Flash Fiction Friday, Nose Art Triptytch.

He loved the way his bomber looked. She was sexy. She was hot. And when he dropped the bombs, they’d be trickling down just like the runnels of water down her legs. The model made you want to kiss her ass to warm it up. The thought of stroking her skin to warm it had him fondling himself through his pocket. He had the best looking plane on the base. The hottest bomber and crew and the best nose art.


The ice water was trickling down her legs. Damn it was cold! Can you get frost bite on your pussy?” she wondered. She sure hoped he hurried up. They’d been working on the finish of this piece for an hour. They’d used a box for the first few days, but no, he was an artist! He had to have the real thing for the final day. It would take her hours to warm her pussy up! It was probably bluer than her bathing suit. Betty Grable didn’t have to put up with this kind of abuse.


He tried not to laugh as he did the final touches on the painting. In all honesty, he’d been done twenty minutes ago. However, June had been such a cunt to work with that he couldn’t resist sitting her on that block of ice. He hoped the liquid trickling down her legs was pee. She had goosebumps bigger than her nipples, but no one told him how to draw. Especially not some bitch! Women were only good for one thing. Art for hetro perverts.



In case you hadn’t noticed, I really liked this pic. My biggest issue was trying to decide on a story line. Then I realized that there were three. The artist, the model and the bomber pilot. This picture is such perfect nose art and so I ran with it. And no, I don’t know why the artist turned out to be a flaming Queen… It just happened. Hope you enjoyed it.

This week’s piece was to be 40-140 words and needed to use the phrase, trickling down

If you’d like to play along, visit Panser’s blog on Monday, collect the bits and play!

14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday, Nose Art Triptytch.

Add yours

  1. LOL! Enjoyed your take very much! One of my fave lines: ““Can you get frost bite on your pussy?” she wondered.” Too funny! I don’t think I want to find out the answer to that question. 😀 Happy FFF!

  2. The first one made me smack myself and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Which is not to say that it was screamingly obvious; it’s only obvious in hindsight after it was brilliantly pointed out. And I sure hope the bomber’s name was ‘The Flaming Queen.” 😉

    1. LOL! I swear, the pic just screamed nose art! Then again, that kind of art has always intrigued me. The mix of beauty and sex with destruction. Glad you enjoyed choices this week.

  3. Oh, awesome. That would indeed make great nose art. I was actually watching a TV documentary on bombers and planes and things last night. They had some great nose art. I can definitely see this one being on there.

    Thanks for playing along and happy FFF to you!

    — PB

  4. I saw the nose art right off the bat but don’t know enough about the planes of that era to do it justice. You pulled it out nicely. I liked #2 the best, but #1 was close behind.

    1. Thank you Advizor. Nose art was very cool stuff. The art provided the ‘luck’ so to speak of the big bombers and some of the fighter planes. Often it was more up to the crews than the kind of plane.

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