A Sub’s Lament….. Final

Dusty felt Sir’s hands undo hers from the rings. It felt good to stand. He undid the blindfold and she got her first look at the playground. It was surrounded by a high wall and there were no lights to see except those subdued ones in the immediate area.

“How do you feel little one?” he asked.

“My head’s in subspace Sir,” she said softly. She was well spanked, well fucked and no one had beat her up.

“So, do you think you could please me?” he said.

“Yes Sir. What do you want Sir?” Dusty asked.

Sir looked towards the hot tub where the steam gently rose and then down to his crotch were his cock pressed against his zipper. Dusty followed his glances and then took his hand. She grabbed the sponge he had discarded and then lead him towards a deck where one could access the hot tub and the warm water. She grabbed a basin and dipped some water out of the hot tub as she suspected Sir had done earlier. The she started to undress him. He helped with the teeshirt and she gasped when she saw his chest and arms. He was well muscled. Then she took off his shoes, and trousers.

When he stood naked in the lamplight, she started to bath him.

“Little one, there is a dish of soap over there,” he said pointing to the soap dish.

Dusty got the soap and rubbed it on the sponge and then washed Sir. Then she rinsed him off and looked around for a towel.

“Is there a towel Sir?” she asked.

“Not out. Come with me into the hot tub,” Sir said.

Dusty put the sponge down and climbed into the tub. As she tried to walk around him, he grabbed her by the waist and lifted her out of the water high enough to let her wrap her legs around his waist. Then Sir lowered her down onto his erection that was rising out of the water. She was wet from earlier and the water helped her slide down on his cock. When he bottomed out inside of her, he sat down in the water.

“Sssir, you’re so big around,” she gasped. Sex from earlier had left her a little tender.

“Yes, I am. Not exceedingly long, but definitely big around,” he said as he slowly worked in and out of her pussy. “You’ll stretch to fit me though.”

“I hope so. I feel so very full,” said Dusty.

Sir stood up again and relaxed his hold on her waist. “Lay back in the water and float,” he said.

Dusty floated and when she was stable, he began to pump in and out of her again, gently floating her in the hot tub. She relaxed and enjoyed his touching.

Sir pinched her nipples and watched them perk up. He’d taken the clamps off earlier and they were hyper sensitive. He played with her curls around her clit as well until she began to moan and twitch.

“Sir?” she said shuddering with the beginnings of orgasm.

“Yes little one,” he said.

“I’m starting to come and I don’t want to drown,” she said.

Sir lifted her up out of the water and as she wrapped her legs around him, he walked out of the hot tub and over to the thick grass. Still joined, he lowered them to the grass where he sped up his rhythm.

The grass was cool after the water and Dusty relished in the sensory change. Sir was much stronger than she thought and when he began to fuck her rapidly on the grass, she felt him pound into her cervix. She went right over the edge and began to quiver as her orgasm began to roll up her spine.

“Sir, ppplease,” she begged, not being able to say much more.

“Come little one,” he moaned under his breath as his own orgasm roared up his spine. His arms pinched against her hips as he drove deeper and deeper into Dusty.

“Oh, oh gods, oh my,” Dusty cried as she felt him explode inside of her. Her orgasms just kept rolling.

Sir finally felt the last of his sperm empty from his balls and his body relax. He rolled off of Dusty and the two of them lay there in sticky splendor. Dusty curled up to him and he wrapped his arm around her and held her tight. She started to struggle a little, not sure why he was doing it.

“Hold still little one,” he whispered in her ears. “I want you to come for me.”

“I did Sir,” she said.

“I want you to come more,” he said.

“But Sir, I’m not sure I can,” she protested.

“You will,” he said and began to manipulate Dusty’s clit and slide his fingers up and down her lips stimulating her more and more.

“Oh! Sir!” Dusty squeaked. Then the orgasms began to thunder through her body. She arched, she tried to wiggle away from his fingers and he wouldn’t let her escape. She came and came, feeling her juices squirt down her legs until the grass was slick under her. Sir slowed his fingers down and she thought he was going to stop, but instead, he sped up again and her orgasm that had slowly built ripped through her. She stiffened and with a gasp, Dusty passed out.

Sir smiled as he looked down at his little sub. She was sweet, and trainable. And those curls. Dusty twitched in his arms and then opened her eyes.

“So little one, do you think you’d like to continue our relationship? Or, do you wish to find a new Dom?” Sir asked.

“I’d like to continue this,” she said from subspace.

“Any regrets?” he asked.

“Just a lament. Why didn’t I find you first?” Dusty asked.

“Because you had to be disappointed before you could find your bit of subspace,” Sir said.

Dusty nodded and curled up in his arms.

4 thoughts on “A Sub’s Lament….. Final

  1. a fitting ending to a great story…and Dusty’s Sir is has a big chunk of my Master in him…*smiling*

    “Master–i–i–i just can’t cum anymore…!”

    “no? Let me check….”

    * time lapse….sounds of explosions…*

    “nope, you were wrong nilla, there were still quite a few hidden in there, weren’t there…?”

    (weakvoiced) “yessir….*faint*”

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