They’d barely gotten into bed when the phone rang. He looked at it and scowled. She gave in and answered it.

“Hello Dad, Yes, uhuh. No. Maybe later, we’re a bit busy,” she said trying to get her Dad to hang up. “No, really. We’re right in the middle of a few things and as soon as we’re done, I’ll check it out. Okay. Love you. Bye,” she said hanging up the phone.

He rolled her on her back and started kissing up her thigh. Working his way up to her moist lips, he started to kiss, and nibble until she opened up like a rose. Fragrant, soft petals and so delicate. His tongue stroked her from opening to clit and back again.

She moaned and arched her hips up to bring his mouth closer to her pussy. He moved his hands up under her and grabbed her ass. Holding her tight, he licked and sucked her clit until she wiggled and came against his tongue. He lifted his head from between her thighs and smiled at her.

She moved up and kissed his lips, tasting herself. Then she changed places with him and started sucking his balls and worked up his cock until her mouth engulfed it. Just as she took him all the way in her mouth, the phone rang again. “Damnit!” she thought.

It rang twice more and then he answered it as she let go of his cock. “Hello. How are you Marge? No, not much, just trying to relax,” he said. “Can’t say we’re trying to have sex now…” he thought. “Oh. Right. Almost forgot about that. Sure. Next week would be great. Hey, gotta run, someone’s knocking at the door. Love you! Bye,” he said and hung up.

She laughed and then went back to sucking his cock. She licked the drop of pre-cum that had formed while he was on the phone and smiled. He collapsed back on the bed enjoying the feeling of her mouth and hands on his body. A few more licks and then she climbed up and straddled him, snugging his cock deep into her body. She started rocking back and forth and the phone rang… again!

“No,” she moaned as he reached for it again.

“Heello,” he said, trying to talk and fuck at the same time. “How? No, I can’t help right now. I’m in the middle of something. Maybe later. Okay, bye,” he said. “That was your Dad again.” he gasped as she rocked back and forth.

“Don’t…want…to…know,” she said.

He grabbed her ass and squeezed. She felt so good riding his cock. Her breasts bobbed in front of his face and he wanted to grab one, but all he could manage was to brush them with his lips. She arched and he managed to catch one. Sucking and fucking was almost too much and he could feel his orgasm building faster and faster.


“Shit! Someone’s at the door,” she gasped. “Let go hon,”

He dropped her nipple. “They’ll go away,” he said. “Almost there,” he thought.


“Damn!” she said and stopped. She got off of him and grabbed her robe. She was almost to the door when it opened and in walked her brother.

“What in the hell are you doing?” she asked.

“Well, I figured you were in the back and just didn’t hear me. Dad called and wanted me to make sure you saw that article he wrote,” her brother said.

“Aaaaaah! I told him I’d look at it twenty minutes ago. He called again about ten minutes ago and we said we’d look at it!” she said very aggravated.

“Whoa, what the hell is the matter?” her brother asked finally clocking that she was frustrated.

“We are trying to have sex, because we both have the afternoon off, and everyone keeps calling. Now you walk in on us and I’m not suppose to be upset?” she asked.

“Um. Oh shit. Sorry. I… um… Bye!” he said and headed out the door. She locked it behind him and then headed back to the bedroom. He was laying on the bed, cock at half mast and looking pitiful

“Wanna try again?” she asked.

“Can he be brought back?” he asked looking down on his poor deflated cock.

“I’ll give you a little oral encouragement,” she said wiggling her tongue at him.

“You’re on,” he said with a smile.

She clambered up on the bed and took him in her mouth. After a few minutes of licks, kisses, and sucking him like a lollypop, he stood firm and hard. She swung her leg over him and nestled his cock in her pussy.

He grabbed her ass with one hand and a breast with the other and worked into a rhythm of squeezes and thrusts. She moaned as her pussy got the pounding it ached for all afternoon. He moved his other hand to her ass and pounded harder.

Her muscles clenched and held his cock hard as she started to come. He felt his orgasm roll up his spine and spill his seed deep inside of her. She came hard and as he reached up and pinched her nipples, she moaned and orgasmed again.

They collapsed to the bed in a pile of sticky limbs. She smiled up at him, happy that they’d finally gotten a chance to finish what they had started. Then her ass started vibrating.

“Damn phone,” she said as she rolled over and answered it. “Yes Dad, we will read the article in just a little bit. We just got done with what we were doing. Yes Dad. Bye,” she said and tossed the phone in the trashcan. Then the trashcan vibrated and rang.

He laughed weakly, and then she started laughing. They were laughing so hard, neither one could answer it.

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    1. Nope, none at all… Definitely TWISTED reality. At least none of my family have tried that “but you’re too old to be having sex!” comment. They do have some self preservation instincts. 🙂 It’s more like “ah geeeze! again? Damn!” LOL!!! The other phone call post was here

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