David’s head still hurt from the blows he’d gotten during the sword and shield tournament. After six months of practice, he ought to be use to it. Instead, Thor cleaned his clock. One minute the marshal was shouting ‘Lay on!’ and the next he was on the ground. It had taken fifteen minutes to get his helmet off. When he did, there was a dent half an inch deep. They’d carried him to the Chirurgeon to check him out. The Chirurgeon said he might have a slight concussion which meant he couldn’t fight until he was cleared. Oh and until he could pound the dent out of his helmet.

As David walked back to his tent, he watched others head to the tourney field. He waved at friends and their ladies and lamented more than once that he didn’t have a girlfriend or even an armor bunny at the moment. He opened his tent up to get a cool flow of air and stripped out of his armor. He put his helmet on the post. David got a bottle of Gatorade, took his pain pills and then crawled onto his bed to sleep.

David woke to the feel of cool hands on his head. He opened his eyes to see a woman sitting on the edge of his bed.

“Who are you?” he asked, just a little confused. She looked familiar, but he couldn’t remember her name.

“Sigrun,” she said. The cloth in her hands was damp and cool and felt good on his brow. His head still pounded, but not as badly as before.

“Why are you here?” David asked still confused.

“Well, I saw you were injured and thought I’d help. Roll over and I’ll wash your back,” Sigrun said.

David rolled over and let Sigrun wash his back. She moved from his shoulders to his waist and then tugged at his belt.

“Unhitch your belt Helgi,” she said.

David was surprised that she knew his SCA name. Then again, she looked so familiar. There were over 2000 people at this event, so maybe he shouldn’t be surprised. He undid his belt and she tugged the sweat stained trousers down and washed his legs and back. The air flowing over his damp skin felt good.

“You’ve got a bad bruise here,” she said.

“Sigrun, you should see the one on my shoulder and the side of my head,” he said.

“Then roll over,” she said in a matter of fact tone.

David thought about the fact that he was naked for a whole ten seconds and then rolled over. His cock was at half mast, and he did his best to think of icebergs, paying bills or his third grade teacher. Sigrun didn’t seem to care, which helped. She simply rinsed the cloth and continued to give him a sponge bath.

“That bruise isn’t too bad. You need to hold your shield up more. If you stood on the balls of your feet it wouldn’t bobble so,” she said.

David thought about what she said for a moment as she washed down his legs.

“Thanks, I hadn’t thought of that,” he said.

“Well, sometimes you need to have a second set of eyes to tell you where you need to improve,” said Sigrun.

Once she finished his legs, she washed his chest and arms. The bruise she hit made him flinch. Sigrun made a ‘tch-tch’ noise and reached for a basket near her feet. She pulled a ceramic jar out and scooped some kind of salve out of it.

“This will help the bruises, Helgi,” she said. It went on easily with a peppermint scent to it. She put it on all his bruises including the one on his head. After she wiped her hands on the cloth, she stood up. She pulled a light blanket over David and then turned to go out of the tent.

“Where are you going Sigrun?” David asked.

“Just to get some food for us Helgi,” she said. “I’ll be right back.”

“Okay,” David said and relaxed and let the salve work into his skin. He nodded off a little.

The smell of roasted meat woke him up. Sigrun had returned with two trenchers of food. It wasn’t his feast gear, but that didn’t matter.

“Hungry my warrior?” she asked with a smile.

“Yeah. I am,” David said and reached for a trencher.

“No, let me feed you,” she said and with a swift motion spooned up a bite of meat and held it out to him. David took the bite and chewed. The meat was savory and well roasted. It literally melted in his mouth.

“This is heavenly Sigrun,” he said.

“Thank you. It’s been cooking all day,” she said and fed him another bite. They ate and when he could eat no more, she handed him a tankard.

David took a sip. It was a very mild mead. He sipped slowly and enjoyed it. “This is almost as good as the stew,” he said. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. How does your head feel?” she asked.

“Still a bit thumpy, but I’m not surprised. My helmet has a pretty big dent in it,” he said.

“It does indeed. You’ll need that fixed if you want to fight again,” said Sigrun.

“Yeah, I’ll have to see if the blacksmith will let me use his forge,” said David.

Sigrun nodded. She took another sip of her cup and then set it aside and lit a candle in the lamp that hung over the bed. Then she took the cup from David’s hand and set it down. Before he could protest, she dropped her gown to the floor.

“Sigrun,…” he started to speak.

“Shush Helgi, Let me do this for you,” she said as she moved under the sheet with him.

David started to open his mouth again to protest. It wasn’t that he wasn’t grateful, but this felt a bit rushed. Maybe she was drunk, and he didn’t want to take advantage of that. Sigrun closed his mouth with a kiss. Her scent washed over him. Herbs, the salve, mead and woman. His cock hardened so fast as they kissed that he thought he’d break something.

“You’re sure Sigrun?” he asked.

“Yes. You’re handsome and I want this,” she said. Her hand stroked his belly and then caressed his cock. David moaned. His hands went to her breast and gently squeezed.

“Mmmm,” Sigrun moaned deep in her throat. She broke off the kiss and took his cock in her mouth.

“Oh god,” groaned David. It had been a while and this felt so good. He reached between her legs and found her wet. Stroking up and down her lips, he was able to slide his fingers deep into her and stroke her clit. Sigrun moaned against his cock. The sensations poured over him.

“Sig..Sigrun, hold on,” he said. “Come here and lets…” he tried to say as she pulled her lips off of his cock. They moved until she sat astride him. Slowly she lowered herself onto his cock. The heat that engulfed him almost undid his control.

“Oh,” they gasped in unison. Slowly Sigrun rocked back and forth. David cupped her breasts in his hands, squeezing her nipples and breasts in turn. She smiled at him and squeezed the muscles in her pelvis.

“Helgi, you are a wonderful ‘horse’ to ride,” she teased him.

“You’re a beautiful maid, my Valkyrie,” he gasped as the pleasure began to overwhelm him.

Sigrun smiled and continued to rock back and forth. David’s hands grasped her ass to act as a counter to his thrusts. He could feel his orgasm begin to build and sped up his rhythm.

“Oh yes Helgi!” she moaned. Her muscles clamped around him as she orgasmed, her nipples hard pebbles. The orgasm claimed her.

“Awwwgh!” David moaned as his body responded and his orgasm ripped through him. They froze there for a moment and then slowly they relaxed. Sigrun melted to his chest and lay there for a moment. Then she lifted herself off of his softening cock and snuggled in beside him.

“Sigrun,” he started to say.

“Shush Helgi. Sleep. You need to heal,” she said as she wrapped her arms around him. They slept.

David woke up to feel the heat of the sun beating on his tent. He rolled over and discovered that Sigrun was gone. The pillow was dented from where her head had been. David looked around and while he didn’t see Sigrun, he noticed two things. One was a scroll and the second was his armor.

“What the hell?” he said out loud. His armor was hanging from the tree he had made it. It was clean and most amazing was the fact that his helmet was repaired. No dent and shiny. The scroll was tucked into the face grill between the teeth.

David pulled the scroll out and sat back down on his bed. He unrolled it and saw that it was written in runes. The only two words he recognized was his own name, Helgi, at the beginning and Sigrun at the end. He put it down and grabbed his clothes. These too were clean. He must have really been out for Sigrun to have done all this work. After he dressed, he grabbed the scroll and headed off to find his friend ‘Egbert the Scribe’, also known as Jeff Hosen.

“Egbert!” David called as he saw the man heading across the field.

Egbert stopped and waited for David to catch up.

“Hey Eg, I have a question to ask you,” said David.

“What can I do for you Helgi?” Egbert asked.

“Well, an armor bunny did me a favor and then left me a note. Only problem is that she wrote it in runic script and I can’t translate it,” David said.

“Well, let me see it,” said Egbert. He took the scroll and read it. Then he read it again. “Come with me. I want to write this down to see if I have it right.”

“Okay,” said David. He followed Egbert to his tent.

Egbert sat down and after a minute, started writing. When he was done, he handed the original and the translation to David.

David took it and read it. It said:


Your armor is repaired as are your wounds. Fight victoriously in battle and win the day for me. Remember what I told you to improve your form. Else you will visit me in Valhalla far quicker and forever should you fail. My token is on your belt.

All my love,

Sigrun Valkyrie

I await you in Valhalla.”

David sat there stunned. The implications of this letter were twofold. One, it had all been a dream and someone had played one hell of a practical joke on him, or it was real. “Egbert, what day is it?” he asked as he suddenly realized he didn’t know.

“It’s Friday. Big tournament is tomorrow. You feel up to it?” he asked.

“Yeah. I got hit on Thursday morning. I slept nearly 24 hours. Plus, who fixed my armor?” said David.

Well Helgi, according to that note, which by the way is written on real parchment, Sigrun the Valkyrie did it. Shall we go look?” Egbert suggested.

David nodded and they headed back to camp. His armor was in nearly mint condition. Attached to his belt was a linen ladies favor he’d never seen before. On it was a winged Valkyrie helmet and the runes spelling out Sigrun.

“Whoa. Helgi, do you realize?” Egbert started to say as his face went pale.

“What I realize is that I had better get to the Chirurgeon and get certified for fighting. I also better stay on the balls of my feet,” said David heading out the door of his tent. The Chirurgeon was amazed at his recovery and certified him to fight in the morning.

The tourney went well. David thought he saw Sigrun on the edges of the field from time to time, but he could never look long enough to be sure. When he was done, he was happy but exhausted. The tourney had gone very well.

Saturday afternoon, as the sun set and court was being held, Helgi, bowed before the King and Queen to be gifted with the title of Sword and Champion of the kingdom. He looked around for Sigrun, and on the edge of the crowd, almost in the path of the sun, he saw her. David waived his sword and saluted his lady. She waved back and then disappeared in the dust and sun as the court cheered, “Hip-hip-HUZZAH!”

For those of you who are curious, the poem Helgakviða Hundingsbana I has a hero named Helgi Hundingsbane who wins a great battle. The Valkyrie Sigrún pledges herself to him and tells him that he will be a great ruler.

This poem, combined with the fact that people in the SCA work to build a credible persona just blended into the wonderful story you’ve just read. A little sex, a little bit of magic and a little bit of the paranormal. I hope you enjoyed this one.

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