Cowboy part 2

It took thirty minutes to reach the first gate. Nick jumped out and did the honors. There were four more gates before they got to the barns, and the house. It was like stepping back in time to the late 1800’s. The only thing to break the spell was an antenna on the roof of the house. It pointed back towards town, and from the looks of it provided Cat’s Internet connection. Nick smiled.

“Bunk house is over there. Get your stuff unpacked and meet me in the barn,” Cat said as she parked the truck under an shed roof.

“Alright, be back in a minute,” said Nick. He walked over to the bunk house. Old, worn, but comfortable. Stove in the middle with bunks off to each side. A table at one end and a bathroom of sorts at the other. He dumped his bag on the bunk with the thickest mattress and pulled his gloves out of the side pocket.

Nick headed to the barn. Cat was pulling down feed for animals he was yet to see. Looking around, the barn was old but well kept. The stalls were mucked out and the whole place was tidy.

“Put the sweet grass in the two stalls on the left. Oh, and watch out for Diablo. He is appropriately named,” Cat said as she moved around.

Nick grabbed the sweet grass and put it in the feeder racks. He just cleared the one stall when a small black Arabian mix thundered into the stall. Nick watched the horse look him down and then turn to the feed bin.

Cat had two buckets and was heading out the back of the barn. Nick followed after picking up a chunk of sweet grass that had fallen out of a stall. He topped it into the feeder and continued walking. Cat had entered an enclosed yard where she started slinging chicken feed.

“There are some geese on the other side that can use this bucket,” she said holding out the second one to Nick. He took it and went around the hen house. Geese greeted him with enthusiasm as he stopped to feed them. He looked around and took in the layout of things behind the barn. Horse corrals, runs for chickens and geese, cattle off in the distance with more horses and llamas?

“Um. Cat, are those llamas?” Nick asked.

“Yes. The horses like them and they kick the hell out of the coyotes. Plus, I can sell the wool to the co-op and make more money than I can from beef,” she said.

“Okay,” said Nick and looked the other direction. A kitchen garden. He tossed the last of the feed towards the geese and headed back into the barn with the bucket. Cat did the same and then headed towards the garden. He followed. Looking around, he saw what needed done and started to work pulling weeds. When he had a fair pile, he looked around for a place to dump them.

“Cat, where do you put the weeds?” he asked.

“Over there,” she said pointing. In the corner was a compost bin. He took his pile and then Cat’s to the bin. Cat was harvesting a few vegetables and put them in her basket he hadn’t seen her carry from the barn.

“Would you see to the water troughs? I’m going to do some chores in the house. When you’re done, clean up and come in for dinner,” she said as she headed to the house.

“All right,” said Nick. He filled half a dozen troughs and then went back to the bunk house.

The bathroom had a bathtub, toilet, sink and a wash tub. He turned on the hot water and it shuddered, creaked and shook the pipes before producing a thin stream of water. Cold water. He looked around and followed the pipes. They led to the little stove in the middle of the bunk house. It had a heat exchanger. Nick shook his head and decided to clean up in cold water. Those pipes clanked and shook as well. It took a few minutes for the water to run clear, but it did at last. He cleaned up from the waist up and dried off with his towel. It would have to do. “Gotta ask Cat if I can shower in the main house,” he thought as he ran his fingers through his hair.

Nick walked over to the house and knocked on the kitchen door.

“Come on in. You work here, don’t bother with knocking,” hollered Cat from somewhere in the depths of the house.

Nick walked in and looked around the kitchen. Like everything else, it was a mix of the last 100 years. The fridge was new, but the stove was a 1940’s Glenwood gas and wood stove. On the counter a rice cooker popped off telling the world it was done. He sat down not knowing where to help.

Cat walked in from the pantry to find Nick sitting at the table. The sun was coming in the door behind him giving his features a glow. His hair was curling at the ends from being wet down. “Mind out of the gutter!” she thought. “How can he look so damn good after all the stuff we’ve done today?”

“Dinner will be ready in about fifteen minutes,” she said as she set down the can of mushrooms and bamboo shoots from the pantry. Then she went to the sink to finish rinsing off the vegetables she’d pulled from the garden.

Nick looked around and saw the knives next to the chopping block. He stood up, took some of the washed vegetables and started slicing them for stir fry. In a few minutes, he looked around for the pan to cook them in. “Cat, where’s your stir fry pan?” he asked.

Cat turned around, blinked and realized that he was done with the vegetables much to her amazement. “Um… I use my big cast iron pan,” she said pointing to it on the wall. She opened and drained the canned mushrooms and bamboo shoots.

“Thanks,” said Nick as he took it off the wall. It was well seasoned. He put it on the stove and looked around for the oil. “Oil?” he asked as Cat brought the last of the vegetables over to the cutting board.

“Next to the stove, right hand side,” she said. She started cutting up the rest of the vegetables as Nick got the first vegetables frying. In a moment he added the drained mushrooms and bamboo shoots. He proceeded to stir fry the mix and added seasonings as he found them on the counter next to the stove. Cat handed him the soy sauce and he nodded his thanks.

Cat watched him cook. “Didn’t know you could cook as well as ranch hand,” she said finally.

Nick laughed. “I’ve been on my own since I was a teen. Had to learn how to cook, otherwise I’d have starved. My mom was horrible in the kitchen unless it was hamburgers, or oatmeal. When she and Dad divorced, I really had to cook,” he finished.

“Oh? Did your mom go to work?” Cat asked.

“No, Dad had custody. Mom left for the city. We had the ranch and the shop in town, so I got to cook and do chores when I wasn’t fixing things,” he said.

Cat nodded. “Sounds familiar. My brothers all went into the military and Mom died when I was about twenty. Dad didn’t bother to notice I was a girl. So, I did all the chores and worked the kitchen and the ranch got the better end of the deal,” said Cat.

“What about Marty’s boy Bobby?” said Nick.

“Oh, he and Mom would go shopping and I’d play hooky at the diner. I honestly think that if you’d have stood us side by side my Dad still would have called Bobby by my name. Come to think of it, Bobby always did look more like us than any of his family,” said Cat thinking about things for the first time from a different perspective.

“You think your Dad jumped the fence?” asked Nick wondering if he’d committed some sort of tactical error.

“You know, I never thought about it, but Marty’s husband wasn’t around all that much and Bobby was the youngest child of that tribe. Hm…. Not that it’d change how I felt about any of them,” said Cat. “Are those veggies done?”

“Yes. I heard the rice pot click off when I came in. Shall we eat?” he said.

Cat got plates and soon the two of them sat down to rice and stir fry vegetables. Small talk punctuated dinner. Cat finished first and started water for dishes.

“Here, let me do that while you put away the left overs,” Nick said.

Cat dried her hands and put away the left overs and then wiped down the stove, counters and table. Fifteen minutes later, everything was tidy. The two of them sat down at the table with coffee and gingersnaps.

“So what all do you need done?” Nick asked. “Besides a hand with everyday chores.”

“I have a tractor that needs work, two hayfields that need cut, baled and stacked, a couple of buildings that need repairs here and there, tack to be oiled and repaired and my roof leaks,” said Cat ticking things off on her fingertips.

“Okay. I think that’s more than a week’s work, but let’s figure out the priorities. Oh, and is it alright if I use the shower in the house? The bunkhouse has water, but I don’t fancy lighting up the woodstove every time I want to bath,” said Nick.

Cat laughed. “I totally forgot about that. Sure. Bathroom is down the hall and to the left. It was an addition in about 1935 I think. In fact, it’s part of the roof that leaks,” she said.

“Okay, sounds like the roof is priority number 1,” said Nick. They took a few minutes and finished organizing the list of chores Cat wanted help with around the ranch. Cat put their cups in the sink and stood in the doorway.

“If you want a shower, take one now.” said Cat. “I like to take one before I go to bed, and we have an early start in the morning.”

“Okay. You said down the hall on the left,” he said as he walked that direction.

“Yes. Towels are in the cupboard next to the mirror,” said Cat.

Nick nodded and headed for the bathroom.

Cat watched him walk down the hall and enjoyed the view. Tight ass, thighs that filled out his jeans nicely and those shoulders. 34×30’s is what the label on the back of the jeans read. Lean, muscular and tanned.



Nick showered and dried off. When he got to the point of getting dressed, he was sorry he hadn’t gone back for clean clothes. He looked at his jeans and then decided to just wear his towel back to the bunk house. He slipped on his boots, wrapped the towel around his waist and picked up his clothes. Cat wasn’t in the hall and he slipped out the kitchen rapidly. He was almost across the yard when he felt the towel begin to slip. He tried to juggled his clothes and grab the towel, and managed to grab the towel just before it fell to the ground. “Oh hell,” he thought as his clothes scattered. He started to wrap the towel back around and gave up. He picked up his clothes and walked back to the bunk house wearing only his boots.



Cat had seen Nick walk out of the kitchen from the front porch swing. When she saw the towel begin to slip, she stopped swinging. When it dropped all the way, she watched as he walked back to the bunk house. “Damn! I thought he looked good in jeans and a teeshirt,” she thought to herself. Farmer’s tan, muscles, nice ass and oh my…” she thought and then was at a loss for words to describe his cock and balls. She watched him walk all the way back to the bunk house. When he turned on the lights, he walked back and forth in front of the windows a few times, giving Cat another chance to see his body. Then the lights went out. Cat sighed and then went back into the house. She grabbed her robe and headed for the shower.

Cat stood in the shower and let the water run from warm to cold. She hadn’t been this horny in ages. The cold water wasn’t working either. “Dammit!” she thought as she got out of the shower. She dried off and headed up to bed. It was too warm for a nightgown, so she tossed her bathrobe on the chair and climbed into bed. The breeze from the windows made her nipples crinkle tight and goosebumps raise across her skin.

“Dammit!” Cat said. She was still horny and finally, she gave up. Walking over to her dresser, she pulled out her battery operated boyfriend and got back into bed. Cat turned on the vibrator and closed her eyes imagining that it was Nick stroking her instead of a jelly vibrator. That it was his fingers stroking her clit and teasing her pussy. Her juices were soaking her fingers and the sheets under her as she plunged the vibrator in as deeply as she could manage. Cat arched to hit that sweet spot and held it there. Her body began to vibrate all on it’s own and her orgasm flooded through her body.

“Ahhh,” escaped the soft moan as she collapsed. After a moment, the aftershocks hit causing her to twitch and moan again. Then she put the vibrator on her nightstand, rolled over and went to sleep.


Outside, Nick sat on the front porch of the bunk house watching the view from the bedroom windows. It hadn’t been much, but it was enough to let him know that Cat was a sweet shaped woman naked or clothed. He’d watched her walk in front of the window a couple of times and then heard the soft moans. It didn’t take him long to realize that she was masturbating. Nick smiled and wondered if he was part of the story in her head. Wondered if he wanted to be part of the solution to her horniness.

6 thoughts on “Cowboy part 2

      1. After reading your response to Nilla, I vote for not rushing the story, everything these day’s is rushed and so much is missed. Cowboys fly fish you know, and I am bow legged, but I do prefer a ball cap. Tip

        1. I have decided not to rush this one. Having way too much fun building the suspense. 🙂 And yes, lots of cowboys fish. Never seen them in waders though. Most of our streams are too brush covered or fast flowing for much fly work. 🙂 At least in my part of the world.

  1. wail, ma’am *hitched up jeans, cocks a hip*

    they doan call us ‘cowpokes” for nuthin’…..

    (maybe that should be ‘catpokes’ for this story?)


    oh, this is hot. i’m really liking this tale…


    1. I’m enjoying this one too. Part of me wants to rush things, part doesn’t. I don’t think this is a fast paced story. Plus, these two characters are like so many people I know. 🙂

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