More Than Just A Fairy Tale, part 34

Ginny, Angie and Meg had decided to take a late lunch and go shopping. Jeff had finally cleared Ginny to walk without crutches as long as she took it easy. It had been a long two weeks. They stopped at the Burger Joint first where they enjoyed organic lamb and beef burgers with home made fries.

“I never would have known this place existed if it hadn’t been for you,” said Angie.

Ginny nodded. “Goo tuff,” she said around a mouthful.

Meg giggled. She just kept eating.

“I figured we’d go to the 5th Street Mall across town and see what clothes we can find for Meg,” said Angie. “The stuff we got last week isn’t going to last much longer from the looks of it.”

“No, and I’m four months along and look like six,” said Meg.

“I’m just glad Jeff and Patrick decided I wasn’t confined to the house. I’ve been bored stiff,” said Ginny.

“I bet. Still can’t believe that you fell like that,” said Meg.

“I can’t believe that George went through the floor and speared himself on a nail,” said Ginny.

It was Angie’s turn to nod as she chewed. She swallowed. “Then there he was naked and gorgeous, and I was scared to death to touch him for fear of hurting him,” Angie said. “I know that it’s stupid thinking I could hurt him, but…”

“No, not stupid at all. It’s the little things that we don’t think about that kill us. Nails, mud and broken hearts,” said Ginny.

Meg nodded. “You forgot worry, complacency, stress, and lack of sex,” she finished.

“Oh yeah! Sex. Damn! I’m not sure which was worse. No sex because of my ankle and my nose or no sex because Buster was on the end of our bed,” said Ginny. “I thought Patrick was going to explode.”

“He told Luc the same thing. Only that it was you who was going to explode,” said Meg. I can’t eat another bite. Are you ready to go shopping?”

The other two finished up their food and the three of them headed to the 5th Street Mall.

“I couldn’t,” said Angie turning a bright red at Ginny’s suggestion that she buy a very sex dress and undies to go with it.

“Why not? George would love it. Then you could tell him what you’ve decided about the house,” said Ginny.

“Ummm, I don’t know if I should mix up sex with business,” said Angie.

“Always the pragmatic one eh?” said Meg. “I think you should mix the two. What better way for him to know you’re alright with all of this?”

“Well,…” she started looking back at the dress. It was drop dead gorgeous and on sale. In all honesty, she’d probably never get out of the house or the bedroom wearing it. It did do a nice job of accentuating all the right curves.

“Red or emerald,” Meg asked Angie.

“You aren’t helping!” Angie squeaked.

“Yeah right. Listen to you who talked me into not three but eight outfits,” Meg rebuffed. “The least you can do is buy a dress and some undies that will make George drool.”

“Oh hell, if all you wanted to do is make him drool, just walk around naked. No, you want him to fall down because his hard-on outweighs his ass,” teased Ginny.

“Fine! Fuck me Red it is then,” said Angie. She was still blushing when they got to the lingerie department. She’d already cleaned out most of what Sara called ‘granny panties’, but it was still difficult to buy the silky and lacy bits people said were undies. Ten minutes later she had two bra and pantie sets and four pairs that sort of match the bras. One set was emerald green to be the tease under the dress.

Ginny had bought new undies and bras as well. They figured that if one of the guys was going to have a melt down, all three deserved to be brainless. Her stuff was a bit tamer except one set in bright green. She was looking forward to seeing Patrick drool.

They took their purchases to the check out and then headed to one more shop in the mall. The baby store.

The women got home in time for dinner. George and Luc had cooked, so it meant that everyone was having rather rare steak off of the barbecue. Luc had added salad and French bread with garlic butter.

“About time you women got home,” teased George.

“We’d nearly called the cops,” said Patrick.

“Oh shush. Do you want to see what we bought before or after dinner?” asked Ginny.

“Is it child safe?” asked George.

“No. So, I guess that means later. Let’s eat and then we’ll do a fashion show,” said Meg.

The men dished food out and soon everyone was eating and talking about the day. Luc had a client decide that the new router/server combo they were working on was a viable option. George had worked on the garden and Patrick had checked in on his first client. He’d landed a job at an investment firm which did private consultations for economic clients.

While George washed dishes, Patrick and Luc put the pups through the bath and then into bed. The women found outfits to show off. Meg of course had the most. When the guys were sitting down with coffee, Meg began to show her clothing off.

Three business outfits, three casual outfits, one rough and tumble one and the stunner. Meg loved it when Luc wasn’t the only one to stare as she showed off the midnight blue summer dress. The neckline showed her cleavage and the peak-a-boo slit emphasized her legs.

“I think we’ll have to let the ladies go shopping more often,” said Luc as Meg came to sit in his lap.

“Just wait till you see the undies,” she whispered in his ear.

Then it was Ginny’s turn. She had bought a business suit that had a plunging neckline relieved on only by a bit of lace. Under it she had the bright green bra and panties set.

Patrick wolf whistled. When Ginny came to sit next to him, he peeked down her shirt and saw the green lingerie. “Honey, I hope you don’t intend to show that to anyone besides me,” he said softly.

“Well, I could if you wanted me to,” Ginny teased. Patrick shot her a dirty look which made her smile.

Angie stood in the shadows, just out of sight. “George,” she called.

“Yes Angie, come on out,” he said.

“Before I do, I want you to understand that I’ve decided to sell my house. We’ll put it on the market tomorrow and I’ll live with you while we build a house,” she said.

“Okay, but you could have told me that over dinner,” George said.

“No, we ladies decided that you needed to understand down to the tips of your toes that I mean it. That house has been my baby, and it’s hard to give it up. However, I love you,” she said and walked out into the living room wearing the fitted red dress that Ginny and Meg had talked her into getting. The heels that they found matched and while the other two women had shown off their clothes, she had done her makeup and hair. She was stunning.

George sat there with his mouth open.

“Wow,” said Luc.

“You’re beautiful Angie and that dress highlights it all,” said Patrick.

Angie looked at George. “Don’t you have anything to say to me?” she asked.

George stood up, picked Angie up and kissed her. “You are the most beautiful woman in the world and I am so lucky that you are mine,” he said. He kissed her and headed for their bedroom.

“Well, I thought the dress might have an impact, but wait until he gets to the undies,” said Ginny.

“Oh yeah. We’ll hear that whoop over at our house,” said Meg. “They are emerald green, and mostly lace. Angie filled lace.”

“Oh god,” said Patrick. “Can we go check yours out?” he asked Ginny.

She smiled and walked to the bedroom. Patrick waved to Luc and Meg who were laughing and trying to get up off of the couch so they could go home.

“See you tomorrow!” called Luc.

“Only if he’s got a serious case of impotency,” called Ginny.

Luc and Meg laughed as they headed home.

George set Angie on the bed. He went down on his knees and gently took off her shoes. Then the stockings. He stood her up and after admiring the dress once more, he unzipped it. Angie shrugged her shoulders and the dress slid to the floor exposing the emerald green panties and bra.

“Oh…” was all George said as Angie slowly turned in a circle. His erection hurt, it was pressing so hard up against his zipper.

“George, why are you still dressed?” Angie asked as she stood poised like a coy model.

“I… um… I…” he stammered. He undressed so fast, he swore buttons flew. When he was naked, Angie walked to him and wrapped her arms around him. His erection bumped her bra. She smiled, bent down and kissed the head.

“Aaaaangie,” George moaned.

She rubbed her hands down his hips and then as far around his muscular ass as she could go. She almost managed to kiss his erection again when he growled, picked her up and put her on the bed. Slowly, hook by hook he undid the bra. As her breasts came free of the silk and lace, he kissed each nipple until they stood out in little hard peaks. Then he peeled the lace undies off of her and dropped them next to the bra. Kneeling between her legs, he shifted his tongue slightly and after flicking her clit, he tongued her pussy until she giggled and squirmed in delight.

George laid across the bed and Angie took as much of his cock in her mouth as she could. Once it was wet, and he was groaning, she straddled him and worked his cock into her pussy with slow rocking motions. When he had filled her, George moved in and out of her pussy, guiding her hips to move to just the right spots.

Angie moaned as George made her feel so good. She could feel her orgasm building and knew that it wouldn’t take much more to send her over the edge. She felt George’s hands move up to her breasts and cup them in his hands. He rolled her nipples lightly between his fingers. He held one breast and put his other hand on her ass as he own orgasm rolled up his body.

“Aaaaah,” he groaned as he came. Angie rode the surge of his pleasure and came seconds later. She felt so good, she couldn’t stop orgasming. A few moments later, she rolled off of George and cuddled next to him.

“I… still swear you share your orgasms,” she gasped as aftershocks rolled her body.

?Maybe, I don’t know how I do it though,” he said softly. He reached over to the side of the bed and reached into a basket and grabbed a towel. He handed it to Angie. “I know you’ll need this,” he said.

“Oh yeah. I already have a puddle under my hip,” she said. The one thing that amazed her was the volume of cum. Granted, George was a big man, but still. He left her swimming in it. If she stood up without a towel, it ran down her legs and puddled. She’d asked Ginny and Meg about it and discovered that Luc and Patrick were the same way. A “shifter” thing. Meg was the one who told her to keep a supply of towels next to the bed. She dried herself off enough to get to the bathroom and was back in bed in two minutes.

“If you guys are so fertile, why haven’t you taken over the world?” Angie asked.

“Simple. High teen mortality rate,” he said softly. “We have more shifters die between sixteen and twenty-four than the average human. It evens out.”

“Oh. Never thought of it that way,” said Angie. She had cuddled up to him and he wrapped her in his arms like a plump teddy bear.

“Good night George,” she said.

“Ni-hght,” said George. He was half shifted as he fell asleep.

The wolf snuffled her neck. He knew he was too big to ever truly mate with her, but she was his. He curled around her and cradled her on his body. “Mine,” he thought as he snuffled her hair and neck again before sleeping.

Ginny’s bright green undies set had been a hit. Patrick was still being gentle as they had sex, but mid-stroke, he shifted and so did she. He bit the fur on her neck to hold her tight to him as his hips pistoned his cock in and out. As the knot formed, he howled his release and she accompanied him. Panting, they dropped to the bed. The knot would hold them tight for at least an hour.

The smaller of the two wolves enjoyed the mating pleasures. Her mate was very dominant, and she felt safe with him. “Safe,” was the last thing that crossed her mind.

Luc and Meg took time to wash and dry her new clothes. Then they headed to bed. It had been a long day, and while Meg wanted to have sex, she just couldn’t keep her eyes open a minute longer. Luc held her and stroked her growing stomach. They still hadn’t felt a kick, although Sara said she had. Luc shifted and curled around her.

The wolf was trying to be gentle as he put his head on his mate’s stomach. Putting his ear to her skin, he listened. The swishing noises didn’t make much sense to him, but it was different than the blood just under her skin. “Pups!” he thought as his tail thumped the bed in joy.

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