Rumble Strips

Don’t faint, this one is a shorty. Meant to write it ages ago and got wrapped up in a few things. 🙂

Betsy woke up in a strange bed, next to a guy she didn’t remember all that clearly. The concert last night had been great. Lots of bass, that turned Betsy on. Between the music and the dancing, she’d been so horny. Maybe a little of it was the beer too, but that didn’t matter.

“Oh! Him!!!” she thought as she took a closer look. She’d gone home with the sound guy and oh damn was he good in bed! They fucked until dawn and then fell asleep. Blinking, she looked over at the clock.

4:32pm it read.

Betsy flopped back on the pillows. She really must have been out of it to sleep that late. Stretching, she took inventory of the hickeys, bites and scratches. They hadn’t played rough, but they’d had a lot of fun. Betsy realized she needed to pee. Standing up slowly, she looked around and tried to figure out where the bathroom was hiding.

“Out the hall and to the left, Honey,” said the deep voice from the bed.

Betsy turned. “Thanks, I was trying not to wake you,” she said.

“Honey, I’m a light sleeper. I woke up ten minutes ago, and tried to decide if I wanted to go again, or let you sleep for a little more,” he said.

“Oh. Okay. I’ll be right back,” said Betsy. She headed to the bathroom and almost got there before she realized she had cum slowly running down her leg. “Damn, he’s full of it! Or, did we just fuck that much?” she wondered. She peed and then looked at the shower. She was hot and sticky. Really sticky. She turned on the water and crawled in.

Betsy had just gotten her hair wet when the curtain opened and he got in the shower with her.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hello Honey,” he said. “By the way, the name is Deke in case you don’t remember.”

“I do. Deke Jones, sound man,” she said. “I’m Betsy, not Honey, but I like the way you say it.”

“I like the way you taste. Like honey,” he said kissing her as he grabbed her ass with his hands. He pulled her up, and slid his cock between her legs. Deke buried himself in her pussy and fucked her as the water ran over the both of them.

Betsy grabbed the shower bar and balanced herself as he bounced her up and down. Deke’s hands tightened on her ass as he came again. Not waiting to see if she’d come, he brought his fingers up to her clit and stroked her while he continued to slide his cock in and out of her.

“Ohhh,” she moaned. He leaned her against the wall so he could better play with her clit. After half a dozen orgasms, he finally let her down.

“We better get rinsed off Honey. I have a gig in four hours and we have to get you back to your car,” he said soaping up.

“Oh yeah,” said Betsy. She had forgotten that he drove home in his car, while hers sat in the lot. She grabbed some shampoo and cleaned up. It was difficult with all the cum running down her leg.

An hour and one more fuck later, they were in his car headed back to town. Betsy was relaxing and enjoying the ride when Deke drifted over onto the rumble strips on the side of the road. They made the whole car vibrate.

“Deke! Watch the road!” she said rather startled.

Deke laughed and pulled back onto the road. A few minutes later, he did it again. This time, just a little longer. Then he went back on the road.

“What the hell are you doing?” Betsy asked.

“Playing. How does that pussy of yours feel?” he asked as he headed for the rumble strips.

“Wha?…. Oh My God!” said Betsy as she realized that the vibrations of the rumble strips were making her come. She shuddered as the orgasm washed over her.

“How… how in the helll,” she stammered as Deke repeated his trick.

Well music can vibrate a pussy, and so can the rumble strips on the side of the road. Depends on the car though, and the woman. You are a 68mph vibration. I hit the strips at that speed, and you come. Another gal I know is 73 mph. At least with you, I don’t have to worry about speeding, He said.

Betsy squirmed in her seat. Just as she caught her breath, he did it again. She tried not to come, but it didn’t work. “Aaaahhh,” she moaned.

Deke smiled. He loved women and he loved doing this to women.

“I sure hope you have time for a bit of fun when we get to town,” said Betsy.

“Don’t you worry Honey, I always have time for a good fuck,” he answered. “Plus, the rumble strips make me horny too. Gotta love a good vibration…”

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  1. it took me forever to get over here and read this and it was worth the wait! Excellent, made me grin…You did an awesome job with this short ‘n sweet post!



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