Subtle Finale

David and Kerri were sitting at the table eating breakfast. Kerri was sitting on a pillow as her ass was still tender from all the attention David had given it last night. She wasn’t complaining though. Just smiling.

“Any questions?” David asked.

“Lots of them,” she said. “Will I get answers or evasions?”

“Answers. You’ve seen far more than I ever expected you to of my life as it fits in the club, so you deserve answers. Where do you want to begin?” he asked.

Kerri thought for a moment. “What did you do in the military?” she asked.

David took a sip of coffee. He expected this one and had long ago figured out just how much he could tell her and how much was probably still classified. “I was in intelligence. I did field work. I did a lot of things for the military that can’t be talked about, but there are bits and pieces,” he said.

“Okay, I sort of figured that out, but were you the good guy, the bad guy, the spy, the assassin or what?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“David!” Kerri said slightly exasperated.

“You asked, and I told you. I did lots of things, and most of them were not nice. My specialty was psy-ops. Figuring out someone’s weak points and working them to my advantage. Sometimes that required being the good guy. Other times it required the killer,” he said.

“And which one is the real you? Boris or David?” Kerri asked.

“The boy Davey grew up and joined the military. He became David and then somewhere along the lines in SERE training, Boris was born. I already had a degree in psychology, and between that and the SERE training, I began to understand what makes people tick on a whole new level,” he said. “It also helped that I am very good at languages. I speak eight.”

“Eight? Geeze!” said Kerri.

“Yes, eight. Russian, Romanian, German, Italian, Spanish, Serb, a couple of arabic dialects and French,” David said.

“Damn,” said Kerri. “What does SERE stand for and what is it?”

“SERE stands for Survival Evasion Resistance Escape training. It’s the way they teach you to be tough enough to survive capture and all that kind of stuff,” he said.

“Is that like in G.I. Jane? Breaking fingers, beating you up, interrogating you and such?” she asked.

“Yes. The idea is to break you. I understood the game and I’m very good at it. It took a long time to break me,” he said.

“What broke you?” she asked.

“Pain. A very specific kind of pain,” he said shutting down the memories of that event as he drank his coffee.

Kerri thought for a few moments while she sipped her coffee. “Is… is that why you understand how people are when it comes to pain?” she asked.

“Yes. I learned more than my psychology course ever taught,” David answered.

“Oh. Okay. So, now you use your ‘powers for good?” she asked trying to understand this whole thing.

“Yes,” he said.

“So what made you quit if you were so good at it?” Kerri asked.

“I burned out. I did this for nearly fourteen years,” said David. “I almost didn’t come back from Europe. I was so immersed in the cultures that I could have disappeared and no one would ever have known I was an American.”

“That’s a long time. That must have put you in…” she started.

“To lots of countries that no longer exist.

“Okay and how did being David and Boris turn into time spent at the Rosy Thorn?” she asked.

“When I came home and got out of the military, the briefing took three weeks. Nearly 17 years of training and service distilled in 21 days. It told them what I did, and processed me into a civilian. What it didn’t do is tell me how to be a civilian. There are days I still don’t think I’m one. The military changes you Kerri. Changes you in ways you can never understand. Those changes don’t disappear when you turn in your uniform and sign the papers. You have to learn how to live again,” he said.

“David, I think I understand, but was it really that hard?” she asked.

“Yes. I work on it every day. The skills I learned help me to be a better business man, because I understand how people think and work. I know how to ferret out information and get what I need. I chose to live a quiet mellow life to balance out the harsher realities of my former life. It took me over a year to stop sleeping with a gun under my pillow. It was six months before I dared even look at a woman to date. It was over two years before I started dating you,” David said.

“Okay, so you have some sort of PTSD?” Kerri asked trying to wrap her brain around this.

“Yes. I don’t think that there is a military man alive that doesn’t have some sort of trauma to deal with, unless they just sat in an office or a hanger all day. And before you repeat yourself, the Rosy Thorn is how I deal with some of my issues,” David said.

“I was waiting for you to get back to that,” Kerri said.

“After a couple of months, I realized that I needed to ‘let off steam’. I needed to let my old self out and shake free for a while. If I did that, it was easier to be the nice guy. I tried sports, mountaineering, boxing, and a lot of other things. What I realized is that I needed the psychology games. So, I went to a hackers convention. There is as much social hacking at a computer convention as there is computing. I enjoyed myself and met James,” he said.

“Oh. Is that how you got into the whole BDSM thing?” Kerri asked.

“No, that was later. James is ex-spook too, and we found a lot of common interests,” said David.

“Does Sally know he’s an ex-spook?” Kerri asked.

“Yes. They met in DC,” David said.

“So how did you go from computers to BDSM?” she asked.

“James had a dinner party and Dirk was there. We were all talking and Dirk mentioned that he had a problem where he worked and was looking for a solution. The three of us went for a walk and talked. James suggested that I might be his solution. We talked some more and then a few days later, I went down to the Rosy Thorn with James,” said David.

“What was the problem?” asked Kerri.

“It was a woman who didn’t want sex, but needed psychological domination. They’d tried a few other Doms, and while it had been okay, it wasn’t right. So I gave it a try, and let Boris out to play. I used the same methods I’d used in interrogations in the military. She broke in forty-five minutes. After I went home, I realized something. I was more relaxed than I had been in over a year. I thought it was just a one time wonder. Then Dirk called me again, and I went down. I started going to the club about twice a month and was able to document how I felt and realized that I needed to let the Dom side of my personality venture forth to keep balanced,” said David.

“And that’s been your ‘nights out with the boys’ ever since we got married,” said Kerri beginning to understand things.

“Yes,” he said.

“So why didn’t you tell me any of this? Why did we never do anything like the D/s thing before?” she asked.

“Honestly, I like our easy going and equal relationship. It’s much easier to be civilized and gentle. I’d worked hard on regaining that and didn’t want to lose it or you. I love and value you for the person you are,” he said.

“Okay,” said Kerri reaching over and clasping his hand. “What made you change your mind?”

“A couple of things made me change my mind. First off James and Sally. Like you, she’s a strong professional woman. However, her quality of life was going to hell rapidly. It was dragging James down with her. He called me and asked my advice. The four of us, sat down and talked about things at the club one night. He decided to give it a try with Sally, and I observed how things were going for them. This was just about the time that Derrick became your boss,” David said.

“Oh. So that was about a year ago,” said Kerri.

“Yes. It worked out much better than any of us expected. They keep a balanced life, but when Sally over extends, they go back to a D/s relationship. Or, if they just feel like playing,” he said with a smile.

Kerri nodded. Sally had talked about how things went between her and James. Most of the time life was ‘normal’. If Sally got stressed, James took over. Or, if she just wanted spanked because she liked it, they played.

“Then Jake met Lydia. She was so Vanilla, she squeaked. Once again, while they are more of a constant D/s relationship, they each have their daily lives,” said David.

“So, you were afraid that if we played D/s, that one or the other of us wouldn’t be able to keep the balance that you had found for yourself?” Kerri asked.

“Exactly. It had taken me so long to find that balance, that I didn’t want to ruin our lives. I love you,” he said and squeezed her hand gently.

Kerri smiled. “I love you too.”

“Next was the rape of Liz and the work Dirk was doing to bring her back to herself. I helped in punishing those two assholes. By this point of course, ‘Boris’ had a real reputation as a sadistic bastard. Mindfuck anyone stupid enough to say yes, but never fucked anyone. I could let much of the brutality I knew how to dispense out at the club. What I wasn’t sure of was whether I could be gentle enough for you,” he said.

“Why?” Kerri asked totally perplexed. He had been nothing but gentle, even when spanking her ass till she swore it blistered.

“I realized that Derrick was a bastard. A sub acting out. Someone who was a bully because no one would take the time to rein him in. His actions were actually a cry for help,” said David.

“I’m glad you could see that, what I saw was an ass ruining my life,” said Kerri.

“He was that, and his causing you such pain drove me to a decision,” he said.

“You decided to do for me what James did for Sally,” said Kerri.

“Exactly. Then when he really screwed up, the gloves came off. Tim and Miller along with Jake and Dirk helped. The hardest part was starting off gentle with you. If you hadn’t gotten a migraine that day, I’m not sure how I would have begun. The migraine gave me that wedge I needed. From there on, I realized I could go slow with you and still dominate Derrick,” said David.

“So, that’s why you’d pay me attention the way you did and then stop,” said Kerri thinking back on everything that happened. “Damn you were subtle,” she said.

“Yes, I’m very good at it,” he said “I learned that I had far more control than I expected. I was also greatly relieved that you responded well. Sally fought James, almost literally. While I have the equipment to restrain you, I didn’t want to use it. Not at first,” he said.

“I’m sort of glad. There were moments when you did scare the hell out of me and I was so pissed later on when I finally remembered the safe word,” she said.

“I bet. The intention was twofold. First to scare you and make you submit. Another was to scare you enough to forget the safe word and trust me to stop, which I did on a number of occasions. D/s relationships are as much about control and trust as they are about balance and pleasure. For example, I’ve been holding your hand for at least twenty minutes. Light pressure, little pinches, strokes and holding. How do you feel?” he asked.

“I have been getting horny. My panties are wet and to be honest, I’m about ready to ask you if you want to go back to bed,” said Kerri.

“Good. After we’re done talking, we will play,” he said. “So, now that you know why I play the way I do, what really happened to Derrick and how I manipulated you into a more balanced life, how do you feel about all of this?”

“Thank you for dealing with Derrick. Thank all of you and for finding jobs for the four of us. I’m sort of frustrated that you didn’t share what you did in the military before now, but I understand. In fact, there is a small sliver that is glad I didn’t know. As for showing me my sub side,… Part of the jury is still out. We haven’t hit anything I can’t cope with in spite of my protests about spankings. We haven’t done humiliation play, and as we discussed, we probably never will,” she said.

“No, making someone piss themselves or that kind of thing is not for sexual play as I like it. Others do, and those are their scatological issues. There are plenty of people at the Rosy Thorn that can deal with them. Anything else?” he asked.

“Part of me is frustrated, upset and anxious about the whole D/s thing. Why we didn’t play that way and why it affects me so. However, I’ll work that out, especially with your help I suspect,” she said.

“I hope so,” said David.

“Last,” she said standing up and moving his hand to nestle between her legs. “I ache. I’m horny and this sub, this little one would love to be fucked.”

David smiled and they moved to the bedroom.



Kerri was spread eagle on the bed. David had tied her to the bed for the first time to the point where she couldn’t move. “You’d think I’d learn to watch what I say,” she thought. David had spanked her ass until it glowed with her hairbrush. Then she’d been a smartalec and laughed when he asked if she should be tied up. David had flipped her around and tied her up before she could catch her breath. Now she was face down and couldn’t move. Not being able to see what he was doing was scary.

David smiled. He had set up the bed straps a week ago. Kerri being a SAM had given him the opportunity to use them. Her juices were soaking the bedding. The vibrator he had in his hand would fit nicely between the sheets and her mound. He tucked it in place and turned it on.

“Oh!” Kerri said in surprise.

David smacked her tender ass twice. “Oh, Sir! Is the proper response, little one,” he said.

“Oh Sir, that um… startled me,” she said quickly.

“Good. Now, no coming until I tell you,” he said as he nudged a large dildo against her pussy. Once the tip was wet, he inserted it slowly until no more would fit.

“Sir? Isn’t that a bit big Sir?” asked Kerri who was feeling the stretch of her lips as he moved it in and out.

“Yes, it is big, but you will take it,” he said. Between the vibrator and her juices, it was going in more and more.

“Oh! Sir! No more please,” she asked trying to squeeze her muscles to keep anymore from going in.

“You will take it,” he said punctuating each word with a smack on her ass.

“Ow! Sir!,” Kerri cried.

David noticed that as he spanked her, more and more of the fat dildo went inside her pussy. He barely had enough to hold on to. He continued to slowly fuck her with it. When it was all the way in, he turned the switch on and it became a vibrator.

“Sir! Oh! Oh! May I come sir,” Kerri said shaking with the effort not to come.

“Wait,” he said and turned up the vibrator inside her.

“Ohhhh,” Kerri moaned and came before she could say another word or beg for permission.

David smiled and made her come again and again, not saying a word. After the sixth or seventh orgasm, he silently slid the vibrating dildo out and set it aside with the smaller vibrator. Kerri was trying to catch her breath. When she started to speak, he put his finger across her lips. Then he unstrapped her and put her on her back and redid the straps.

David got up and brought back nipple clamps. He took the little cloth covers off of them and showed them to Kerri. “These are what you get for coming before you were given permission. You must learn control little one,” he said. Then he pinched her nipples and put a clamp on each nipple. Then he got a chain and attached it to the clamps. It was heavy and tugged at them even with her on her back.

David then walked into the bathroom and grabbed his shaving kit and a towel. Kerri looked at him and shook her head. She knew better than to speak.

“You are going to be shaved. No protests,” he said and spanked the top of her mound lightly until she squirmed and the skin began to redden. The shaving foam was cool against her tender skin, sending sensations up her spine and to her pussy.

“If you keep this up, it is going to take longer,” he said applying more foam to where her juices had washed it away. Then he shaved her pussy quickly. He wiped her down and then brought a washcloth to clean up the last bits of foam. When he came back, he applied a lotion that smelled minty. At first it felt cool. Then it began to burn in a way that made Kerri want to touch herself and rub it off.

“Sir, what is that?” she asked.

“It’s a mint lotion. Why?” he asked knowing full well how it was making her feel.

“It’s cool and it burns and I want to rub it off Sir,” she said.

“How about I rub it in?” he said and started to trace his fingers over her fresh shaved skin.

“Sir,….” Kerri keened. Her body was dripping with moisture like she’d been spanked and she was doing her best to try and rub her clit against his fingers. “Please Sir,” she asked.

“What? Do you want this?” he said and pushed his lotion covered fingers deep into her pussy.

Kerri felt the cool sensation and then the burn and realized she’d screwed up. “Oh! Oh Sir!” she cried feeling even hornier and not understanding why this was working as it was.

David smiled and finger fucked her faster. The juices allowed him to put more fingers deep inside until he was fisting her. He watched her reaction to the whole process. He watched the pain and pleasure barriers mix, and the orgasm build.

“Ow! Oh… Sir…. ow! OH! Oh god! Sir, please let me come? Please?” Kerri begged.

“Yes, little one, come,” he said and reached over with his other hand and after getting some of the lotion on his fingertips, started massaging her clit as well as fucking her with his hand.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” Kerri cried as she arched off of the bed in an orgasm that racked her harder than any one in a long while. Her juices squirted all over the bed as David pulled his hand out. Kerri spasmed one more time and passed out. David smiled and wiped his hands on a towel.


Kerri came to to find her legs untied and David between them. His cock was hard and glistening with a drop of pre-cum. He raised her ass and slid into her pussy. She could feel her juices run down her back as he pumped in and out. There was still some of that tingling cool burn as he increased his rhythm.

“Sir? Didn’t you want to wipe off that lotion?” she asked.
“No, it feels good to me,” he said between strokes. “Good, but not enough to take my control.”

“Okay Sir,” she said and realized that the sub-space given her by the fisting hadn’t left. “Sir, may I come?” she asked feeling the orgasm build.

“Wait,” David said hoarsely. He pulled her hips tight against him with each stroke, plowing deep enough to hit her cervix. He was almost there, his orgasm beginning to ramp up to explosion.

“Sirrrrr,” Kerri begged biting her lip trying not to come.

“Noooooow!” David gasped as his orgasm ripped through him.

Kerri came hard. She seemed to come with each thrust. She gave into the pleasure and was engulfed in it.

David pumped in and out until there was nothing left of his orgasm. Without withdrawing, he reached up and undid the straps that held Kerri’s arms. He pulled her into his arms and sat back on his heels.

Kerri gasped as the change in position made her come again. David rocked back and forth, letting her come and come. When that didn’t do it anymore and he’d gone soft, he moved them both to the bed and fingered her clit and pussy. Kerri shuddered with orgasm after orgasm. Finally an orgasm hit her limit and she passed out again. David left his fingers in her pussy and next to her clit. He realized over the last few weeks that she liked to rub against his hand in her sleep, bringing her little orgasms. He liked that. They fell asleep with her wrapped in his arms and his fingers between her legs.



Kerri woke up a couple of hours later. She’d been dreaming about sex and woke up when the orgasm rolled her to find David’s hand between her lips. She’d been masturbating. When she rolled over, he was awake.

“You’ve been watching me?” she asked.

“You woke me up with your sexy little moans,” he teased.

“Well, if you wouldn’t leave your hand there,…” she started.

“Well, if you wouldn’t masturbate,..” he countered.

They both laughed.

David rolled over and grabbed something. He handed a long box to Kerri.

“What’s this?” she asked before opening it.

“It’s a present for you. For getting a new job and for evolving,” David said.

She opened the box to find a beautiful silver chain. It was heavy in her hand and well made.

“Oh David, it’s beautiful,” she said. “But… why?”

“I told you. You can wear it because you are a beautiful powerful businesswoman. Or, you can wear it because you a a lovely little slutty sub who wants to be spanked and fucked until she swims in sub-space,” he said.

“You’re… you’re giving me a collar?” she asked. They had discussed collars and how they fit in D/s relationships.

“Only if you want it as such. Otherwise it is a lovely necklace for my beautiful wife,” David said.

Kerri thought about his words and then it struck her why it seemed familiar. She had seen one on Sally’s neck the other night at the club. “OH! I understand! Oh! Thank you David,” she said kissing him.

“Would you like me to put it on you?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said handing it to him.

“As a sub or as my wife?” he asked. Glancing down, he could still see her thighs wet with moisture. “Leftovers or new?” he wondered.

Kerri thought for a second. Her pussy was thrumming from being well fucked and she wanted more. They didn’t have any commitments for the rest of the day. She knelt and put her hands on her thighs and then bowed her head. “This little sub would like a collar and to be well and truly fucked,” she said quietly.

David smiled, put the chain around her throat and admired how it hung between her breasts. They looked naked, so he found the nipple clips in the bedding and put them on her nipples. Kerri moaned. Then he turned her around and slid deep into her pussy and truly fucked her.

12 thoughts on “Subtle Finale

  1. This a wonderful finale. I loved how David/Boris answered all our questions. 😉 He is such an interesting character.

  2. oh, great.

    i had to read this on no O day.

    dear goddess i’m so fucked.

    (er. unfucked…)

    Man that was hot! Nice ending to a lovely story!


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