To Anonymous from Literotica

As some of you know, More Than Just A Fairy Tale appears on Literotica as well as here on my blog. Some people have discovered that they can access the stories in both places and that the new chapters of MTJAFT appear here first. Sometimes I get feedback from my readers. An anonymous email wandered into my hands today. So, I thought I’d share. Anonymous said:

“OK, so I was going to contact you and ask, since it’s been more than 2 weeks since your last submission for MTJAFT, if I was allowed to whine a little bit in hopes of getting another chapter. But then I found your website and got to read THAT and a whole bunch of other really well-written stuff! So, I’m whining on behalf of the readers who haven’t accessed your website. And keep up the amazing writing. I’m really, really enjoying it and it’s proven to be pretty inspiring!”

It’s nice to get comments via email and on the blog. Comments like this are great.  And Anonymous got a treat,… a whole trove of stories… as I don’t publish everything on Literotica.  As Nilla will tell you, it’s what keeps us going. We get paid in comments. So, when you read something you like, post a comment.

And if all goes well, there will be another part of Cowboy tonight and Flash Fiction Friday tomorrow.

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