Flash Fiction Friday… Chained Melody

Melody knew better. Smart Ass Masochists, samies, get what they deserve, and on occasion, exactly what they beg for. She’d screwed up. Talked back when she should have listened. The last straw was when she’d said he didn’t have the balls to collar her. Master collared her alright. Complete with chain in an empty room with bare floors. Bread and water for a week.

Master had come with a scythe to cut her hair. Melody couldn’t believe he’d do it. Lunging at him, she knocked it from his hand. He shouted at her to sit, like she was some kind of dog.

What he didn’t know was that she and the chain were at the breaking point.

ย This week’s FFF challenge was 110-118 words and the phrase, โ€œthe breaking pointโ€. Now to be honest, I didn’t like this picture, but the story was there, Boom! Five minutes. I know the next scene too. She breaks the chain, bites that damn finger and shaves his head with the scythe. After that? Who knows. But, she gets revenge.

If you’d like to join in on the fun, check out Panser’s blog on Monday, pick up the challenge and write! I have to say that I even write stories for the ones I don’t like as they stretch my abilities. Have to go past that comfort zone to grow!

Thank you Panser for FFF.

10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday… Chained Melody

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    1. Yes!!!! You got the pun! ๐Ÿ™‚ Huzzah!!!! happyeroticwritersdance! I have to admit it was one of the first things I saw in the pic, and knew she had to use it.

  1. So far this is my favorite thought I’m not exactly sure why. I think there is an inherent tension about to be released, some uncertainty that this might not end well for Master. A week may have been a tad too long.

  2. Lord, there’s a scythe there. I’m going blind in my old age; I didn’t even see it. Not sure I could have made use of it as well as you have even if I had seen it. It’s been one of those weeks, so I hope she gives it to him with interest ๐Ÿ˜‰

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