“Ah, so he eats at a specific place each day?” asked David.

“Uhuh,” said Jenny.

“Good. Now here’s what I want the four of you to do,” David started. Fifteen minutes later, the four of them left. David had told them to go somewhere public and in a group for the next few hours. He had Kerri’s keys and a layout of the office. Once they were down the elevator having waved to the guards, he pulled his cellphone out of his pocket. He dialed a number and waited for it to be answered.

“Hello Tim, I need your assistance. Yes, it’s me,” said David. He spent the next twenty minutes explaining and then hung up. Pocketing his phone, he went down the stairwell to the next floor before taking the elevator and leaving the building. Once outside, he found a place to sit and watch the parking lot.


Like clockwork, Derrick exited the building at 12:02. He got into his dark Mercedes and headed out of the parking lot. David walked to his car and followed Derrick at a discreet distance. Tim and Miller had stopped by earlier and picked up the keys and the diagram of the office. They would grab the personal possessions while Derrick was at lunch. David would make sure that Derrick was late getting back.

Derrick pulled into the parking lot of Romero’s Cafe and parked off to one side, taking up two slots. David pulled in and parked out of sight of the door to the cafe. Once Derrick was inside, David got out and started walking the edge of the parking lot. He had a plastic bag in one hand and was picking up trash and empty beer cans. In his jeans and black tee-shirt, he looked like any other grunt cleaning the parking lot for the boss.

As he got near Derrick’s car, he reached into a second bag inside the first and pulled out a handful of caltrops. The small metal four pointed spikes looked like children’s jacks. He scattered these under and around the front tires of the Mercedes. When he stood up, he added two cans to the bag. David continued around the parking lot and then headed to the trash bins with his bag. Tossing it in the last bin, he headed back to his car and headed out of the parking lot. David drove around the block and parked in the 7/11 parking lot just down the street from the cafe. He got a bottle of water from the store and sat down to watch.

Derrick came out of the cafe forty minutes later. He got in his car and headed out of the parking lot. David started his car and got in front of Derrick in traffic. At the next light, he stopped quickly, causing Derrick to stop suddenly as well. There was a popping noise. When the light changed, David could see that Derrick was out of his car examining a flat tire as he headed down the street. David smiled. He pulled over a block down and called Tim.

“How’s it going?” he asked when Tim answered. “Good. You’ve got at least forty-five minutes. From what I can tell, he’s just calling the tow truck. Yeah. Make sure you only get their stuff. Leave anything you aren’t certain is theirs. Okay. Talk to you later.” David hung up and watched the scene as traffic piled up.


Tom, Jenny, Mary and Kerri were sitting in the main area of the Steak House Bar and Grill eating an early lunch and watching the sports on the big screen TV. They’d all gone down to unemployment together and to their banks as a group. At each place they went, they made sure that clerks, tellers and waitresses knew who they were and why they were out running around. David had made it clear that they needed witnesses who could prove where they were at any given time during the day. Kerri had all the time stamped receipts in her handbag. She didn’t know what David was doing, but she knew they needed an alibi.

“Ma`am, can we have another round of drinks?” Tom asked of their waitress. She nodded and went to get two diet cokes, a light beer and a Dr. Pepper. She came back with them in a few minutes.

“Anything else I can get you?” she asked.

“More chips and salsa would be great,” said Mary.

“Be right back,” the waitress said.

“How much longer?” asked Jenny.

“We don’t move until David calls,” said Kerri.

“Okay. Sure much better than being yelled at,” said Jenny.

They all nodded.



Tim, Miller and Jake loaded the last of the stuff out of the offices into the cloth sided bins and rolled them out of the office. Tim took a last look around and checked to make sure that it looked like a cleaning crew had been there. He locked the door and while Miller and Jake headed downstairs in the freight elevator, Tim headed to the security guard station.

“Heya fellas,” he said slouching on the desk. “We gots all that stuff outa the office like Mr. Derrick wanted. Got it done now sos we don’t rack up no overtime. Know wat I mean?” he said slurring his words just a little.

“Sure. Just give us the keys and get out of here with it,” said the one guard.

“Hey man, these keys belong to the building supervisor. He’d have my ass ifin I din’t give em back,” said Tim. He held up the keys and showed the guard the building tag.

“Oh, okay,” the guard said looking at the keys and reading a fob that said ‘Building Supervisor’. He let go of the keys and signed off on some paperwork he handed back to Tim.

Tim walked down the hall smiling.


When they got to the loading dock, Tim and Miller loaded the contents of the bins into Jake’s van. Jake kept an eye out to make sure no one noticed them. It took five minutes. After that, Tim returned the bins, coveralls and the work order sheet to the desk in the loading dock. The guy who was suppose to be manning that office was gone for the day which had been fortunate. Ten minutes later, the three men headed off in different directions.

Tim headed back upstairs to the office they had just raided. This time dressed in a business suit, he approached the security guard.

“Hello, I’m looking for Kerri Howard. We had an appointment at 1pm,” Tim said.

“Oh. She no longer works for Kenner Associates,” said the guard.

“Oh? Then who would I speak to in regards to my business with the company?” Tim asked.

“Well, um… you could talk to Derrick Kenner, but he isn’t in at the moment,” said the guard.

“Ah, that makes life rather difficult then. Would you give him my card?” asked Tim.

“Sure,” said the guard who took the card Tim offered. He looked at it and when he turned to say something, Tim was gone. He looked at the card again and just shook his head. All there was on it was a stylized rose heavy with thorns and a phone number. He tossed it in the trash.



Derrick was in a foul mood when he finally got back to the office. Not one, but two flat tires. $270 in towing fees and another $150 for the tires. Plus those four idiots thinking that they could just walk out of here on him. He’d make them pay. He’d deny them unemployment benefits and trash all of their stuff. He’d make them beg to be rehired.

“Mr. Kenner, the janitors cleaned out the offices over lunch and you had some guy in a suit looking for Ms. Howard,” said the security guard.

“What? I didn’t give any orders about that yet,” said Derrick.

“Well, they had the work order and the keys from the building supervisor,” said the guard. “They finished about an hour ago.”

“Fine. Who was the man to see Ms. Howard?” Derrick asked.

“Don’t know. Didn’t leave his name,” the guard said.

“Fine,” said Derrick as he turned to go into his office. He looked around and saw that most things had been gone through and all personal possessions were gone . He nodded and headed to his office. When he got in, he went through his messages. He started to holler for Mary and realized that she was gone and that he’d have to do all of this stuff himself.

“Damn,” he muttered. Picking up the phone, he called information and got the number to a Temp service. Twenty minutes later, he had arranged for a secretary to be there at 8am tomorrow.


Kerri helped Mary with the last of the boxes out of her garage that night. David had called them just after 2pm, and they’d met at the house where David had everything. He didn’t explain how he’d gotten their stuff, and none of them asked. They had all agreed not to answer the phones if the caller id said Kenner and Associates for at least a week.

Kerri waved as Mary headed down the road. She turned to find David watching her.

“How are you doing?” he asked.

“Well, relieved, wobbly and scared all rolled into one,” she said as she wrapped her arms around him. “How on earth did you do all of this?” she asked.

“Kerri, don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to,” he said. “Come with me.”

Kerri followed him into the house. They’d had pizza for dinner with Tom, Jenny and Mary. The boxes were on the counter as they passed through the kitchen. She expected him to stop there and clean up. He didn’t. David headed straight for the bedroom.

When they got there, he took her in his arms. “You deserve a treat. I want you to do exactly as I say,” he said.

“Okay,” Kerri said curiously. David was normally so passive in the bedroom that this was a change. Even his behavior the other day had been more aggressive than he usually was around her. That was part of the reason she’d given in so easily even though she had a headache. She was the partner with the over the top libido. She was the power executive while he worked form home.

“Kerri, undress and then stretch out on the bed,” David said quietly.

Kerri did as he asked. She watched David strip off and then sit on the edge of the bed. He had the vibrating massager they called the four legged monster and massage oil in his hands. A massage hadn’t been what she had in mind, but she’d see where this went.

David smoothed oil on her skin and then proceeded to massage her with the monster. Hands, arms, chest, stomach, legs and feet. He avoided her breasts and pelvic area.

“David, aren’t you going to do my breasts?” she asked.

“No, not yet. I want you relaxed,” he said softly. “Now roll over.”

Kerri rolled over and David worked her body from shoulders to toes. She was relaxed, and sleepy when she felt him move onto the bed between her legs. “Oh goody,” she thought.

Kerri was surprised when she felt the massage tool slide down between her legs. The odd rumble of it was tickling her as well as turning her on.

“David?” she started.

“Kerri, be quiet. No talking. Just enjoy,” he said.

“Okay,” Kerri said.

“No talking,” he said firmly and smacked her ass lightly.

Kerri almost turned to say something as that was so unlike David, but she stopped suddenly as he put a hand firmly in the middle of her back. She relaxed and he started using the vibrator again. It felt very good and then to her surprise, she heard a different tone and felt a second vibrator at the entrance of her pussy. “Where did he get toys?” she wondered. “We’ve never played with toys!” She was tempted to ask questions, but she was so curious to see where this would go that she didn’t want him to stop.

David smiled as he watched Kerri react to the touch of the second vibrator. He worked it across her lips and then in and out of her pussy which was getting wetter by the moment. He gauged when she was getting close to orgasm and stopped.

“David, why did you stop?” she asked before she thought.

“Because I wanted to. You, were told not to speak. For that, I have a little punishment,” he said and got up off of the bed.

Kerri was flabbergasted. She watched David walk over to the dresser and pull something out of a drawer. She couldn’t tell what it was. Then she realized it was a bag, and that there were a number of things in the bag.

“Close your eyes,” David said. He watched as she did so and then put the blindfold across her eyes and tied it in the back. “Keep quiet, and do as I say,” he said as he finished.

Kerri started to open her mouth and stopped herself. David had never done anything like this. This was a side of him that she had never guessed existed, and she wasn’t sure if this was scary or fun or both. She waited.

“Lay back down,” David said. After she did, he went back to teasing her pussy with the vibrator. Once again, just as she started to orgasm, he paused. This time, Kerri kept quiet. He smiled and started up again. As Kerri began to orgasm, he reached up and pinched her nipples.

“Oh!” she squeaked.

David said nothing, but reached into the bag and brought out two cloth covered clips. They were the softest nipple clips he’d been able to find. His fingers could pinch harder than they held, but it would get the point across. He put one on each nipple. Kerri gasped and started to move when he put a hand on her chest and held her to the bed.

“No,” was all he said.

Kerri lay back on the bed. Her nipples were sensitive at the best of times, but whatever David had put on nipples were painful and pleasurable at the same time. She didn’t understand how that worked.

David changed the vibrator for a larger one with clitoral attachment. He noticed that Kerri was very wet as the vibrator started hitting all the right spots at the same time. Kerri arched up off the bed, and just before she started to orgasm, he backed off. Kerri bit her lip to keep from moaning. This made David smile. He teased her almost to the point of orgasm twice more. This time, as she gasped for air, he set aside the vibrator and slid his cock deep inside Kerri’s pussy. David grabbed her hands and held them to her sides like handles as he thrust harder and harder.

“Ahhhrrrr!” Kerri moaned as her orgasm ripped through her body. Her muscles clamped tightly around David’s cock sending him over the edge as well.

David groaned as his orgasm road his senses. He collapsed to the bed, pulling Kerri into his arms. As he caught his breath, he took off the clamps and the blindfold.

Kerri blinked in the soft light of the bedroom. She looked at David in utter disbelief over the sexual intensity. She opened her mouth to speak, and David put his finger across her lips.

“Shush,” he said. “We will talk in the morning.” With that, he pulled the covers over them and turned out the lights. Wrapped in his arms, Kerri was asleep within minutes.

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  1. wow wow wow!!!

    That was hawt, and one hell of a caper too! i can’t *wait* for that asshole boss to get his just desserts…maybe a faceful of desserts…*laughs*

    great story Roze!


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