Pleasure and Pain Part 4

Dirk woke up. He was relaxed, but hungry. Glancing over at the clock, he could see it read 6:25pm. He groaned as he realized he had to be at the club in an hour. Rolling out of bed, he headed for the shower. Looking back, he saw that Liz was still asleep. He smiled.

Dirk was almost finished with the shower when he heard Liz knock on the doorframe of the bathroom. He’d left the door open and wasn’t surprised that she woke up.

“Sir? May I take a shower?” she asked.

“Yes Liz, in just a minute. In fact, we are dropping things for a little bit. I have to go into work, and we can pick up again when I get home. Alright with you?” he asked.

“I guess. How long will you be gone?” Liz asked.

“About six hours. Relax, do what you want while I’m gone,” he said stepping out of the shower. “Or, do you want to come with me?”

Liz stepped into the shower. “I don’t know. I really don’t have a preference. In all honestly, I should probably stay here. I need to wrap my head around a few things, and trying to think at the club wouldn’t work too well,” she said.

“Honest answer. If you didn’t have things to think about, I’d be asking questions,” he said. Dirk walked to the bedroom and got dressed. He was just finishing up when Liz walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. It almost wrapped around her breasts, which brought a smile to his face.

“Now, I have one question for you,” he said as he started to leave the bedroom.

“Yes?” Liz asked.

“Do you want to spend your time thinking or relaxing as Liz, the woman trying to figure herself out, or as Liz, the subbie?” he asked.

Liz thought for a moment. “Dirk, what exactly would be the difference?” she asked. “I have to admit that I feel sort of dumb having to ask for clarification.”

“Main difference is are you going to do what you want for six hours, or are you going to do as I ask you for six hours while you think?” he said.

“Oh, I hadn’t thought of it in those terms. I think I’d like to just be me for a while,” she said.

“Alright, I’ll check on you later. See you around 2am,” he said and headed out the door.

Liz watched him go, a bit surprised that there was no hug or kiss goodbye. “Oh well, guess I’ll get dressed,” she thought. Looking around the room, she found her bag of clothes and pulled out a teeshirt, undies and jeans. As she put on the undies, she realized that she still wore the chain. After a moment’s thought, she left it on and finished dressing. Then she headed to the kitchen to see what she could find to eat.


Dirk kept a well stocked kitchen, and she made up some stir-fry veggies with ramen noodles for a quick dinner. Liz thought a bit about what had happened today, but not very deeply. Her mind kept straying. She looked around for dessert. He had gingersnaps in the cupboard too, which she had with a cup of coffee. After washing up the dishes, she explored his house. The living room was sparse. Very masculine and one entire wall was covered with books. The guest bedroom was a study in hunter green, and tan. That room had a computer desk and a laptop as well. Liz smiled as she looked at all the geek stuff on the shelves.

A door off the kitchen lead to the basement. Laundry room, storage and then an exercise room. The last door held a surprise. A St. Andrew’s cross, a sawhorse, and a cupboard. Liz opened the cupboard and found a workbench, tools and all sorts of things in various states of assembly. Cuffs, whips, crops, and things she wasn’t sure what they were. Liz closed the cupboard and walked over to the cross. Cuffs were placed in spots for wrists and ankles. She stood up and placed herself in position as if she were being put on the cross. It didn’t feel wrong or right. Liz looked around and realized that there were other bits of apparatus on the walls. She knew she’d have questions to ask Dirk later, if she could admit that she snooped around his house.

Liz headed back upstairs and found a book to read to pass the time. She’d had taken her time finding it as Dirk had almost as many books on sex, BDSM and related things as he did on the military, science fiction and construction. She settled on a sci-fi book by Heinlein, Time Enough For Love. Liz curled up and started reading. She was four chapters into the book when her cell phone rang. She ran for it and got to it just as it stopped ringing.

“Damn!” she said. She took the phone back to her chair. “Anonymous. Who the hell is anonymous?” she said to herself as she sat back down. Setting the phone down, she picked up her book. Not a page into it, the phone rang again.

“Hello?” Liz answered. “Oh, Hi Dirk. Not much. My mind keeps wandering off. I did think on a few things, but. Oh. Oh. Yes Sir,” she said and then hung up. She put the book back on the shelf and headed for the bedroom.



“Who were you talking to Dirk?” asked Jake as Dirk walked back over after making a phone call.

“Liz,” Dirk replied as he sat down.

“Ah, so are you being a good Dom?” asked James. The three of them were sitting in the main lounge of the Rosy Thorn.

“I’m working on it,” Dirk said.

“I take it that she didn’t do as she promised?” asked Jake.

“No. More a question of focus. She’s intelligent, but she has depended on so many people to help her out, that she’s forgotten how to help herself. I left her at the house to think about what’s been happening. She can’t focus. So, I reinstated the relationship and gave her something to think about while I’m gone,” said Dirk.

“Makes sense. I had to do that with Sally once or twice,” said James.

“Me too,” Jake chimed in. “Lydia is very sweet and a great sub, but when she misses a point or worse yet gets flustered at work, forget it. She’s luck if she remembers her name.”

“Is it just the women in our lives that are like this or all subs?” wondered James.

“I’m not sure,” said Dirk. “Lydia is a sweetie. Sally well, um… I think she just gets too wrapped up in things.”

“That’s for sure. She can’t multi-task for beans if she gets stressed,” admitted James. “And to be honest, being a sub lets them de-stress.”

“Agreed. As for Liz, her head is all kinds of screwed up. I’ve been thinking that Josh and Damien got off way too easy the other night,” said Dirk. “She probably would have had a great vanilla lifestyle without them, but not now.”

“You think so?” asked James.

“Yes, I do. We played a little closer to vanilla at one point this morning and nothing. Started spanking her and she was wet in about thirty seconds. I used nipple clamps in spite of her protests, and once again, she was soaked. Now Liz needs to come to terms with the fact that pain turns her on,” said Dirk.

“You up to the whole care and feeding?” asked Jake.

“Yeah. And yes, I warned her that this isn’t a romance unless we both decide on that,” Dirk said.

“Good. So what is she doing now?” asked James.

“I told her to strip, go clean up the bedroom, find the nipple clamps and hold them while she sits on the bed and thinks about her situation. Oh, and to take her cell phone with her,” said Dirk.

“Ah, calling in an hour are you?” asked Jake.

“Yes. If she can answer a question or two, she’ll be allowed to go back to what she was doing before I called. If not, she has to put on the clamps,” said Dirk.

“Ow. Have you ever tried those things?” asked James.

“Yes, A good dom has experienced everything a sub will,” said Dirk.

“Yeah, well… I hadn’t and Sally wasn’t too happy the night we used them for the first time. I didn’t put them away, and she got me the next morning. Damn those hurt!” said James.

“They will, especially if you don’t have the endorphins to take the edge off the pain,” said Jake. Dirk nodded.

“That’s why it will be such an incentive for Liz to think. Three hours of nipple clamps and no orgasms to ease the pain would make me think,” Jake finished.

“When you put it that way, yeah.” said James.


Liz woke with a start when her phone rang. She scrambled off the bed and grabbed the phone. “Hello?” she answered. “Sort of Sir. I was thinking about things and then… um… I fell asleep,” she admitted to Dirk. “Yes Sir,” she said and hung up the phone.


“Well?” asked James as Dirk came back to the bar.

“She fell asleep,” Dirk said.

“And,…” asked Jake and James at the same time.

“She understood the consequences,” said Dirk. He looked at the clock. It was 11pm.

James followed his eyes. “Dirk, I’ll help Jake finish out the night. Go home,” he said.

Dirk looked at Jake. Jake nodded. “Thanks, I hoped I wouldn’t have to ask her to do that, but…” he started.

“Dirk, I understand. She needs the lesson, but maybe not a couple of hours worth. Go see where she did get to. Hell, I about cried the first time I really had to make Lydia tow the line,” said Jake.

“Thanks guys,” said Dirk as he grabbed his stuff and headed out the door.


Liz was sitting on the bed, wearing the nipple clamps when Dirk walked through the door thirty minutes later. She looked up at him and there were tears running down her cheeks. He knew from the look on her face that she had obeyed him and put them on as soon as she’d hung up the phone.

“Sir,” Liz started.

“Yes, little one,” Dirk said sitting on the bed next to her.

“I’m sorry for falling asleep. I was trying to think about things and I figured some of it out, but I fell asleep,” she said.

“I know. Shall we make it easier for you before we talk?” he asked.

“I… I guess so,” Liz said a little confused.

Dirk wrapped one arm around her and reached between her legs with the other hand. He was only partially surprised when he found her soaking wet. She still had the chain around her waist as well. Dirk fingered her clit and started to bring her to orgasm as swiftly as he could.

Liz gasped. She knew she felt a little wet, but figured it was because of all the sex earlier. However, the feelings that coursed thought her as Dirk touched her let her know that that wasn’t the case. The pain had made her wet. She felt her body respond quickly to his touch. Far faster than she expected.

“Sssir, may I come?” she asked feeling her orgasm build.

“Yes little one,” he said as he increased his touch.

Liz came hard and fast. The pain in her nipples began to fade and then came sharply back as he took off the clips. Before she could cry out, he massaged her clit again and gave her a series of orgasms. Liz melted onto the bed. Dirk stood up and got undressed.

“What did you figure out little one?” he asked.

“I realize I can’t go back to a vanilla lifestyle Sir,” she said.

“And why is that?” Dirk asked.

“The rape reset my brain and my body. In spite of my fears, I like the pain. It turns me on Sir,” Liz said.

“And what else,” he asked.

“That’s where I fell asleep Sir,” Liz said.

“Alright, and what did you think about while you wore the clamps?” asked Dirk.

“I thought about how much they hurt, and how stupid I was for falling asleep. I also thought about D/s relationships Sir, and how much I enjoyed today, and I thought about the fact that I was getting wet even though I hurt,” she said.

“I thought as much,” he said. “You, little one, are a pain slut. I’m also a bit curious. Did you put the chain around your waist back on when I told you to come sit on the bed or did you leave it on?” he asked.

“Oh. I left it on Sir. It felt good,” she said.

“Okay. Now one more question. Do you want to go to sleep, or do you want to play for a little bit?” Dirk asked.

“May we play Sir? I’m a horny pain slut, and I’m not sleepy at all,” she said.

Dirk smiled as he rubbed his fingers over her clit and into her sopping pussy.

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  1. poor Wolf…he must be exhausted…..woman, you’re a sexual fiend! i am not reading one more word with out my vibe…in my hand. yeah. in my hand. ….


    1. LOL! He has mentioned from time to time that he really needs a ‘second’ to deal with me when I’ve worn him out. LOL…

      As for that hand… well, um… call it whatever you want, but buzz away happily. teeheehee….

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