A Sub’s Lament part 2

He walked with her at his side. He held her by the elbow which allowed him to guide her and yet give her a degree of freedom. After they passed through the doors of the dungeon, their first stop was the open area were there were lots of people.

Dusty looked around and tried to see if she recognized anyone, including Janie. Nothing. She sighed and looked back at Sir. She didn’t care if she didn’t know his real name. She just wanted things to go well for her.

Sir watched Dusty scan the room. He figured she was looking for the girl that had walked in with her. When she sighed, he decided to take her farther into the dungeon. Holding her elbow, they walked farther into the crowd where there was a demonstration by Boris going on. Boris had a woman on a spanking horse and was whipping her ass and back legs with a riding crop. So far the woman hadn’t broken. As Boris turned to the audience, he caught Sir’s eye and waved. Sir waved back and moved in a little closer.

“Do you like what you see little one?” he asked Dusty.

“Um, well, I’ve been spanked Sir, and while it sorta hurt a lot, I’m not sure if it was a good experience,” she said. Dusty was thinking about the first Dom that literally beat her. That wasn’t fun. Not at all.

“And why wasn’t that fun?” he asked.

“Well, I don’t really know a lot, but I don’t think you’re suppose to beat your sub and not make her feel good Sir. I ended up in the emergency room,” Dusty said.

Sir felt a growl building up in the back of his throat. He took a deep breath and grounded the anger. “No Dusty, a Dom should never be abusive in that manner. Didn’t you use your safe word when it got to be too much?” he asked fearing what she would say.

“I used it. Screamed it and he kept on beating me. That’s why I left and why I say I’m not sure if I really got the whole spanking thing, Sir,” Dusty admitted.

“That wasn’t a Dom. That was a bully. If you ever see him here, please point him out. In fact, should we create a relationship, that will be a demand that I make of you,” Sir said.

“No problem Sir,” said Dusty.

“Now before we go any farther, what would you like to use as a safe word little one?” Sir asked.

Dusty thought for a moment. She didn’t want to use the same safe word she had before. “Um… how about ‘turnip’, Sir” she said. She hated the damn things and would never normally bring it up in conversation.

“Are you sure you will remember it?” he asked.

“Oh yeah. Hate the nasty tasting things Sir,” she said.

“Alright, turnips it is,” he said with a smile. “Now I see an empty bench over there. How about we give it a try,” Sir said pointing to a similar spanking bench that Boris was using.

“Is Sir going to spank me?” Dusty asked.

“I will play with you as I want. The bench is just a way to secure you little one. How you react depends on you,” he said and kissed the top of her head. He could tell she was nervous, however, they had to start somewhere.

“Yes Sir,” she said quietly.

They walked over to the bench and Sir helped her straddle it. There was a cushion of leather and it was tall enough that Dusty’s feet barely touched the floor. He leaned her back until her head touched the bench and then tied her wrists to a ring next to her head. Then he pulled off her boots and tied her ankles to rings at the bottom. When he was certain she was secure, he began to touch her with just his fingertips from ankles to the tops of her stockinged thighs.

Dusty had been expecting to be spanked, but the slow gentle touches surprised her. She giggled when he hit her knees.

“You’re ticklish little one?” he asked.

“Yes Sir!” she answered between giggles.

Sir took advantage of that and worked back down her legs to her feet. He started across the tops and worked down to the toes and then to the soles of her feet.

“Oh! Sir! Oh!” she giggled.

Sir smiled and tickled her some more. She twisted, bucked and wiggled on the bench trying to get away from his fingertips. Then, as she started to gasp for breath, he went up over her hips to her ribs and just under her armpits. Dusty was ticklish everywhere by now.

“Oh Sirrrrrrrr!” she gasped and giggled.

“Yes little one?” he asked.

“Please, let… let me breathe! Sir!” she gasped between giggles.

“Well, just a little,” he said and while he stopped tickling, he kept on touching her. He ran his fingertips down her arms and then up to her shoulders. From there, he dropped down and pinched her nipples which showed through her peasant blouse.

“Oh!” Dusty squeaked in surprise. While the feeling was a short sharp pain, it wasn’t bad.

Sir smiled as he noticed her nipples getting harder. He pinched them again. “Have you ever worn nipple clamps?” he asked.

“No Sir,” she said.

“Hmmm,” was all he said. He gave them each one last pinch and then went back to tickling her. He watched and noticed that her nipples stayed hard. He went back to tickling her feet.

“SSSSir!” she cried. “Sir, ppplease, please stop, I’m going to wet myself cause I’m laughing so hard.”

He stopped. Looked at her as she caught her breath and then started again. Each time she approached that point of anguish, he stopped. This went on for about ten minutes, enough to draw a small crowd. When he stopped for the last time, he got a round of applause. He turned to see Boris and Dirk standing there. He nodded his head at the two of them.

“Nice way to work a sub,” said Boris with a feral grin.

“Thank you. I started out just touching as we are seeing if this relationship will work and I discovered she was ticklish,” said Sir.

“Well done and don’t let us stop you,” said Dirk as he and Boris walked off.

Sir smiled and went back to touching Dusty. He watched the goosebumps form as he ran his nails along her arms and up her throat.

“Are you ready for something a little more intense little one?” he asked.

“Tickling wasn’t intense Sir?” she asked.

“Oh, a little, but let’s change things just a bit,” he said and began to untie her.

“Sir, may I…” she started looking over at the ladies room.

“You have three minutes,” he said and undid the last strap.

Dusty ran. She hadn’t lied about almost peeing herself. She dived into a stall, undressed and peed. She finished, washed her hands and was back out as fast as she could. Sir was standing there looking at his watch.

“I’m back Sir,” she said.

“With 14 seconds to spare. Very good. Back on the bench, but face down this time,” he said.

Dusty did as he asked and felt him tie her feet and hands as he had before. Her face rested on the padded bench. Then she felt him stroke her back. He moved his hand from shoulder to hip, and when he reached the end of her skirt, he brought his hand down on her ass in a swift smack.

“Oh!” said Dusty. The smack had caught her totally by surprise.

“What do we say little one?” he asked smacking her ass in rapid strokes.

“Oh SIR!” she said.

Sir smiled and proceeded to spank Dusty. He knew it wouldn’t hurt as much as if it were on bare skin, but he needed to see if the sadistic bastard had damaged her. She flinched, but she didn’t cry out the safe word. After ten smacks per side, he stopped. Without saying anything else, he stroked her ass under her short skirt. Her ass was warm to the touch, so the spanking had gotten through the skirt.

“How do you feel little one?” he asked.

“Um… it hurt, but that feels really good Sir,” she said.

“Like it did when I tickled you and then pinched your nipples?” Sir asked.

Dusty thought for a moment. It was hard to concentrate with him stroking her ass.

“Little one?” He asked and then smacked her hard on the ass.

“Oh! Sir! Just thinking and got lost, Sir. Yes, it felt… feels good Sir,” she said between spankings.

“Good. Answer more promptly next time,” he said.

“Yes Sir,” Dusty answered.

Sir spanked her three more times and then stroked her skin to make the goosebumps raise all the way down her legs. “Very nice response,” he thought. Then he trailed his fingertips across her skin for a few minutes watching her responses.

“Little one, how are you feeling?” he asked.

“Relaxed Sir,” she said.

Sir smiled and then untied her. After helping her up from the bench, he lead her off to one of the alcoves and sat her down on the unpadded section. He watched her flinch just a bit, but she didn’t complain. “Another point in her favor,” he thought.

“I want to discuss our possible relationship,” Sir said.

“Okay Sir,” said Dusty.

“In your ad on Fetlife, you said you were looking for a consensual relationship. Were you including or excluding sex?” he asked.

“Well Sir, if it worked out, sex would be great. I’m not into doing the D/s thing as a total life, but as sort of a date thing if that makes any sense Sir,” Dusty said trying not to ramble or talk herself out of a relationship.

“Fair answer,” Sir said. “I’d have been a bit surprised if you were willing to have sex with just anyone. Is that why the other relationship went bad? Because you didn’t just drop your pants?” he asked.

“No, he just liked to beat people I think. We never fucked although he made me give him blow jobs,” said Dusty.

“You never got any pleasures?” Sir asked wondering just what kind of a relationship they had.

“No, we talked about sex, and he asked me if I was clean. I was, but he beat me. I got a three day stay in the hospital instead of any sex Sir,” said Dusty.

“Ah,” was all he said while he tried to cool his urge to find this bully and beat him.

“Sir? Have I said something wrong?” Dusty asked after he’d been quiet for a few minutes.

“No, nothing. I’m just trying to quell my urges to hunt down the bastard that felt he could beat a person,” Sir said.

“Oh. Does it help that he ended up in jail Sir?” she said.

“Yes. Now back to us. I would like to have a few sessions and see how we work together. Nothing sexual yet, although I am open to that,” he said.

“Alright Sir,” said Dusty. She was afraid to hope that it might work out, and excited at the same time.

“I want to exchange phone numbers and I will call you to arrange our next date,” he said.

“Yes, Sir,” said Dusty. She pulled her phone out of the pocket of her skirt and added his number to her contact list. He added her number to his phone as well.

“Now, shall we have a drink?” he asked.

“I’d love that Sir,” she said.

They headed out of the dungeon and to the bar in the main lobby. They walked up to the bar and Sir ordered two drinks. The bartender looked at Sir and just set both drinks down in front of him. Sir paid the tab and then handed Dusty her drink.

“To new relationships,” he said.

“To new relationships Sir,” Dusty replied. They clinked glasses and sipped their drinks.

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  1. Started just the way this type of relationship should start. Makes you want to read more of the story soon. Tip

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