I Want…

I Want…

  • to feel his hands on my skin caressing me
  • to wake up with his hands between my legs slick with lovemaking juices
  • him to hold me tight to his body so that I can feel his pulse through his chest, his cock, his thighs
  • to be taken so completely that I feel boneless
  • to experience orgasms that literally takes my breath away, time and time again
  • to have my desires filled until there is no more want
  • to be the center of orgasmic bliss
  • to curl up in a tangle of limbs
  • him to surprise me with a touch, gesture, kiss or caress and light my passion
  • to watch him wash that delicious body, lusting to touch, taste, devour him
  • him to enjoy the same feelings of complete relaxing pleasure that I do
  • to trust and know that my limits will be pushed to fulfill pleasures undiscovered
  • to feel his teeth or nails mark my body
  • to share that orgasmic bliss of two people erupting simultaneously
  • to take him in my mouth and caress him with my tongue until he explodes
  • to be loved
  • to feel his fingers and tongue explore my body, bringing me to orgasm and stretching my limits
  • to enjoy the pounding of flesh on flesh in the throes of passion
  • to see the smile on his face as he plans something devilish
  • to cry out that I can’t take any more and then do so
  • to scream my pleasures out loud
  • to sit back, catch my breath and say “let’s go again!”
  • to wake sticky with passion’s juices and smile
  • to try new toys, positions, combinations and ideas for pleasure
  • to talk about my darkest secrets and fantasies
  • to give into those darkest fantasies
  • to write about them and share them with others
  • to turn people on with the written word
  • to share my kinky, crazy nature with those of like minds

Most of all, I want all of you to repost this to your blog and add your own Wants. Nilla, I double dare you!


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