Train from Atocha

Sex in public can be a real turn on. That whole fear of being caught or seen provides a nice bit of spice. I promised Lexi a train story. This is a true story. It happened about thirty-two years ago. The names have been changed and that’s about it. I still have the skirt. 🙂


They ran for the train as it pulled into Atocha Station. It was the last train out of Madrid for the night and neither Allie or Jeff wanted to walk home. Their little Bed & Breakfast was 65K away. They boarded the train and found a seat. It wasn’t difficult as the train was nearly empty. They collapsed and caught their breath.

It had been a beautiful summer day. They’d gone to the Prado, shopped the bookstores that lined the sidewalks, ate at little cafes during the day and walked through Retiro Park eating ice lollies. Allie had worn her favorite summer skirt. It didn’t get dark until nearly 10pm, by which time all of Madrid seemed to be walking in the cool night air. Jeff and Allie had gotten so entranced with walking from ice lolly cart to ice lolly cart that they nearly missed the train.


As the train pulled out of the station, the conductor checked their train tickets and walked to the next car. They were the only ones in this section. Allie looked around and then headed for the bathroom. Jeff watched her go and then looked out the train windows.

“Jeff, can I sit in your lap?” Allie asked when she came back.

“Why hon?” Jeff asked.

“Well, it’s hot, I’m bothered and the rocking of the train just does it for me. Plus, we’re the only ones in this car,” she said and winked.

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” Jeff asked.

Alie smiled and showed him her undies. Then she stuffed them in her bag.

“Are you sure?” he asked again. Allie was the horniest girlfriend he’d ever had. Sex on the balcony at the B&B, sex in turret at the castle the other day, and if he could keep it up, sex two or three times during the night.

“Of course I’m sure. If anyone comes along, they’re just going to see me sitting on your lap,” Allie said.

“Okay,” Jeff said and unzipped his jeans. He shifted to free his cock and adjust things so that he wouldn’t get caught in the teeth of the zipper.

Allie looked around and then slid her mouth over his cock to wet it. Jeff moaned as her hot wet mouth slid up and down. Then she spun around and straddled his lap, wiggling to get his cock into her pussy. Then she spread her skirt around her so that it looked like she was just sitting in his lap.

Jeff put his arms around her waist and slowly pumped in and out of her pussy. The rocking of the train helped. It was this same motion that always made Allie squirm. The deep bass rumble turned her on. His hand drifted up to touch her nipple. It was erect and pushing against the soft top she wore. Jeff smiled and pinched it.

“Oh,” Allie said and wiggled her ass against him.


The train pulled into one of the stations and a few people got off. No one new got on. The conductor just tipped his cap as he walked through the car. Allie smiled and waved at him. Once he was gone, Jeff started up again. Having to wait had made him impatient to come. His balls ached. Allie started bouncing up and down more vigorously as the combination of sex in public as well as the train’s motion turned her on more and more.

“Oh Jeff, harder,” she whispered.

Jeff put his hands around her waist and held on as he pumped in and out of her pussy. He wanted to pinch her nipples, but couldn’t let go.

The train started moving faster, as the city was left behind. Alcala De Heneres was the last stop. The rocking of the cars increased as did Jeff’s thrusts.

“Allie, I’m coming,” he said hoarsely. His hands tightened on her hips as he thrust hard and then came. Slowly he slacked off as his ball seemed to empty every last drop of cum into Allie.

“Oh!” Allie tried to say softly. Her own orgasm was washing over her. She bit her lip trying not to cry out.

Jeff smiled at Allie trying to be quiet. He couldn’t resist and snuck his fingers under her skirt and between her legs until he found her clit. He teased it and Allie squeaked as she came. She looked around, but there was no else in the car.

The two of them relaxed against the seat as they caught their breath. The train rocketed through the dark.

“Allie, what are we going to clean up with?” Jeff asked. He knew his lap was soaked and wondered how much of it had gotten on his jeans.

“I have some tissues in my bag,” she said and reached for them. Allie handed them to Jeff and then slowly stood up off of his cock. She shuddered. “Damn that was fun.”

“Yeah, it was,” said Jeff as he cleaned up and zipped up his damp jeans. Then he reached up between Allie’s legs and tried to wipe up some of the juices. Then he handed the tissues to Allie who put them in a different plastic bag.

“Thank you Jeff. I’m going to have to wash my skirt when we get back to the hotel,” she said. “I’m soaked and all that cum is running down my legs.”

Jeff smiled. “You should be hot and bothered by the time we get to the B&B and ready for another go,” he said.

“Oh yes. Maybe I’ll let you lick all that juice and cum off my legs,” she said in a soft voice.

Jeff smiled again. He liked the idea of her being soaked with their juices.


The train slowed and came to a stop at the station. Jeff and Allie gathered their things and headed to the platform. Jeff carried one bag to cover his damp jeans. He linked arms with Allie and they headed for the B&B.

From the train, the conductor watched the two lovers leave. He smiled. It had been a good trip from Atocha Station for more than just the two lovers.

4 thoughts on “Train from Atocha

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  1. Hachacha. Well worth waiting for. If I rode trains more often, I might have a story to share in return, but I’ve got nothing that competes with this. Thanks hun 🙂

    1. You’re welcome Lexi. It was a fun train ride. Nothing competes with that deep bass rumble and rocking motion that a train has. Not even Rumble Strips. 🙂

  2. *smiling*

    great train story! excellent “doin’ in public’ story!

    (you naughty girl…! like that about you)

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