Satisfying Saturday… Shipwrecked, part 2


“Where’s Jenny?” Jordan wondered as the heat soaked into his skin and began to thaw his brain. He turned and faced the sun while he leaned back against the rock. Rubbing the salt crust off of his face, he shaded his eyes as he looked around. There was no one on this stretch of beach. No foot prints except his own.

Jordan stood there for a few moments and then realized that if he didn’t get moving, he was going to sunburn bits he really didn’t want burned. No wreckage had washed up, nor were there any ships on the horizon. Just rolling waves. They’d been sailing in the Pacific, hopping from island to island, and the Solomons had been their last stop. They really hadn’t set up an itinerary, so no one would panic if they didn’t show up somewhere.

Jordan walked down the beach. “Water, shelter, food, clothing,” he thought as he made a list. He also had the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away flashing through his brain. “Hell, even that guy had stuff. I don’t even have a loin cloth!” he thought. He’d walked for a while and then saw what looked like a foot print. Then another.

“Jenny! Jenny, are you here?” he hollered. He looked around and tried to follow the footprints. They played peek-a-boo along the beach as the surf erased bits and pieces. “Jenny!” he called again.



Jenny thought she was dreaming. She could have sworn she heard someone calling her name. She sat up and looked around. No one.

She and Jordan had been making love when the wave rocked the boat and they both went over the side. She’d grabbed a cushion and floated until she saw the beach off in the distance as dawn lit the ocean. Then she had swum for the shore. She had looked around for Jordan, but hadn’t seen any sign of him. She had written HELP in the sand with a stick, and then looked for shelter. Without clothes, she didn’t want sunburned any more than she already was. She pulled a few palm leaves off a tree and sat on one and covered up with the others.

Jenny stood up and looked up and down the beach. Striding toward her was a nude man. She smiled, when she realized she recognized that mole on his hip just above his cock.

“JORDAN!” she called.

“There you are Jenny! I’m so happy to see you!” he said grabbing her and swinging her around in the air.

“Come sit down under the tree,” Jenny said. “It’s too hot.”

“It wasn’t when I first got out of the ocean. I felt frozen,” said Jordan as he sat down with Jenny under the tree.

“I was too, but once I dried off, I was fine. Any sign of our boat or people?” she asked.

“No, Nothing. I’m just glad I decided to walk this direction rather than the other. I might not have found you,” Jordan said.

“I know. I figure when it cools off a little, we can go look for water and maybe some fruit. Maybe there are people on the island,” said Jenny.

“Yeah. Maybe we can figure out a loin cloth too. I’m sunburned enough that I don’t even want to think about getting an erection,” said Jordan.

“Uhuh, My nipples got sunburned,” she said.

They snuggled together for a bit and then decided to head inland. There were wild game paths and they followed those. After a bit, they could hear water and walked as fast as they could. There ahead of them was a small pool fed by a stream.

“Oh thank god!” said Jenny.

“I never thought I’d be so happy to see plain water!” said Jordan as he knelt down by the water’s edge. They both sipped it with their hands and then waded in to rinse off the salt crusts left from being in the ocean. Once they were rinsed off, they got out and sat on the bank.

“You know, I think with those vines and some palm leaves I could make a skirt,” said Jenny.

“Let me help you pull them off,” said Jordan.

Twenty minutes later, they both had rudimentary skirts and Jenny had a palm leaf halter top. Jordan had found a rock to smash some of the vines into pieces and cut some of the leaves.


“Shall we keep on following the path?” asked Jenny

“I don’t see why not. I haven’t seen anything edible, but at least we aren’t thirsty,” said Jordan.

They followed the path for some time, but still saw no one. Birds and small animals moved in the trees, but that was it.

“Jordan, can we take a break?” asked Jenny.

“Sure honey,” he said. They sat and after a bit, they headed down the trail again. Jordan realized that they were headed back to a beach and pointed that out to Jenny. They decided to continue on in hopes of finding someone.

“Jordan, it’s too dark to see,” said Jenny.

“Yeah. Let’s curl up here and we will look for people in the morning,” said Jordan.

“Okay. I am tired,” said Jenny. “Tired, sunburned, hungry, lost, scared,” she thought as she drifted off to sleep in Jordan’s arms.



In the morning, Jordan and Jenny found a stream and had a little drink. Still nothing they recognized as food, but they kept heading towards the beach they could see off in the distance. Jenny added leaves and flowers to her outfit as the day got warmer. Jordan just kept walking. He was sunburned in places he never thought would see daylight.

“All I want is to be rescued, eat, sleep for a week and then maybe, if everything is healed, make love to Jenny,” he thought as they walked.

“Jordan, is that a boat?” Jenny asked as she stopped abruptly. She pointed off to the left. Jordan followed her finger.

“I think it is! The sails are furled, so maybe it will still be there by the time we get down to the beach,” Jordan said.

The two of them moved as quickly as they could down through the vegetation and on to the beach. The sand was hot from the sun, but they didn’t care. When they got to the water’s edge, they began to holler and wave their arms.



“Geordie, are those people on that island?” asked Patrick pointing to two shapes on the beach.

“I… I don’t know,” Geordie said. He grabbed his binoculars and looked. “By heavens it is! They seem to be wearing palm leaves. Do you think they’re in trouble?” he asked.

“Let me look dear,” said Patrick. He took the binoculars and looked at the two figures on the beach. “Oh dear, I do believe you’re right. Oh wave back at them dear!”

Geordie stood up and waved at the two people. They waved back and the woman wrote a word on the beach where it angled up to the trees.

“The one is writing something,” said Patrick. “H. E. L. P. Oh! Help! Oh Geordie, they are in trouble! Bring the boat about! Quickly!”

Geordie went to the stern and pulled up the anchor. He then started the small engine they used to maneuver in port and headed towards the beach. When he was about twenty yards from shore, he dropped anchor again.

“Do you need help luv,” Patrick called from the boat.

“Yes!” came the reply from the man.

“Can you swim out?” Patrick asked.

“Yes!” replied the man. He turned and said something to the woman and then they both waded into the water and headed for the boat. A couple of minutes later, the woman and then the man climbed the ladder that Geordie had tossed over the side. Both were sunburned and naked.

“Thank you for rescuing us!” said the woman.

“Oh dearies, our pleasures,” said Patrick handing each of them a towel. “Whatever happened to you?”

“A wave knocked our boat and we both went overboard,” said the man as they sat down where Patrick had indicated.

“Oh heavens! And have you been on the island long?” asked Geordie.

“A day or two,” said the woman. “Oh. I’m being rude. My name is Jenny and this is Jordan.”

“Well, I’m Geordie and this is Patrick,” said Geordie.

“Thank you again. I don’t know what would have happened to us if you hadn’t been anchored offshore,” said Jordan.

“Oh no, I shudder to think of it,” said Patrick. “Let us get you some tea and breakfast. Oh and some clothes.” He got up and headed for the galley.

“We’re putting into port around noon. We can take you to the police,” said Geordie. “Someone may have found your boat, or at least you can wire for money and such.”

“That would be wonderful. I’m still trying to figure out what kind of wave hit us. The weather was good,” said Jenny.

“Who knows. Maybe some big ship came too close or a tsunami or even a whale,” said Geordie.

“We will probably never know,” said Jordan.


Ten minutes later, Patrick had brought food and clothes. Shorts for Jordan, and a bathrobe for Jenny. The two of them dove into the food. Soon there was nothing but crumbs. Jenny went to lay down below decks and Jordan stayed topside to talk to Geordie and Patrick.

“I appreciate everything you’re doing for us,” Jordan said. “If there’s anything we can do in return, please let me know.”

Geordie looked at Patrick and Patrick nodded. “Well Jordan, um… if you wouldn’t mind, we’d love a picture or two of you. You’re the best looking man we’ve seen on this whole trip,” said Patrick.

“Wwhat?” said Jordan just a little confused.

“Dearie, we’re queer, and your ass coming up out of the water just was so wonderful,” said Geordie. “Would you mind if we took a pic or two? No faces, I promise.”

It took Geordie less than two seconds to decide. “As long as I can look them over, fine,” he said.

“Oh goodie!” said Patrick who went for his camera.

Thirty minutes later, Geordie and Patrick had their pictures of Jordan. Naked, faceless, and even a few with a beautiful erection. They thanked him and then headed into port. An hour after their arrival, Geordie and Patrick said goodbye to Jenny and Jordan. There was a small embassy on the island where the police and the two men saw them delivered.



Six months later, Jenny was looking on the Internet for art models for a project. She came across a beautiful set of photographs of a man on a sailboat. At first she thought nothing of it and then there was one of the man with an erection. She looked closer and then she smiled.

“Oh my god! It’s Jordan!” she thought. She saved the URL and then went to make dinner.


Jordan got home and opened the door to smell salmon and stir fried vegetables cooking in the kitchen. “Hello Jenny! I’m home,” he called through the door.

“Hi handsome,” she said with a secretive smile on her face.

After dinner, Jenny asked Jordan to come with her to the den. She sat down on the computer and opened up her browser.

“Jordan, is there anything you want to tell me about the two men who rescued us?” she asked.

“Why?” asked Jordan.

“Well, I was cruising pictures for that project and found some really good ones,” she said and pulled up the pictures.

“Oh god!” said Jordan as he recognized the pictures. He turned beet red. “Um… Jenny, after you went for a nap, I asked if there was anything I could do to repay their kindness, and they asked me to pose. I never thought they’d get to the Internet,” he said.

“Well, none have your face showing, but I’d recognize that mole on your hip anywhere. I see it every day,” she said smiling.

“I…um… Nnothing else happened. I swear it,” he said.

“I know Jordan. I just wondered why you never told me,” Jenny said.

“Well, once we arrived at port, it got so busy and I meant to tell you and then there was never the time and I forgot,” he said. “Forgive me?”

Jenny smiled. “Of course. As long as you pose for me,” she said with a smile.

“Any time,” said Jordan as he picked her up and carried her off to the bedroom.

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