Under the Weather

Okay, I give up. I don’t feel good. Can’t think, and I hurt all over. Wolf is giving me that look that says, “You Will Go To Bed,” and has been for about an hour. So, I’m giving up. I want to write, but …. It just isn’t working.

So, I’m going to listen to Wolf so he’ll take the Dom tone out of his voice. Or is that sub-vocals? Either way, it doesn’t matter. Still makes me want to curl up.

Good night! Dream of sweet porn! I’ll write more tomorrow if I’m let out of bed.



6 thoughts on “Under the Weather

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  1. sending healing whammies…take care you you…

    we’ll still be here (and i still have three things to read of yours…i’m so behind on reading OPB’s…)



    1. I am. Wolf is. No choice in the matter. Not when he gets that ‘look’ on his face. Or, that tone in his voice. You know that tone…. That “Why are you up?” is what he says and what he means is “Get your ass back in bed or else!”

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