Can’t Wait!


“I can’t wait any longer. I swear, that psychic horny waves are beaming into my brain. I want to get home and fuck him senseless. Damn this car vibrates too much! God I’m horny!!!! “ she thought on the drive home. Everything seemed wired to her pussy or her clit or her nipples. “What the hell is going on?” she thought as she waited at a stop sign.



“I’ll be right back,” he said as he headed for the bathroom. Locking himself in a stall, he unzipped and stroked his cock. It ached. If he hadn’t had his coat on his arm, everyone would have seen his erection. He stroked a bit harder, hoping he’d come. “Oh, come on, for once in my life I wish I could get off fast,” he thought. It didn’t work. Pressing his head against the cold steel of the bathroom door, he thought of anything he could to settle down. “Mucking out stalls, picking garbage, my sister, her sister, Mrs, Conklin next door with no teeth, tests,” Finally, he was soft enough to zip up. He tucked everything in and looked at his watch. Ten minutes. He hurried back to the office.

“Sorry guys, something I ate for lunch disagreed with me,” he said as he sat back to finish up the last fifteen minutes of he day.


She parked her car and headed into the house. Dropping her briefcase at the door, she stripped off her clothes and went straight for the toy box. “Maybe a fast fuck with my favorite rabbit will help,” she said out loud. As she slid the vibrator into her hot slick pussy, she began to experience some relief. A few minutes later, with all the settings just right, she came hard. She relaxed. “Finally,” she thought. Sitting up to clean and put up the vibrator, she realized that the tingles of horniness were returning. “Nooooo!” she thought. “I need to stop this now. No more psychic horny thoughts!” she said out loud. After she put the vibrator away, she climbed into the shower. Cool water trickled over her skin, but did nothing to put out the fires in her pussy. She dried off, slipped on a summer dress and headed to the kitchen.


He made it to the car before his erection tilted him off balance. He’d heard of priapism, unexpected erections, but that didn’t explain his urge to fuck. He adjusted himself and drove home as quickly as possible. “I hope she’s home and in the mood,” he thought. Every pothole or bump seemed to jar his cock against his zipper. He groaned.


She heard the car pull into the driveway and the front door open and close. Before she had a chance to turn around, he was behind her.

“Honey, would you mind a little quicky before dinner?” he asked holding her ass tight to his hips.

She could feel his cock pressing up against her ass. “Um, no. In fact, I think its a lovely idea,” she said.

He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Dropping her on the bed, he started shedding his clothes. The tie flew. He kicked off his shoes and shed his pants and undies at the same time. Pulling his shirt off, he climbed onto the bed where she lay with her dress pooled around her hips. No undies.

Kneeling between her legs, he leaned forward to kiss her while his fingers plunged into her pussy. She was wet. Hot and wet like they’d been having foreplay for awhile.

“Sweetie, don’t tease me. I’ve been so horny all day long, just fuck me,” she said.

“You and me both.” he said as he plunged his cock into her pussy.

“Oh!” she moaned. “So much better than my vibrator,”

“What?” he asked as he grabbed her hips and thrust as rapidly as he could.

“I was so horny, I came home and used the vibrator to take the edge off. It didn’t work. I took a cool shower and that didn’t help either,” she said wrapping her legs around him to pull him further into her pussy.

He pulled out and flipped her over onto her knees. Sliding in from behind, he grabbed her hips and started pounding his cock in and out as fast as he could.

“Oh… oh!” she moaned, her head against the pillows. “Harder! Oh gods, harder!”

“I kenna go any faster,” he said in a fake Scots accent. His orgasm boiled up from the bottom of his feet and slammed through his senses. He came and came until he thought he’d pass out.

She felt him come and knew she was close. As his cum hit her back wall, she came. “Oh!” she cried.

He caught his breath and then reached around to fiddle with her clit and bring her to another orgasm. He loved the way she clamped around his cock when she came. He stopped when her knees buckled. They collapsed to the bed.

“Honey, what in the hell came over us?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I’ve been calling it the psychic horny vibes from hell,” she said.

He laughed. “Yeah, that fits. I had so many erections at work I couldn’t think,” he said.

“Same here, and the drive home was hell!” she said.

He nodded. “Every bump was agony.”

They laid there relaxing and recovering from their fast and furious fuck. He stretched and thought about getting up. Instead, he turned to her.

“Honey? By any chance would you be up for another round?” he asked pointing to his erection that was getting harder by the minute.

“Sweetie, I thought you’d never ask.” she said climbing up and nestling his cock deep in her pussy. “Dinner can wait,,,,”

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