Pleasure and Pain, Finale

They had played until 3am. By that point, exhaustion had set in. Dirk had made sure to set the alarm for 9am and then he pulled Liz into his arms and they had fallen asleep. He swore it was less than ten seconds between the time he closed his eyes and the alarm went off. Liz didn’t move, so he got up and showered. After dressing in jeans and a teeshirt, he headed to the kitchen for some much needed coffee. He’d just poured two cups when Liz peeked around the corner.

“Morning,” she yawned.

“Coffee’s ready,” Dirk said. He stretched and tried to decide what to have for breakfast.

Liz took her cup and had a sip. “Mmmmm,”

Dirk nodded as he finished his up and poured a second cup. “Two cup morning at least,” he said. “Why don’t you take a shower while I figure out breakfast.”

“Okay,” she said and headed back towards the bedroom.

“We’ll go back to playing after breakfast,” he said to her back.

“Okay,” she called over her shoulder.

Dirk waked over to his fridge and started pulling out fruit, raspberry vinaigrette, and ready made brown sugar cinnamon muffins. He put the muffins in the microwave and started to cut up the fruit. He divided it into two bowls and sprinkled the vinaigrette over it. When he heard Liz move around in the bedroom finding clothes, he turned on the microwave to warm the muffins.



Liz came back into the kitchen to find breakfast and another cup of coffee waiting for her. Her hair dripped down her back, but she didn’t mind.

“Wow. This looks heavenly,” she said. “Three or four cup morning?” she asked pointing at his cup.

“Five cup. Between work and you, I wore myself out,” he said with a smile.

Liz smiled back. She nibbled at the muffin and then ate the fruit.

“You’d better eat all of that, as I’m not cooking until dinner time,” Dirk said.

“Oh? And what do you have planned?” Liz asked.

“That’s for the Dom to know and the sub to discover,” he said smiling.

“Oh,” she said and then turned back to eating.

Dirk finished first and started cleaning up the kitchen. He took Liz’s plate and cup and placed them in the dishwasher with the rest of the dishes and then motioned for her to follow him downstairs. He walked past the first section and headed back to the room she’d found last night. Before he opened the door, he turned and stopped.

“Once we enter this door, we are back to the D/s relationship. There’s a bathroom over there,” he said and then walked in the door and closed it behind him. Liz looked at the door for a second and headed to the bathroom. Coffee always went straight through her.

She was back at the door in a minute. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and walked in. She closed it and stood next to it waiting for her eyes to adjust.

“Kneel little one,” came a voice out of the gloom.

Liz knelt, hands on her thighs, eyes down. She felt his hands on her shoulders.

“You know the rules, the safe word. Undress and then walk to the cross,” he said and the dim lights came up just a bit.

Liz stood and undressed, putting her clothes in a folded pile next to the door. Then she walked to the St. Andrew’s cross and waited.

Dirk smiled when he saw she was still wearing the chain around her waist and between her legs. Without saying a word, he helped her up onto the cross platform. He strapped her ankles in first, which spread her legs wide. Then he cuffed her wrists. He still said nothing as he opened the cupboard doors. Dirk took out a feather duster. He traced her skin with the feathers. Her skin reacted with goosebumps following the duster’s path. He followed the duster with a single feather that he worked across her body. While Liz twitched and giggled, when he ran his fingers between her legs, she was barely damp.

Dirk traded the feather for a small wheel that looked like a spur. The points were sharp, but wouldn’t break the skin. He started at the back of her neck and rolled it down her spine. From there he went down her legs, across her ass and up her arms. This brought gasps and a moan. When he ran it between her legs, Liz moaned and he felt that she was getting wet.

Next was a light flail. Dirk skimmed it across her skin like he had he duster. Goosebumps ran across her skin, and the last time he crossed her ass, he shifted gears.



Liz had gotten use to the ‘swwwish’ sound the flail made, but was shocked when it cracked across her ass. It wasn’t painful, but surprising and she squeaked. Dirk didn’t say a thing, but continued to apply the flail to her ass. It went from stingy to sensitive to almost painful. Her ass felt sunburned. Liz could feel the beads of moisture begin to roll down her lips as well.

Dirk stopped using the flail and in a moment, something heavier crossed her shoulders making that ‘swwwish’ sound. She knew a blow would fall in a minute, but she was still surprised when the broad strands of the flogger smacked her ass.

“Oh!” she squeaked. She half expected Dirk to say something, but the flogger just fell in regular rhythm across her ass. This one stung. She wasn’t sure if it was because she was already tender or if because this one was just heavier. She bit her lip trying not to cry out. The flogger strands wrapped around her ribs to sting the undersides of her breasts as well as her ass. It hurt, and just when she thought she couldn’t keep quiet a second longer, the strands fell across her shoulders. Untouched skin, but seemingly twice as sensitive.

“Ow Sir!” she cried.

Dirk said nothing.

“Ow! Ow! Sir! Owwwwww!” she cried. The strands smacked her ass, and if felt like fire. With each strike, she cried out. Bracing for the next one, she waited. Waited. Nothing. Then Liz felt the lightest of touch across her ass. It lit her nerves up and sent sensations cascading across her brain. She felt something tickle down her legs, and wondered if it was the feather from earlier.


Dirk had put the heavy flogger down and ran his fingers across her skin as lightly as he could. Her nerves were raw, and she reacted strongly to touch. He noticed that there was a runnel of moisture down both of her legs. He smiled. Pulling the clamps out of his pocket, he reached between her and the cross and pinched her nipples. As they engorged to still points, he clipped first the right and then the left nipple.

“Ow! Oh Damn! Ow Sir!” Liz cried.

Dirk put his hand between her legs and cupped her mound. In less than a minute, his hand was soaked. He pulled it out and held it in front of her face. His hand dripped with her juices.

“What are you little one?” he asked.

“I’m… I’m a pain slut sir,” she sobbed.

“Yes, and all of this moisture was without touching that sweet box of yours,” he said. With that, he put his hand back between her legs and stroked her clit. Liz gasped, arched against the cuffs and came hard. Dirk’s hand was soaked.

Liz hung limp on the cross. Dirk took the nipple clamps and then the cuffs off and picked Liz up and walked over to a couch on the far side of the room. He held her in his arms as she came back from subspace. He lifted her chin up to make eye contact with her.

“Little one, we know you are a pain slut and that you will come so hard you nearly pass out, with just a touch. Does this answer your questions?” he asked softly.

“Yes Sir,” she sniffed.

“So what is normal for you now little one?” he asked.

“Pain, Sir,” Liz said quietly. “Being spanked and clamps on my nipples. And, um… not being in charge for playtime.”

“Agreed. Playing sweetly, with light touches doesn’t do it for you anymore,” Dirk said, thinking of the feathers and light touches with which he’d started the scene.

“No Sir, it doesn’t. I like being spanked. Or held tight,” she said.

“Do you like being a subbie?” he asked thinking of the chain around her waist.

Liz thought for a moment. “I’m not sure, Sir. I’m not sure if I’d feel this good if we weren’t playing. I think for now, I need this,” she admitted.

“And this?” Dirk asked as he tugged on her chain.

Liz looked at him, down at the chain and then up again. “Sir, I like my chain. I like the feeling of it rubbing against my lips and my clit. I don’t feel owned, but kept. That may not make much sense, but I do like how it feels,” she tried to explain.

“Alright. How do you feel right now?” he asked.

“Safe, content, relaxed, my ass is so tender and…” she paused.

“And what?” Dirk asked even though he figured he knew the answer.

“Horny Sir,” she said. “I want to be filled up. To come, to be in that headspace where I feel so good,” she finished with a sigh.

“Do you want to continue our relationship?” Dirk asked as he began to stroke her from clit to opening.

“Yyyes Sir,” she gasped as sensations rolled her.

“I won’t have a subbie all day every day. Do you understand?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” she said.

“I expect you to keep working and be who you are unless we are together. Understood?” he asked.

Liz thought for a moment. “Yes Sir,” she said.

“Do you understand that this is not a typical boyfriend-girlfriend relationship? That one day we may talk and decide that you’ve outgrown your need of the D/s relationship?” he asked.

Liz thought again and nodded. “Yes Sir. And if I need a different Dom, we’ll talk and decide this,” she answered.

“Yes,” said Dirk. “Now go to the cupboard and find the finger vibrator. Bring it to me and we will play some more.”

Liz went to the cupboard and found the vibrator. She went back to the couch to find that Dirk had undressed. He was sitting on the couch again with his legs slightly spread.

“Sit across my legs,” he said.

Liz complied. Sitting like that spread her wide open. Dirk put the vibrator on his finger and then handed her the clamps. “Now,” was all he said.

Liz took a deep breath and put the clamps on her nipples. When she had done so, Dirk touched her lips with the little vibrator. The endorphin rush made the pain in her nipples subside. She rocked back and forth trying to bring the little vibrator in contact with her clit.

“Not yet,” he said as one arm went around her waist to hold her snug. “No orgasms yet either.”

Then he began to spank her ass.

“Ow! Sir! Owww!” she cried into his shoulder. Before she could cry out again, the vibrator nudged her clit and she started to come. Before she climaxed, Dirk took it away and spanked her again. She could feel her juices running down her thighs. Liz cried out as Dirk hit a particularly tender spot.

“Ow! Oh Sssir,” she sobbed. “Oh! Oh!” Each smack made her gasp in pain and her body betrayed it by soaking Dirk’s lap.


Dirk held her close and brought the vibrator up to her clit again. As she squirmed in his arms and tried not to come, he moved so that his erection lined up with her pussy. She dripped juices all over him. He moved the vibrator and spanked her again. This time, her movements drove his cock deep into her pussy.

“Oh! Sir!” she gasped as he gripped her ass tightly and moved her up and down on his cock. Her nipples bounced against his chest. She moaned louder. “Ssssir, plllease may I come?” she cried. Dirk knew his own orgasm was close. He reached up with one hand and took off the clamps. Liz gasped and before she could do anything else, he smacked her ass again.

“Come little one,” he growled as his own control began to shatter.

Liz’s muscles contracted against his cock as she came. “Uuuuuhhhhh,” she moaned and as Dirk orgasmed, her own pleasure expanded and rolled her. She make one last squeak and slumped against Dirk. They both sat there trying to catch their breath.



An hour later, after showers and a little salve on Liz’s back where Dirk had scratched, they were sitting in the kitchen.

“Still in sub-space?” he asked.

“Yeah, um yes Sir,” she said. She had a dreamy look on her face.

“So, what are you wearing to the club tonight?” he asked.

“Sir? I have to go to the club?” she asked.

“Yes, you do. Now what are you going to wear?” Dirk asked. “I have to work tonight, and I won’t have you falling asleep again.”

Liz thought of what she had with her. “May I wear my lace skirt, peasant blouse and the green corset?” she asked.

“No undies?” he asked.

“Oh! May I wear undies Sir?” she asked realizing her mistake.

“No. You may not. Heels, no stockings. Chain, and makeup. That’s it,” he said.

“Yes Sir,” Liz said quietly.

“Are you finished with lunch?” he asked.

“Yes Sir,” she answered.

“Then let’s take a nap. No sex, just sleep. We have a long night tonight,” he said as he put her plate in the sink.

“Yes Sir,” Liz answered. She followed him to the bedroom. He stretched out on the bed and relaxed. She curled up next to him, but couldn’t fall asleep.

“Go to sleep,” he said.

“I’m trying Sir,” she said as she squirmed.

“Still horny?” he asked.

“Yes Sir,” she admitted.

Dirk pulled her close, slid two fingers deep inside her pussy and when they were wet, began to rub her clit. He brought her to climax hard and fast with a combination of finger fucking and clit strokes.

Liz relaxed and curled up to sleep with Dirk’s fingers deep in her pussy.

6 thoughts on “Pleasure and Pain, Finale

  1. really wicked awesome…

    and hawt. Glad i *finally* had time to catch up with these two horny creatures! I loved the flogging scene, btw. Super duper dead-on accurate, and um. hot.


    oh. my.


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